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Looking For!! The Archive message's  p1


As I have had so many folk enquiring about their familie's and the page is getting so long it takes a while to load,I

 thought I would add these pages of the older one's,so the latest Months will be on the original page along with new queries and the archive messages on these pages hope this will make it easier for folks !! You can see the old posts by clicking the RSS feed but as some folk find this diffucult will add the old post her .



Looking for detail of Eliabeth Hales  b 1862  and  James Horatio Langley  b1884  both in Eye Nothamptonshire (now Peterborough Cambrideshire) .



Searching for Tom / Thomas Allen. Probably Born 05/05/1941, and the rest of the Allen family.

His Fathers Name is or was also Tom / Thomas. Last seen in Derby 1962. There were two sisters.

A friend mentioned that they may be related to the Heron family, but I am not sure.

Were they From the north or south Ireland, Scott's or other?

Were they tinkers?

I suspect they were travellers,they worked on roads and building, in a ready made family team.

Please help my unlock this family secret!

I have been searching for more than 17 years with no luck!

Hi I am related to Tenant...


Hi I am related to Tenant Buckland born 1818 Bristol Somerset his wife was keziah born 1820 Bath somerset ( I think a smith)

They had a son Nelson Buckland born 1855 on some census it says USA or NK he married Bessie Smith 1874 Plymouth Devon, they had son Jamie Buckland born 1887 USA married pheobe Stanley born 1886 NK

Does anyone know anything about this family please I hve some information but would like to find out more about Tenant & family thanks

Hi jennifer Taylor contact me


Hi jennifer Taylor contact me on [email protected] I have information about Elizabeth Hale & Family for you

Hi Sandra if you email me can


Hi Sandra if you email me can add some info on your Bucklands dont know how much you have so if you let me know I can see if I can help as got more Stanley info plus details if the Bucklands going back and forth to the States etc .



Hi you have a brilliant site.   I am  researching my family tree.  I am wondering if you have any information about my great grandmother  mary stanley  she was born in dorset  approx 1850, all i know is that she was from a romany family   i would like to know who her parents were and if she

had any siblings.   i do know she married william henry sadler stockwell in kensington in 1873. they had 7 children that i am aware of.

                                    I would be greatfull for any help or advice you could give me


                                                                            thank you       angela



Angie if you email me I can help you with the Stanley family .



I'm looking for any information on the Stanley family who settled in the Cheltenham area, but were living in Cambridge and the Shefield area. They give their occupation as Pedlar Hawker / Marine store dealer's.

Any details would be greatfully received. I have been told that there is also a link with the name Ryley.




well,hi there.i am married to joseph(joe)birch.hes one of seven.4 sisters and 2 brothers,bill (greasy head)and maurice who now live in bidford on avon,worcs.we live on a site in somerset.both joes mum and dad were birches,henry and violet(jennina).therir family orginated in the new forest.,but some of the brothers moved to the west country in the 1800s,mainly devon and somerset.they claim relationship to joe beckett(boxer) and tex taylor(boxer).grand perants were surnames birch,hughes and taylor.if anyone knows us or of any of our family please contact me at  [email protected]    we are members of somerset romani advisory group and take an active interestin our gypsy heritage.we are also born again christians as are many gypsies now and would love to meet others of like mind.regards cathay birch

HI Bill will see what I have...


HI Bill will see what I have on the Somerset Stanleys and get back to you .


Dear Site Owner,

Saw your request for info. on the Lakeys. This line is of special interest to my wife Jenny as her great grandmother was Sarah Lakey and her great great grandmother Hannah Lakey (nee Mason) known as Queen of the New Forest Gypsies. Not sure what information you already have but we have most of the children of Hannah and Silas (about 10) and those of Sarah and William Whitcher again numbering about 10. We are members of Genes Reunited so if you have access to this site we would be more than happy to make our tree available to you. Saves me having to type in all the deatails on an e-mail.


You may be able to help us in return with two individuals. Firstly William Whitcher's parentage (husband of Sarah Lakey and known as Tinker Bill , born c1849) and secondly a William Wells known as Black Billy and born c1831 in Dorset whose parentage we are also unable to trace. The latter was married to an Elisa Bland (or Jeffs)


If you access our tree you will understand the relevance of these two individuals. You are most welcome to reply using our personal e-mail address.

Regards John


Hi Site owner   I have tried a few times to email you regarding Buckland & Stanley families

please contact me, would be interested in any information you have regarding my descendents

which are roughly Tenant Buckland & keziah ( Smith) Nelson Buckland (son ) wife Bessie Smith, Jamie Buckland (son) married Pheobe Stanley

I know that early relations went to America and also some stayed there, later  Nelson ( my Great--grandfather) family settled in Kingsbridge Devon until today.

Lots of gaps though but will gladly share anything I have with anyone other families I know related to me are Smith James Orchard Lee Cooper Tucker Westlake Boswell Crocker and possibly more :


Looking for info on my grandad Joseph Cooper born c1902, (possibly in Kent or Suffolk).  His birthday was always celebrated on boxing day.

He was the adopted son of David and Phoebe Cooper.  When I was little I was told that his real name was Young.

His (adoptive) sisters were - Matilda, Lovenia, Prudence, Virginia, Agnes, Delilah,  and brother (?) Joby.

Matilda married Uriah Smith Gray and by the 1901 census had a baby 2yrs old called Phoebe, and a 1yr old called Alice.  

The Coopers travelled Norfolk, Suffolk, Kent, and Essex,  predominantly, and eventually setted in Aingers Green, Great Bentley, Essex sometime in the early 1900s.  My grandad married a 'gorjer' Eva Barnes, on 7th April 1928.

My grandad's (adoptive) father David was a 'licensed hawker', and on his death certificate he is down as a 'general dealer'.  David Cooper died suddenly 6th January 1927 from a heart attack.  My grandad's (adoptive) mother Phoebe was the daughter of Moses and Margaret Mills.

Story has it that Joe Cooper was a foundling, but there was never any agreament as to whether he was found in a hop field, a potato field, in September, or at a Boxing day fair!  These are all but a few of the differing tales of his beginnings.Help!!


Dear site owner  This is in response to the post from John Humby,

Likewise looking for the parentage of William Whitcher (Witcher), we know that he died in a house at Gritnam in the New Forest and can trace most of his siblings, my line is via his son George and my mother was Ellen Whitcher, I am researching this line with my cousin and we have drawn a blank over his birth. I would be very happy to try to work with anyone that has further information about William's birthplace or parents and as I still live on the edge of the New Forest I am local to both the Winchester records office and Dorset.

I am willing for my email address to be made known. Regards Malcolm Broomfield


 Regarding Buckland & Stanley families

please contact me, would be interested in any information you have regarding my descendents

which are roughly Tenant Buckland & keziah ( Smith) Nelson Buckland (son ) wife Bessie Smith, Jamie Buckland (son) married Pheobe Stanley

I know that early relations went to America and also some stayed there, later  Nelson ( my Great--grandfather) family settled in Kingsbridge Devon until today. Lots of gaps though but will gladly share anything I have with anyone other families I know related to me are Smith James Orchard Lee Cooper Tucker Westlake Boswell Crocker and possibly more :


I am trying to trace the Williams family.  Leonard Williams 1881 married sarah Ann Miller , her father is mentioned on the census Chief Hawker born Deptford he had 2 wifes Janet & Trainet.  We know his cousin was Henry 1871 born on Mitcham Common. his wife was called Annie.  Any Info would

be  great   Thanks  annette


Brilliant site!!! Extremely informative, with brilliant photos.  This should be used in schools!  My great grandmother was Gentila Roberts, born c1890 in Bristol.  Her mother was Mary Ann, thats all I know.  Gentila married Percy Price in Bridgend,Wales, and they had 3 children (Rose, Percy, Violet).  Gentila died 1966 in Newport, Wales.  Does anyone have Romany family from Bristol?  Gentila is an Italian name (I believe), which is interesting to me.

Hello there, I am  looking for any clues to the whereabouts of Phyllis Cooper.


My grandmother Priscilla Cole was born in Southampton 1916 to William Cole and Phyllis Cooper, one of  11 children i believe.

Her father was said to be a house-dweller and her mother Phyllis from the 'Cooper ' family. I cannot  find any record of a marriage between Phyllis and William so i imagine they jumped the broomstick! I have been told also that Phyllis mother may have been Jemima?? Does this family sound familiar

to anyone please? I also have links with Sarah Ann Mitchell,my g grandmother,her father being Joseph Mitchell. She married in Sept 1890 in goudhurst Kent to Edwin William Johnson. I have found the family in 1901 in Woking with some of  the early Johnson children with her parents Joseph and Jemima living on the site next door. Again does this family sound familiar to anyone please?


Looking for marriage and census info on

Ashton James Wright (possible James Wright)  married to Allenda (Lander, Elander, Alander) James.

Alenda  James born  1834 - bap. May 25, 1834,  Accidental Residents of Broad Lane, Clayton Sussex,  Father Elijah James, Mother Olive Meres.  Lander James listed in 1841 with parents at Ipping, Sussex,  nothing after 1841 on Elander.

Ashton Wright and Alender James had daughter Ellen Wright  born Dec 17, 1859, Sprents Yard, South Cross Street, Gosport,  (have birth cert. which states fathers occupation as Earthenware Hawker. )

Can anyone find marriage of Ashton Wright and Alander James or any census with this family.

Thank you.Heather..


Does anyone know anything about the lee  family of kent and links in london .i am talkning about gypsy lee in perticular according to my family my gt nan was her daughter and wanted to know if anyone can clarify this her name was mary ann lee but also sometimes known as ann cooper or even a smith or lambert .any help appreciated . kelly x

sorry i must say the family wre known in margate and herne bay all along that strch of coastline and london walthamstowe tottenham,enfield and edmonton also sorrounding areas of river lea .the white family have also been mentiooned within this to .thanks


For many years i have been looking for the father and mother of Thomas Gibbs born circa 1826 and  Alladin Gibbs born 1833 both described in the census as Thomas - traveling scissors girnder- tinman. Alladin (Lladdin) umbrella maker repairer. Both born in Gloucester area. I cant find any trace of Thomas untill he was travelling in the Welsh valleys in 1871, by then he was married or living with Elizabeth Rees born Swansea Glamorgan circa 1845. Dispite many years and many wrong certificates i have still been unable to go back any farther in Thomas Gibbs's line, my Great - Grandfather.

   I have more on Alladdin Gibbs who's father on his baptism cetificate in Cardiff was William Lovell i have traced a lot more of his history, but still

unable to verify if William Lovell was a Gibbs or if a mistake was made at the time by the clergy, as was very often the case.

  Thomas and Alladin both settled in Wales with their families. Frequent family names are - Alladin, Orlando, Llander, William, Thomas, Elizabeth, Pheobe, etc. Does any one have any information on the parents or marrige of Thomas or Alladin.  I would really appreciate any help to enable me to continue me to research farther. p.s. I beleive that Selina Gibbs who lived in Merthyr Tydfil Glamorgan was a sister of theirs.                                             Kind regards  Shiela.


to site owner

mary ann lee used the name ann cooper or ann lee sometimes lambert .

her death details state ann lambert not anymore than that she died in a house in london edmonton in 1950 aged 66 west street

i only managed to get these details as all my older familia are deceased and my aunt seems to be the only one who knows some things only information her father had given her on several occasions but she doesnt know birth details i can only estimate she was born in 1884 but thats all i can say .my aunt has told me her grt nan was called sarah lee see all we have is stories nothing written down .and with such a huge family anything that

did beling to my family would have been sold of or little things kept and given to older family members .the only pic my uncle has is from a relative who was an incredible artist and sketched a pic of ann and her boys as they were made to join the army in the war so there in uniform .other than that we have little in the way of facts .wich we can only believe are true and the fact that my grandad idolised gypsy lee and kept a red rose in his pocket as a symbol of her.he was apparently with her shortly before she died and in her true style she told him his life fortune and to this day is completly accurate .the family were very conecred to kent and still to this day have many family members still living there from sittingbourne margate to whitstable .my grandad and his brothers had horse stables in tottenham just behind riseley avenue school i went there as a kid and im pretty sure they had a scrap metal business but that may have been me uncles son .my grt nans husabnd was called charles lambert but agin he was known as a blacksmith by trade and me mum still has a few of his tools so his name may not be lambert however its the name hes buried as .there kids alfred me grandad  .bill william george lambert ,      joe,  joseph,henry,lambert    freddy,dannyboy as they called him ,mimi and lucy the youngest .my grandad alfie used to wear his hat like urania and having seen picture of her looks very much like him .the only reason why wed like to know this is wed like to correct and tidy me grt nans grave and have some legal documentation for the future mainly me mam .I dont even know if the boys had romany names but i am told henry was something to do with a family name thats why its me uncl middle name ,and lucy a family name and mimi is the only one we knew had a romany name she was often known as sisi .my grandad alfie was born in kent in wagon as well as his two brothers where is unknown his birth date is 22 april 1913 he died in 1981 and is buried lower edmonton cem london.any way sorry for babbl hope this enough .kel