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1891 CENSUS 2


1891*Herefordshire > Holmer (Within)

Riley Boswell  b 1839 Coats, Cambridgeshire Head  Cutler/grinder

Thomas Boswell  Riley abt 1852 St Owens, Herefordshire Son  

Elias Boswell abt 1826 Birch, Worcestershire Brother

Lottie PERKINS  Dau married b abt 1862 Paddington London  

Alice Freebury b1867Monmouth Monmouthshire Wales Boarder  

Thomas Perkins 36 son (think Boswell?) b St Owens Herefordshire

Henry Perkins son 6  gr/son


1891* Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Maria Boswell  abt 1866 Lincoln Lincolnshire Head    

Elias Boswell  abt 1885 Lincoln Lincolnshire Son  

 John Boswell abt 1879 Lincoln Lincolnshire Son    

 Louisa Boswell abt 1890 Gainsborough, Lincolnshire Daughter    

 Walter Boswell  abt 1886 Gainsborough Lincolnshire Son  


1891*Quite large Encampment WEST Tilbury Essex 4 pages.

 (In Tents and Caravans off Fort Road Tilbury Common)


John Buckley  Alice abt 1839 Brentwood, Essex Head  

 Alice Buckley  John abt 1840 Luton, Bedfordshire Wife  

Agnes Buckley   abt 1875 Gotham, Essex Daughter    

  Elias Buckley   abt 1869 Gotham, Essex Son  

 Florence Buckley  abt 1879 Upton Park, Essex Daughter    

  Marilda Buckley  abt 1877 Upton Park, Essex Daughter  

 Prudence Buckley   abt 1875 Upton Park, Essex Daughter  


Arthur Smith abt 1864 Southend, Essex Head  

Adeline Smith Arthur abt 1865 Rochford Essex Wife  

 Emily Smith  abt 1890 Stepney, London Daughter  

 Genty Smith  abt 1888 Thundersley, Essex Son    


William Smith Harriett abt 1839 Southampton Head  

 Harriett Smith William abt 1844 Southampton Wife    


William Robertson  abt 1845 Northumberland Heath Kent Head  

Mary Robertson abt 1845 Brancaster, Norfolk Wife  

Ellen Robertson  abt 1882 Lynn, Norfolk Daughter    

 Frederick Robertson  abt 1879 Derby, Derbyshire Son  

 James Robertson  abt 1878 Hartlepool, Durham Son  


Larzarus Buckley  Elizabeth abt 1863 Whitechapel, London Head  

 Elizabeth Buckley  abt 1871 Haddenham Hertfordshire Wife  

Lander Buckley abt 1890 Forest Gate, Essex Daughter  


Frank Buckley  abt 1849 Corley, Suffolk Head    

 Jane Buckley  abt 1852 Latimer R, London Wife  

Albert Buckley abt 1877 Thundersley, Essex Son    

 Bertie Buckley  abt 1880 Neusal Green London, Son  

Sarah Buckley abt 1887 Plaistow, Essex Daughter    

 William Buckley  abt 1882 Plaistow, Essex Son    

 Uriah Buckley  abt 1872 Thundersley, Essex Son  


 Sarah Livermore  abt 1868 Cambridge Head  

Annie Livermore abt 1889 Colchester Essex Daughter    

 James Livermore  abt 1888 Raleigh Essex Son    

 Joseph Livermore  abt 1890 Southend, Essex Son  


James Webb  abt 1847 Stepney, London Head    

 Frances Webb  abt 1847 Caistor, Norfolk Wife    

 Isaac Webb  abt 1871 Malling, Kent Son    

  Mary Ann Webb abt 1883 Ryarsh, Kent Daughter  

 William Webb abt 1880 Ryarsh, Kent Son  


Henry Land  abt 1864 Offin Green, Kent Head

Sarah Land  abt 1865 Offin Green, Kent Wife

Denny Land  abt 1891 Colchester, Essex Son  

 Frederick Land abt 1889 Strood, Kent Son  

 Henry Land  abt 1864 Offin Green, Kent Head    

 Henry Land  abt 1886 Lavenham, Suffolk Son  

Mary Land  abt 1885 Mildenhall, Suffolk Daughter    


Frederick Gordy ?(Goody?) abt 1851 Raleigh Essex Head    

 Sarah Gordy abt 1851 Raleigh Essex Wife

Catherine Gordy abt 1880 Thundersley Essex daughter  

 Frederick Gordy abt 1874 Chigwell Row Essex Son    

 Lewis Gordy  abt 1881 Chigwell Row Essex Son    


 Jacob Brooks Maria abt 1821 Fonlnies, Essex,  Head  

Maria Brooks Jacob abt 1841 Fermoy Ireland Wife    

Elizabeth  Raven abt 1857 Hingham, Norfolk Daughter    

 Alfred Raven abt 1879 South Weald Essex Gr/son  

 Arthur Raven  abt 1888 West Tilbury, Essex Gr/Son  

 Emily Raven  abt 1886 Chadwell St Mary Essex Granddaughter  

 Isaac Raven  abt 1890 Southend, Essex, England Grandson  

 James Raven Elizabeth abt 1883 Dulwich, Surrey Grandson  

 Johnathan Raven Elizabeth abt 1878 Latchingdon Essex Grandson  

 William Raven Elizabeth abt 1881 Dulwich Surrey Grandson