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1911 WALES 3

PRICE, Cormea (Crimea) Head Married M 55 1856 Cutler Grinder Etc Hawking Travelling Van Mont Carm

PRICE, Lucina Wife F 55 1856 Carmarthen  

PRICE, Richard Son Single M 19 1892 Carmarthen  

PRICE, Harriet Daughter Single F 17 1894 Denbigh

PRICE, Susannah Daughter Single F 16 1895 Denbigh

PRICE, Rosanna Daughter F 14 1897 Lancaster

PRICE, Hope Son M 12 1899 Lancaster

PRICE, Edengel Daughter F 8 1903 Lancaster

PRICE, Mary Anne Daughter F 6 1905 Glam Cardiff

PRICE, Carolina Daughter F 4 1907 Carm Llanellyn

PRICE, Cremea Son M 2 1909 Carm Llanellyn

PRICE, Stranger Grandson M 1 1910 Glam Maesteg

RG number:RG14 Piece:33243 Reference:RG14PN33243 RG78PN1905 RD602 SD4 ED6 SN303

Registration District:Haverfordwest Sub District:-Fishguard EnumerationDistrict:6 Parish:Fishguard North

Address:In Llanmartin Common County:Pembrokeshire


WOOD, David Head Married  46/ 1865 Hawker St Asaph Denbyshire

WOOD, Minnie Daughter Single  12/ 1899 Servaner Domestic Coed Poerth Denbyshire

WOOD, Spakey Son Single  18/ 1893 Labour General Bala Merioneth

WOOD, Jor Daughter Single  16/ 1895 Servant Domestic Garth Denbyshire

WOOD, Alice Wife Married 24 Years /40 /1871 Hawker Rhos Denbigh

WOOD, Annie Daughter Single  8/ 1903 Abersocoh Carnarvon

WOOD, Llewellen Cousin Widow  55/ 1856 Harpist Mold Denbigh

WOOD, Hendy Son Single  6/ 1905 Bala Merioneth

WOOD, John Son Single  9/ 1902 Pwllhele Carnarvon

RG number:RG14 Piece:34350 Reference:RG14PN34350 RG78PN1984 RD628 SD3 ED7 SN478

Registration District:Ffestiniog Sub District:Trenadoc EnumerationDistrict:7 Parish:Ynyscynhaiarn

Address:22 Smith Street Portmadoc County:Merionethshire


ORGAIN, Mary Married Married F 30/ 1881 Hawker Newport Mon

CAIN, John Head Married M 42/ 1869 Publican Newport Mon

CAIN, Jennie Wife Married F 38/ 1873 Hawker Neath Glam

RG number:RG14 Piece:32118 Reference:Registration District:Cardiff Sub District:Central Cardiff EnumerationDistrict:Cardiff


ORGAN, Alfred Head Married  69/ 1842 Hawker Llandiland Mon

ORGAN, Rhoda Wife  58 1853 Boarding House Keeper Ush Mon

DAVIES, Ms Elizabeth Daughter Widow  28/ 1883 Dress Maker Ush Mon

SHRIMPTON, Fred K Boarder Single  28/ 1883 General Labourer Redditch Warickshire

BOWNDS, William Boarder Single  10/ 1901 General Labourer Stourbridge Worcestershire

DEACON, William Boarder Single  13 /1898 Pit Miner Coal Hewer Birmingham

NOONA, Michal Boarder Single  9/ 1902 Pit Miner Coal Hewer Tipperare

DAVIES, Claris Grandaugh  5/ 1906 Crumlin Mon

DAVIES, Doris Granddaughter 4 /1907 Crumlin Mon

WATT, Henry Visitor Single  38 /1873 General Labourer Reding Berks

RG number:RG14 Piece:31885 Reference:

Registration District:Bedwellty Sub District:Rock Bedwellty EnumerationDistrict:2Parish:Bedwellty

Address:16 George St Blackwood Mon County:Monmouthshire


ORGAN, Mary Head Widow  60/ 1851 Hawker Glamorgan Llandaff

RG number:RG14 Piece:32179 Reference:RG14PN32179 RD588 SD6 ED2 SN81

Registration District:Cardiff Sub District:St Nicholas EnumerationDistrict:

2 Parish:Barry *Address:7 Laura St Barry County:Glamorganshire


LEE, William Head Married 25 years  63/ 1848 Basket Maker  Gawin Cheshire  

LEE, Slena Wife Married  44/ 1867  Wrexham  

RG number:RG14 Piece:33916  Reference:Registration District:Holywell Sub District:Holywell EnumerationDistrict:

2  Parish:Holywell Urban :Address:2 Davies Square Holywell County:Flintshire


FULLER, Maria  Widow F 56 1855 Machinist Dressmaker  City Mead London Devonshire  

FULLER, Charles Son Single M 24 1887 Jobing Gardener  Royal Hospital Chelsea  

HAZARD, Jobe Hazard Boarder Widower  (NOT KNOWN)  Hawker  Bracknell  

WL, H Visitor Single M 22 1889 Sailsman    

RG number:RG14 Piece:6671-Registration District:Easthampstead Sub District:Bracknell EnumerationDistrict:

5  Parish:Warfield :Address:High Street Bracknell County:Berkshire


COOPER, Alfred Head Married  47/ 1864 Rag And Bone Dealer BORN Epsom Surrey  (I think this is Mathias Coopers son and next to him is his daughter Cinderella married to a Sines)

COOPER, Matilda Wife Married 25 years  45/ 1866 Hawker BORN Frimley Surrey  

COOPER, Alfred Son Single  20/ 1891 Plasterer's Labourer  Egham Surrey  

COOPER, Eliza Daughter Single  18/ 1893  Chichester  

COOPER, Mary Daughter Single  15/ 1896 School  Blackwater Hants  

COOPER, Albert Edward Son Single  10/ 1901 School  Blackwater Hants RG number:RG14 Piece:6682  Reference:

Registration District:Easthampstead Sub District:Sandhurst EnumerationDistrict:

3  Parish:Crowthorne :Address:Owlsmoor Sandhurst County:Berkshire


Hezeckial Sines Head 28 Rag & Bone dealer b Chertsey Surrey

Cinderella Sines wife 25 b Kingston Surrey

Alfred Sines son 5 b Sandhurst Berks

Mary Sines dau 11 Months B Sandhurst Berks.


COOPER, Alfred Head Married  38/ 1873 Horse Dealer  Surrey Kingston  

COOPER, Emma Wife Married 4 years  30/ 1881  Surrey Kingston  

COOPER, Albert Son   8/ 1903 School  Surrey Kingston  

COOPER, Ernest Son   4/ 1907  Surrey Kingston  

COOPER, Lenard Son   1/ 1910  Surrey Kingston

RG number:RG14 Piece:3512  Reference:RG14PN3512 RG78PN131 RD40 SD2 ED15 SN238

Registration District:Kingston Sub District:Kingston EnumerationDistrict:

15  Parish:Kingston on Thames :Address:13 Hudson Road County:Surrey


VINSON, John Head Single  21/ 1890 Hawker Gipsey  Surrey Limpsfield  

COOPER, Celia Visitor Single  19/ 1892 Hawker  Surrey Esher  

RG number:RG14 Piece:3065  Reference:RG14PN3065 RG78PN109 RD33 SD3 ED8 SN120

Registration District:Guildford Sub District:Albury EnumerationDistrict:

8 : Parish:West Horsley Address:In a Tent Common Fields West Horsley Near Leatherhead Surrey County:


COOPER, Richard Head Married  38/ 1873 Hawker  No Information  

COOPER, Eliza Wife Married  37/ 1874 Hawker  No Information  

COOPER, Not Known Son Single  22/ 1889 Hawker  No Information  

COOPER, Not Known Son Single  19/ 1892  No Information  


JOE Roberts head 40 hawker born----N/K

Rebecca Roberts wife 35  hawker---------N/K



Edward Penfold head hawker b------N/K

Elizabeth Penfold wife born ----N/K

RG number:RG14 Piece:13140  Reference:RG14PN13140 RD280 SD3 ED4 SN346

Registration District:Okehampton Sub District:

Okehampton EnumerationDistrict: Address: County:Devonshire


COOPER, George Head   29/ 1882 Hawker  Not Know  

COOPER, Fennit Wife   28/ 1883  Croydon  

COOPER, George Son   12/ 1899  Epsom  

COOPER, Essilion Son   6/ 1905  Epsom

COOPER, Edward Son   3/ 1908  Epsom  

COOPER, Alice Daughter   / 1903  Warlingham  

RG number:RG14 Piece:3266  Reference:RG14PN3266 RG78PN123 RD38 SD1 ED23 SN7

Registration District:Godstone Sub District:Godstone EnumerationDistrict:

23  Parish:Warlingham :Address:Old Lane Warlingh County:Surrey


COOPER, Nelson Head Not Married  56/ 1855 Travelling Van Gipsy  Dorset Chiselborne  

COOPER, Annie  Not Married  53/ 1858  Wilts Whiteparish  

COOPER, John Son Single  22/ 1889 Hawker  Devon Silverton  

COOPER, Robert Son  10/ 1901  Dorset Buckland

COOPER, Tom Son   8/ 1903  Dorset St Giles

COOPER, Rosina Daughter   6/ 1905  Dorset Kullem  

COOPER, Mary Ann Daughter   14/ 1897 Hawker  Dorset Burreges

COOPER, Arthur Son Single  18/ 1893 Hawker  Dorset Blandford  

RG number:RG14 Piece:13270  Reference:RG14PN13270 RG78PN770 RD283 SD1 ED2 SN45

Registration District:South Molton Sub District:Witheridge EnumerationDistrict:

2  Parish:West Anstey **Address:Travelling Van Gipsy Chiselborne Dorset County:Devonshire


COOPER, Walter Head Married  35/ 1876 Peg - Maker  Mendip Somerset  

COOPER, Amy Wife Married 10/ years  45 1866  Bath Somerset  

COOPER, John Son Single  22/ 1889 Hawker  Bristol  

COOPER, George Son Single  17/ 1894 Hawker  Bath Somerset  

COOPER, William Son Single  14/ 1897 School  Bath Somerset  

COOPER, Leonard Son Single 6/ 1905 School  Bristol Gloster

COOPER, Albert Son 2/ 1909  Bath Somerset

RG number:RG14 Piece:14674  Reference:RG14PN14674 RG78PN890 RD316 SD1 ED11 SN194

Registration District:Bath Sub District:Twerton EnumerationDistrict:

11  Parish:Bath *Address:21 River Place Tiverton Bath County:Somersetshire


HEARN, Christopher Head Married 44/ 1867 Chair-Mender  London Notting Dale (Son of Jack(Dusty Hearn)

HEARN, Selina Wife Married  43/ 1868 Laundry  London Kingston(Nee Cooper)

HEARN, Christopher Son Single  22/ 1889 Wooden Box Maker  London Hammersmith  

HEARN, Edith Louise Daughter Single  20/ 1891 Laundry  London Hammersmith  

HEARN, Alfred John Son Single  17/ 1894/ Wooden Box Maker  London Notting Dale

HEARN, Ammerdine Daughter   13/ 1898 School  London Notting Dale  

HEARN, Isabelle Daughter   3/ 1908  London Notting Dale

RG number:RG14 Piece:153  Reference:RG14PN153 RG78PN5 RD2 SD2 ED14 SN273

Registration District:Kensington Sub District:Kensington Central EnumerationDistrict:

14  Parish:Kensington Address:18 Mary Place W County:London


HEARN, John Head Married  34/ 1877 Horsekeeper Omnibus C-Y London General  Kensington  

HEARN, Louisa Wife Married 13 years  32 /1879  Kensington  

HEARN, John Henry Son   12/ 1899 School  Kensington  

HEARN, Christopher Son   10/ 1901 School  Battersea

HEARN, Annie Comfort Daughter   7/ 1904 School  Battersea  

HEARN, Thomas James Son   2/ 1909  Battersea  

HEARN, Albert Edward Son  0 (4 MONTH) 1911  Kensington

RG number:RG14 Piece:153  Reference:RG14PN153 RG78PN5 RD2 SD2 ED14 SN333

Kensington Sub District:Kensington Central EnumerationDistrict:Address:35 Tobin ST County:London











1911 WALES 3

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