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 Where you see Talbot Village on a entry and "Encampment" with out a specific name the local Romanies seemed fond of Talbot Village church ST.Mark's no doubt because the sisters Georgina Talbot gave much help and charity to all folks including the church

it self! The local Encampments were Heavenly Bottom,The Bogs.New England.Bourne Bottom or as I saw in the church registers "Bournmoore" or "Bourne Hill Camp" I also know that a couple of sites were called the Top Common one was by the old Lady Wimbornes bridge opposite the Mountbatten Public house and "Fox Holes"  and "Cuckoo Bottom" but some folk have said a

different name on occasion as memories do vary !. 


 VALENTINE COOPER Male  Christening: 17 DEC 1710  Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire,

Death: 18 FEB 1710 **Parents: Father: RICHARD COOPER  Mother: SARAH


BLANDINA SOPHIA COOPER Christening:  04 OCT 1762   Amesbury, Wiltshire, England

 Parents: Father:WILLIAM COOPER  Mother: BLANDINA    


 ELISHA COOPER  Christening: 27 APR 1661 Urchfont, Wiltshire, England

 Parents: Father: JOHN COOPER


ELSIE LAVENIA COOPER   Christening: 14 JUN 1891  St Denys, Warminster, Wiltshire, England

 Parents: Father:THOMAS COOPER  Mother:  COMFORT  


COMFORT ALMA COOPER   Christening:12 MAR 1893   St Denys, Warminster, Wiltshire, England

Parents: Father: THOMAS COOPER  Mother:  COMFORT    


  FELAMON COOPER  Birth:  03 SEP 1792    

 Christening:  23 NOV 1792   Great Berkhampstead, Hertford, England

 Parents:   Father:  HENRY COOPER  Mother: MARY  


Notavina Cooper   Female  ( should be Lavinia)

  Christening:  03 JUL 1855  Ruishton, Somerset, England

Parents: Father: Nelson Cooper   Mother:  Isabella  


JOHN COOPER(Poss (fighting Jack?)

Marriages: Spouse: CHARLOTTE LEE

 Marriage: 04 DEC 1815  Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London


HENRY COOPER  * Christening:  04 MAR 1827   Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London, England

 Death:18 MAR 1827  ** Parents:  Father:  JOHN COOPER    Mother:  CHARLOTTE  


ANN JANE COOPER ** Christening: 19 DEC 1830   Saint Martin In The Fields Westminster London, England

Parents: Father: JOHN COOPER   Mother: CHARLOTTE


 JOHN COOPER  Birth:  08 MAR 1824  *  Christening:  31 MAR 1824   Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London,

 Parents:   Father:  JOHN COOPER    Mother:  CHARLOTTE    


 Cooper Gentila1903 bap Samuel & Ann From Clapham Seven Oaks Kent

 Cooper Bella1908 bap George & Rose Bourne Hill Camp. Hawkers, born 1906 Talbot Village,

 Cooper Joseph 1908 bap George & Rose Bourne CampTalbot Village, Dorset

 Cooper Louisa1908 bap Walter & Nancy Encampment Talbot Village, Dorset

 Cooper Maisy 1913 bap  Walter & Nancy Gypsy Talbot Village, Dorset

 Cooper Walter 1913 bap Walter & Nancy Gypsy Talbot Village, Dorset

 Cooper Anna Bella 1917 bap Walter & Nancy Gypsy Talbot Village, Dorset

 Cooper George 1917 bap George & Rose Gypsy Talbot Village, Dorset

 Cooper William Charles 1917 bap Mark & Mary Gypsy campTalbot Village, Dorset

 Cooper Olive1919 bap Mark & Mary Gypsy Talbot Village, Dorset

 Cooper Georgina Patience1920 bap John & Patience Gypsy Talbot Village, Dorset

 Barnes Annie 16/11/1886 to John and Louisa(nee Willett) barnes Gypsies Lymington

 Barnes Betsy16/11/1886 to Henry and Macey(nee Willett) Barnes  Gypsies Lymington

 Barnes Amy 24/4/1887to Henry and Macey Barnes Lymington Gypsies

 Barnes Louisa Mary10/1/1887 to John and Lavinia barnes Gypsy chair mender Lymington Hants

 Brinkley Alice 29/May/1872 to Charles and Siberetta House on wheels travelling shopkeeper!!

 Brinkley Aquila 29/May/1872 to Charles and Siberetta House on wheels travelling shopkeeper!!

 Carter Patience 1835 May 10th to Robert & Mary Ann CARTER Ealing Hants; Basket Maker (Yetminster Baptism}

 Deacon Ann 12-Feb1868 daughter of Joseph & Kitty Deacon Longburton; Basket Maker

 Peters John Lot :1885 9-Aug to  Samuel & Angelina; Peters ; St James; Basket Maker

 Peters Stephen Hamblin:1885 9-Aug to Samuel & Angelina; Peters ; St James; Basket Maker

 Dorset and Hampshire Baps and assorted records Marriegaes and Deaths.


 1764Dec 9 – Sabra dau Peter STANDLY (VRI has STANELLY) Dorset

 1778 May 24 – Henry son Peter STANLEY Dorset

 Jan 30 – Mary Ann dau Peter & Susanna STANDLEY tinker (Winterborne Kingston Dorset)

 Aug 11 – Charles son Peter & Susanna STANDLEY (Winterborne Kingston Dorset)

*Double Marriage.(Winterborne Kingston Dorset)

 Sept 15 – William STANDLEY (x) otp bach & Mary BALLAM (x) otp spin – Banns, witn: Paul(?)  Hawkins (x), Josiah Besant

 Sept 15 – Peter STANDLEY (x) *** bach & Susanna WELLSTEAD **** **** – **** witn: Thos Wellstead,  Josiah Besant.


 25 November 1792 Church knowle Dorset Peter Stanley wed Mary Drake (no doubt the settlement

 paper I found was probably due to his impending marriage?see below)



 FILE [no title] - ref. PE/COC/OV 188/100 - date: 10 May 1792

 [Access Conditions] PLEASE USE MICROFILM MIC/R/1478

 [from Scope and Content] Peter Stanley, razor grinder and tinker


1824* Broadwinsor Dorset *Mercy Stanley baptised to Owen Stanley Grinder (Is this the Owen Stanley that went to America?


1821 Puddletown

Sarah Stanley of Wareham buried age 100 .

“Notes and queries” GLS Old Series Vol. 111 p122”Died last week at Paddletown, Mrs Stanley the Dowager Queen of the

Counties of Wiltshire,Hampshire and Dorset,in her 101st year. a numerous crowd attended her funeral”


 Death* Trinity Stanley 1846 Taunton (1837-1974)Devon, Somerset (no age given)


1841 Census Sturminster Marshall Dorset "Charles; JOHNSON; 25; Basket maker.


 Binstead Baptisms

 11/9/1873 Hares(Ayres) Selby to Major & Vanity (Fernetti) Binstead-Labourer.

1/9/1889 Isaacs Joe to Georgina-Frome,Somerset,hop/picking at Binstead- single woman.

12/9/1869 James Matilda to Dangerfield & Sophy -Poole Dorset-lic/hawker.

22/9/1872 James Dorcas to Sidney & Louisa -Christchurch Dorset -Basket Maker

4/9/1887 James Liberty to William & Jemima-hop/picking at Binstead-hawker.

18/9/1898 James Ellen to Liberty & Alice -Sholing Common- labourer

1/9/1889 James Freedom to Jemima -Newtown Poole Dorset hop/picking at Binstead-spinster.

8/9/1889 James vannell to John & Martha -Blandford Dorset hop picking travelling hawker.

30/9/1894 James Freedom to Liberty & Alice - Southampton,hop picking- Licenced hawker.

1/9/1895 James Henry to William & Jemima-hop-picking,Blackhill Somerset -lic/hawker.

11/9/1904 James Jemima to William & Jemima -Bournemouth-lic hawker.

9/9/1894 James Mark to William & Jemima-Exeter,hop,picking at Wych.Binstead-lic/hawker.

9/9/1894 James Mary Ann to William & Jemima-Exeter,hop,picking

20/9/1896 James Libert to Liberty & Alice -Sholing Common-lic hawker.

16/9/1900 James Noah to Robert & Britannia -hop-picking at kingsley-lic hawker.

16/9/1902 James Noah to William & Jemima -Bournemouth-travelling hawker.

17/9/1899 James victoria to William & Jemima-hop/picking at Binstead- Lic/hawker.

4/9/1870 James William to Sidney & Louisa -Christchurch,Hants basket maker.

19/8/1900 Jeff Samson to Joby & Macey - Bournemouth-lic/hawker

16/9/1877 Jeffs Job to Walter & Eliza -Lymington-labourer.

15/9/1867 Jeffs Amelia to Ruth Jeffs single woman -Lymington(she later married Nehemiah Doe)

20/9/1903 Johnson Benjamin to Edwin William &Sarah Ann-Egham-hawker-born 19 july 1901.

20/9/1903 Johnson Caroline Emily to Edwin William &Sarah Ann-Egham-hawker-born  12 july.


 East Worldham Hants (Hoppers again)

8/9/1929 Brazil Joe to Joe & Jane -Milford Surrey-lic/hawker-born 29 July.

8/9/1829 Smith Edward Albert to Edward Albert & Ellen -Botley-lic/hawker-born 21 June.

15/9/1923 Scott Hezekiah top Kinterbury &Emily-Basingstoke-lic/hawker-born 25 August.

7/9/1930 Rogers Naylor to Henry Rogers & Freedom Rawlings-East-Worldham-hawker-born 14 May.

7/9/1930 Bull Gertrude to  George Bull & Maria Cooper-East-Worldham-hawker-born 31 july 1928.

20/9/1931Page Frederick Henry to Robert & Mabel Elizabeth-Sholing.hawker.born 27 July.

20/9/1931Bowers Priscilla Gwendolen Mary to George 7 Rose- Sholing-Wood-Dealer.born 6 July.1928

14/8/1932 Rawlings Freda to Noah & Annie-tadley-Marine store dealer-born 26-sep-19??.

3/9/1933 Page Vandow to Robert & Mabel Elizabeth-Sholing.hawker. born 28 july.

24/11/1935 Ayres Goliath to William & Patience -Worldham-labourer.

5/9/1937 James Albert to Albert &Rosie East-Worldham -hop-worker.

5/9/1937 James Lena to Sampson & Passy  East-Worldham -hop-worker.



 Truro, St. Marys23-Sep 1705 Arculas bap to Arculus Small Arculus Elizabeth

 Truro, St. Marys13-Dec 1710 Elizabeth to Elizabeth Small Arcullus Elizabeth

 Sancreed Parish May-07 1893 Walter COOPER to William & Marianne/Licensed Hawker

 Sancreed*May-07 1893 Kristy ? COOPER William & Marianne Sojourner Licensed Hawker

 Tuckingmill 31-Jan 1900 Affiance? COOPER James Sarah Residence North Crofty/Travelling Hawkernote said Born 29 Dec 1899

 Tuckingmill 05-Apr 1900 James COOPER to Henry & Maria Residence ;Crane - Camborne Travelling Hawker Born 18 Jan 1900

 Tuckingmill 23-May 1894 Moses COOPER to James & Sarah Residence*Tuckingmill Hill Licenced Hawker Born 21 Apr 1894

 Marazion Parish 06-Apr 1898John COOPER to James & Sarah Sojourning In Ludgvan Licensed Hawker born 11 Mar 1898

 Helston 29-Jan 1884 Henry COOPER to James & Sarah COOPERTaunton, hawkerborn 28-Feb-1882 | bapt. In all Saints Chapel  Helston 29-Jan 1884 Frederick COOPER toJames & Sarah COOPER Taunton, hawkerb. 18-Jan-1884 | bapt. In all Saints Chapel elston 29-Jan 1884 William COOPER to James& Sarah COOPER Taunton, hawker b.20-Jun-188? bapt. In all Saints Chapel

 Parish Madron 15-Oct 1865 Thomas Alfred PENFOLD to Robert & LouisaSojourner in Madron Hawker

 Parish of Tuckingmill 05-Nov 1879 Alfred PENFOLD to Edward & RachelTuckingmill Traveller

 Parish of Helston 11-Feb 1880 Charlotte PENFOLD to Robert & Louisa PENFOLD Helston, Hawker born 09-Feb-1880 |

 Parish of Tuckingmill 10-Dec 1894William PENFOLD to John & DeliaTuckingmill HillTravelling HawkerBorn 9 May 1893

 Parish of Tuckingmill 10-Dec 1894John PENFOLD to John & DeliaTuckingmill HillTravelling HawkerBorn 3 Dec 18


Possible Romany BMDs


Helpringham, Lincs.

17.10.1836 Burial: William SMITH aged 34, ‘a gypsy’Osbournby, Linc

12th Jan 1695/96 Baptism: Marmaduke son of Samuel CAMEL, a traveller,  and Frances his wife.

8th June 1700 Burial: Mary BURDETT, a traveller

28 September 1703, Burial: Soloman HARTLEY, “a poor traveller”

26th April 1704 Burial: Anthony SNEATH, “a poor traveller’s child”


Heckington LINCs

26th December 1580 Baptism:  Margarett OXELEY daughter of James a traveller

27th December 1580 Burial:  Mergrett TOMSON traveller

3rd June 1582 Burial: Ellinn HEAPES traveller

3rd June 1582 Burial: Willm SAXON traveller [note same date as above]

8th October 1583 Burial: Wm HOLLINGSHEAD traveller

11th June 1583 Burial: John SMYTH traveller

13th October 1586 Burial: John JACKSON traveller

30th November 1588 Baptism: Alexander WOODDESS a traveller [no parents named]

6th October 1588 Burial: Mergerett RICHARDSON traveller

22nd July 1590 Burial: Ric NAYLOR traveller

24th February 1592 Baptism: Thomas SPAULEY son of Richard- traveller

12th February 1592 Burial: Henrye BROKLEBYE traveller

30th Mat 1599 Baptism: Jane WILSON daughter of Myles, traveller

12th March 1602 Baptism: Thomas ANNAIS son of Peter a traveller

14th February 1612 Burial: Raphe MELLARS traveller

18th February 1618 Burial: Mathew SLATER traveller

17th March 1629 Burial: Robert GOODYEARE traveller

21st January 1710 Burial: Charles SCOFIELD a poor traveller

1sy December 1713 Burial: Thomas TAYLOR – a sojourner

19th January 1719 Burial: Mary GRAY daughter of Wm a traveller

6th August 1719 Burial: Ann GREGG daughter of Wm/Mary – travailer

27TH October 1722 Baptism: Leonard THOMPSON son of Esther -  travailer [This entry is recorded again on same date in 1723 – may be a transcribers error]

21st June 1724 Baptism: Mary BLOOMFIELD daughter of Edward/Mary – Traveller

25th January 1792 Baptism: Mary WELLS daughter of Elvin/Elizabeth – sojournrs

23rd October 1796 Baptism: Dinah  WRIGHT daughter of John a Sojourner and Isabella

26th January 1806 Baptism: Lewis HERRING son of Edward/Rose – sojourner

12th May 1820 Burial: John MARSHALL aged 53 – sojourner

8th July 1821 Burial: William STOREY aged 45 a sojourner

16th May 1829 Burial: Dennis DUNN aged 48 Sojourner

31st May 1829 Baptism: Irman PLOWRIGHT  parents James/Ann – sojourner/razor grinder

21st September 1837 Burial: Robert CUNNINGHAM aged 22 Sojourner committed suicide

20th April 1828 Burial: Alfred TAYLOR infant son of Alfred/Sarah – sojourner

11th July 1839 Burial: Mary RICHARDSON - sojourner

13th January 1842 Burial: Bridget CARROLL aged 20 a traveller

16th August 1842 Burial: Robert IDLE aged 64 – sojourner

19th November 1847 Burial: Ann SMITH aged 71 – a sojourner









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