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The Birch Family









































 Left to Right Charlotte Birch 1890-1918 Anne Sophia Birch 1903-1987 and Polly Birch 1906-1926

























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1871 Census, RG10-2434-48-24 Beckington, Somerset.

Absent                                                 Head  

Harriet Birch 38 Birbidge, Wiltshire Wife Licensed Hawker

Mary Ann Birch 17 Yeovil, Somerset Daughter   Licensed Hawker

Charlotte D Birch 16 Frome Somerset Daughter   Licensed Hawker

Robert Birch 14 Plymouth, Devon Son           Scholar

Nelson Birch 12 Devizes, Wiltshire Son           Scholar

William Birch 10 Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire Son             Scholar

Jane Birch 8 Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire Daughter   Scholar

John Birch 6 Chewton Mendip, Devon Son                 Scholar

James Birch 4 Plymouth, Devon Son

Thomas Birch 2 Newton, Devon Son

Travelling Van, In Bridge Lane."


1881 Census, RG11-2402-99-9 Frome, Somerset.

Robert Birch 50 Andove, Hampshire, England Head General Dealer(Gipsy)

Harriet Birch 48 N K, Wiltshire Wife         do Wife

John Birch 16 Wells, Somerset Son

James Birch 13 Plymouth, Devon Son

Thomas Birch 11 Newton Bushell, Devon Son

Alfred Birch 9 Wells, Somerset Son

Oakley Lane, Caravan


1881 Census, RG11-2402-99-9 Frome, Somerset.

Nelson Birch 22 Devizes, Wiltshire, England Head General Dealer

Emma Birch 22 Nr Southampton Hampshire Wife   (nee Barney)      

Oakley Lane, Tent, Camped with Robert & Harriet Birch."


1891 Census, RG12-929-141-31 North Stoneham, Hampshire.

Birch, Nelson 30 Devizes, Wiltshire       Head  Horsedealer

Birch, Emma 31 Bitterm, Hampshire         Wife

Birch, Lavinia 10 Alton, Hampshire           Daughter

Birch, Mary A 8 Newbury, Berkshire     Daughter

Birch, Harriet 3 Chichester, Sussex       Daughter

Birch, Alice 2 Wobbleton, Sussex         Daughter

Birch, Joseph 1 Beacon Hill, Sussex Son

Basset Rd in Caravan, Camped with William & Comelia Birch (also recorded at Twyford see Citation 2)


1891 Census, RG12-939-10-14 Twyford, Hampshire.

Birch, Nelson 30 Dewnes, Wiltshire     Head         Travelling Gipsy

Birch, Emma 31 Chillworth, Hampshire Wife     Travelling Gipsy

Birch, Lovinia 9 Bentley Green, Hampshire Daughter  Travelling Gipsy

Birch, Mary A 8 Whichurch, Hampshire Daughter   Travelling Gipsy

Birch, Harriet 5 Goodwood, Sussex   Daughter   Travelling Gipsy

Birch, Alice      3 Worbelton Green, Sussex Dau Travelling Gipsy

Birch, Joseph 1 Worbelton Green, Sussex Son   Travelling Gipsy

Gipsy Van Camped with William & Amelia Birch."


( I think this is James in )

1891Census Luccombe County/Island: Somerset

Caravans by the roadside

 James Birch 24hd b Plymouth, Devon hawker

Sophia Birch 24 wife b Devon

 Robert Birch  2 son b Sutton, Hampshire

 Charlotte Birch dau 6monthsb Silverton, Devon

John Loveridge 16 b bristol



(Charlottes 2nd husband)Joseph Boyce Beckett )her first husband Sam Frankham died in 1886)

Joseph Beckett 40 hd b Portsmouth, Hampshire Trav/Showman

Charlotte Beckett 36 wife b Frome, Somerset

George Beckett 5 son b Andover, Hampshire

Harriett Beckett 15 dau b Frome, Somerset

John Beckett 9 son b Wells, Somerset

Lily Beckett10 dau b Wells, Somerset

Annie Beckett 11months dau b Heathfield, Sussex


1901 Census, RG13-1014-82-11 Fareham, Hampshire.

Nelson Birch 42 Devizes, Wiltshire, England Head Horse Dealer

Emma Birch 41 Southampton, Hampshire Wife      Hawker

Lovenia Birch 19 Bentley, Hampshire, England Daughter   Hawker

Polly Birch 18 Witway, Hampshire, England Daughter   Hawker

Harriett Birch 14 Goodwood, Sussex, England Daughter   Hawker

Alice Birch 12 Wobbleston, Sussex Daughter

Joe Birch   11 Bacon Hill, Hampshire Son

Jane Birch 9 Coliddon, Hampshire Daughter

Charlotte Birch 7 Bentley, Hampshire, England Daughter

Nelson Birch 4 Botley, Hampshire, England Son

Redlands Lane, In Tent & Van, Camped with William & Charlotte Gillham.


(Charlotte with her 3rd husband William Gillham)

1901 Census Fareham Holy Trinity County/Island: Hampshire

Wm Gillham 45 hd b Buckley, Wiltshire

Charlotte Gillham 45 wife b Street, Somerset

Amy Gillham 9 dau b Portsmouth, Hampshire

Annie Gillham 21 dau b Bradford, Wiltshire

Geo Gillham15 son b Southampton, Hampshire

Harriett Gillham 20 dau b Chichester, Sussex

Joe Gillham 7 son b Kingston, Hampshire

John Gillham18 son b Corober, Sussex,

Rose Gillham12 dau b Andover, Hampshire

Ruben Gillham 3 son b Fareham, Hampshire

Theodora Gillham 20 dau b Wells, Somerset

Willie Gillham15 son b Titchfield, Hampshire


                         Marriages found in Devon


Nelson Birch1919Apr-May-Jun Newton Abbot Devon

Mary J Loveridge1919Apr-May-Jun Newton Abbot Devon



Robert Birch1912Apr-May-Jun Barnstaple Devon

Elizabeth Hughes1912Apr-May-Jun Barnstaple Devon



William Birch1916Jan-Feb-Mar Newton Abbot Devon

Emily Loveridge1916Jan-Feb-Mar Newton Abbot Devon


Sophie Birch   spouse * Isaacs Newton Abbot Devon


Vashty Taylor 1916 Jan-Feb-Mar   Barnstaple  Devon  

James Birch 1916 Jan-Feb-Mar  Barnstaple  Devon  


Joseph Birch 1914 Jan-Feb-Mar   Newton Abbot  Devon  

Ellen Small 1914 Jan-Feb-Mar  Newton Abbot  Devon  


                         HENRY BIRCH/BIRCHON

Was Henry born in Jersey?or Devon?

Can anyone help!!!!!please!!

Henry in the CenSus**

?Possibly him not sure?1841 census Cornwall ST.Allen.a Nancy Birch age 26 and son henry age 2 and looked like traveller wrote by the side?


Definitely her and Henry I think in 1851

1851 *Plymouth a Charlotte Burch Widow Hawker age 30 b Exeter, Devon

and Henry son age 12b Exeter, Devon lodgers in boarding house?with her as well was

Elizabeth Bray 28 hawker (unwed)b Cornwall St.Austall

Mary Ann Bray dau 11 months


1861 Census*Plymouth Sub-registration district: St Andrew

Henry Birch  21 b Henry Birch  21 lic/Hawker

Catherine Birch 23 wife b Exminster, Devon


1871*Torquay County/Island: Devon

Catherine Birch 38

Henry Birch 36 china mender

Henry Birch 4

John Birch 5

Joseph Birch 8

Thomas Birch 9 months


1881 Census*Civil parish: Ryde Isle of Wight Hampshire

Street address: Player St No 3 Alma Place

Henry Birchon 42 b Jersey?,Hawker

Alice Birchon 32 b Exeter, Devon

Edith Birchon1 b Southsea Hants

Ellen Birchon 8 b Southsea Hants

Henry Birchon 12 b Plymouth

Louisa Birchon 9 b Plymouth

Rose Birchon 4b  Southsea Hants

William Birchon b 6 Southsea Hants


1891 Census*Southsea, Hampshire Portsea

 Alice Birchon 41 b Devon Exeter laundress

Edith Birchon 12 Southsea, Hampshire

Ellen Birchon18 Portsmouth Hampshire

Florence Birchon 8 bSouthsea, Hampshire

Julia Birchon 9 b Southsea, Hampshire

Louisa Birchon1 9 b Croydon Surrey

Rose Birchon14 bSouthsea, Hampshire

William Birchon16 b Southsea, Hampshire

Charles Birchon 6 b  Southsea, Hampshire


1901 Census*Portsmouth Ecclesiastical parish: Milton St James

Alice Borchon 45 b Exeter Devon  Private laundress

Charles Borchon  15 b Isle of Wight, Ryde

Florence Borchon  18  b Paris?(British Subject)??

Age is obviously exaggerated above for Alice??

Birch Family 2

The Birch Family

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Edith Birch

Henry Birch