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1911 WALES 2

LEE, Moses Head Married 43 1868/General Merchant Wanstead Essex

LEE, SarahWife Married 22 years 42/1869Maidstone Kent

LEE, Ceuncelletta Daughter Single 19/1892At Home Near Eltham Kent

LEE, Sarah Daughter Single 17/1894At Home New Eltham

LEE, George Son 15/1896 Labourer General Brighton Sussex

LEE, Ada Daughter 9/1902 New Eltham Kent

LEE, Ethel Daughter 7/1904 Bromley Kent

LEE, Polly Daughter 6/1905 Portsmouth

LEE, Phoebe Daughter 3/1908 Hampshire Portsmouth

HAMMOND, GeorgeWorkman Single 45/1866 Labourer Phillips Parade Sheerness Kent

RG number:RG14Piece:32766 Reference:Registration District:SwanseaEnumerationDistrict:

Address:6 Phillips Parade County:Glamorganshire


LEE, Thomas Head Married 48/1863 Hawker Tipsy Llanelly Carmarthenshire

LEE, Lidie Wife Married 10 years 27/ 1884 Newtown Montgomeryshire

LEE, Esther Daughter 9/1902 Glamorgan Swansea

LEE, Milgin Daughter 8/1903 Carmarthenshire Brynann

LEE, Alfelmr Daughter 5/1906 Glamorgan Penwyn

LEE, Boody Son 3/1908 Carmarthenshire Llannelly

LEE, Grainsey Son2/1909 Carmarthenshire Llannelly

RG number:RG14Piece:32427 Reference:Registration District:Merthyr TydfilSub District:

Lower Merthyr TydfilEnumerationDistrict:3 Parish:Merthyr Tydfil

Address:Ten in Field Near Panty-Ffyn Mountain Hare Merthyr TydfilCounty:


LEE, Gildroy Head Married 35 1876 Labour Llantwitmagay

LEE, Prisella Wife Married 11 years F 31 1880 Lancashire

LEE, Mary Daughter Single 8 1903 Treforest Glamorgan

LEE, Tilly Daughter Single 5 1906 Penwain Glamorgan

LEE, Aaron Son Single 11 1900 Treforest Glamorgan

LEE, Sylvia Daughter Single 13 1898 Newport Monmouth

RG number:RG14 Piece:32212 Reference:

Registration District:Pontypridd Sub District:Eglwysilan EnumerationDistrict:

2 Parish:Pontypridd Address:1 Canal Bank Treforest Glam County:Glamorganshire


LEE, Parson Head Married 52/ 1859 Peg Maker Worcester Bewdley

LEE, Mary Wife Married 24 years 40/ 1871 Lane Hawkin

LEE, Angelina Daughter Single 23/ 1888 Glam Lisvane

LEE, Nelson Son 20 1891 Peg Maker Glam Lisvane

LEE, Elandia Daughter 18/ 1893 Glam Lisvane

LEE, Jeraline Daughter 15/ 1896 Glam Lisvane

LEE, Walter Son 14/ 1897 Glam Lisvane

RG number:RG14 Piece:32226 Reference:Registration District:Pontypridd Sub District:

Eglwysilan EnumerationDistrict:16 Parish:Llanfabon

Address:Quarry Near Ystrad Bridge Ystrad Mynach Cardiff County:Glamorganshire


LEE, Aron Head Married 44/ 1867 Labour Hawker Blackwood

LEE, Breedon Wife Married 16 / 41 1870 Stafordshire

LEE, Hoosey Son Single 6/ 1905 Pontypridd

LEE, Freedom Daughter Single 8/ 1903 Pontypridd

LEE, Easter Daughter Single 3/ 1908 Pontypridd

LEE, Lezzie Daughter Single 10/ 1901 Pontypridd

LEE, Gildroy Son Single 13/ 1898 Pontypridd

LEE, Lenored Son Single 14/ 1897 Pontypridd

RG number:RG14 Piece:32212 Reference: Pontypridd Sub District:Eglwysilan EnumerationDistrict:

2 Parish:Pontypridd Address:3 Canal Bank Treforest Glam County:Glamorganshire


LEE, J A Head Widow 46/ 1865 Travelling Gipsy Hawker Breconshire Graig

LEE, Henry Son Single 24/ 1887 Travelling Gipsy Hawker Glamorganshire Morriston

LEE, Rosy Daughter Single 22/ 1889 Travelling Gipsy Hawker Glamorganshire Hirwain

LEE, James Son Single 19/ 1892 Travelling Gipsy Hawker Glamorganshire Penygraig Rhodda

LEE, Dehlilah Granddaughter Single 10/ 1901 Glamorganshire Swansea

RG number:RG14 Piece:32772 Reference:Swansea Sub District:

Address:Church Field Gorse Road Cockett Swansea County:Glamorganshire


LOVELL, Dalphus Head Married M 32 1879 Horse Dealer Tregaron Cardigan

LOVELL, Mary Jane Wife Married 2 years F 26 1885 Pembrokshire Dinas

RG number:RG14 Piece:33303 Reference:RG14PN33303 RG78PN1907 RD603 SD2 ED26 SN74

Registration District:Cardigan Sub District:26 Parish:Llanfihangel Penbedw

Address:Gipsy Tent Llanfihangel Penbedw Ffynone Lane Near Boncath :Cardiganshire


LOVELL, John Head Married M 66 /1845 Practical Grinder Pembroke New Edges

LOVELL, Ellen Wife Married 42 years 60/51 Hawker Flint Kilken

LOVELL, William BriscoeSon In Law Married 26/1885 Blacksmith Carnarvon Llandndno

LOVELL, Heneritta Anne Daughter In Law Married 1 years 25/1886 Carnarvon Carnarvon

LOVELL, Walter Briscoe Son In Law M0 (6 MONTHS) 1911 Denbigh Llanrwst

RG number:RG14Piece:34169 Reference:Registration District:Llanrwst Sub District:

 Address:10 Scotland Street Llanrwst County:Denbighshire


LOVELL, Elijah Head Married 38 1873 Hawker Glam Cardiff

LOVELL, Sophia Wife Married 14 years 39 1872 Glam Mumbler

LOVELL, Jomer Son 12 1899 Glam Mertyr

LOVELL, Matilda Daughter 10/ 1901 Merthyr

LOVELL, William John Son 3 /1908 Glam Morriston

LOVELL, Carolina Daughter /0 (3 MONTHS) 1911 Glam Morriston

RG number:RG14 Piece:32753 Reference:

Registration District:Swansea Sub District:Llangafelach EnumerationDistrict:16 Parish:Swansea

Address:Sway Road Morriston :Glamorganshire


LOVELL, William Inmate Married 60 1851 Grinder Aberdare Glam

RG number:RG14 Piece:31802 Reference:RG14PN31802 RD584 SD3 ED16 SN9999

Registration District:Abergavenny Sub District:Abergavenny EnumerationDistrict:

Address:Abergavenny County:Monmouthshire


LOVELL, John Son Single M 17 1894 General Labourer Denbigh Llangollen

LOVELL, Ruth Daughter Single F 24 1887 Domestic Denbigh Llangollen

LOVELL, Lily Daughter F 6 1905 School Denbigh Llangollen

RG number:RG14 Piece:34232 Reference:

Registration District:Corwen Sub District:Llangollen EnumerationDistrict:

Address:8 Prices Sqr Llangollen County:Merionethshire


LOVELL, Noah Head Married M 49 1862 Basket Maker St Asapre Flint

LOVELL, Mary Wife Married32 years F 49 1862 Staffordshire Wolverhampton

LOVELL, Louisa Daughter Single F 29 1882 Polishing At Slate Work Carnarvon Carnarvon

LOVELL, Nath Son Single M 27 1884 General Labourer Carnarvon Carnarvon

LOVELL, Willie Albert Son Single M 19 1892 General Labourer Carnarvon Carnarvon

LOVELL, Victor Son Single M 16 1895 Carnarvon Carnarvon

LOVELL, Tedy Son M 12 1899 At School Carnarvon Carnarvon

LOVELL, Mary Daughter F 9 1902 At School Carnarvon Carnarvon

RG14PN34449 RG78PN1991 RD630 SD3 ED2 SN17

Registration District:Carnarvon Sub District:Llanbeblig Address:35 Mountain St Carnarvon County:Carnarvonshire


LOVEL, C Head Married 45/ 1866 Grinder Jobbing Flintshire St Asaph

LOVEL, Annie Wife Married F 35 /1876 House Work Chesire Reston

RG number:RG14Piece:34497 Reference:

Registration District:BangorSub District:BangorEnumerationDistrict:8 Parish:Bangor

Address:1a Back Hendrewen Road Bango:Carnarvonshire


LOVEL, Walter Head Married 25 1886 Hawker Carnarvonshire Carnarvon

LOVEL, Jane Wife Married 2 yearsF211890 Hawker Merioneth Bala

LOVEL, John Son (9 MONTHS)1911

RG number:RG14Piece:34169 Reference:

Registration District:LlanrwstSub District:LlanrwstEnumerationDistrict:2 Parish:Llanrwst Urban

Address:7 River Terrace Llanrwst N WalesCounty:Denbighshire


LOVELL, John Head Married M 301881 Labourer General Meironeth Towyn

LOVELL, Dora Wife Married 5 years F 25 1886 Hawker Flint Holywell

LOVELL, Harriet Ellen Daughter 21 /909 Carnarvon Carnarvon

LOVELL, William Henry Son M1/1910 Denbigh Llanrwst

RG number:RG14Piece:34169 Reference:

Registration District:LlanrwstSub District:LlanrwstEnumerationDistrict:2 Parish:Llanrwst UrbanAddress:7 Chapel Street Llanrwst


LOVELL, Sarah Head Widow 81/1830 Hawker Pembroke Pembroke

LOVELL, Uriah Son Widower 64 /1847 Cutlery Grinder Pembroke Larne

RG number:RG14Piece:34452 Reference:RG14PN34452 RG78PN1991 RD630 SD3 ED5 SN460

Registration District:CarnarvonSub District:CarnarvonEnumerationDistrict:

5 Parish:LlanbebligAddress:3 Mount Pleasant Alley Carnarvon:Carnarvonshire


LOVELL, John Head Married 32/1879 Hawker Carnarvon Carnarvon

LOVELL, Jane Wife Married 6 years30/1881 Carnarvon Carnarvon

LOVELL, Edith Daughter 5/1906 Carnarvon Carnarvon

LOVELL, Annie Daughter4/1907 Carnarvon Carnarvon

LOVELL, Dora Daughter 2/1909 Carnarvon Carnarvon

LOVELL, John SonM0 (1 MONTH)1911 Carnarvon Carnarvon

RG14PN34452 RG78PN1991 RD630 SD3 ED5 SN446

Registration District:CarnarvonSub DistrictLlanbeblig*Address:26 Mountain Street CarnarvonCounty:Carnarvonshire


PRICE, Lucy Widow F 45 1866 Hawker Cardigan

PRICE, Doc Son Married M 24 1887 Hawker Glam Cardiff

PRICE, Samuel Son M 15 1896 Hawker Glam Cardiff

PRICE, Ivor Son M 9 1902 Mon Bewport

RG number:RG14 Piece:32147 :Registration District:Cardiff Sub District:West Cardiff EnumerationDistrict:15 Cardiff

Address:24 Ethel Street Canton Cardiff County:Glamorganshire


PRICE, Fred Head Married M 22 1889 Hawkerborn Not Known

PRICE, Sophia Gusthus Wife Married 1 years F 23 1888 Worcestershire b Drotwich

PRICE, Monro Brother M 13 1898 b Hereford Ameley

RG number:RG14 Piece:33581 Reference:

RG14PN33581 RG78PN1932 RD610 SD4 ED8 SN47

Registration District:Brecknock Sub District:Llangorse EnumerationDistrict:8 Parish:Llandefalle

Address:In a Trailor Commonbach Llandefalle Knighton Radnorshire County:Brecknockshire


PRICE, Cormea Head Married M 55 1856 Cutler Grinder Etc Hawking Travelling Van Mont Carm

PRICE, Lucina Wife F 55 1856 Carmarthen Carmarthen

PRICE, Richard Son Single M 19 1892 Carmarthen Carmarthen

PRICE, Harriet Daughter Single F 17 1894 Denbigh Denbigh

PRICE, Susannah Daughter Single F 16 1895 Denbigh Denbigh

PRICE, Rosanna Daughter F 14 1897 Lancaster Lancaster

PRICE, Hope Son M 12 1899 Lancaster Lancaster

PRICE, Edengel Daughter F 8 1903 Lancaster Lancaster

PRICE, Mary Anne Daughter F 6 1905 Glam Cardiff

PRICE, Carolina Daughter F 4 1907 Carm Llanellyn

PRICE, Cremea Son M 2 1909 Carm Llanellyn

PRICE, Stranger Grandson M 1 1910 Glam Maesteg

RG number:RG14 Piece:33243 Reference:

RG14PN33243 RG78PN1905 RD602 SD4 ED6 SN303

Registration District:Haverfordwest Sub District:

Fishguard EnumerationDistrict:6 Parish:Fishguard North

Address:In Llanmartin Common County:Pembrokeshire


WOOD, David Head Married M 46 1865 Hawker St Asaph Denbyshire

WOOD, Minnie Daughter Single F 12 1899 Servaner Domestic Coed Poerth Denbyshire

WOOD, Spakey Son Single M 18 1893 Labour General Bala Merioneth

WOOD, Jor Daughter Single F 16 1895 Servant Domestic Garth Denbyshire

WOOD, Alice Wife Married

24 years F 40 1871 Hawker Rhos Denbigh

WOOD, Annie Daughter Single F 8 1903 Abersocoh Carnarvon

WOOD, Llewellen Cousin Widow M 55 1856 Harpist Mold Denbigh

WOOD, Hendy Son Single M 6 1905 Bala Merioneth

WOOD, John Son Single M 9 1902 Pwllhele Carnarvon

RG number:RG14 Piece:34350 Reference:

RG14PN34350 RG78PN1984 RD628 SD3 ED7 SN478

Registration District:Ffestiniog Sub District:

Trenadoc EnumerationDistrict:7 Parish:Ynyscynhaiarn

Address:22 Smith Street Portmadoc County:Merionethshire


ORGAIN, Mary Married Married F 30 1881 Hawker Newport Mon

CAIN, John Head Married M 42 1869 Publican Newport Mon

CAIN, Jennie Wife Married F 38 1873 Hawker Neath Glam

RG number:RG14 Piece:32118 Reference:

RG14PN32118 RG78PN1846 RD588 SD3 ED19 SN98

Registration District:Cardiff Sub District:

Central Cardiff EnumerationDistrict:Cardiff


ORGAN, Alfred Head Married M 69 1842 Hawker Llandiland Mon

ORGAN, Rhoda Wife F 58 1853 Boarding House Keeper Ush Mon

DAVIES, Ms Elizabeth Daughter Widow F 28 1883 Dress Maker Ush Mon

SHRIMPTON, Fred K Boarder Single M 28 1883 General Labourer Redditch Warickshire

BOWNDS, William Boarder Single M 10 1901 General Labourer Stourbridge Worcestershire

DEACON, William Boarder Single M 13 1898 Pit Miner Coal Hewer Birmingham

NOONA, Michal Boarder Single M 9 1902 Pit Miner Coal Hewer Tipperare

DAVIES, Claris Grandaugh F 5 1906 Crumlin Mon

DAVIES, Doris Granddaughter F 4 1907 Crumlin Mon

WATT, Henry Visitor Single M 38 1873 General Labourer Reding Berks

RG number:RG14 Piece:31885 Reference:

RG14PN31885 RG78PN1834 RD585 SD3 ED2 SN264

Registration District:Bedwellty Sub District:

Rock Bedwellty EnumerationDistrict:2Parish:Bedwellty

Address:16 George St Blackwood Mon County:Monmouthshire


ORGAN, Mary Head Widow F 60 1851 Hawker Glamorgan Llandaff

RG number:RG14 Piece:32179 Reference:RG14PN32179 RD588 SD6 ED2 SN81

Registration District:Cardiff Sub District:St Nicholas EnumerationDistrict:

2 Parish:Barry *Address:7 Laura St Barry County:Glamorganshire

1911 WALES 2

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