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1911- Wales Page 4

LEE, Hosea Head Married  40/ 1871 Hawker Swansea

LEE, Phoebe Marrid 16 years41/1870

LEE, Hosea John Single 12/1899

RG number:RG14Piece:3/1885 Reference:

Rock BedwelltyEnumerationDistrict:2 Parish:Bedwellty

Address:Crown Yard Blackwood ounty:Monmouthshire


LEE, Lenet Head Married  25 1886 Hawker  Wrexham  

LEE, Maggie Wife Married  24 1887    

RG number:RG14 Piece:34482  Reference:

Registration District:Bangor Sub District:

Beaumaris Enumeration District:15  Parish:Llandegfan

Gipsy Caravan CytterWawr Llandegfan Menai Bridge:Carnarvonshire


LEE, Robert Head Married 68 1843 Hawker  Hereford  

LEE, Susanna Wife Married 27 years 40/1871  Llanfyllyn N W  

SMITH, Robert Brother In Law Married 41/1870 Hawker  Meringlor Green  

SMITH, Sarah Sister In Law Married

25 years F 36 1875 Hawker  Welshpool  

RG number:RG14 Piece:34088  Reference:

Registration District:Ruthin Sub District:

Ruthin EnumerationDistrict:9  Parish:Llanrhydd Urban

Address:Gepsy Caravan Lon Goel Llanrhydd U D County:Denbighshire


LEE, Stanley Son Single 16/ 1895  Mon Newport  

LEE, Samuel Head Married  56/ 1855 Horse Dealer  Mon Newport  

RG number:RG14 Piece:3/1997  Reference:

Registration District:Newport Sub District:

Newport EnumerationDistrict:38  Parish:Newport

Address:31 Oakley Street Newport County:Monmouthshire


SMITH, Cornelius Head Single M 29 1882 Hawker Stow born Gloucester

BOSWELL, Priscilla Spinster Single M 29 1882 Hawker Collargreen born Worcester

BOSWELL, Dorothea Daughter F 18 1893 Newport Worcester

BOSWELL, Henry Son M 7 1904 Caerleon Worcester

BOSWELL, Carolina Daughter F 3 1908 Pontypool Mon

RG number:RG14 Piece:31907 Reference:RG14PN31907 RG78PN1836 RD586 SD2 ED12 SN261

Registration District:Pontypool Sub District: Pontypool EnumerationDistrict:12 Parish:Abersychan

Address:Tent Near Pentwyn Brick Wks County:Monmouthshire


BOSWELL, Abraham Head Married 57 1854 Basket Maker Swansea Gla

BOSWELL, Louisa Wife Married 25 years 35 1876 Swansea Gla

BOSWELL, Albert Son Single 23 1888 Swansea Gla

BOSWELL, Isack Son Single 19 1892 Swansea Gla

BOSWELL, Delia Daughter F 11 1900 Swansea Gla

BOSWELL, Harvey Son 5 1906 Swansea Gla

RG number:RG14 Piece:33183 Reference:RG14PN33183 RG78PN1902 RD602 SD1 ED9 SN61

Registration District:Haverfordwest Sub District:Milford:EnumerationDistrict:9 Parish:Freystrop

Address:Freystrop Near H West Pembrokeshire County:Pembrokeshire


BOSWELL, Elizah Head Married 68 1843 Basket Maker Glassior Gt Thrwain

BOSWELL, Lydia Wife Married12 years 79 1832 Cadf Cardiff

MORGAN, Josiah Visitor Single 15 1896 Schoolboy Pembroke Milford

ED14 SN297:Registration District:Llanelly Sub District:Llanelly Urban EnumerationDistrict:

Address:Pottery Fields County:Carmarthenshire