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(All these three families travelling together:)


1911 :Census: Caravan, East Chinnock Yeovil Somerset

RG14PN14385 RG78PN867 RD309 SD1 ED8 SN91

HUGHES Jesse head, Licensed hawker of baskets and C

(other fields blank)

HUGHES Louisa wife mar NK (male)

HUGHES Daniel son single NK (female) Hawkers

HUGHES Athaline dau single

HUGHES Charity dau single dwelling in caravan

HUGHES Prissala dau single

HUGHES Alice dau single


1911: Census: Caravan, East Chinnock Yeovil Somerset

RG14PN14385 RG78PN867 RD309 SD1 ED8 SN90

LOVERIDGE Charles head mar hawker NK

LOVERIDGE Annie wife mar (years married) NK (birthplace) NK

LOVERIDGE Edward son single dweller in Caravan NK

LOVERIDGE George son single NK

Daisy dau single NK


1911: Census: Caravan, East Chinnock Yeovil Somerset

RG14PN14385 RG78PN867 RD309 SD1 ED8 SN89

COOPER Sidney head age NK mar Licensed hawker

COOPER Sarah mar (years married) NK Dwellers in caravan, NK

COOPER Annie dau single

COOPER Albert son single

COOPER Dasy dau single

COOPER John son single


1911 Census:Tent, Bridge Drove, Bridgwater without, Somerset.

RG14 PN14290 RG78PN858 SD2 ED14 SN184


ORCHARD John head 27 mar Hawker general Somerset

ORCHARD Pricella wife 26 mar 6 years 2 children born Chard Somerset

ORCHARD Myalla dau 5 Dorset

ORCHARD Josiah son 2 Cornwall


(RG14PN14166 RG78PN848 RD303 SD1 ED12 SN62)


HOLLANDThomas head 61 mar/41 yrs, lic/ hawker, nk Devon

HOLLAND Britannia wife 60 10 children born alive 8 still living nk Hampshire

HOLLAND Henry son 38 single, licenced hawker nk devon

HOLLAND Thomas son 27 single "" nk somerset

HOLLAND John son 26 married 1 yr "" nk somerset

HOLLAND Rebecca dau/in law mar 1 yr to above no children ", nk devon

HOLLAND Edward son 21 single "" kn devon

sig for thomas holland 1 tent green lane brendon hill washford somerset


(son of Thomas and britannia holland nee hughes)

(RG14PN14254 RG78PN856 RD305 SD4 ED4 SN78


HOLLAND James 36 married 15 yrs gipsy hawker, Exeter Devon

HOLLAND Ann wife 10 children born alive 8 still living Swindon

HOLLAND Betsey daughter 15 single clatworthy somerset

HOLLAND henry son 12 monksliver dorset

HOLLAND thomas son 10 ash priors somerset

HOLLANDBritannia daughter 9 bridgewater somerset

HOLLANDJames son 7 monksilver somerset

HOLLAND Joseph son 4 rodhuist somerset

HOLLAND John son 2 langford heathfield somerset

HOLLAND William son 1 ilminster somerset


The mark of James Hollands gipsy caravan halse somerset


River Road in Nye Drove Banwell Axbridge Somerset

BUCKLAND Plato Head 28 Gipsy or Hawker Information not Given

BUCKLAND Oshenny Wife 27 Married 10 Years Information Not Given

BUCKLAND Freddy Son 6

BUCKLAND Thomas Son 3

River Road in Nye Drove Banwell Somerset

RG14PN14583 RG78PN884 RD314 SD3 ED1 SN97

Plato married Oshenny Loveridge 1902 Bristol


DAVIS John Head 42 Hawker or Gipsy Information Not Given

DAVIS Ellen Wife 42 Married 21 Years Information Not Given

DAVIS Edward Son Single 21

DAVIS Mavick Son 11

DAVIS John Son 8

DAVIS William Son 4

RG14PN14583 RG78PN884 RD314 SD3 ED1 SN96


ISAACS Henry Head 31 Licenced Hawker Wells Somerset

ISAACS Betsy Wife 31 Married 12 years Culcompton Devon

ISAACS Thomas Son 10 Dulverton Somerset

ISAACS Joseph Son 7 Bishops Lydeard Somerset

ISAACS John Son 5 Rodhuish Somerset

ISAACS Britannia Daughter Brendon Hill Somerset

ISAACS Henry Son Brendon Hill Somerset

Green Lane Brendon Hill Washford Dulverton Somerset

RG14PN14166 RG78PN848 RD303 SD1 ED12 SN63


JOWELS Henry Head 74 Hawker or Gipsy NK

JOWELS Mary Ann Wife 60 Married about 42 years Hawker Eton Somerset

JOWELS Thomas Son Single 40 Hawker Claverham Somerset

JOWELS Abraham Son Single 26 Hawker or Sometimes Works on Farms Allerton Somerset

JOWELS Robert Son Single 24 Hawker Langford Somerset

JOWELS Issac Son Single 22 Hawker Ashill Somerset

JOWELS Edith Daughter Single Hawker Yatton Somerset

JOWELS Walter Son Single 17 Hawker Yatton Somerset

11 Children born alive 1 died.

RG14PN14583 RG78PN884 RD314 SD3 ED1 SN107

Havage Lane Rolstone Hewish Near Bristol Axbridge Somerset


JOULES Jane Sister 57 Pedlar Chard Somerset

JOULES Priscilla Sister Single 76 Chard Somerset

The Encampment Bleadon Weston Super Mare

RG14PN14587 RG78PN884 RD314 SD3 ED5 SN110


BOWERS Henry Head 66 Horse Dealer Guildford Surrey

BOWERS Harriet Wife 64 Married 40 Years Licenced Hawker Guildford Surrey

BOWERS Ellen Daughter Single 34 Hawker Weston Supermare Somerset

BOWERS Henry Son Single 22 Horse Dealer Chard Somerset

BOWERS Carlin Daughter Single 27 Hawker Seaton Devon

BOWERS Alfred Son Single 23 Horse Dealer Glastonbury Somerset

BOWERS Henry Son Single 22 Horse Dealer Chard Somerset

BOWERS Micheal Son Single 20 Horse Dealer Chard Somerset

SIMMONDS Henry Nephew 11 School Mid- Summer Norton Somerset

LOCKYEAR Winnie Servant Domestic 14 Barnstaple Devon

12 Children Born alive 4 died

Freeland House Chard Somerset

RG14PN14363 RG78PN865 RD308 SD3 ED5 SN72


Stoke Lane Bath Reg District Shepton Mallet Somerset


GRIGGS William Head 51 Horsedealer & Hawker NK

GRIGGS Jeanetta 50 Married 30 Years Hawker Wooden Rivers Wiltshire

GRIGGS Maurice Son 15 Hawker for Father Marlborough Wilts

GRIGGS Ameline Daughter Hawker For Father Bruton Somerset

GRIGGS Beatrice Daughter 12 School Nunney Somerset

GRIGGS Daisy Daughter 10 School Evercreech Somerset

GRIGGS Nelson Son 9 School Shepton Mallet Somerset

GRIGGS Golias Son 5 School Stoke Lane

16 Children born alive 5 died.

RG14PN14503 RG78PN878 RD312 SD1 ED15 SN111


GRIGGS William Head 25 Basket Hawker Searle Serre

GRIGGS Georgina Wife 34 Married 6 Years Brow Somerset

GRIGGS William Son 5 Stoke Somerset

GRIGGS Mary Daughter 4 Stoke Somerset

GRIGGS Roland Son 1 Stoke Somerset

RG14PN14503 RG78PN878 RD312 SD1 ED15 SN112


SMITH Liberty Head 25 Hawker Wooden Rivers Wiltshire

SMITH Priscilla Wife 24 Married 2 years Wells Somerset

SMITH Gilbert Son 9 Months Sherborne Dorset

RG14PN14503 RG78PN878 RD312 SD1 ED15 SN113


SMITH James Head 28 Hawker Beddon Wiltshire

SMITH Britt Wife 28 Married 8 Years Hawker Bearnham Hants

SMITH Ethel Daughter 7 Street Somerset

SMITH Many Son 5 Stoke Somerset

SMITH Elsie Daughter 3 Stanwick Somerset

SMITH Stanley Son % Months Bampton Devon

RG14PN14503 RG78PN878 RD312 SD1 ED15 SN114


William married Jeanette Hughes 1897 Clutton Somerset

These couple's stated they were married but in fact married after the 1911 census

William Griggs married Georgina Griggs 1916 Frome Somerset

Liberty Smith married Priscilla Griggs 1914 Yeovil Somerset

James Smith married Brittania Griggs 1915 Wells Somerset


GRIGGS James Head 60 Horse Dealer Oakham Somerset

GRIGGS Louisa Wife 55 Married 36 Years Parish Dorset

GRIGGS Maurice Son 22 Single Hawker Parish Butley

GRIGGS Louisa Daughter 20 Hawker Kevil Wilts

GRIGGS Priscilla Daughter 18 Hawker Parish Longload

GRIGGS Harriet Daughter 15 Spensford Somerset

GRIGGS Robert Son 10 Stoke Lane Somerset

GRIGGS Mary Daughter 8 Stoke Lane Somerset

15 Children Born Alive 4 Died

Fox Drove Standerwick Frome Somerset

RG14PN14475 RG78PN876 RD311 SD3 ED3 SN17


HUGHES Henry Head 54 General Dealer

HUGHES Mary Wife 53

HUGHES Harry Son Single 19 General Dealer

HUGHES Emma daughter 14 General Dealer

HUGHES Albert Son 10

HUGHES Leanda Daughter 8

HUGHES Phoebe Daughter 6

HUGHES Lavinia Daughter 4

HUGHES Bertie Son 2

Born Travelling Vans

In a Field Near King William Iv Tunley Dunkerton Bath

RG14PN14678 RG78PN890 RD316 SD1 ED15 SN62


BUCKLAND Rennie Head 40 General Dealer Cricklade

BUCKLAND Selina Wife 30 Married 13 years Assisting in Business Malvern Link

BUCKLAND Druscilla Daughter 7

4 Children born alive 2 died

Show Van Church Road Soundwell

RG14PN14754 RG78PN896 RD317 SD2 ED4 SN187


SAUNDERS William Head 71 Hawker Spaxford Somerset

SAUNDERS Jane Wife 74 Married 23 Years Coleford Nr Crediton Devon

Dye House North Petherton Somerset

RG14PN14274 RG78PN857 RD306 SD1 ED12 SN129


SAUNDRES Mary Ann Head 63 Married Licensed Hawker Sutton Hampshire

SAUNDRES Emma Daughter Single 20 Hawker Chard Somerset

SAUNDRES Jane Daughter 19 hawker Thorncombe Dorset

SAUNDRES Bertie Grandson 3 Crewkerne Somerset

Cornmead Crewkerne Somerset

RG14PN14371 RG78PN866 RD308 SD4 ED4 SN81


LOCK Mick Head 32 Horse Dealer Antirval Gloucester

LOCK Phoebe Wife 25 Married 11 years Hawker Ashal Taunton

LOCK William Son 10 Gloucester

LOCK Lily Daughter 8 Gloucester

LOCK Daisy Daughter 5 Gloucester

LOCK Ledner Daughter 4 Gloucester

LOCK Stanley Son 2 Gloucester

Gipsy Caravan Locking Road Weston Super Mare

RG14PN14600 RG78PN884 RD314 SD3 ED18 SN54


ROBERTS Sampson Head 49 Hawker NK

ROBERTS Mary Ann Wife 49 Married 29 Years NK

ROBERTS Tmann? Son 5 Herefordshire

7 Children born alive 2 died

Caravan Hoopers Field Headley Bishopsworth

RG14PN14800 RD318 SD1 ED14 SN129


ROBERTS William Head 24 Hawker Kent

ROBERTS Louise Wife 24 Married 4 Years Staffordshire

Caravan Hoopers Field Headley

RG14PN14800 RD318 SD1 ED14 SN130


LOVERIDGE George Head 50 Gipsy Lic/Hawker Swindon Wilts

LOVERIDGE Louisa Wife 48 Mar 28 Years Swindon Wiltshire

LOVERIDGE Sabina Daughter 26 Married Bath

LOVERIDGE Henry Son in Law 24 NK

LOVERIDGE Caroline Daughter Single 21 Nailsea

LOVERIDGE Mary Daughter Single Paulton

LOVERIDGE George Son Single 15 Paulton

LOVERIDGE Maurice Son 13 Nailsea

LOVERIDGE Joseph Son Welton

LOVERIDGE Dorothy Daughter 9 Welton

LOVERIDGE Britannia Daughter 7 Felton

LOVERIDGE Ameline Daughter 5 Glos

LOVERIDGE Mildred Daughter 2 Langford

LOVERIDGE Joseph Henry Grandson 3 Bristol

LOVERIDGE Archibald 2

LOVERIDGE Dorothy 3 Months

Wandering tribe of Gipsies

In Field Top of Burledges Hill Widcombe Somerset

RG14PN14629 RG78PN886 RD315 SD1 ED4 SN85