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Barnes/Barney Light Family

 1841* Census, HO107-402-11-34-16 St Mary Extra, Hampshire.

 Name                  Age Birthplace  

 Henry Barney   45

 Harriett Barney   45 Hampshire

 Elizabeth Barney   16      Hampshire

 Andrew Barney   13 Hampshire

 James Barney    12    Hampshire

 Ellen Barney           10   Hampshire

 Mary Ann Barney 6 Hampshire

 Britannia Barney 4 Hampshire

 Amelaine Barney 3 Hampshire

 Rodabella Barney 3 Hampshire

 Weston Common next to

  John &  Matilda Lee  John and Mary Barnes.

 (Written as Transcribed)


 1851 *Census., RG8-1854-68 Farnham, Dorset.

 These results  from "the SDFHS 1851 Dorset Census Index.

 Surname     Forename        Age   Born    Occupation                                                    

 Barney        Amberline         10   1841    Pupil (gypsy)

 Barney        Britannia           11   1840     Pupil (gypsy)

 Barney        Dangerfill            7   1844     Pupil (gypsy)                                                    

 Barney        Henry                 8     1843     Pupil (gypsy)

 Barney        Rhoda              11   1840      Pupil (gypsy)


 1861* Census., RG9-684-124-7 Chilworth, Hampshire.

 Vandilow Barney 24 Minsted, Hampshire, head Chair Mender                                  

  Alice Barney 23 dau Newbury, Berkshire  Mar ( Alice nee Black dau of  Amos Black and Jane White)

 Lavina Barney 4 Binsted, Hampshire,Daughter

 Emma Barney 2 Mths Binstead, Hampshire, Daughter

 Harriett Barney 51 Hampshire,  Mother    widow                

 Henry Barney 19 Minsted, Hampshire, Son   Chair mender

 Daniel Barney (THIS IS DANGERFIELD)17 Minsted Hampshire Son Chair mender

 Emma Barney 16 Hampshire,  

 Tents, Camped with Noah & Mary Bowers."


 1871 *Census Holdenhurst Hants


 Emma Barney 25 (wife of Henry)

 Harriett Barney 69 head

 Henry Barney 30 son married

 Dankfel Barney 5 g son (Dangerfield)

 Walter Barney 4 months g son

 Eli Coper 4 nephew

 *next to

 Sophia Green 22 b Hale Hants

 Alice Wells 31 dau b Broad Chalke, Hampshire?(Wilts)

 Caroline Wells 3 niece

 Elizabeth Wells 71 head b Warnborough, Hampshire,

 Louisa Wells16 dau b Claygate, Hampshire


 1881 *British Census .Place: Holdenhurst, Hampshire

 Source: FHL Film 1341293     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 1197    Folio 78    

 Dugfull BARNEY  34    Male   Bitterne, Hampshire, occ Chair Bottomer (died 188)

 Sophia BARNEY 36    Female Epsom Rel: Wife (Sophia nee Light)

 Isaac BARNEY 14    Male   Lymington, Hampshire,  son(also died 1886)

 Matilda BARNEY 12    Female Holdenhurst, Hampshire,

 Emmanuel BARNEY10  Male   Kinson, Dorset,   Son                                                  

 Leander BARNEY 8   Female Kinson, Dorset, dau (married Job Light/Barnes)                                                                          

 Vanlow BARNEY 6  Male   Sussex,son 

 Georgina BARNEY   4  Female Romsey, Hampshire,dau

 Harry BARNEY 2 m   Male   Moordown, Hampshire,  son

 There was also a death recorded for Sansom Barney in infant 1886 same district? (did all 3 die in a accident?)


 1901* Census, RG13-2004-124-15 Winterbourne St Martin, Dorset.

 Ben Benham  45 Higher Lytchett Poole, Dorset Head Chimney Sweep

 Sophia Light  56  Epsom, Surrey, Companion

 Amy Benham  10 Fishborne, Sussex,Daughter  Scholar

 In a Caravan."


1911 Census, RG14PN12409 RG78PN707 RD264 SD3 ED12 SN42.


Ben Benham 32 Lower Lychett, Wimborne Head         Chimney Sweep

Annie Benham 22 Downton, Wiltshire     Wife (2nd Partner) Nee Hughes)

Thomas Benham 4 Washford, Somerset Son

Harry Benham 2 Newtown, Dorset         Son

Arthur Benham 1 Cheselborne, Dorset Son

Children born Total Children Born Alive: (3)* 2

alive to     Children still Living:     (3)* 2

present Marriage: Children who have Died: -

*(3) Crossed out

Tent, Poor Lot, Winterbourne Abbas, Dorchester.


Day:25Month:FebYear:1776 Son Forename: Jacob Light

First Parent:Isaac Second Parent:Ann:Parish:Havant  Hampshire

4516751579.jpg 4516751579.jpg

Barnes/Barney Light Family

Thanks to John we think this is possibly Sophia Light /Barney death and could have died as Sophia Benham, Christchurch.

Name:  Sophia Benham *Estimated birth year: abt 1843

Year of Registration: 1907*Quarter of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar

Age at Death:  6*District:  Christchurch (1837-1925)County: Hampshire

Leander and Caroline barnes daughter and peter