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1911*Mixed Page 4

LEE, Moses Head Widower 74/ 1837 Horse Dealer  Kent West Well  

LEE, George Son Single  48/1863 Horse Dealer  Essex Wanstead  

LEE, William Son  40 /1871 Horse Dealer  London Hackney  

LEE, Emma Daughter In Law Married 16/ years  42/ 1869  Sussex Brixton

LEE, Emily Granddaughter Single 15/ 1896  Kent New Eltham  

LEE, William Grandson 13/ 1898 School  Kent New Eltham  

LEE, Elizabeth Granddaughter 12 1899 School  Kent Hythe

LEE, Moses Grandson 9/ 1902 School  Heakent Headevone  

LEE, Ivy Granddaughter 7/ 1904 School  Kent New Eltham  

LEE, Julia Granddaughter 5/1906 School  Kent New Eltham

BARNES, Ellen Serv Widow 55/1856 H/Keeper Domestic Australia Resident

 RG number:RG14 Piece:2718  Reference:Registration District:Lewisham

 Sub District:Eltham EnumerationDistrict:

Address:3 Merchland Road New Eltham:London


LEE, John Head Married 49 years 70/ 1841 Basket Hawker  Durham W Htpool  

LEE, Dinah Wife Married 49 years  65 /1846 Basket Maker  Norfolk Kings Lynn  

LEE, Mully Son Married  51/ 1860 Basket Maker  Durham Sunderland  

LEE, Enea Son Married  49 /1862 Basket Maker  Yorks Wipsey  

LEE, Kazilia Son Married  45/ 1866 Basket Maker  Yorks Dudley Hill  

LEE, Clara Daughter Married  38/ 1873  Yorks Dudley Hill  

RG number:RG14 Piece:29554  Reference:Registration District:

Stockton Sub District:Stockton EnumerationDistrict:

8  Parish:Stockton on Tees

:Address:Caravan Tynedale St Stockton :Durham


BRAZILL, William Head Single  49/ 1862 Alhor Hawker  Sussex Harcorner  

BRAZILL, Caroline  Single  37/ 1874 Hawker  Sussex Cillyrichen  

BRAZILL, Edward Son Single 15/ 1896 Hawker  Sussex Horsam  

BRAZILL, Jobey Son SingleM16/ 1895 Hawker  Susex Starrome  

RG number:RG14 Piece:3439  Reference:

Registration District:Croydon Sub District:

Mitcham Enumeration District:

19  Parish:Mitcham :Address:7 Seaton Road Mitcham:Surrey


BRAZILL, William Head Married  26 1885 Hawker  Winted Hill  

BRAZILL, Lotty Wife Married 7 years F 26 1885  Wiliton  

BRAZILL, Jimmy Son Married  6 1905  Forest Road  

BRAZILL, Billy Son   7 1904  Town Kent  

RG14PN3439 RG78PN129 RD39 SD6 ED19 SN156

Registration District:Croydon Sub District:

Mitcham EnumerationDistrict:

Address:7 Seaton Road Mitcham :Surrey


BRAZIL, Elvenia   Head Widow  48/ 1863 Hawker Uckfield Sussex

BRAZIL, Benjamin Son  13/ 1898 School Brighton Sussex

BRAZIL, Elvenia Daughter  12/ 1899 School Brighton Sussex

BRAZIL, Henry Son  10/ 1901 School Brighton Sussex

BRAZIL, Harold Son  4/ 1907 Brighton Sussex

TRIGWELL, George Boarder SingleM 39/1872 Dealer Brighton Sussex

RG14PN5092 RG78PN226 RD79 SD1 ED4 SN258

East Brighton Enumeration District:

Address:44 William Street Brighton :Sussex


BRAZEL, W Head Married 40/1871 Hawker Appledore Kent

BRAZEL, B Wife Married 19 years 37/1874 Eston Brge Kent

BRAZEL, Louisa Daughter Single18/1893 Hollington Nr Hastings

BRAZEL, Mary Ann Daughter 5/1906 Cole Gate Nr Horsham Sussex

BRAZEL, Prissilar Daughter 3/1908 Cole Gate Nr Horsham Sussex

BRAZEL, Elizabeth Daughter 2/1909 Crowbourse  Sussex

RG14PN5171 RG78PN228 RD80 SD1 ED19 SN338

Registration District:Steyning Sub District:

Address:Dacom Combes Road County:Sussex


SAYERS, Tom Married 33/1878 Hawker Not Known

SAYERS, Ernest Married 14/1897 Not Known

SAYERS, Ada 4/1907 Not Known

SAYERS, Mary Ann Married 33/1878 Hawker Not Known

BRAZIL, James Married 28/1883 Hawker Crockham Hill Kent

BRAZIL, Patesmel Married 28/1883 Hawker Crockham Hill Kent

BRAZIL, John Single 2/1909

BRAZIL, Patience 4/1907

RG14PN3165 RG78PN117 RD35 SD2 ED9 SN163

 Registration District:Hambledon Sub District:

Cranleigh Enumeration District:9 Parish:Ewhurst

Address:Ln 2m Caravan At Summersley Road:Surrey


BRAZIL, Margaret Head Married 30/1881 Hawker  

BRAZIL, Mary Ann Daughter 7/1904  

BRAZIL, Maria Daughter 5/1906 Tun Wells Kent

BRAZIL, Absolam Son 2/1909 Tun Wells Kent

RG14PN4067 RG78PN156 RD50 SD1 ED28 SN224

Registration District:TonbridgeSub District:

Tunbridge WellsEnumerationDistrict:28 Parish:Southborough

 Address:Gipsy Caravan Nursery Rd Southborough :Kent


SMITH, Valentine Head Married 71 1840 General Hawker Staffs Tipton

SMITH, Georgina Wife Married 45 1866 Staffs Tipton

SMITH, Emanuel Son Single 24 1887 General Hawker Staffs Tipton

SMITH, Valentine Son Single 20 1891 General Hawker Staffs Tipton

SMITH, William Son 14 1897 General Hawker Staffs Tipton

WHITE, James Nephew 10 1901 School Staffs Tipton

WHITE, Hannah Niece 9 1902 School Staffs Tipton

WHITE, George Nephew  2 1909 Staffs Tipton

RG number:RG14 Piece:17382 Reference:


Registration District:Dudley Sub District:

Tipton Enumeration District:10 Parish:

Address:Gipsy Encampment Coseley Nwore Near G W R Station Road Tipton



IRELAND, John Lodger Married  42 1869 Hawker Not Known

IRELAND, Elizabeth Lodger Married 15 years 39 1872 Hawker Not Known

IRELAND, Rose Daughter 14 1897 Not Known

IRELAND, Mary Daughter 12 1899 Not Known

IRELAND, John Son 9 1902 Not Known

BROOM, Susan Lodger Single   39 1872 Hawker Not Known

BRAY, Thomas 48 1863 Labourer Not Known

BRAY, Annie Lodger Married 50 1861 Not Known

HILL, Elizabeth 33 1878 Not Known

HILL, Sidney Lodger Married 34 1877 Hawker Not Known

HILL, Beatrice Daughter 8 1903 School Not Known

HILL, Kitty Daughter 5 1906 School Not Known

HILL, Roada Daughter 3 1908 School Not Known

HILL, Mary Daughter 1 1910 Not Known

HILL, Sidney Son 0 1911 Not Known

RG14PN12684 RG78PN728 RD271 SD1 ED16 SN172

Exeter Sub District:

Address:30 Preston St Exeter County:Devonshire


IRELAND, Isaac Head Married 27 1884 Lic/ Hawker Yorkshire Skipton

IRELAND, Annie Wife Married 3 years 27 1884 Cheshire Stockport

IRELAND, John Brother Single 19 1892 Hawker Cheshire Stockport

RG14PN21386 RG78PN1272 RD443 SD5 ED1 SN588

Registration District:Stockport Sub District:

Address:14 Wycliffe St Heaton Norris County:Cheshire


IRELAND, Martha Head Widow 44 1867 Leeds Yorkshrie

NEWLANDS, William Father Widower   74 1837 Hawker Penra Cumberland

IRELAND, Richard Son 20 1891 Hawker Nottingley Yorkshire

BROWN, Thomas Boarder   24 1887 Carter General Barnsley Yorkshire

HULME, Mary Ann Servant Single 21 1890 Worker At Home New England Barnsley Gs Worsbrough

GOWAN, John W Boarder 24 1887 Hawker Bradford Yorkshire


RG14PN27588 RD507 SD2 ED29 SN122

Barnsley Sub District:

Address:6 Burleigh Street Barnsley County:Yorkshire (West riding)


HIBBS, Joseph Head M 50 1861 Hawker General Travelling Wakefield

HIBBS, Marget Wife Married 48 1863 Hawker Sunderland Durham

HIBBS, Elizabeth Dau 21 1890 Hawker Wakefield York

HIBBS, Mary Daughter Single 18 1893 Hawker Wakefield York

HIBBS, Hannha Daughter Single   16 1895 Hawker Wakefield York

HIBBS, John Son   14 1897 Hawker Cambridge Cambridgeshire

HIBBS, Isaac Son 9 1902 Norwich Norfolk

HIBBS, Charlotte Daughter 5 1906 Stoney Stratford


RG14PN17322 RG78PN1062 RD371 SD4 ED17 SN335

West Bromwich North East Enumeration District:

Address:18 Colley St West Bromwich County:Staffordshire