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Boswell Family 2



The BOSWELLs (BOSVILLE/BOSS) are one of the largest and most well-known of all the British Romany Gypsy families. The family has always been admired for their skills in wagon building and musicianship, and is especially known for their knowledge of horses and horse breeding. They are normally at all the major horse-fairs in Britain and one of the family, Gordon Sylvester BOSWELL (who wrote The Book of BOSWELL - Autobiography of a Gypsy), led the deputation to save the historical APPLEBY Horse Fair when it was threatened with closure by the local councils in 1965.


In the early nineteenth century, the surname BOSS was used instead of BOSWEll by one branch of the family, particularly the descendants of Jack BOSWELL and the Abel BOSWELL branch of the SHADRACK family. The nickname "Kak" or "Kaki" was also used to describe members of the Jack BOSWELL and Vaino BOSWELL family groupings for more than one generation. The Boswells have always given their children unusual and colorful Christian names. which according to various genealogies are male names Theophilus, Taiso, Wester, Anselo, Trafalgar and  female ones include Tieni, Joni, Deloraifi, Louie and Dixie.


Robert Dawson has produced the excellent "The Genealogy of the Romany Boswells" Book and is a must- have if you have a Boswell in the family and even if you haven't its still a very good source for Romany Genealogy as I dont think theres many a Romany without a Boswell connection somewhere in the line!!(To be Continued)

Selected biography:

Axon, William Edward (1909) The BOSWELLs: two Gypsy kings in Journal of the GLS (new series), 3, pp 71-72 held at: SPEC Scott MACFIE J.1.9 BOSWELL, Silvester Gordon and Seymour, John (1973).

The book of Boswell: autobiography of a Gypsy Harmondsworth: Penguin held at: SPEC Scott Macfie F.1.21 (4)

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Christening:  23 APR 1756   Chesterfield, Derby,

Parents:   Father:  GERVASE BOSWELL


Sinfoy  Female    


Parish Records**

Derbyshire, England, Extracted Parish Records

Text: John Heaps, chair-bottomer, & Cinementi Boswell 22 Sep 1828

Book: Derby all Saints' Marriages, 1813--1837. (Marriage)

Collection: Derbyshire: - Registers of Marriages, 1558-1837

Boswell Family 2

Boswell Family 2




Carolinda Boswell Female    

 Birth:  23 JAN 1874    

  Christening:  04 APR 1874   Mobberley, Cheshire, England

 Parents:  Father: George Boswell Mother: Luirena


Sarah Geiania Boswell  Female    

Christening:  19 AUG 1874   Lymm, Cheshire, England

Parents:   Father:  Samson Boswell Mother: Dinah    



Birth:  27 FEB 1861    

Christening:  27 MAR 1861   Mobberley, Cheshire, England

Parents:  Father:  GEORGE BOSWELL   Mother:  LUIRENA


Alga Boswell   Female    

Birth:  14 SEP 1892    

Christening:  06 OCT 1892   Witton Cum Twambrooks, Cheshire, England

Parents:   Father:  Gilderide Boswell   Mother:  Anne Norah Boswell  


Snowey Boswell  Female    

 Christening:  23 JAN 1889   St George, Altrincham, Cheshire, England

Parents:   Father:  Sampson Boswell Mother:  Dinah


Dinah Boswell  Female    

 Christening:  16 NOV 1892   St George, Altrincham, Cheshire, England

 Parents:   Father:  Samson Boswell  Mother:  Dinah    


Gravolina Boswell  Female    

Christening:  08 JUN 1880   St George, Altrincham, Cheshire, England

 Parents:  Father:  Gilderi Boswell Mother:  Annora