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1841St Mary Extra Hampshire (South Stoneham)

Amelaine Barney abt 1838  St Mary Extra Hampshire

Andrew Barney abt 1828  St Mary Extra Hampshire

Bulannra Barney abt 1837  (BRITANNIA)

Elizabeth Barney abt 1825  

Ellen Barney abt 1831  

Harriett Barney abt 1796  

Henry Barney abt 1796  

James Barney abt 1829  

Mary Ann Barney abt 1835  

Rodabella Barneyabt 1838

*also camped with them were

John Lee abt 1806  blank /b in county no

Matilda Lee abt 1821  blank/b in county no

George Lee abt 1838 blank /b in county no

 Zachariah Lee abt 1840 6 months yes Hampshire,


John Barnes 65 chairmaker b inCounty no

Mary Barnes 50  b in county yes

Samuel Barnes b in county yes

Henry Barnes b in county yes

James Barnes b  in county yes

Mary Barnesin b county yes

Walter Barnes b in county yes

Selina Barnes b in county yes


1841*Camp Of Gypsies,Barraton Cornwall

 Thomas Stanley 30Unknown

Betsy Stanley 25Unknown,

William Stanley 5,Unknown,

Trinity Stanley 8Unknown,

Cornelius Hicks 12Unknown


Samuel Clark 35 b inCounty no

Clara  Clark 30 b inCounty no

Clara Clark 10 b in county yes

Mary Clark 9 b in county yes

Elizabeth Clark 7 b in county yes

Nehemiah Clark 2 b in county yes

Mary Clark 25 b inCounty no

John Clark 13 b inCounty no


1841 Census New Alrlesford Hants

John Mitchell abt 1801 Hampshire,  Haggler head

Caroline Mitchell abt 1806 New Arlesford Hampshire (nee GRITT)wife

Benjamin Mitchell abt 1829 son Hampshire,

John Mitchell abt 1823 sonHampshire,  ch/sweep

Joseph Mitchell abt 1831 sonHampshire, ch/sweep

William Mitchell abt 1838 son Hampshire,  Hampshire

William Mills abt 1829 Hampshire,   ch/sweep


1841  Bushey Herts

Solomon Hearn 1801  Dealer

Mary Hearn 1796 Hawker

Dorcas Hearn 1825

Edward  Hearn 1826Twin

John Hearn 1826Twin

Kitty Hearn 1831

Raial Hearn 1835 (this is royal)


Burstall, Sfk, 1841

Bosanannah Brown 25 Tinman b Out Of County "Bui Brown"

Lydia Brown 25 Sfk b Sfk "Liti Brown nee Smith"


 1841 CENSUS IN TENTS OMBERSLEY WORCESTERSHIRE (Also with another family of Hodgkins all described as Gypsies in tents)


HANNAH WIFE 25  all said no to born in county



Benjamin Hodgkins hda bt 1806  (all said born in county)

Elizabeth Hodgkins wife abt 1806  

Elizabeth Hodgkins abt 1826  

Emanuel Hodgkins abt 1834  

Esther Hodgkins abt 1829

Maria Hodgkins abt 1827  

Penabaper Hodgkins abt 1825  

Solomon Hodgkins abt 1832


1841Bursledon  Hundred: Mainsbridge County Hampshire  

Registration district: South Stoneham  


Harriett Isaacks50

Henry Isaacks57

Rebecca Isaacks7


Caroline Weeks 17  

Guilderoy Weeks 11  

James Weeks 55  

John Weeks 4  

Mary Weeks 50  

  1841 Census : Under Wychwood Oxfordshire 

John Scarott b 1801 Oxfordshire  40 Earthenware dealer

Sarah ( wife) b 1801

Hezia            b  1821

Shaderick     b   1823

William         b 1826

Emala          b 1828

Emanuel      b 1831

Ester           b 1833

John            b 1836

Theophilus  b 1839  


1851*Towcester, Northamptonshire

Benjamin Loveridge 4 b Towcester,

George Loveridge 6 b Towcester,

Hannah Loveridge30 wife b Shutlanger, Northamptonshire

John Loveridge1 b Towcester,

Lenea Loveridge10 b Olney, Buckinghamshire

Plato Loveridge 32 head b Shutlanger, Northamptonshire Bask/maker

William Loveridge 8 b Towcester,


Eliza Loveridge 10  b Olney, Buckinghamshire

Emma Loveridge 3  b Towcester

Esther Loveridge 1  b  Towcester

Mary Loveridge 30  wife b Ratley, Buckinghamshire

Mary Ann Loveridge 4  b Towcester

Moses Loveridge 36  head b Stone Bluson, Northamptonshire Bask/maker

Susan Loveridge 8  b Towcester

1851*Kensington, Middlesex

Sarah Taylor 66  hd b Berkshire Basket Maker

Elizabeth Taylor 24  dau b Beet, Langford

Henry Taylor 20  son b Walford, Berkshire

Lydia Taylor 2   b Beet, Langford

Plato Taylor 31  son b Walford, Berkshire

Ruben Taylor 18  son b Epsom, Surrey

Sarah Taylor 12  dau b Epsom, Surrey

Thomas Taylor 1 son b Stechey, Cambridgeshire( she would be 65??) think g/kids?


Abraham Smith 25  peg maker b Harean, Middlesex

Sophia Smith  wife 26  b Kingston, Surrey (checked image and ages right but the parents would be 9&10 ??

Annie Smith 16 dau ?  b Haw, Kent

Charles Smith 1  b Haw, Kent

John Smith 16  b Haw, Kent

Richard Smith 3 Mo b  Haw, Kent

Sarah Smith 11 b Haw, Kent


William Oxley 31  hd Tin-man b Epsom, Surrey

Caroline Oxley 27  wife b Epsom, Surrey

Amelia Oxley 18  dau? b Epsom, Surrey

Selarona Oxley 7  dau b Kent,

William Oxley 2  son b Kent,

1851*Plumstead, Kent

Plato Boswell 29  hd b Retford, Worcestershire Tin-man /brazier

Mazell Boswell 31  wife b Middlesex

Betsy Boswell 1 dau b Folkstone, Kent


Jas Dighton 47  hd b Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire tinker/grinder

 Andrew Dighton 3  b Swanscombe, Kent

Henry Dighton 5  b Swanscombe, Kent

Isabella Dighton 17  dau b Capel, Kent

John Dighton 27  son b Rainham, Essex

Lawrence Dighton 9  son b Barking Side, Essex,

Matilda Dighton 12  dau b Swanscombe, Kent

Saunders Dighton 19  son b White Rudon, Essex

Wm Dighton 14  son b Ilfover, Essex


 1841*Stepney, Middlesex

Lucy Cooper abt 1821  Stepney, Middlesex

 Lucy Cooper abt 1840  Stepney, Middlesex

 Victoria Cooper abt 1838  Stepney, Middlesex


Ann Cowellabt 1816  Stepney, Middlesex

 Dellaripha Cowell abt 1837  Stepney, Middlesex  looked on image aand looked like bowell or boswell

 Solomon Cowellabt 1820  Stepney, Middlesex


     1841                   CENSUS                1851

1851HO107-1666-382-1 Hordle, Hampshire.

Francis Doe 73 Wimbledon, Surrey, Head Ag Lab

Emlein Doe 71 Woodde, Berkshire, England Wife

John Mersham 24 Hordle, Hants Lodger Basket Maker

Faithey Mersham 23 Finwood,(Verwood)? Dorset,


*(Henry below is son of Francis above)

 1851 Census., HO107-1666-383-3 Hordle, Hampshire.

Henry Doe 36 b Farnam, Surrey, Head Chimney Sweeper

Betsey Doe 30 b Totten, Hampshire, Wife

James Doe 11b Totten, Hampshire, Son

Henry Doe 7 b Horton, Dorset Son

Elie Doe     6 b Hordle, Hampshire, Son

Marither Doe 4 b Hordle, Hampshire, Daughter

Mary Doe 4 b Hordle, Hampshire, Daughter

Mitilder Doe 2 b Hordle, Hampshire, Daughter

Thomas Doe 1 b Hordle, Hampshire, Son


*1851Census., HO107-1666-428-15 Milton, Hampshire.

William Doe 44 head (son of Francis above) b Andover, Hants  Ag Lab

Namonia Doe 42 Luton, Bedfordshire, Wife

Alfred Doe 16 Crundell, Hampshire, Son

Louisa Doe 11 Ringwood, Hampshire Daughter

Francis Doe  9 Ringwood, Hampshire Son

Nehemiah Doe 8 Blanford, Dorset, Son

Albert Doe 4 Blandford, Dorset, Son

William Doe 1Beer, Dorset, Son


 1851 Census., HO107-1856-458-30 Morden, Dorset.

George Wells 48 b Rushton, Dorset    Basket Maker

 Elizabeth Wells49 b S. Wanborough, hampshire

Jintildo Wells19 b Broadmayne, Dorset

Benjamin Wells b 16 Monkton, Dorset Basket Maker

 Alice Wells 14 b Broad Chalk, Wiltshire

Louisa Wells 9 b Ashmore, Dorset

Zacharius Smith 44 b Rotherwick, Hants,Basket Maker " Wayfairers."  


1851 Census Kea :Cornwall  

Folio 632 Page 1136Old Turnpike Road

William Lee 41 hawker all said b n/k

Matilda Lee 40 Fortune teller

Gildree Lee 21

Smapson Lee16

Lavona (Lavinia?)Lee 2

Robt Lee 8

William Lee11

*camped with*


 Stanly,Head,M,36 Tinker & Razor Grinder n/k

 Harriett Stanly Wife M36(was Stanley )although Ancestry has both

 Harriett Hanly Dau U 19(Hanly and Stanly)

 Patty?Pi????U 31(female)Ancestry has bessy brake !I checked image

and it was definitely a P ??)

 Phillippa Dau U 15

 Matilda Dau U13

 Bessy(Betsy)? Dau U 12

 Algaurrey? Dau U 10


1851 Census Andover Hants(in camp)

George Ayres51 hd chair bottomer bTadley, Hampshire

Rosa Ayres39 wife bGreat Bedwin, Wiltshire(nee Pike)

Ann Ayres20 b Hants

Cornelious Ayres26 son mat maker

Emma Ayres18 b Hambleton, Hampshire

George Ayres9 b Andover, Hampshire

Henry Ayres23 b Greywell, Hampshire

Susan Wellock20 (Whitlock)she wed nehemiah)

Louisia Ayres5 b Odiham, Hampshire

Namima Ayres23 (Nehemiah)b Inham, Hampshire

Kasa James Ayres 22 (original image never had Ayres just James)b Therfield, Berkshire but Keziah James wed Cornelius Ayres)

Alfred James Ayres son3 (ditto)b Chilbolton Hants son of Cornelius Ayres)

camped with John and Ann Cole see below:-


John Cole75 hd basket maker  b London, Middlesex

Ann Cole74 wife b London, Middlesex


1851*Kirkdale, Lancashire

Meshesh Warton 44 hd b Dorset, England Basket Maker

Marraby Warton 46 wife b Hampshire

Christina Warton 14 dau b Marston, Yorkshire

Elizabeth Warton 18 dau b Liverpool

Gilderoy Warton 9 son b Appleton Wiske, Yorkshire

Harriett Ann Warton 19 dau b Liverpool

Johnson Warton 7 son b Cumberland

Naomi Warton16 dau b Houghton, Flintshire


Tpyz Anna Warton 21 dau(married) b Yorkshire

 1851*Leek and Lowe, Staffordshire

Elizabeth Smith abt 1809 N  Head

Gilderia Smith  abt 1831 Church Over, Warwickshire,

Toddey Smith  abt 1827 N Sons Wife (Daughter-in-law) Leek and Lowe

Caroline Smith  abt 1825 Nobottle, Northamptonshire, England

Edward Smith  abt 1825 Dusen, Northamptonshire,

Versey Smith Edward abt 1827 Dusen, Northamptonshire, EnglandWife

Fredrick Smith  abt 1838 Watford, Warwickshire Son

James Smith  abt 1844 Teachbrook, Warwickshire, Son

Matthew Smith  abt 1829 Hill Moreton, Warwickshire,

Tracey Smith  abt 1846 Stalentwood, Cheshire, Daughter  

 Eliza Twiggabt 1839 Leek, Staffordshire,Granddaughter


1851*Cornwall*Old Turnpike Road*Kea 

County: Cornwall  Country: England  

 Stanly 56  head  tinker and razor grinder

Harriett Stanly wife 36 b

Algaurrey Hanly10 dau b

Betty Hanly17 dau b

Matilda Hanly13 dau b

Phillippa Hanly10 dau b

Harriett Stanly1 dau b

Patty Penkry ?Pillia?? female.31 b


Gildree Lee 21  

Lanptor Lee 16  

Lavona Lee 2 6 Mo  

Matilda Lee 40  wife

Robt Lee 8  

William Lee 41  hd

William Lee 11  


1851 Census HO/107-1730-276 P29

John Scarrott         55 b 1796 Ramsden Oxfordshire  

Sarah                    50 b 1801

Maria Beams         38 b 1813 ( Visitor)

Emily  Scarrott      24 b 1827

Jann Thornett        20 b 1831 ( visitor)

Emanuel Scarrott   20 b 1831

John                       16 b 1835

Theophilus             12 b 1839

Edward                  10 b 1841

Eliza                       6 b 1845

Ester Tralley           3 b 1848


1851*Hartfield, Sussex

Josepth Junex abt 1810 N Head

Kiziah Junexhabt 1796 N Wife

Elizabeth abt 1837 N Daughter

Mary Ann Junex abt 1841 N Daughter

Mathew Junex abt 1835 N Son

Susannah Junex abt 1844 NDaughter


1851*Civil Parish: Warlingham County/Island: Surrey

 Uriah Cooper  40 hawker

Lucy Cooper  40  

 Mary Cooper 15


1851* Sandhurst, Berkshire

William James54 hd b All born in various places Berkshire.

Jane James44 wife b

Ann James23 dau single

William James22 son single

Chas James3 son b

Elijah James12 son b

Freedom James9 dau b

Geoseria ?feosia ?James son10 Mo

Lettitia James16 dau b

Lettitia James77 mother

Maria James6 dau b

Thomas James21 or 28 or 2 and a half? g/son b

Thomas Hazard 20 ?maybe a mistake and 80?visitor b Wantage, Berkshire

Sarah Hazard 76 ?wife b Hatworth, Wiltshire


Emma Draper abt 1829  Hurst, Wiltshire Wife  

 Joseph abt 1849  Sandhurst Berkshire Son  

 Joseph Draper abt 1828  Sandhurst Berkshire Head