1891*Whistley Green, Berkshire

All hawkers in travelling caravans)
Ambrose Chapman2 b Fawley, Hampshire
Frederick Chapman32 hd b Edgware, Hampshire
Joseph Chapman9 b Barnet, Middlesex
Lindon Chapman 4 dau b Stanmore, Middlesex
Macey Chapman30 wife b/blank/
Matilda Chapman11 b St Albans, Hampshire
Snfant Chapman2/12 b son b Hindon, Hampshire,
Jane Light18 sister/in/lawb Harrow, Hampshire
Patience Light15 sister/in/law b Hindon, Hampshire
Agnes Williams 21
Emma Williams 60
Minnie Williams 16
Sinimenta Williams 37
William Williams 29
Plato Buckland 50 lodger
Albert Williams 14
Alfred Williams 23
Ann Williams 50
Louisa Williams 9
Nathan Williams 15
Owen Williams 24
Timothens Williams 1

Henry Davis abt 1831 Hartlebury, Worcestershire, England Head
Sophia Hasken abt 1851 Malvern, Worcestershire Head lic/hawker
Thomas Hasken abt 1873 Astley, Worcestershire Son peg/maker
Henry Hasken abt 1876 Shelsley, Worcestershire Son
Matilda Hasken abt 1878 Chaddesley, Worcestershire Daughter
Eliza Hasken abt 1879 Leigh Sinton, Worcestershire, Daughter
Emma Hasken abt 1885 Dudley, Worcestershire, Daughter
Harriet Hasken abt 1884 Stourbridge, Worcestershire Daughter
Richard Hasken abt 1890 Hartlebury, Worcestershire Son
These below was on index with the above and as Hasken but on Image Loverage!!just shows you !
(Wrote in image also her hubby John Loverage
Sarah Hasken(Loverage)abt 1846 Oxford, Oxfordshire Wife
John Hasken abt 1873 Gloucester Son On image John Loverage !!
Ellen Hasken abt 1877 Hereford, Herefordshire, Daughter
Sarah Hasken abt 1880 Mitchell Dean, Gloucestershire Daughter
Sophia Smith abt 1873 Leigh, Worcestershire Boarder
Harriet Smith abt 1882 Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire Daughter
Tehenney Smith Moses abt 1841 Hereford, Herefordshire Wife
Matilda Smith Moses,Tehenney abt 1887 Hartlebury, Worcestershire, Daughter
Moses Smith Tehenney abt 1849 Malvern, Worcestershire Head
Eddy Smith abt 1875 Hartlebury, Worcestershire
Annie Smith abt 1888 Hartlebury, Worcestershire
Cornelius Smith abt 1841 b Warwick head
Lavinia Smith abt 1883 Malvern, Worcestershire Daughter
Rosannah Smith abt 1841 Evesham, Worcestershire Wife
Sampson Smith abt 1880 Malvern, Worcestershire Son
Silett Smith abt 1882 Malvern, Worcestershire Son
Wisdom Smith abt 1886 Malvern, Worcestershire Daughter
Betsy Smith abt 1877 Crowle, Worcestershire, England Daughter
John Smith abt 1885 Evesham, Worcestershire, England Grandson
William Smith abt 1871 Great Malvern, Worcestershire Head
Phoebe Vergall abt 1874 Gloucester, Gloucestershire
Cornelius Vergall abt 1890 Stourport, Worcestershire Son d
James Vergall abt 1871 Worcester, Worcestershire Head
Matilda Vergall abt 1869 Malvern, Worcestershire Wife
John Eggerton 60 widow Hawker of Brushes b Tenbury
Sarah Eggerton dau 23 BHereford
Thomas Eggerton dau 14
Charlotte Eggerton dau 7
Louisa Eggerton dau 6
 1891 CENSUS*Handsworth (BLACK PATCH) caravans
 Ellen Loveridge 7 b Handsworth
Flora Loveridge 13 b Smethwick, Staffordshire
Frederick Loveridge 3 b Handsworth
Leonard Loveridge 46 b Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Menta Loveridge 42 wife b Hatton, Warwickshire
Sophia Loveridge 11 b Handsworth
Tennant Loveridge 16 b Smethwick, Staffordshire
John Loveridge 22 b Smethwick
Serbina Loveridge 20 b Handsworth wife.
Amy Smith 10
Angelina Smith 8
Arnold Smith 44
Caroline Smith 48
Georgina Smith 18
John Smith 56
Reto Smith 4
Ellen Hope 3/12
George Hope 27
John Hope 2
Mary A Hope 26
Eliza Williams 48 sister
Alfred Clayton 49
Annie Clayton 14
Leonard Clayton 16
Lilly Clayton 10
Lizzie Clayton 35
Lucy Clayton 17
Mary Clayton 5
Nancy Clayton 12
Theresa A Clayton 9/12
Woodfine Clayton 3
 Name Age
Alfred Smith 5
Amelia Smith 40
Charlotte Smith 15
George Smith 13
James Smith 11
Reuben Smith 45
Sarah Smith 18
Senty Smith 7
Thomas Smith 9
William Smith 16
Zachariah Smith 3
Berty Smith 7
Delenah Smith 8
Ellen Smith 36
Evan Smith 2/12
James Smith 33
Matilda Smith 3
Centy Smith 70
Evan Smith 72
Thomas Smith 30 son
George Badger 12 g/son b Daventry, Northamptonshire
Tresey A Clayton 60 b Gumest, Northamptonshire
William Clayton 67 b Rugby, Warwickshire
Emiley Neal 3 g/dau b Burbrige, Leicestershire
Amos Clayton 14 son b Smethwick, Staffordshire
Frances Clayton 44 (MALE) head b Shordles, Derbyshire
Frances Clayton 16 son b Smethwick, Staffordshire
Prudence Clayton 18 dau b Smethwick, Staffordshire
Reby Clayton 22 son b Smethwick, Staffordshire
Relder Clayton 11 dau b Smethwick, Staffordshire
Susannah Clayton 20 B Smethwick, Staffordshire
Arthur Butler 8
Clara Butler 46
Henry Butler 6
John Butler 49
Maggie Butler 13
Mark Butler 20
Mary A Butler 15
Rebecca Butler 18
Rose Butler 3
Thomas Butler 24
Rose H Smith 30 hd b Oxfordshire
Sentinnah Smith 16 dau b Burton



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