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Berkshire Records



27 June 1858 Morris slo Amos and Jane Blackman Traveller

22 Nov 1863 George slo Richard Walter and Elizabeth Black Traveller

22 Oct 1865 Charlotte dlo Henry and Rose Black Traveller

23 June 1867 Henry slo Henry and Rose Black Traveller

22 Jan 1871 Morris slo Henry and Rose Black Traveller

12 Feb 1871 Richard Walter slo Richard Walter and Eliza Black Traveller

19 Mar 1871 Maria dlo John and Mary Ann Black Traveller

9 Apr 1871 Leander d/o Amos and Mary Black Traveller

24 Nov 1872 Mary d/o Henry and Rosanna Black Tramp

25 Dee 1877 Henry slo Amos and Mary Black Hawker

10 Feb 1878 Rhoda dlo Morris and Anne Maria Black Labourer

23 Nov 1879 Alice d/o John and Mary Anne Black Traveller

5 June 1881 Anne Selina d/o Amos and Mary Black Hawker

19 Sept 1886 Morris slo Amos and Mary Black Hawker

21 Oct 1888 Sarah dlo Nelson and Sarah Black Labourer

22 Dee 1889 Leander dlo Nelson and Sarah Black Labourer

29 July 1893 Nelson slo Nelson and Sarah Black Labourer

19 May 1895 Amos Henry slo Nelson and Sarah Black Licensed Hawker

15 May 1898 Selina Louise dlo Nelson and Sarah Black Licensed Hawker

7 Oct 1900 Morris Levi slo Nelson and Sarah Black Hawker

5 May 1901 Mary Louisa d/o Henry and Mary Louisa Black Traveller and Dealer

4 May 1902 Henry Amos slo Henry and Louisa Black Traveller

19Apr 1903 Albert Edward slo Nelson and Sarah Black Licensed Hawker

4 Jan 1904 Gwendoline Ellen dlo Henry and Louisa Black Hawker

4 June 1905 Priscilla dlo Nelson and Sarah Black Hawker




21 Mar 1857 Thomas Black 7

6 Mar 1858 Matthew Black 8

24 May 1869 Caroline Black 55

22 Mar 1875 Amos Black 74

31 Dee 1879 John and Morris Black 1 day

7 Jun 1880 Alice Black 19

16 Nov 1883 Lila Black 14 days

28 Sep 1886 Sarah Black 11

31 Jan 1885 Thomas Black 85 (Union Workhouse)

14 Nov 1900 Jane Maria Black 90

1 Nov 1901 Maurice Levi Black 13 Months

19 Feb 1904 Gwendoline Ellen Black 7 weeks

20Apr 1917 John Black 10

20 May 1918 Walter Black 75

25 Aug 1924 Mary Black 81

12 May 1915 Amos Black 86

3 Apr 1928 Eliza Black 86

28 Apr 1937 Henry Black ofGt. Bedwyn 69

4 May 1940 Maurice Black 81

7 Feb 1950 Ann Maria Black of Sutton Scotney, Hants 88 .



Baptisms :

1 May 1844 Henry slo Amos and Jane Black Traveller and Basket Maker

23 Nov 1877 Ellen Alice dlo Walter and Eliza Black



23 Feb 1806 Amos slo William and Clementina Blackney (of the people called





INKPEN:-  1900

Death of a nonagenarian. - Two hundred grandchildren. On Wednesday, last

week, was laid to rest, near the entrance of the old churchyard, one of the best known

local characters in the county of Berkshire. Popularly known as "Granny Black,"

Mary Jane Black has, for considerably more than an ordinary lifetime, travelled the

neighbourhood far and wide with her basket of small wares slung across her shoulder,

and her picturesque figure and insinuating style of introducing the articles she had for

sale, will long be remembered by those who knew her. Curiously enough her maiden

name was White, so that by the marriage ceremony White was transformed into

Black. She was born at Southampton, and at an early age married Amos Black, from

which union has sprung the considerable community of Blacks now living on Inkpen

Common. After becoming the mother of 14 children, ten of whom are now living, she

was left a widow in 1875, her husband dying of paralysis at the age of 74. He had

then been an invalid for twelve years, and during that time his brave wife struggled on

and succeeded in supporting him and the three children then dependent on her. Since

then, up to quite recently, she has followed her old occupation, and it speaks well for

the benefits to health of an outdoor life that the old lady attained the age of 90 before

she died. Many a romantic yarn did Granny indulge in, telling to susceptible

housemaids who loved to have their ears tickled with promises of a charming married

life for their future, and who in return were induced to buy from the old woman's

stores. While on her rounds Granny might often have been seen puffing away at her

short clay pipe, for the old lady loved her "bit of baccy" and was as voluble as

Kingsley in sounding the praises of what to her was a "lone woman's companion".

She leaves a little army of 200 grandchildren to the third generation, to mourn their

loss, some of whom have found a home across the Atlantic. A good number of her

descendants followed her to the grave, but her eldest son much regrets that he was

unable to attend, on account of being laid up with a serious attack of dropsy. During

the latter part of "Granny's" life she has lived with her youngest son Maurice who,

together with his wife, has solaced by tender care the old lady's declining days.