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I would like say a big thank you to all the many people who have over the years sent me many certificates in particluar to Annie Cooper,Jamie Cooper, Lesley Doe, Stephen Doe & Mark Hughes (Canada) Louise Isaacs, Jas Mathews, Robert Mathews and Eileen Smith for their kind permission to use the information from their certificates. The 100 year rule to protect folks privacy, will of course be observed unless i am personally given permission by the family member.





(D) After a name denotes Deceased

 "DATE & PLACE OF MARRIAGE" in the marriage certificates could be misleading,

 "DATE & DISTRICT OF REGISTRATION"  Does not necessarily mean the Parish as many parishes can come under the "Registration" District If you want further Information please email me privately .

For example a Marriage could say Boldre when in fact it was east Boldre so please check first.

The District of Registration is taken from the actual certificate and may not agree with the GRO index, we have 2 copies of one marriage certificate, and on one it has Lymington and the other New Forest for the registration district.

                                             REGARDING INFORMATION AND RECORDS

A note on the Information contained on my web site ,whilst care is taken in transcribing census and parish records and other related material at the end of the day we are all human and mistakes can happen!!

Often the writing is hard to decipher and sometimes the clerics them selves have misheard the name or place and entered the wrong name or spelling of it,so one needs to always double check if its your ancestor to be doubly sure the entry is correct and if it is not, as maybe you know from family lore, then please let me know of any corrections that need to be made.

People send in information in good faith and to help fellow researchers and as such would not deliberately send in wrong information, just as the old Rais made many mistakes in the JGLS and in old books where perhaps the oral history handed down by family members may have got confused over the years and thus unless you can back the information up with census or parish entries etc then you must always leave a ? question mark over that particular ancestor till such time as you have more tangible evidence. When newspapers are used or a story I transcribe them as they are written so any mistakes are left in and where possible I try and highlight the correct information if I know it ,the same applies to BMD certificates they are transcribed as written by the registrar and where there is a known mistake it will be highlighted . John my friend who has transcribed the BMD section has come across instances where he has known the father and yet a different name is on the local cert where as on the GRO entry the correct father is named so this is just one Instance of how even official bodies get things wrong ! So the old rule applies where you think its your ancestor and the information differs from what you think it should be there is no substitute for going to the appropriate record office and looking for the entries in the parish registers.

Also as space is limited sometimes the Parish record is shortened for pratical purposes but this in no way affects the necessary Information regarding the entry. Regarding IGI entries where It states "User Submitted" this means a record has been submitted by a family member and not from an original Parish record as transcribed by the

Church of the Latter Day Saints ,however the family member may have gone to the record office their selfs and so I have included them on the records, the onus is on oneself to check your family information by the old trusted hard slog of Microfiche trawling!! at the record offices involved. Or sending for the apropiate BMD certificates.


All records are transcribed in good faith and are as accurate as the Certificate allows we take no responsibilities for any mistakes made at the source. As always this is done for free and at our own expense and time so please expect a typo here and there:))