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    Included here are odd thing's I have come across and some people who I may have not connected as yet,

    if you can add any info please contact me thanks.


Death Reg.

Callabury Willett (Collabury)

Estimated birth year:abt 1884

Year of Registration:1908

Quarter of Registration:Jan-Feb-Mar

Age at Death:24

District:Poole (To 1955)



(Also  I found the death recorded at St.Marks Talbot Village Dorset as well)

1908 Death Collabury Willett --St.Marks Talbot Village

This was Collabury Fenner she married James Willett on the Isle of Wight

Marriage was 1905 I have often wondered who she was and why she died so young (I think they had a son )

It seems so sad no doubt her name was derived from Colbury in the New Forest where many Travellers used to stay


I think I have found her on the 1891 Census age 4 which is 3 years out but close enough I think as the death entry said abt 1884? Note the different places of birth ,which just show's how far they travelled!.

1891 Census Tunbridge Kent

Cornelius Fenner 55 head b High Wycomb Bucks Hawker

Caroline Fenner 32 wife b Deptford Kent

Alice Bowers 8 step/dau b Ash Hants

Collarberry Fenner 4 dau b Alford Kent

Mary M Fenner 2 dau b Edmonton, Middlesex


1901 Census Leigh Worcestershire

Cornelius Fenner 62 b High Wycombe

Caroline Fenner 50 b Woolwich Kent Hawker

Alice Fenner 19 b Wadhurst, Sussex

Corberry Fenner 17b  Hatford, Kent,

Cornelius Fenner 9 b Goodham, Kent

Fazenta Fenner 3 b Woodcote, Oxfordshire

Mary M Fenner 12 b Edmonton, Middlesex


I then found the marriage of Cornelius :- (The Sheen family married into many of the local New Forest Romanies)

Cornelius Fenner 1885Oct-Nov-Dec  Tonbridge Kent, Sussex

Caroline Sheen 1885Oct-Nov-Dec  Tonbridge Kent, Sussex


Some Bucklands used the name Fenner as well due to a John (Shippy)Buckland who wed Mary Fenner , who was one of the many children of Joe Fenner a Buckinghamshire gamekeeper and Penelope/Peneley Buckland  christened 1803 at Great Missenden, daughter of Timothy 'Doctor' Buckland, her mother was Mary Hearn ?although as suggested by Chris Melluish this Timothy and Mary are Identical to a Joseph'doctor'Buckland and Mary Newell, another  source from the JGLS also gives the same indication. In 'Jim Haywards' Buckland Family Their Kith & Kin part one , their is alot of information on the various Cornelius's or as they were also known 'Nailey' Bucklands and it would be to much to go into here but suffice to say a earlier  'Nailey' had several partners and some of the children using the mothers name of Smith as well as others ,so you really need the book if you want to know all the ins and outs as I like to put it!

Details of the book are on my book list page.


Marriages* And Baptisms.

Matilda Barney 1912 Apr-May-Jun Fareham Hampshire

Horace Hughes1912 Apr-May-Jun Fareham Hampshire *


Marriage.Harriet Barney to Edward Hughes 1912 Apr-May-Jun   Fareham  Hampshire  


George Barney 1898 Oct-Nov-Dec    Isle of Wight  Hampshire, Isle of Wight  

Daisy Willett 1898 Oct-Nov-Dec    Isle of Wight  Hampshire, Isle of Wight  


Louisa Barney 1913 Jul-Aug-Sep White  Alton  Hampshire  

James White 1913 Jul-Aug-Sep Barney  Alton  Hampshire  


Lavinia Barney 1912 Jul-Aug-Sep Feltham  Winchester  Hampshire  

Gilbert Feltham 1912 Jul-Aug-Sep Barney  Winchester  Hampshire  


Noah Barney 1915 Jul-Aug-Sep Cooper  Alton  Hampshire  

Susan Cooper 1915 Jul-Aug-Sep Barney  Alton  Hampshire  


Chilbolton Hants* Baptism *June 5 1768 John son of William & Elizabeth STANLEY (travellers).

Curdridge Hants* Baptism* 19 February 12 1837 Henry son of Amos & Priscilla THOMPSON - Licensed Hawker


Crofton Hants*Marriage*June 19 1901 James PAGE 20 bachelor Licensed Hawker Crofton & Louisa COLLINS 17 spinster Crofton married after banns both made their mark

Gosport Baptism*October 28 1906 William Charles son of William Charles & Amelia RICKMAN Brockhurst Licensed Hawker Born September 26 1906


Odiham Marriage*1824 William LEE Bachelor otp & Elizabeth HAWKER Spinster otp After Banns in the presence of Richard LEE & Mary GREGORY


Jane Barney (in brackets or Bull)b 1773 wed James Bull *marriage 1794 Gatcombe Isle of Wight.


26/5/1834 Alverstoke Hants.Jane Barney wed Samuel Carter


Gosport St Matthew - Marriage June 13 1855 Henry MITCHELL full age bachelor Chimney Sweep King St Gosport & Emma Mary SMITH full age spinster King St Gosport after banns


 Hartley Wintney Baptism* Sarah daughter of William & Charlotte SMITH born February 11 1885, gipsy traveller, labourer, June 21 1885


 Gosport Baptisms * April 16 1905 Lily dr of James & Louisa PAGE Gipsy Born November 1 1904.


Overton Baptisms* Cicely Ann born June 05 1809, daughter of Barbara AYRES a travelling gypsy baptised November 02.


 Old Basing Marriages*  10 May 1862 George MOSS full age Batchelor Basket maker of Basing & Sarah NORTH full age Spinster of Odiham fathers-  George MOSS Basket maker .


 Wherwell Marriages* Sarah WATERS of full age Spinster Wherwell fathers - William SMITH Labourer & John WATERS Basket maker in the presence of Robert SMITH & Jane ROBINSON ...


 Blackmoor Baptism* December 14 1879 Elizabeth Mary daughter Mark George & Elizabeth HALL of Oakhanger Hurdle Maker.  


 Baptism*May 10 1893 Harriet dau Charles & Tryphena GREEN of Weston Common Vagrant.


 Baptism*May 10 1893 Annie dau Sam & Caroline LEE of Weston Common Vagrant


 1822 Wool Dorset**24 Mar/ Mary daughter of John & Mary Pinfold of Brimpton Berks  Travellers


 Okeford Fitzpaine

23rd June 1816 Henry Burton son of Henry & Mary Barton, Gypsies

28/12/1885 Laura daug of Samson & Amelia Hughes, Travelling Hawker

10/01/1891 Alice daug of Lavinia Hughes, Travelling Woman

17/12/1895 Janet daug of Lavinia Hughes, Travelling Woman


 Often you come across the so called "King or Queen of the Gypsies" which in most cases just refers to the eldest living member of a particular  clan ,and often most Romanies you will talk to do not admit to a King or Queen at all but throughout history and recorded as such are many such  characters listed below are a few such individuals from various sources:-


Robert Hern and Elizabeth Boswell*

Marrried in 1687 in Camberwell and described then as “king and queen of the Gypsies”. Hern may be the same Hern who was chosen as king of a group in Warwickshire in 1673.



The Boswells were for centuries one of England’s largest and most important Gypsy familes. The Boswell clan were a large extended family of Travellers, and in old Nottinghamshire dialect the word bos'll was used as a term for Travellers and Roma in general.


James Boswell*

Is buried in Rossington, near Doncaster in Yorkshire. Langdale's “Topographical Dictionary of Yorkshire” (1822), says:- “In the church yard, was a stone, the two ends of which are now remaining, where was interred the body of James Bosvill the King of the Gypsies, who died January 30, 1708. For a number of years, it was a custom of Gypsies from the south, to visit his tomb annually, and there perform some of their accustomed rites; one of which was to pour a flagon of ale upon the grave.” This is similar to the ritual of “stalling the rogue” mentioned by Thomas Harman and in The Beggars Bush and by Bampfylde Moore Carew. A legend says that Boswell lived in Sherwood Forest helping travellers and Gypsies. Also that his grave was opened some months after his burial so that his black cat could be buried with him, and that a ghostly cat still appears on the churchyard wall. A tradition was reported of annual visits to the grave of Charles Boswell near Doncaster for more than 100 years into the 1820’s, including a rite of pouring a flagon of hot ale into the tomb. This may be same person.


Henry Boswell*

"King of the Gypsies" died in 1760 at the age of 90 and was buried at Ickleford near Hitchin, Hertfordshire at the church of St.Catherine, as were his wife and grand-daughter. Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography of Herts,

Pigot & Co. London, 1839.


 Haniel Boswell*

Was the son of Francis Boswell. He baptised in London in 1583 and titled "King of the Gypsies". His descendants are reputed to include such colourful characters as “Black Jack Boswell”, “The Flaming Tinman” and “Hairy Tom”.


Daniel Boswell*

Is buried at St Helen's Parish Church, Selston Dan Boswell lived from 1737 to 1827, dying aged 76. It is reported that the present gravestone was erected in the twentieth century to replace an earlier one that was decayed. Travellers frequently used nearby Selston Common.


 Louis Boswell*

Was buried in Eastwood church in 1835. In the Burial Register he is described as a “Traveller” aged 42 with a marginal note "This man known as the King of the Gypsies was interred in the presence of a vast concourse of spectators". It is said that Travellers used to travel from far and wide to lay new-born babies on his grave for luck.


Henry Boswell*

The "King of the Gypsies" died in 1824 Stamford, Lincolnshire. Rutland & Stamford Mercury 15 October 1824 p3 column 1




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