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1901*Banwell St Andrew  County: Somerset  


Henry Jowles64 hd Lic/Hawker Gypsy b N?K

Mary Ann Jowles47 b Elton

Abraham Jowles16 Kids all different places in Somereset

Betsy Jowles26

Edith Jowles10

Isaac Jowles12

Robert Jowles14

Tom Jowles30

Walter Jowles4


John Jowles 28  hd Lic/hawker Gypsy b Uphill, Somerset

Edith Jowles 21 wife b  Railscom, Somerset


1901*district: Neath :Aberavon, Glamorgan

61 White House

Sylvester Boswell 29 b Aberavon, Glamorgan  masons lab

Lily Boswell 28 b Aberavon, Glamorgan

Chase Boswell 1 b Aberavon, Glamorgan

David Boswell 7 months nephew

Elizah Boswell??4 widow

Letty Boswell 6 b Aberavon, Glamorgan

Lily Boswell 1 b Aberavon, Glamorgan

Winefred Boswell 9 b Aberavon, Glamorgan

Elizah Riley 26 brother-in-law b Aberavon, Glamorgan

Mary Riley 50 Mother-in-law widow b Aberavon, Glamorgan

Sylvester Riley age ?brother-in-law  b Aberavon, Glamorgan

Thomas Riley 18 brother-in-law  b Aberavon, Glamorgan


1901*Rosemarket: Pembrokeshire

Abraham Boswell 64  hd b Glamorgan, Wales basket maker

Louisa Boswell 36  wife b ?

Albert Boswell 12  son

Detilia Boswell 3 months  dau

Dona Boswell 14  dau

Jeami Boswell 7  dau


Wm Taylor 60  hd hawker b {all blank)

Cathrin Taylor 52  wife b

Elizabeth Taylor 14  dau b

John Taylor 12  son b


 Delia L Boswell 64  hd b Newport, Shropshire  pedlar

Feeniman L Boswell 26  son b Bridgnorth, Shropshire

Rosie L Boswell 6  g dau b Wellington, Shropshire

Dora Cordree 24  dau b Newport, Shropshire  gypsy


1901*Llanfair, Anglesey

In caravans **

Charles Lock 30  hd b St Aseph, Denbighshire

Mary Lock 28  wife b Chester, Cheshire

Gwendoline Lock 1 dau b Minai Bridge, Anglesey

Ida Lock 7  dau b Menaibridge, Anglesey

Merenda Lock 5  dau b Beamnain, Anglesey

Meyrick Lock 3 son b Minai Bridge, Anglesey


Henry Boswell 45  hd b Beddgelert, Caernarvonshire

Maria Boswell 42  wife b Llanfairfebe, Caernarvonshire

Merinda Boswell 22  dau b Llannerchymedd, Anglesey

Noah Boswell 78  father b  Shropshire, England

Jane Williams 32 servant b Clyewy, Caernarvonshire


1901*Bettws, Carmarthenshire

(No Abode)

Achaia Boswell 40  hd b Nelson, Pembrokeshire (Gypsy basket maker)

Sarah Boswell 26  wife b Meirioneth, Caersws

Wester Boswell 7  son bMeirioneth, Caersws

Jaser Corwell 4  son b Meirioneth, Caersws


Thomas Lee 40 hd b Gembry, Carmarthenshire (Gypsy basket maker)

Lydia Lee 17   wife b  New Town, Montgomeryshire


1901*Newborough St Peter, Anglesey

Caravan all put born N/K

Noah Boswell 49 hd b Dunnetton, Shropshire

 Elizabeth Boswell 32 wife b Llanerchymedd, Anglesey

Chmy Boswell 3  dau b Llanrug, Caernarvonshire

Maria Boswell 5  dau b Rhydymwyn, Anglesey

Woola Boswell 8 son b Llandegfan, Anglesey


1901*Cardigan, Cardiganshire

Marjorie Boswell 35  hd b N/K  Hawker

Marjorie Boswell 10 b n/k

Rosamell Boswell 4  b n/k

Sophia Boswell 8  b n/k


1901*Kensington*Kensington Town

Chas Wilson35 hd b Nottinghamshire Umbrella repairer

Nellie Wilson33 wife b

Emily Ball 48 lodger (married)b Hampshire hawker

Lena Ball12  lodger b/Blank


1901*Epsom, Surrey

Susan Junex 63  hd b Oxted, Surrey

Charles Junex 23  son b Kingston On Thames, Surrey

Emily Junex 22  dau b Leyton, Essex

Nelson Junex 14  son b Thornton Heath, Surrey


John Cooper53 hd b Wimbledon, Surrey

Amey Cooper46 wife b Epping, Essex

Edward Cooper6 son b N, Walton On The Hill

George Cooper21 son b N, Walton On The Hill

John Cooper18 son b N, Walton On The Hill

Lavenia Cooper8 dau b N, Walton On The Hill

Thomas Cooper13 son b N, Walton On The Hill

William Cooper14 son b N, Walton On The Hill


Frank Vincent 53  hd b Walton On The Hill, Surrey

Sarah Vincent 48  wife b Upfield, Sussex

Job Vincent 21  son b Tunbridge Wells, Kent

John Vincent 11  son b Limpsfield, Surrey

Sarah Vincent 19  dau b Croydon, Surrey

Susannah Vincent 19  dau b Walton On The Hill, Surrey


Joseph Parker hd 52 b Norfolk  Travelling Gypsy

Lemngton ? Parker wife 42  b n/k

Unity Parker dau17 b n/k

Dalia Parker dau 16  b n/k

Annetta Parket dau 13 b n/k

Dianna Parker dau 8 b n/k

Leonard?Lional?Parker  5 son b n/k


 1901*Shotteswell, Warwickshire (In Caravans)

 Boswell 35  all details blank

  Boswell 30  

  Boswell 12  

Alice M Hawkins 19  

Thomas Haynes 75  

One Male 40  

Frederick Stacey 43  

Joseph Walden 40  


1901*Barton St Catherine  : Lancashire (Caravan of Sea Green Road)

Moses Boswell 50 head b Derby Basket Maker/Tinker

S Varia Boswell 39  wife b Wolverhampton, Staffordshire

Aaron Boswell 15  son b Stockport, Cheshire  Basket Maker/Tinker

Beatrice Boswell 9  g/dau b Hull, Yorkshire

Charles Boswell 20  son b Stockport, Cheshire  Basket Maker/Tinker

Cornelius Boswell 18  son b Stockport, Cheshire  Basket Maker/Tinker

Esaw Boswell 12  son b Stockport, Cheshire

George Boswell 4  gran/son b Stockport, Cheshire

Jane Boswell 30  dau/in/law b Bowsover, Nottinghamshire

Leonard Boswell 7  g/son b Stockport, Cheshire

Matilda Boswell 22  dau b Stockport, Cheshire

Moses Boswell 6 son b Stockport, Cheshire

Nathan Boswell 25 son b Stockport, Cheshire  Basket Maker/Tinker


1901* Salford  Ecc/Parish: Ordsall in Salfrod St Cyprian Lancashire  

caravans(4)Trafford Bridge)

Gilderoy Boswell 52  hd b Leeds, Yorkshire

Honora Boswell 50  wife b Nk, England

Edward Boswell 28  (son Gildaroy & Helena) b Altrincham, Cheshire

Helena Boswell 23  dau/in/law b Northwich, Cheshire

Alfred Boswell 24  son b Hunkart, Derbyshire

George Boswell 23  son(Gildaroy and Mary ?b Gorton, Lancashire

Mary Boswell 20  dau/in/law b Northwich, Cheshire

Esther Boswell 20  dau/in/law b Northwich, Cheshire

Selina Boswell 19  dau b Wilmslow, Cheshire

Herbert Boswell 18  son b Manchester, Lancashire

Annie Boswell 13  dau b Northwich, Cheshire

Mary Boswell 7  dau b Northwich, Cheshire

December Boswell 4  dau Northwich, Cheshire

Algar Boswell 6  son b Northwich, Cheshire

Telesa Boswell 2  dau b Northwich, Cheshire

 Amelia Boswell 8 months  Manchester, Lancashire

Lavina Boswell 22  (Male) nephew

Mary Boswell 22  wife b Nk, England(Lavinias wife)

Rhoda Boswell 7 months  d/dau b

Lily Boswell 1  Granddaughter

Helena Boswell 6 months  Granddaughter


Uriah Walton 75 hd b York, Yorkshire Horse Dealer

Isabella Walton 58 wife b Durham, England

David Walton 32  son b Newcastle, Northumberland

Keziah Walton 15  dau b Newcastle, Northumberland

Nancy Walton 23  dau b Darlington, Durham

 Uriah Walton 4  g/son b Carlisle, Cumberland

Violet Walton 25  dau b Darlington, Durham

Walter Walton 17  son b Newcastle, Northumberland


1901*Blackpool, Lancashire

Sarah Boswell 96  hd b Essex, England

Alma Boswell 44  son b Blackpool, Lancashire

Iraham Boswell 32  g/son b Blackpool, Lancashire

Florry Lee 17  g/dau b Blackpool, Lancashire

Horace Lee 19  g/son b Blackpool, Lancashire


1901*Blackpool, Lancashire

Polis Heron 39 hd b Leeds, Yorkshire, Horse dealer

Leah Heron 60  wife b Leeds, Yorkshire, Hawker

Gavleanna Heron son 16 b Leeds, Yorkshire,

Elijah Heron 61  Father b Leeds, Yorkshire Horse dealer


1901*Dartford Kent (Caravans in field)

Frank Buckley 47 hd married b Cannington, Essex Cutler

Amy Buckley 5  dau b Bexley, Kent

Eva Buckley 6  dau b Bexley, Kent

 Malvina Buckley 11  dau b Barking, Essex

Sophia Buckley 9  dau b Sidcup, Kent

Alfred Lee 21  step son b Cherry Island Horse dealer


Francis Lee 33  hd b Kensal Ria, Middlesex

Matilda Lee 22  wife b Stratford, Essex,

Pender Lee 3  son b Chigwell, Essex

Grace Pilgrim 8  sister/in/ law b Barking, Essex

Lily Pilgrim 10  sister/in/ law b Silverton, Essex


1901*Lezant, Cornwall  (Caravans)

Joseph Brazeill 40  hd b Tunbridge Wells, Kent Walking stick maker)

Amy Brazeill 32  wife b Dorking, Surrey

Amy Brazeill 14  dau b Guildford, Surrey

Caroline Brazeill 6   dau b Nk, Kent

Joseph Brazeill 12  son b Lippock, Hampshire

Lena Brazeill 3  dau b Copthorne, Sussex

Patience Brazeill 1  dau b Port Isaac, Cornwall

Priscilla Brazeill 9  dau b Dorking, Surrey

Stephen Goby 19  brother/in./law b Dorking, Surrey


Mannibal Goby 30 hd b Dorking, Surrey

Annie Goby 24  wife b Forest Row, Sussex

James Goby 1  son b East Grinstead, Sussex

Joseph Goby 3  son b Cropthorne, Sussex

Mannibal Goby 5 son b Crawley, Sussex