1851*Civil Parish: Redditch:County: Worcestershire
Tent 1
Thomas Smith 40 b Pershore, Worcestershire
Alice Smith 40 b Brington Wickott, Worcestershire
Agnes Smith 9 bStourport, Worcestershire
Charlotte Smith 13 Bellbringhter, Worcestershire
Margaret Smith 3 b Kempsey, Worcestershire
Noah Smith 11 b Norton, Warwickshire
Seth Smith 7 b Elenbridge, Worcestershire
Tent 2
Edward Ancona 25 hd b Notgrove, Gloucestershire
Mary Ann Ancona 22 wife b/
Merille Ancona 2 dau b Wadson, Worcestershire
Tent no 3
Serhal?Isirah? Ancona 30 b Marlborough, Wiltshire mat/maker
Mary Ancona 33 bHepston, Worcestershire
Albina Ancona 4 b Sodmaston, Oxfordshire
Alfred Ancona 9 Fieldton, OxfordshireIsarah Ancona 1
Sebana (Isirah?)Ancona 7 b Littleton, Somerset
Tent no 4
Edward Buckland 59 bCharlbury, Oxfordshire tin/man
Lucy Buckland 58 b Saxtaye, Sussex
Job Buckland 31 son b Pewin, Worcestershire
Margaret Buckland dau22 b Kings Norton, Worcestershire
Tent no 5
Emanuel Buckland 33 tin/man b Warwick
Susan 33 Tysoe Warwick
Sabina 4b Warwick
Emanuel 1 b Warwick
 1851*St Peter, Carmarthenshire
Major Lavell 30 head/Cutler b Gloucester, Glamorgan, Wales (Son of Slack)
Hanna Lavell 27 wife b Birmingham, Staffordshire
William Lavell 2 b Carmarthen
John Lavell 2 Months son b Margam, Glamorgan
1851* Llantrithyd, Glamorgan (In Tents)
Daniel Lovel 50 b Hollin, Glamorgan Tin man /basket maker
Louisa Lovel 40 Hollin, Glamorgan
Isreal Lovel 20 bHollin, Glamorgan
Urrenia Lovel 18 b Hollin, Glamorgan
Powell Lovel 17 b Hollin, Glamorgan
Raily Lovel 15 son b Hollin, Glamorgan, Wales
Peoda Lovel 12 son b Hollin, Glamorgan
Alfred Lovel 10 b Hollin, Glamorgan
John Lovel 5 b Hollin, Glamorgan
1841*Civil parish: North Totmonslow Staffordshire :Kingsley
Registration district: Cheadle *Sub registration district: Ipstones
Samuel Bosevill 30 grinder
Hannah Bosevill 35
Eindela (cinderella?)Bosevill 11 female
Carline Bosevill 9 female
Thomas Bosevill 6 male
Sartubla Bosevill 5 male
John Delina Bosevill 4 male
Simon Milward ? 3 male
Comfort Boswell 55
William Barwell 20 ( I checked image and Boswell) Grinder
George Barwell 15 male
Mary Barwell 15 female
Frith Barwell 15 female
Radaman Barwell 14 male
John Barwell 12 male
Harrywell Barwell 10 male
Phenix Barwell 9 male
Thamore Barwell 5 male
Mores(Moses?) Barwell 35 (Again Boswell )Grinder
Estus Barwell 35 female
Salen Barwell 15 female
Charlote Barwell 15 female
Henry Barwell 10 male
Gren Barwell 10 male
Surender Barwell 8 male
Manama Barwell 6 female
Maneyar Barwell 4 female
Adam Barwell 2 male
Eliza Barwell 1 Mo female
1841*Mickleover *Hundred: Morleston and Litchurch : Derbyshire
Moses Boswell 55 Gypsey
James Boswell 50 Gypsey
K N Boswell 40 female
K N Boswell 30 female
K N Boswell 25 female
K N Boswell 20 female
K N Boswell 6 male
K N Boswell 4 female
K N Boswell 3 female
1841*St Pancras, Middlesex
Patetic Boswell abt 1791 Middlesex
Thomas Boswell abt 1816 Middlesex
18841*Banbury, Oxfordshire
 Char Boswell abt 1821 Oxfordshire/ whitesmith
 Febia Boswell abt 1826 Oxfordshire
1851*West Bromwich, Staffordshire
Zaccharis Boswell abt 1777 Wednesbury, StaffordshireHead
Elizabeth Boswell abt 1770 Kingswood, Shropshire/Wife
Thomas Boswell abt 1806 West Bromwich, StaffordshireSon
Susannah Boswell abt 1816 West Bromwich, Staffordshire (Daughter-in-law)
Eliza Boswell abt 1838 Oldbury, Worcestershire/Granddaughter
1861*Hammersmith, Middlesex
Zachariah Boswell abt 1825 Worcestershire Head
Suslinia Boswell abt 1823 Raynham Essex Wife
Levi Boswell abt 1847 Leicestershire Son
Kate Boswell abt 1853 Plumshap Kent Daughter
Emily Boswell abt 1857 Hammersmith, Middlesex Daughter John Boswell abt 1859 Deptford, Kent Son
Levi Boswell abt 1816 Defford, Worcestershire Head
Mary A Boswell i abt 1818 Cowley, Middlesex Wife
Hope Boswell abt 1839 Northamptonshire Son
 Henrietta Boswell abt 1842 Cambridgeshire Daughter
 Cilianse Boswell abt 1844 Essex Daughter
 Joseph Boswell abt 1846 Son
William Roberts abt 1812 Battle Sussex Head
Sarah Roberts abt 1812 Norden, Sussex Wife
Sampson Roberts abt 1837 Hythe, Kent Son
 Cecilia Roberts abt 1843 Bury, Sussex Daughter
George Roberts abt 1847 Newnham, KentSon
 William Roberts Charlotte abt 1831 Cuckfield, Sussex Head
 Charlotte Roberts William abt 1833 Dartford, Kent Wife
  Samsey Roberts abt 1851 Stone, Kent Daughter
 Mary A Roberts abt 1852 Peasemarsh, Sussex Daughter
 William Roberts abt 1854 Maidstone, Kent Son
 Charlotte Roberts abt 1855 Kensington Middlesex Daughter
 Lucy Roberts abt 1858 Fulham, Middlesex Daughter
----------------------------------------------------------------------------1871*Kensington, London
Isiah Boswell abt 1848 Cambridgeshire Head/ builders lab
Elizth. Boswell abt 1854 Hayes Wife
Zacariah Boswell. abt 1874 Marden, Kent Son
Albert Boswell abt 1876 Kensal Green Son
Elinor Boswell abt 1879 Kensal Green Daughter
John Smith abt 1829 Hampshire Head gen/lab
Louisa Smith abt 1832 Berkshire, Wife
 Mary J. Smith abt 1860 Hampshire, Daughter
 Harriett L. Smith abt 1863 Middlesex, Daughter
 Chas. J. Smith abt 1869 Middlesex, Son
 Martha Smith abt 1871 Middlesex, Son
Stephen Bath 1839 Head Kensington, London /Sweep
Sarah Bath abt 1843 Essex Wife
Stephen Bath abt 1868 Middlesex Son
Henry Bath abt 1872 Middlesex Son
James Bath abt 1874 Middlesexd Son
Elizth. Bath abt 1880 Middlesex Daughter

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