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1871Census 3

1871* Mitcham  County: Surrey  


Frederick Gatrell( guttrel?)31 hd chair bottomer b Brighton, Sussex

Sophia Gatrell34 b Westminster, Middlesex

Frederick Gatrell5 b Mitcham, Surrey

George Gatrell9 months b Mitcham, Surrey

Israel Gatrell3 b Walworth, Surrey

Naomi Gatrell7 b Croydon, Surrey

George Stanley21  lodger chair bottomer b

Cinderella Stanley20 wife b Battersea

Frederick Stanley9 months son b Mitcham, Surrey

George Stanley21  lodger chair bottomer b Kingston, Surrey


1871* : Peterborough Town: Long Buckby : Northamptonshire  

Camping in the lane area ,Blincos Hovel and sleeping in the  hovel with permission of servant)

Note on Index henry and Ann was missing !!but on the actual Image)

Henry Boswell 40 b Gatesby/Northampton  Tinker /razor Grinder

Mary .A. Boswell wife 32 b warks

Thomas Boswell 26  hd b Walcott, Warwickshire

Cinderella Boswell 20 wife b Roxton, Oxfordshire

Eli Boswell 25  b Radstone, Northamptonshire

Cornelious Fletcher 12  b Banbury, Oxfordshire


1871* Town: Bristol County: Gloucestershire 

John Buckland 35 hd Hawker b Clanfield, Oxfordshire

 Fanny Buckland 30 wife b Ashington, Berkshire

Cinderella Buckland 5  dau b St Georges

Circender Buckland dau 3  b Crichlet

Emmily Buckland 10 dau b Lidyyard

Joshua Buckland 13  son b Worcestershire

Motte Buckland 15  son b Hayfield, Oxfordshire hawker

Walter Buckland son 3 weeks  b Bristol

William Buckland 17  bson  Hayfield, Oxfordshire musciscian


James Buckland hd 29 hawker b Stratton

Emily buckland wife 26 b grove berks

Leona dau age 12 b Chicester

Mazelly dau age 8 b Leicesterhire

William son age 3 b Droitwich Worcs

Sinphie dau age 6 months b Clanfield Oxford


Leonard Stephens hd 45 Tin-man b Tedworth

Thactotte? wife 45 b Gloucestershire


Maphiss? Stephens age 27 Hawker b Middlesex

Mariah wife  24 b Marlow Bucks

Comely? dau 2 b Middlesex

Owen son 6 months b Glos


Emily Green hd 24 married  Hawker b Upton Berks

Fria?? dau 11 b Lydinton?

Selina dau 8 b Lydington?

Benjamin son 7 b Bristol

Elderia dau 4 B Bristol

Laddie? son 47 months b Glos


1871*Camberwell St Giles*East Dulwich  : Surrey

 Job Davis hd 27 Hawker b Wimbledon Surrey

Elizabeth wife 30

Matilda dau 7

Eliza dau 5

Job son 3

Leonard son 5 months


Jane Mathey 35 (James Mathews) b Huddersfield, Yorks

Phenbridge Mathey 35 Hawker

Mary A Mathey 12

Job Mathey 10

Mary Ann Mathey 8  b kent

John Mathey 6

Louisa Mathey 3

Phebe Mathey 2

Lydia Mathey 2

Eliza Mathey 2 months


1871*Gypsy Encampment*Wombourne, Staffordshire

Rhoda Smith Wife 42 Female Ashby Northamptonshire

Elias Smith Son 37 Flewer Northamptonshire

 Riley Smith Son 35 Flewer Northamptonshire

Emanuel Smith Son 23 Stourbridge Worcestershire

Silas Smith Son 21 Swindon Staffordshire

Abraham Smith Son 19 Swindon Staffordshire

 Enoch Smith Son 17 Swindon Staffs

Mary Smith Dau 15 Swindon Staffords

Jane Smith Dau 13 Swindon Staffs


 Valentine Smith 25 /1846 Male Pattingham Shrops

Merchina Buckland Smith Wife 23 Nk Oxfordshire

France Smith Dau 6 Kidderminster Worcestershire

Gorginia Smith Dau 4 Stourbridge Worcestershire

Emily Smith Dau 2 Shipley Shropshire


GRAY,John Head 30 London Clothes Peg maker

GRAY Waistey Wife 30 Norfolk

GRAY  Eleah Daughter 11Yorkshire


YOUNG, Auther Head 34 Lincolnshire Clothes Peg

YOUNG, Waistey Wife 23 Lincolnshire


YOUNG,George Head 20 Yorkshire Basket Maker

YOUNG,Rhoda Wife 24 Yorkshire


RANEY Allifer Head 55 (Razor Grinder)

BOSS, Mary Housekeeper 40 London (In margin Razor Grinders wife)

BOSS, Hanagar Daughter 17 Yorkshire

BOSS Louisa Daughter 14 Yorkshire

BOSS, Deleliah Daughter 12 Yorkshire

Walter Boss son 8

Leoville?Boss dau 5


4909 Folio: 14 Page: 21

Address: Holdforth Brick Yard In Camps, =Bishop Middleham County: Durham


1871*Didbrook, Gloucestershire (In Caravans)

Emanual Buckland abt 1821 Railey Worcestershire Head Hawker

Susannah Buckland abt 1821 Devon Wife

Ansall Buckland abt 1860 Worcestershire Son

Emmanuel Buckland abt 1851 OakleySon

 Lavinah Buckland abt 1857 Worcestershire Daughter

Marendah Buckland  abt 1867 Olderton Gloucestershire Daughter

 Oshanney Buckland abt 1855 Chalbury Oxfordshire Daughter

Sarbinah Buckland abt 1850 Troice Devon Daughter

 William Buckland  abt 1868 Blockley Worcestershire Son


1871*Town: Newbury  (A Common Lodging house)

County/Island: Berkshire  

William Loveridge 34  hawker B Blank

May Loveridge 24  b Henley On Thames

William Loveridge 24  b Cradle, Hampshire

Elizabeth Loveridge 16  b Farringdon, Berkshire


Thomas Buckland 27  chair caner bBanbury, Oxfordshire

Rhoda Buckland 24  Hawker b London, Middlesex

Nelson Buckland 18  b Banbury, Oxfordshire

Rhoda Buckland 5  b Jersey, Channel Islands

Mosella Buckland 6 months  b Bristol


1871*Winkfield  * Ascot Heath:Berkshire  

Soloman Buckland 50  head b Wantage, Berkshire

Regentta Buckland 22 dau b Henley, Oxfordshire

Isabella Buckland 20  dau b Warfield, Berkshire


Sophia Williams  abt 1802  Wantage, Berkshire Widow    

Francis Williams abt 1865  Winkfield, Berkshire Son    

Joh Williams  abt 1862  Manton, Buckinghamshire Son    

 Sophia Williams abt 1836  Bagley Wood Berkshire Daughter  


 Sophia Buckland  abt 1785  Oxfordshire Head  

Sibey Buckland  abt 1824  Oxfordshire Daughter  


Smith Charles  abt 1847  Oxfordshire

Plato  Smith, abt 1870  Oxfordshire Son  

 Ruth Charles Smith abt 1845  Oxfordshire Wife    


Mark Davies  abt 1846  Hounslow Head  hawker

Lamer Lamer Davies abt 1867  Hounslow,  Daughter  

  Sager Davies abt 1845  Hounslow Wife    

 Tobe Davies abt 1868  Hounslow


Arthur Lemon  abt 1861  Hounslow, Middlesex Son  

 Caroline Lemon abt 1835  Hadley, Middlesex Wife    

 Edward Lemon  abt 1871  Hounslow, Middlesex Son  

 Elizabeth Lemon abt 1870  Hounslow, Middlesex Daughter    

 Henry Lemon  abt 1867  Hounslow, Middlesex Son    

 Mary Lemon  abt 1863  Hounslow, Middlesex Daughter  

 Thomas Lemon  abt 1865  Hounslow, Middlesex Son  

 Thos Lemon  abt 1835  Sonthzah, Middlesex Head  hawker


1871*Bristol, Gloucestershire *caravans

 Leonard Stephens abt 1826  Tedworth Head hawker

 Leonard Stephens  abt 1851  Cheltenham Son  

 Shartotte Stephens  abt 1826  Gloucestershire Wife  


 John Buckland  abt 1836  Clanfield, Oxfordshire, England Head    Hawker

Fanny Buckland  abt 1841  Ashington, Berkshire, England Wife    

Cinderella Buckland  abt 1866  St Georges Daughter    

 Circender Buckland  abt 1868  Crichlet Daughter    

 Emmily Buckland abt 1861  Lidyyard Daughter  

 William Buckland  abt 1854  Hayfield, Oxfordshire, England

 Joshua Buckland  abt 1858  Worcestershire, England Son    

Motte Buckland abt 1856 son b Hayfield, Oxfordshire


 James Buckland  abt 1842  Stratton Head    Hawker

Emily Buckland  abt 1845  Grove Berkshire Wife    

 Leona Buckland  abt 1859  Chisetton, Wiltshire Son    

 Nerelly Buckland abt 1863  Leicestershire Daughter    

 Tempie Buckland  abt 1870  Worcestershire Son    

 Walter Buckland  abt 1871  Bristol    

 William Buckland  abt 1868  Droitwich Worcestershire Son    


Maphias Phillips  abt 1844  Prome, Oxfordshire Head  

 Mariah Phillips  abt 1847  Marlow, Buckinghamshire Wife  

Conney Phillips abt 1869  Middlesex Daughter  

 Owen Phillips  abt 1870  Gloucestershire Son  


 1871* Barton St Mary, Gloucestershire.(In tents).

Cornelius Loveridge 42, Gypsy Traveller, Buck's

Amelia Loveridge 41, Whitney, Oxfordshire

Betsy Loveridge 20

Louisa Loveridge 18

Richard Loveridge 16

Emma Loveridge 14Cricklade Wilts

Susan Loveridge 10

Mary I Loveridge 8

Sarah Loveridge 4

Carishine Loveridge 2