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1871 Census


1871*Wandsworth All Saints: Wandsworth  

County: London (Caravans) All Lic/Hawkers

George Bartlett 18  servant b Southwark, Surrey

Patience Hall 8  g/dau b Weymouth, Dorset

Charlotte Smith 22  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Edward Smith 61 hd b  Maidstone, Kent

John Smith 18  son b Athony, Cornwall

Patience Smith 61  wife b Hythe, Kent

Alfred Wright 3  g son b Plymouth, Devon

Betsy Wright 25  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Betsy Wright 2  g dau b Plymouth, Devon


Caroline Penfold 35  wife b Deal, Kent

James Penfold 32  hawker b Maidstone, Kent

Priscilla Penfold 13  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

also there was **

Amy Beeney 7  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Emily Beeney 17  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Henry Beeney 40  hd b Marden, Kent

James Beeney 4  son b Wandsworth, Surrey

Mary Ann Beeney 13  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Thomas Beeney 11  son b Wandsworth, Surrey

Unity Beeney 15  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Walter Beeney 9  son b Wandsworth, Surrey


George H W Rose 3  son b Wandsworth, Surrey

George Wm Rose 33  hd b Gussage, Dorset

Letitia E Rose 33  wife b Akeley, Buckinghamshire

Sarah A Rose 7  dau b Lambeth, Surrey

Joseph Chapman 65 lodger b Berkhampstead, Sussex

Ellen Denney 17  servant b Wandsworth, Surrey


Amy Smith 59  wife b Waitsham, Sussex

Thomas Smith 61  hdb Romney, Kent

Patience Smith 17  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey


William Tice 61  hd wid b Ashford, Kent

Jane Tice 15   dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Mary Tice 21 dau b Putney, Surrey

Joseph Carr 26  son in law b Manchester

Lydia Carr 25  dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

Joseph Carr 9 months  g son b  Wandsworth, Surrey

Priscilla Carr 4  g dau b Wandsworth, Surrey

James Tice 1  g son b Wandsworth, Surrey

William Tice 2 g son b Wandsworth, Surrey


1871*Kings Lynn  County: Norfolk  

Valentine Brinkley 48  hd b N/K cane worker

Mary Brinkley 47  wife b London

Harriett Binkley 14  b Fring, Norfolk

Mary Anne Binkley 15  b Creak, Norfolk

Plato Binkley 12  b Scarning, Norfolk

Silvanus Binkley 10  b Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Valentine Binkley 18  b Grimston, Norfolk Cork cutter apprentice

Annis Brinkley 6  b Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Harriet Fross 11 months g/dau b Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Jane Frost dau 19  b Barnwell, Cambridgeshire


1871*Kensington Town

 Platon (Plato)Buswell(Boswell) 48  b Warwickshire

Frederic 9Freeidom) wife l 30 b Surrey

Canney Buswell 10  servant b Middlesex

Isiac Buswell 3  son b Notting Dale

Joseph Buswell 13  son b Wandsworth

Nelson Buswell 2 months  son b Notting Dale


Joseph Boswell hd 25 b  Nottingdale hawker

Susan Boswell wife 25 b Fulham hawker


Frank Wood hd 26 Hawker b Rainham Surrey

Sylvia Wood 24 wife hawker b Surrey


Joseph Williams 30 head (unwed)chain /maker b Surrey

Johnny Williams Brother 25 b Watford Herts

Joseph Williams son 5  Chiswick

Henry Williams Son b Chiswick

Charlotte Williams dau 3 b chiswick


Billy Harris hsd 40 b Chelsea

Fanny Harris wife 39 b Kent

Sarah Harris dau 10 b Middlesex


1871*Bungay: County: Suffolk  

Plato Wilson 52 hd Mat maker b Herefordshire

Sarah Wilson 50 wife b Herefordshire,/Hawker

Agnes Wilson 10 dau b Suffolk /Hawker

Alice Wilson 20 dau b Suffolk/Hawker

Elvina Wilson 12  dau b Suffolk/Hawker

George Wilson 15  son b Suffolk/Hawker

Jermmer Wilson 18  dau b Oakley, Suffolk,/Hawker

John Wilson 16  son b Finge Norfolk/Hawker

Plato Wilson 22  son b Stoke Suffolk chair mender


1871 Census Graffham Sussex

James Ray 38 Chairbottomer b Chichester

Arthpull Ray 29 vagrant b Guildford Surrey

Dina Ray 13 B Brighton

Elizabeth Ray 3 Brighton

James Ray 11 Worthing Sussex

Susan Ray 5 Southampton


 1871* Census:Trowbridge: Wiltshire

Ambrose Smith  40 Berkshire  b Trowbridge Wiltshire

Anna Maria Smith 17  Daughter b  Trowbridge Wiltshire

Eliza Smith    35  Wife  b Shepton Mallet, Somerset    

George Reuben Smith  14 son b Trowbridge, Wiltshire                            

Leonard Smith  son  5 b Trowbridge, Wiltshire                              

Nelson Smith   Son  7 b Trowbridge, Wiltshire                  

Nipton Smith   Son  1 month  b Trowbridge Wiltshire                              

Walter Smith   Son 3  b  Shroton, Dorset        



John Brazil54

Prisilla Brazil44

Ancelina Brazil12

James Brazil15


1871*Census Binsey Oxford

(Gypsies In Tents)

George Smith 38 General Dealer Norwich

Jane Smith 38 Dealers wife Lynne Norfolk

Madona  Smith 12 Plaster, London

Alice Smith 10 Norwich

Charles Smith 7 Birmingham

Frederick Smith 5 Manchester

Margarett Smith 3 Scotland

Scudy Smith 2 (dau) Hanley Staffs

Ernest Smith 7 months Weston Super Mare


Sarah Chilcott (Wid) 60 Lic. Hawker Charton Ex

Sarah Chilcott 27 Lic. Hawker Epping Essex


James Small 29 Lic Hawker Ascot Berks

Elizabeth Small 24 Ipswich Sufolk

Alamania Small 5 Bruntingthorpe Cheshire

Lilly Small 3 Scotland


Horace Lee 30 b Ipswich

Robert Lee 37 brother Moreland Kent

Richard Lee 8 Nephew b Walworth


Thomas Lee 43 Tinman and Brazier Romford Essex

Caroline Lee 35 Norwich

Richenda Lee 28 Tinman and Brazier Ipswich

Waller Lee 22 Romford Essex

Abednego Lee 20 Tinman and Brazier Bungay Sufolk

Edgar Lee 16 Tinman and Brazier Romford Essex


Susan Young (wid) 48  Norfolk

Mackenzie Young 20 Lic Hawker Leeds

Lenda Young16  Rotherham


Noah Young 27  Rotherham

Caroline Young 29 Chelmsford

Oscar Young 4 York


Silvester Boswell (Wid) 60 Cainworker Dover

Byron Boswell 32 Cainworker Berwick Cam

Bruce Boswell 24 Cainworker Halstead Essex

Wallis Boswell 18 Cainworker Sufolk

Trafalgar Boswell 16 Cainworker Plaistow



1871*, Brighton (Caravan In Yard)

Willett Richard 56 Head Licensed Hawker Angmering, Sussex  

Willett Louisa 56 Wife Crayford, Kent 28 Caravan In Yard, Brighton

Willett Joseph 24 Son Licensed Hawker Brighton, Sussex

Willett Henry 22 Son Licensed Hawker Brighton, Sussex

Willett Lois 17 Dau At Home Preston, Sussex


1871*Brighton, Sussex **7 Queens Street, Brighton


Virgo Elizabeth 58 Head Char Woman Brighton

Willett John 28 Son In Law Fish Hawker Brighton

Willett Mary 26 Dau Brighton, Sussex  

Willett James 10 Son Brighton, Sussex  

Willett Mary Ann 3 Dau Brighton, Sussex

Willett Thomas 7 M Son Brighton, Sussex


1871*Lancing, Sussex * 13 Pelham Cottages

Willett Rosetta 60 Head

Willett Noah 22 Son Hawker Beeding, Sussex

Willett John 18 Son Hawker Brighton, Sussex


1871* Sussex (Caravan)

James Sarah 38 Head Hawker Fareham, Hampshire

James Phoebe 16 Daughter Hawker Preston, Sussex

James Henry 13 Son Hawker Brighton, Sussex

James Sarah J 10 Dau Hawker Preston, Sussex

James Elliyah 8 Son Hawker Preston, Sussex

James Mary 5 Dau Hawker Dorking, Surrey

James Patience 3 Dau Crawbrook, Kent

James Mariah 9 M Dau Infant Portsmouth, Hampshire


1871* Rye *Sussex

Jones Elias 74 Head Hawker Ticehurst, Sussex

Carter Deborah 32 Son In Law Hawker Shipley, Sussex

Carter Mary Ann 30 Daughter Hawker Hurst Green, Sussex  

Carter William 7 Grand Daughter Scholar Horsmonden, Kent

Carter John 4 Grand Son Scholar West Chiltington, Sussex


1871* Sussex :Civil Parish: Poynings  

Hazelgrove James 46 Head Ag/ Lab b Cuckfield, Sussex  

Hazelgrove Gentilia 48 Wife Hawker b Salisbury, Wiltshire 

( This is matthias Coopers sister)


 1871 Census, Preston, Sussex.

Sarah James 38 Fareham, Hampshire Head Hawker

Phoebas James 16 Preston, Sussex Daughter  

Henry James 13 Brighton, Sussex Son          

Sarah J James 10 Preston, Sussex Daughter  

Elijah James 8 Preston, Sussex, Son          

Mary James 5 Dorking, Surrey Daughter  

Pateience James 3 Cranbrook, Kent Daughter  

Mariah James 9 mths Portsmouth Hampshire Dau  

((Caravan, Race Hill, Camped with William & Sarah Hughes, Francis & Patience Hughes, Elijah & Elizabeth Harris, James Garstow, William & Elizabeth Dighton


Francis Hughes 30 Maidstone Kent   Head Hawker

Patience Hughes 35 Bittern Hants Wife     Hawker

Richard Hughes 12 Chichester Susx  Brother  Hawker

Olive Hughes 10 Portsmouth Hampshire Sister  Hawker

Dinah Hughes 6 Fairleigh, Sussex  Sister  Hawker


William Hughes 57 Brighton, Sussex Head Hawker

Sarah Hughes 53 North Chapel, Sussex Wife  Hawker

Abraham Hughes 22 Bickley, Sussex Son     Groom

Dinah Hughes17 Brighton, Sussex Dau   House Maid

James Hughes 12 Preston, Sussex Son  Hawker


Harris Ellah 33 Head Hawker Findon, Sussex

Harris Elizabeth 34 Wife Hawker Uckfield, Sussex

Harris Mary 16 Dau Hawker Chaley, Sussex

Harris John 13 Son Hawker Ringmer, Sussex

Harris Jemimah 10 Dau Hawker Horsham, Sussex

Harris Ellah 7 Son Hawker Brighton, Sussex

Harris Catherine 5 Dau Hawker Hoffam, Sussex

Harris David 2 Son  Sussex

Harris Esther 1 M Dau  Preston, Sussex


1871* Census :Whippingham, Hampshire.

 Alfred Deacon 38 Portsmouth, Hampshire Head   Hawker

Elizabeth Deacon 40 Portsmouth, Hampshire Wife

Sarah Ann Deacon 17 Portsmouth Hampshire Daughter

Cissiar Deacon 14 Portsmouth, Hampshire Daughter

Harry Deacon 12 Portsmouth, Hampshire Son

Corie Deacon 7 Portsmouth, Hampshire Daughter

Noah Deacon 5 Portsmouth, Hampshire Son

Susan Deacon 7 months Portsmouth, Hampshire Daughter


1871 Census* Hartley Wintney, Hampshire.

Isaac Lamb   40  Strathfieldsaye Hampshire  Hd   Tin/man

Mary Lamb   38   Heckfield, Hampshire  Wife   Pedlar

John Lamb   16   White Parish, Wiltshire  Son   Agg Lab

Cain Lamb     9   Wooten, Hampshire      Son                      

Abel Lamb     7   Hartley Wintney, Hampshire    Son                    

Seth Lamb    7   Hartley Wintney, Hampshire    Son                      

Emily Lamb   5    Dipley, Hampshire    Daughter            

Esther Lamb  3   Dipley, Hampshire    Daughter

Elizabeth Lamb  1 Dipley, Hampshire  Daughter


1871* Census:  Long Sutton, Hampshire .

Paul Ayres 49 Kingsclere Hampshire Head  Hawker

Matilda Ayres 47 Guilford Surrey   Wife          

Edward Ayres 24 Hadlow Kent   Son   Hawker

Goliath Ayres 21 Farnham Surrey Son   Hawker

Henry Ayres 20 Long Sutton Hampshire Son  Hawker

Georgina Ayres 16 Ropley Hampshire  Daughter

William Ayres 13 Alton Hampshire Son

Emma Ayres 8 Farnham Surrey   Daughter

Horice Ayres 6 Ash Surrey   Son



Absolem Beeney 52

Janetta Beeney 51

Esther Beeney 8

Henry Beeney 11

Iole Beeney 16 I THINK JOB?

Manabel Beeney 14


1871* Census Tonbridge Kent (IN Caravan camped with Absalom and Priscilla Beaney)

William Beeney38

Maria Beeney38

Apsley Beeney5

Darhey Beeney3

George Beeney14

Henry Beeney7

James Beeney1

Louisa Beeney12

Samuel Beeney17


 1871* Census: Inkpen, Berkshire.

Henry Black 27 Hungerford, Berkshire  Head Hawker

Rosa Black 28 Shirley, Hampshire   Wife Hawker Wife

Charlotte Black 5 Bentley, Hampshire   Daughter

Henry Black 3 Inkpen, Berkshire     Son

Thomas Black 2 Micheldever, Hampshire Son

Morris Black 3 months Inkpen Berkshire   Son

Fanny Hillery 16 Andover, Hampshire Boarder

Caravan, Upper Green."


1871* Census:  Inkpen, Berkshire.

Amos Black 69 Boxford, Berkshire Hd  Retired Hawker

Jane Black 67 Burley, Hampshire Wife  Hawker

Isabella Black 16 Mortimer, BerkshireDaughter  Hawker

Morris Black 12 Inkpen, Berkshire Son Ag Lab

Britannia Black 7Winchester, Hampshire Granddaughter

Upper Green, Near Amos & Mary Black.


1871* Census :Buxted County/Island: Sussex


Benjamin Brazil41 hawkers

Elener Brazil 43

David Brazil 7

Eleanor Brazil 9

John Brazil 5

Martha Brazil 2

Samuel Brazil 2 months

David Brazil 7


William Brazil 20 hd travellers

Sarah Ann Brazil 20 wife

Stephen Brazil 6 weeks son

Thomas Brazil 2 son