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1861*Stepney, Middlesex

Damtifield Lee abt 1828  Barking Side, Essex,  Head  

Kizzan Lee wife b abt 1839  Warlwith Sorubbs, Kent,

John Lee  abt 1833  Clapham, Surrey  


 James Lee abt 1817  Whilston, Hertfordshire Head

 Jane Lee  abt 1821  N Wife  

Bessie Lee  abt 1847  N Daughter  

 Edwd Lee  abt 1845  N Son  

 Hanna Lee abt 1853  N Daughter    

  Stepney, Middlesex  

 James Lee  abt 1855  N Son  

 Thomas Lee  abt 1849  N Son    

 William Lee  abt 1851  N Son  


1861*Gravesend, Kent

James Jones  abt 1795  Yalding, Kent Head    Master Sweep

 Jane Jones abt 1795  Cimpson, Surrey Wife  

Avis Lee  abt 1821  Croydon, Surrey Lodger   Fortune Teller

 Lucy Lee  abt 1851  Gravesend, Kent Lodger  

 Priscilla Lee  abt 1849  Gravesend, Kent Lodger    

 Severna Lee  abt 1853  Dover, Kentd  


1861* Kensington St Mary Abbott, Middlesex  

 Riley Lee  abt 1833  London, Middlesex Head  

Rebecca Lee abt 1834  London Wife

Michal Lee  abt 1857  Kentd Son

  Rhoda Lee  abt 1854  Kent Daughter

  Selene Lee  abt 1851  Kent Daughter


Bendigo Hearn  abt 1824  Herefordshire Head  

Mary Hearn  abt 1825  Chiswick, Middlesex,  Wife

 General Hearn  abt 1861  Notting Hill, Middlesex,Daughter  

 Joseph Hearn  abt 1859  Notting Hill, Middlesex, Son  

  Matilda Hearn abt 1856  Notting Hill, Middlesex, Daughter  


1861*Witham, Essex  

Silvester Boswell b 1812  Dover, Kent Head Cane Chair /Maker

 Florence Boswell  abt 1823  Norwell, Norfolk Wife  

Bruce Boswell  abt 1848  Stisted, Essex Son  

 Byron Boswell  abt 1841  Benwick, Cambridgeshire Son  

 Julia Boswell  abt 1851  Sefton Leatherland, Lancshire Daughter  

 Laura Boswell abt 1859  Burge, Suffolk Dau  Witham, Essex  

 MacKenzie Boswell  abt 1843  Ascot Heath, Berkshire Son  

 Oscar Boswell  abt 1845  Bray Windsor Son  

 Trafalgar Boswell  abt 1857  Plaistow, Essex Son  

 Wallace Boswell  abt 1855  Sutton, Suffolk Son  


Charles Chilcot abt 1833  Cove, Suffolk Head  Gen/Dealer

 Ruth Chilcot  abt 1788  N Mother  Witham, Essex


 James Nicholls  abt 1824  Brighton, Sussex Head  Gen/dealer

Olive Nicholls  abt 1824  Brighton, Sussex Wife  

Ann Nicholls  abt 1852  Withengham, Sussex Daughter  

 James Nicholls  abt 1846  Tunbridge, Sussex Son    

 Job Nicholls  abt 1850  Rotherville, Sussex, Son  

 Melford Nicholls  abt 1859  Melford, Suffolk Son  

 Olive Nicholls  abt 1848  Pembury, Sussex Daughter  

 Patience Nicholls  abt 1856  Bexhill, Sussex Daughter  

 Reuben Nicholls abt 1860  Mistley, Essex Son  

 William Nicholls abt 1854  Icklesham Sussex Son  


1861*Wednesfield, Staffordshire

Sampson Boswell abt 1835 Barnsley YorkshireHead

Sarah Boswell abt 1837 ShipleyWife

Tryram Boswell  abt 1860  Wednesfield Heath Staffordshire

Alfred Boswell  abt 1859  Wednesfield Heath Staffordshire Son  


McKenzie Boswell  abt 1821  Willenhall Staffordshire Head  

Sarah Boswell  abt 1831  Bilston Staffordshire Wife  

Kewziles Boswell  abt 1855  Bilston Staffordshire Daughter  

Zealand Boswell abt 1852  Wishaw, Warwickshire Son  


Rudolphus Boswell  abt 1826  Widgdey, Worcestershire Head  

Tranetta Boswell Rudolphus abt 1824  Herefordshire Wife  

Caroline Boswell  abt 1850  Willenhall, Staffordshire Daughter  

John Boswell abt 1858  Bilston, Staffordshire Son  

Zuby Boswell  abt 1857  Bilston, Staffordshire Daughter  

Orlando Boswell  abt 1852  Willenhall, Staffordshire Son  

Rebecca Boswell  abt 1860  Wednesfield; Heath, Staffordshire Daughter  


Alfred Boswell Selina abt 1832  Wednesfield; Heath Staffordshire Head  

Selina Boswell Alfred abt 1836  Sprina, Worcestershire Wife  

John Boswell abt 1851  Willenhall, Staffordshire Son


Celey Lovell head widow b 1792 Wednesfield; Heath, Staffordshire

 Speedwelly Lovell Celey abt 1826  Gloucestershire, England Daughter    


Enoch Lovell  abt 1831  Birmingham, Warwickshire Head    

Emma Lovell  abt 1836  Worcestershire, England Wife    

 Keomi Lovell  abt 1858  Wednesfield; Heath, Staffordshire Daughter  

Cathmen Lovell  abt 1861  Wednesfield; Heath Staffordshire Daughter    


Stwddveras Lovell  abt 1835  Aldbourne, Worcestershire Head  

 Cinderella Lovell Stwddveras abt 1841  Bath, Somerset Wife  

  Mochas Lovell  abt 1842  Dexdley, Worcestershire Brother    


1861*Chiddingfold, Surrey(Caravan persons not in houses)

Elias Gibbs 40  hd  b /all blank/

Rhoda Smith 44  

Cinderella Smith 16  


1861* Hemyock  County/Island: Devon  

Cornelius Mills 53  hd Tin-man/basket/Maker b Sturminster, Dorset

Cinderella Mills 50  wife Basket/maker b Southampton

Joseph Mills 9  son  b Gothurst, Somerset/Basket/maker

Louisa Mills 11  dau b Staples, Somerset,

Matilda Mills 14  dau b Brad, Devon/Basket/maker

Rosetta Mills 17  dau b Chinley, Devon/Basket/maker

Susan Mills 24  dau b Sparkford, Somerset/Basket/maker


1861*Wednesfield, Staffordshire

Stwddveras Lovell 26 hd b Aldbourne, Worcestershire

Cinderella Lovell wife 20  b  Bath, Somerset

Mochas Lovell 19 brother b Dexdley, Worcestershire


Cathmen Lovell 5 weeks  

Emma Lovell 25  

Enoch Lovell 30  

Keomi Lovell 3  


Alfred Boswell 2  

Sampson Boswell 26  

Sarah Boswell 24  

Tryram Boswell 6 Mo  


Alfred Boswell 29  

John Boswell 10  

Selina Boswell 25


Caroline Boswell 11  

John Boswell 3  

Orlando Boswell 9  

Rebecca Boswell 8 Mo  

Rudolphus Boswell 35  

Tranetta Boswell 37  

Zuby Boswell 4


 Kewziles Boswell 6  

McKenzie Boswell 40  

Sarah Boswell 30  

Zealand Boswell 9  


 Celey Lovell 69  wid b Peterborough, Northamptonshire

Speedwelly Lovell 35  dau b  //Gloucestershire


1861*Civil Parish: Spaxton  : Bath and Wells  : Somerset

Caroline Joles 18  

Drusilla Joles 24  

Henry Joles 25  

Jane Joles 54  

Jentelia Joles 9  

Josiah Joles 16  

Maria Joles 22  

Richard Joles 52  

William Joles 20  


1861*l Parish: Rowley Regis  : Reddal Hill  County: Staffordshire  

Mira Whorton 26 hd  b Cradley, Worcestershire Lace maker

Israel Whorton 4 son Rowley Regis, Staffordshire

Sarah Whorton 1 dau Rowley Regis, Staffordshire

Sibvanus Whorton 7 son b Rowley Regis, Staffordshire

Joseph Aslan 45boarder b /blank

1861*Tittesworth, Staffordshire


James Bowell 70  head b Nottinghamshire

Rhuderham Boswell 40  son b derbyshire

Happy Boswell 23  son b Nottinghamshire

Isiah Boswell 22  son b Staffordshire

Seliphean Boswell 20  son b Staffordshire

Urda Boswell 23  dau in law b Birmingham, Warwickshire

Kate Boswell 34  dau in law b Rotherham, Yorkshire

Biddie Boswell 19  dau in law b Staffordshire

Sarah Boswell 22  dau in law b  Staffordshire

Dolor Boswell 50  dau in law b Staffordshire

Jarusalem Boswell 13  dau in law b  Staffordshire

Anorah Boswell 6  g/dau b  Staffordshire

Sarah Boswell 8  g/dau b  Staffordshire

Matilda Boswell 3  g/dau b  Staffordshire

Rabia Boswell 5  g/son b  Staffordshire

Jane Boswell 6  g/dau b  Staffordshire

Sampson Boswell 2  g/son b  Staffordshire

Hoserygray Boswell 1  g/son b  Staffordshire


1861*Belton, Leicestershire  (Gypsy tents)

 Aaron Boswell  abt 1792  N Head  Scissors/Grinder/Cutler

 Che La Rofd Boswell  1811  Walden, Northamptonshire Sister

George Boswell Aaron abt 1839  Whatton, Leicestershire, Son  

 Carolina Boswell  abt 1836  Melbourne, Derbyshire Dau-in.law

Francia Boswell  abt 1857 g/dau Swannington, Leicestershire

  Hezekiah Boswell  abt 1844  Chellaston, Derbyshire Son    

 Selina Boswell  abt 1842  Cardiff,  Wales Daughter  

 Uriah Boswell  abt 1833  Cheronshire, N K Son  


1861*Shenstone, Staffordshire

(Gypsies located for the night on April 7th In Biddle'sfield Lane)

Benjm Boswell  abt 1833    Head    

 Elvira Boswell  1834    Wife

 Laura Ada Boswell  abt 1860   Staffordshire    

 Rabi Rudolphus Boswell Jun  abt 1857  Aldridge Lane, Staffs


 Joseph Roswell  abt 1831  N Head  

 Mary Roswell  abt 1831  N Wife  

Emily Roswell  abt 1855  N Daughter  

 Eurania Roswell  1856  N Daughter    

 Goliah Roswell  1854  N Son  

 Louisa Roswell abt 1849  N Daughter    

  Sarah Roswell abt 1851  N Daughter  

 Shandras Roswell  abt 1858  N Son  

 Sophia Roswell  abt 1860  N Daughter  


1861*Penryn, Cornwall.  (In Tents)

Festus Boswell  abt 1825  N, Pipsey Head    

 Honor Boswell abt 1827  Camborne, Cornwall  Wife  

 Jessie Boswell s abt 1858  N, Gipsey Daughter  

 Lavinia Boswell  abt 1855  N, Gipsey Daughter  


1861*Hammersmith, Middlesex

Levi Boswell  abt 1816  Defford, Worcestershire Head   Tinker

 Mary A Boswelli abt 1818  Cowley, Middlesex Wife  

Cilianse Boswell  abt 1844  Essex, Daughr

Henrietta Boswell  abt 1842  Cambridgeshire Daughter  

Hope Boswell abt 1839  Northamptonshire Son

Joseph Boswell  abt 1846    Son  


 Zachariah Boswell b 1825  Worcs Head Chair/bottomer

 Suslinia Boswell  abt 1823  Raynham, Essex Wife

 Emily Boswell  abt 1857  Hammersmith, Middlesex Daughter  

 John Boswell  abt 1859  Deptford, Kent Son  

 Kate Boswell  abt 1853  Plumshap, Kent Daughter    

 Levi Boswell  abt 1847  Leicestershire, Son  


William Roberts abt 1831  Cuckfield, Sussex Head  

Charlotte Roberts William abt 1833 Dartford Kent Wife    

William Roberts abt 1854  Maidstone, Kent Son

Samsey Roberts  abt 1851  Stone, Kent Daughter  

Lucy Roberts abt 1858  Fulham, Middlesex Daughter  

 Mary A Roberts abt 1852  Peasemarsh, Sussex Daughter  

Charlotte Roberts abt  1855 daughter


William Roberts abt 1812 Battle, Sussex  Head Chair/bottomer

Sarah Roberts abt 1812  Norden, Sussex Wife

 Sampson Roberts  abt 1837  Hythe, Kent Son  

George Roberts  abt 1847  Newnham, Kent Son  

Cecilia Roberts abt 1843  Bury, Sussex Daughter  


1861*St Pancras, Middlesex

Thomas Boswell hd unmarried b Suffolk,  Street M??

Philipea Boswell 85  hd b Shoreditch, Middlesex

Cinderella Boswell dau 48  b Shoreditch, Middlesex


1861* Bow St Mary, Middlesex

John Boswell 48  hd b Winchester

Mary Boswell 37  wife b Cambridgeshire

Charlotte Boswell 5  dau b Strude, Kent

Ebenezer Boswell 20  son b Northamptonshire

Elias Boswell 40  brother b Cambridgeshire

Matilda Boswell 18  b Strude, Kent

Nelson Boswell 8  b Strude, Kent

Cinderella Boswell 65  mother b Gloucestershire


1861*  Parish: Stratton Audley : Oxfordshire  

(List of persons not in houses)

Sinderella Beldam 22 hd Unm/ b Little Hamden, Bucks Gypsy

Amadine Beldam 5  dau b Stulily, Buckinghamshire

Lavina Beldam 6  dau b Kent


Sophia Beldam 35 hd Unm/b Yelden, Kent Gypsy

Aaron Beldam 4  b Stoke Lyne, Oxfordshire

Miarenney Beldam 7  b Grandborough, Buckinghamshire

Sidnel Beldam 10  son b Bletchley, Buckinghamshire


Ansel Bailes 33  hsd Gypsy b Evenley, Northamptonshire


Susannah Bullen 59  hd widow Gypsy b  Eullotle, Northamptonshire

Arthur A Smith 10 visitor b Preston Bissett, Buckinghamshire


1861*Leonard Stanley: Gloucestershire  (All put born N/K) Except 1 !!

Nk Davis 45  

Cinderella Davis 49  

Mary Davis 20  

Nk Davis 11  

Nk Davis 8  

Nk Davis 5  

Tryner Davis 14  

William Davis 17  


Abraham Mustoe hd 45 Brazier/ Tin-man b

 Ellen Mustoe 43  wife hawker

Allice   //16  dau hawker  

Jane  //21  dau hawker

John  //15  son Brazier/Tin-man

Reuben // 8  sonr

Sarah /// 5  daub

William  ///12  hawker son


Gildrie Smith 23  Horse dealer

Eva Smith 22  

William Smith 2  


Samson Smith 21  hd brazier/Tin-man b Haddington, Buckinghamshire  


Adam Stephens 24  brush maker

Lettigha Stephens 25  

William Stephens 2  


1861*Mile End Old Town  County/Island: Middlesex  

(Earnest street Caravans)

Samuel Peaks 73  hawker b Buckinghamshire

Eliza Peaks 13  dau b Norfolk

Joseph Peaks 8  son b Essex

Maria Peaks 43  wife b Coventry

William Peaks 10  son b Bury


Cathrine McFarlin wife 50  hawker b Stepney

John McFarlin 51  hawker hd b Whitechapel

Mary McFarlin 27  dau b Whitechapel

Maryann McFarlin 4  g/dau b// Stepney

Barbera Lee 69  hd b Kent Gypsy

Cindesella Lee 16  g/dau b Maidstone, Kent

Frambridge Lee 12  g/dau b Maidstone, Kent

Joseph Lee 17  g/son b Maidstone, Kent

Sampson Lee 48  son b Acton, Middlesex

William Lee 8  g/son b Bow Common


Miscilie Bosswell 45  wife b Barnet, Hertfordshire Gypsy

William Bosswell 45 hd b Worcestershire Gypsy