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1861 Census Hampton Wick Middlesex

 :Pleasure Fair held on Thames Bank or Barge Walk Annually.All in Caravans unless otherwise stated

*:William Ladds 27 hd hawker b kent Sydenham Kent

    Marriane :wife 22 b Melbourne Cambs

    Phoebe Ladds dau 4 months b kent

    Mary Ladds sister 22 b n/k

    Anna Pollard sister in/law 20 b n/k


:Henry Hall hd 22 hawker b n/k

    Mary Hall wife 24 hawker b n/k


:George Batch?head 40 b n/k hawker

     Mary Batch 80 mother hawker b n/k/


:Joseph Mathews head 26 bn/k hawker

     Freedom Mathews wife 24 b n/k

     Rosa dau 3 b kent

    Joseph son 1 b Sydenham Kent


: Henry Burrett hd 31 hawker b n/k

      Lydia Burrett wife 31 b n/k

      Lydia dau 9 b Kent

      Priscilla dau 6 b Kent

      Susannah dau 4 b Kent

      Henry son 2 b Kent


: Oratio Nelson Buckland head 54 Pedler b Portsea Hants

      Emily wife 31 b Westernen?Kent


: John Smith  head 42 pedlar b Brighton Sussex

      Priscilla  wife 33 b n/k

      Rachel dau 15 b Fletching?

      John son 12 b Fletching

      Andrew son 10 b Fletching

      Elizabeth dau 8 b Fletching

      Mary Ann dau 6 b Fletching

      Joseph son 4 b Fletching

      Susannah dau 2 b Fletching


Thomas Stone head 31 hawker b Hyde

      Patience Stone wife 30 b Maidstone Kent

      Thomas son 9 b Croydon Surrey

      Patience dau 7 b Wandsworth Surrey

      Robert son 4 b Maidstone Kent

      Elizabeth dau 2 b Maidstone Kent


  James Penfold head 49 hawker b n/k

       Jane Penfold wife 35 b n/k

       John.H. Penfold son 16 b Surrey

       Rachel Penfold dau 11 b Surrey

       William Penfold 10 b Surrey

       Ann Penfold 7 b Surrey

       Mary Ann Penfold 4 b Surrey

      Richard Penfold son 1 b Surrey


     Robert Penfold 48 head/hawker b Canterbury, Kent

     Phillis Penfold 45 wife b Sussex

     John Penfold  21 son b Hadley, Essex

     Lydia Penfold 18 dau b Surrey,

     Renetta Penfold 27 sons/wife b Surrey

     Jane Penfold 3 dau b Surrey

     Mary A Penfold 6 dau b Surrey

     Henry Penfold 7 son b Surrey

     Alfred Penfold 1 g/ son  Norwood Surrey


    Trayton Collison 23 head hawker

    Ruth Collison 22 wife b

    Absalom Collison 10 Mo son  b Lydenham, Kent


     James Miller 24 head/hawker  b Shoreditch, Middlesex

     Eliza Jane Miller 22 wife b Stratford, Essex

     Phabe Lawford 13 Servant b London


    James Mathews 50  head hawker b blank

    Lydia Mathews 51  wife b blank

    Mary A Mathews 20 dau b blank

    Joseph Mathews 8 son b Putney, Surrey


   Antonia Godfrey 32 head hawker/bChatham, Kent

   Eliza Godfrey 24 wifeb Chatham, Kent

   Eliza Godfrey 5 dau b Chatham, Kent

   Emma Godfrey 1 dau b Chatham, Kent


 Thomas White 30 head b Godstone, Kent Showman

  Susan White 25 wife b Pemberey


 John Penfold head 56 hawker b Hyde

   Mary Ann wife hawker 55 b Braintree Essex

    Henry son unwed 21 hawker b Maidstone kent

    Susannah dau 19 unwed hawker b Clapham Surrey

    Edward son 17 unwed hawker b Wandsworth Surrey

    William penfold 78 father of head hawker widow.b n/k


 William Hampton or Frampton?hd 25 hawker b n/k

  Jane  wife 20 or 28 b n/k

  Elizabeth dau 2 b Surrey

 Joseph Bailey head hawker 30 b Susex


1861*: St Peter Town: Higher Bebington : Cheshire  

Phoenix Taylor 25 basket maker

Elizabeth Taylor 24 hawker

Phoenix Taylor 25

Phoenix Taylor 5

Rhoda Taylor 3

Wickensa Taylor 6 Mo


 Lucy Boss 48  mother hawker

Isaac Boss 25  hd grinder/cutler

Mary Boss 24  wife

Matilda Boss 10  niece

Nelson Boss 21  brother

Samson Boss 18  brother

William Boss 9  nephew


1861*Census*Falmouth : Penryn  Cornwall

(Lodging house)

James Smith 40  mar/hd b London Tin/plate worker

Mary Ann Smith 46mar/  b Dublin, Ireland

Catherine Smith 6  n/k

Elizabeth Smith 5    n/k

John Smith 8    n/k

Mary Smith 4    n/k

Sarah Smith 11    n/k

Thomas Smith 9    n/k


Festus Boswell36 hd b N, Pipseybrush seller

Honor Boswell34 wife b Camborne, Cornwall

Jessie Boswell dau 3 b Nk Gipsey

Lavinia Boswell6 dau b Nk Gipsey


1861*Bow St Mary: Middlesex (In Tents)and Caravan*

John Boswell 48 hd b Winchester*Lab

Mary Boswell 37 wife b Cambridgeshire

Elias Boswell hd 40 brother b Cambridgeshire Haker

Cinderella Boswell 65 wid/Mother b Gloucestershire

Charlotte Boswell 5 dau b Strude, Kent

Ebenezer Boswell 20son b Northamptonshire Hawker

Matilda Boswell18 dau b Strude, Kent

Nelson Boswell 8 son b Strude, Kent


1861*Census( Gypsys tent)

Aaron Boswell head/ 69/ n/k

Che La Rofd Boswell50 sister b Walden, Northamptonshire

Carolina Boswell25 dau/law b Melbourne, Derbyshire

Francis Boswell 4 g/dau(dad George?)b Swannington,

George Boswell22 son b Whatton, Leicestershire

Hezekiah Boswell17 son b Chellaston, Derbyshire

Selina Boswell19 dau b Cardiff, Monmouthshire, Wales

Uriah Boswell 28 son b Cheronshire, N K


1861*Census*Tywardreath  : Cornwall  

Abraham Boswell 72 b Wimborne Dorset Basket maker

Unity Boswell 71 b Wimborne Dorset


1861*Census*Mathon Worcestershire.

Ambrose Boswell 42  trav/tinker bNorthamptonshire,

Maria Boswell 32 b Tamworth, Worcestershire

Clara Boswell 9  b Leegh, Worcestershire

Geldrey ? Boswell 13 b  MacHmorton, Herefordshire

Hety ? Boswell 6 b  Hanbury, Worcestershire


1861*Chiddingfold, Surrey

Elias Gibbsabt 1821 N Head

Rhoda Smith  abt 1817  N    Chiddingfold, Surrey  

Cinderella Smith  abt 1845  N    


1861*Census*Middlesex > St Pancras > Camden Town

Has? Boswell 50 b Suffolk Street hawker

Cinderella Boswell widow48 b  Shoreditch, Middlesex

Philipea Boswell 85 widow b Shoreditch, Middlesex


            1861                   CENSUS               1871

 1871 Census, RG10-1238-38-9 St Mary Bourne, Hampshire.

John Doe  23   Alderbourne, Hampshire   Head   Basket Maker

Mercy Lee  19  Seneham, Berkshire   Hawker & Pedler

Francis Doe   9 Mths  Walton, Surrey    Son

New Barn Down, Camped with Gallin (Goliath)Doe & Mary Ann Draper."


Maravel Light 25 hawker Not known (This is Job Light) Who married Selina Barnes.)

Selena Light 21 Dorset

Joh Light 1 Wimborne(This is Job)

Henry Norget 11 Lodger Winchester


Sumner Stanley 30 General Dealer Portslade

Cecilia Stanley 30 South Stoneham


1871 Cottages Ruislip Mx

Mark Hearn 75 Ruislip Mx  (Son of Mullender hearn)

Lucy Hearn 62 Towsey Bucks

Mullender Hearn 24 Iver Bucks

Leenda Buckland 24 Rickmansworth Hrts

Isaac Buckland 2 Grandson Harmondsworth Mx

Abigail Hearn 16 Northolt Mx


Samson Hearn 35 Leedsden Hrts Ag lab (also son of Mullender Hearn)

Rice Hearn 32 St Marys kent (dau of Norris &Hannah)

Richender Hearn 5 Ruislip Mx

John Hearn  2 Ruislip Mx


1871 Redland End, Grt Hampden Bucks

Norris Hearn 1800 Wigginton King Hrts Brazier

Hannah Hearn 1807

Pennie Hearn/Perrin 46 son Tin worker

Elizabeth Hearn  44 daughter in law

Annie Hearn g.dau  6 scholar


1871 Bushey Hrts

John Hearn 1823 Bushey Dealer

Mary Ann Hearn 1823 Bushey

George Coles 1856 Bushey Hrts son

Edward Bean Hearn 1858 Bushey Hrts

Royall Hearn 1860 Bushey

John Hearn 1863 Bushey

Norris Hearn 1869 Bushey


1871 Travelling Caravan,

Royal Herne 38 Ruislip  Dealer

Sarah Herne 34 Ruislip

Henry herne 10 Notting Hill  Scholar

Catherine herne 7 Litton, Hrts Scholar

Prudence Herne 5 Luton Beds Scholar

Soloman Herne 4 Stanwell  Scholar

Sarah Herne 8 months Watford Hrts


1871 Census, RG10-929-92-83 Tonbridge, Kent.

William Beeney 38  Cuchfield, Sussex,  Head  Hawker

Maria Beeney 38  Cuchfield, Sussex,  Wife  Hawker

Samuel Beeney 17  Maidstone, Kent,  Son  Hawker

George Beeney 14 Dartford, Kent, Son   Hawker

Louisa Beeney 12  Bemadew, Kent,  Daughter  Hawker

Henry Beeney 7 Battle, Sussex, Son  

Apsley Beeney 5  Wadhurst, Sussex  Son  

Darhey Beeney 3 Maidstone, Kent,  Daughter  

James Beeney 1  Maidstone, Kent,  Son  

Golding Street, Caravan No 1, Camped with Matthew & Celia Wheeler, Absalom & Priscilla Beeney."


1871 Census, RG10-1211-78-29 Chishill St Peter, Hampshire.

Noah Bowers 37 Ripley, Surrey,Traveller

Mary Ann Bowers wife 30 Cakingham, Berkshire

Elijah Bowers 11 Romsey, Hampshire,Son

Fred Bowers  7 Warsh, Hampshire Son

Noah Bowers  5 Havant, Hampshire Son

Walter Bowers 2 Southwick, Hampshire Son

John Bowers  2 Mths Shollin, Hampshire, Son

Wharf Hill, Winchester, With Charlotte Cole, Samson & Georgina Ayers."


1871 Census, RG10-1054-56-33 Buxted, Sussex.

Benjamin Brazil 41 Leigh, Kent, England Head         Hawkers

Elener Brazil 43 Hellingly, Sussex, England Wife

Eleanor Brazil 9 Uckfield, Sussex, England Daughter

David Brazil 7 Chiddingley, Sussex, England Son

John Brazil 5 Ticehurst, Sussex, England Son

Martha Brazil 2 Ore, Sussex, England Daughter

Samuel Brazil 2 months Buxted, Sussex, England Son

Tents & Carts, Baggers Bush, Dudleswell, Camped with William & Sarah Ann Brazil, John & Louisa Smith, James & Grace Clark, Orisha & Louisa


Thorpe Common, Gypsies In tents, Thorpe St Andrew, Norfolk

Orsera Gray 61 Travelling Musician Hornsey )

Eliza Gray 55 Lincoln Lin

Soberona Gray 20 North Walsham

Sonny Gray 40 Kelby Lin                                          

Keona Gray 28 Wisbeach "Kiomi" or Kyomi"( I have researched this line for my friend  (Jean Hope who is related via Nelli  Bonnet)(who wed Albert Hope)

Emma Gray 22 Norwich                

Adolphus Gray 25 Long Sutton                        

Ethel Maud Gray 8 Scholar Grandaughter London

Frederick Gray 6 Grandson  London

Madelina Gray 3 Grandaughter Scholar London

Henry Herbert Gray 1 Grandson Norwich


Boyer Brown 65 Long Sutton Lin  

Lydia Brown 50 Bury St Edmunds Sfk


Thomas Brown 52 Dealer of Horses Lengton Cam

Lydia Cooper daughter 40 Fakenham

Sapariel Brown dau 23 Wisbeach

Edith Cooper 23 G.dau Yarmouth

Noah Brown 13 G.son Edgefield

John Brown 17 G.son Houncett?

Cordelia Brown 11 G.dau Reedham

Alfred Brown 4 G.son Thorpe

Laura Brown 1 G.dau Norwich


Arthur Smith 29 Cane Chair Mender Hornsey Sfk

Jenty Smith 30 Boston (Genti Gray)

Obadiah Gray 15 Stepson musician

Norah Gray 9 stepdaughter

Oscar Gray 6 stepson


1871*St Nicholas  :Town: Warwick  County: Warwickshire  

Alice Smith5 b Warwick, Warwickshire

Annie Smith34 b Ashover, Northamptonshire

John Smith36 b Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, England

Lementener Smith14 b Warwick, Warwickshire

William Smith2 b Warwick, Warwickshire

Wisdom Smith2 weeks  b Warwick, Warwickshire


Next to them in Lodgings

Charles Fletcher 40  tinman b Bletchley, Buckinghamshire

Denis Fletcher 36  tinman b Moreton Pinkney, Northamptonshire

Harriet Fletcher 9  b Warwick, Warwickshire

Henry Fletcher 72  tinman b Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire

Henry Fletcher 18  b Warwick, Warwickshire

Isabella Fletcher 38  b Binford, Oxfordshire (wife of dennis above)

James Fletcher 4  b Warwick, Warwickshire

Jamson Fletcher 2  b Warwick, Warwickshire

Joseph Fletcher 15  b Warwick, Warwickshirekids are dennis and isabellas)

Phebe Fletcher 6  b Warwick, Warwickshire


1871*Census* Warford: Cheshire  

Major Boswell 30 hd b  Wolverhampton

Eliza Boswell 38  wife b Crewe, Cheshire

Bartley Boswell 1  son b NorthwiKnutsford

O Connor Boswell 4 son b  Cheshirech, Cheshire

Deliah Boswell 70 mother b  Birmingham

Hononr Boswell 29  sister b Wolverhampton

Siler Lee (male)18  border b Crewe, Cheshire


Absalent Boilin 45 hd b Lincolnshire Gipsy

 Maria Boilin 44  wife b Chester, Cheshire

Ann V Boilin 18  dau b Crewe, Cheshire

George H Boilinson 10 b Leck, Staffordshire

 Walter Boilin 8  son b Coughton, Cheshire


1871 Census Sussex: Park Street, Horsham

Barton George 35 Head Hawker Brighton, Sussex

Barton Jane 35 Wife Brighton,

Barton George 7 Son Horsham

Barton Jane 6 Daur Horsham,

Barton Andrew 1 Son Horsham,


1871 Census Sussex: 47 Pimlico, Brighton

Barton Elizabeth 56 Head Washer Woman Brighton, Sussex

Barton William 30 Son Fish Hawker Brighton, Sussex on

Barton John 26 Son Fish Monger Brighton, Sussex

Barton Selina 24 Dau Servant Brighton, Sussex

Barton Henry 20 Son Fish Hawker Brighton, Sussex

Barton Robert 18 Son Shop Boy Brighton, Sussex

Barton Thomas 16 Son Fish Hawker Brighton, Sussex4

Barton Selina J 3 Grand Daughter Brighton, Sussex