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Buckland Family

Although not in any direct line of my research as such ,the Buckland family did however form many unions with most of the Romany familie's who were in England from very early on in our history.

The reason for a seperate page was because of necessity! as I had so many folks who are descended from Plato and Tennant  and further back ,Timothy Dimiti & (doctor) Buckland and another Timothy(turnip) Buckland that I needed a page at least to cover them!. From various articles in the JGLS and from various family members and also:- Jim Haywards excellent set of books details below.


TRAVELLERS & FAIRKEEPERS (Fom the Cotswolds & Vale Of The White Horse To Regions Beyond)



Part 2 ABRAHAM BUCKLAND & and his Children A4 (32)Pages

Part 3 MANTIS BUCKLAND His Kin and their Associates A4(32)Pages

Part 4 ALIBON SMITH "Some of his tribe" With Addenda/Revisions A4 (36)Pages

Part 5 THE SPURRETTS Their Families & Associates.

Part 6 ADDENDA & REVISIONS to parts one to five(28 A 4 Pages)


Limited number available signed & numbered,soft cover stapled.

(These were a Limited self publication so you would need to check if they are still available)

Excellent Genealogical data for any one with Buckland Ancestors and also Smith's once again! Jim has pieced together the major Buckland Line's and followed through with the many marriages between the Smith's,Shaws and many other Romany families and has also given credit to Terrence Lee where due.


The family that has still to be all connected although its pretty certain that they are as the same names appear in each generation

are the families of Plato and Thennant ,so far I have come across 7 Plato's the earliest being born 1788 also a Pleasant male  ?

b 1744 son of  Emanuel(Mantis Buckland and Aquillla Draper) Emanuel I think being a name that derives from marriage between the Hearn/heron family earlier on(thats another story!!)

Several members of the Buckland and related Stanley families went back and forth to America in the mid 1850's and I have been helped by a family member who sent me this interesting article bout some of the family whilst in the USA.:-


Here is a Paper Report dated 1890 Salt Lake Utah Titled life in a Gypsy Camp


 [Fort Lee]

 Camped on the wooded height back of Fort Lee, just across the river from New York City, It is a novel experience while walking along the Palisades to come suddenly upon the white tents and covered wagons. Views from the Palisades magnificent, see Hudson for miles up and down, metropolis, sail-flecked waters of the sound, rising slopes of Long Island. On a Sunday place becomes picnic ground for toilers ( workers) from New York. Steamers and ferryboats set down their human freights at the little dock all day. Dancing pavilions, refreshment booths, merry-go-rounds well patronized.

It is natural that lovers should find way to gypsies camp, have fortunes told. For rest of week gypsies left pretty much to selves, visit camp Monday and you will find the women washing, dogs and babies rolling on grass, men strolling about grove with short pipes in teeth, eye on horses, men have little to say to strangers, When a boy I knew a Romany named Robert Wells born 1800. I regarded him with admiration, though I thought no doubt he was a rascal, his memory served to introduce me to the Fort Lee gypsies. When they learned I knew old Bob now 90, I was welcomed at once, These Gypsies had been in USA only 4 years The camp consisted of Tenet Buckland [Bucklin] his wife their 5 sons and families in all some group of size 30 persons, with 7 horses dogs a green parrot and excellent road outfit. The youngest son bears name of Plater Buckland probably after his remote ancestor [Plato Buckland] of whom the song relates:


                                                                    Two Romany fellows were banished afar

                                                                    Far away over the dark rolling sea

                                                                    Lasho for robbing

                                                                    And Plato for fobbing

                                                                   The purse of a lady as great as could be

                                                                    And when they came to the far-away land

                                                                   The land that is over the dark rolling sea

                                                                   One came to the Halter

                                                                   But one at the altar

                                                                   Soon married a lady as fair as could be

                                                                   Would you like to know who the lady was?

                                                                   Twas the lady whose purse he had stolen D'ye see?

                                                                   For the chap had an eye

                                                                   Black, witch-like and sly

                                                                   And she followed him over the dark rolling sea.



Buckland is a man of more than ordinary intelligence and talks freely if you win his confidence, I asked if fortune telling is as profitable as before, No he responded with a twinkle , people know too much these days, We are all musicians, we entertain crowds with fiddle, can make $10-20 on a Sunday.

A gypsy can do a little of everything can shoe a horse, doctor a cow, mend a kettle, make baskets, clean a clock, snare birds and rabbits, sell a horse. Men and Women wear good clothes; there's strips of carpet and abundance of bedding in tents, food wholesome, cooking utensils clean, wagons are marvels of strength and convenience. Wagon body widens sufficiently above wheels to admit crossway's of a bunk with springs and mattress. Sleeping compartment in rear, shut off by curtains, forward are seats and lockers surrounding an open space, where in stormy weather a meal can be cooked and eaten in comfort. No people are neater and cleaner in many things than the gypsies.

Always wash table clothes in separate vessels, women careful not to let skirt of dress touch a pan containing food, since it would afterward to be considered unfit for consumption, For months after childbirth the mother is debarred from preparing food, Burial; we bury our dead in a cemetery wherever we happen to be, they are always kind to them. No gypsy would have his dead cremated. Garments of deceased generally burned, family fast, a mother in some instances never eats again the favourite dishes of her son. Religion : You will find gypsies who are roman Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Heathens, Marriage : Intermarriages with non Gypsies do and always will occur while human passions last. But we have our family pride and the Romany whose blood is pure is honored. I had my fortune told before Leaving.



IN 1822


At lower Winchendon Buckinghamshire by Rev T Hayton , John Fletcher was wed to Teanaah Buckland daughter of Edward Buckland, head of a tribe of Gypsies, who have long frequented this part of Buckinghamshire

After the ceremony the party retired to a lane adjoining the village where they part took of a excellent dinner served partly on solid plate & part China. The novelty of such a Banquet attracted a great number of respectable spectators


Article sent in by Sandy Buckland 

 CITY & SUBURAN NEWS August 9th 1886

A band of 26 gypsies from Cornwall, landed at Castle Garden yesterday. The gypsies were as a rule young lusty fellows, dressed In bright colored clothing. Their chief was DAVID BUCKLAND ,  their liutenant  was JAMES STANLEY, of the tribe STANLEY Which owns a large tract of land in Ohio. The gypsies were well supplied with money and were allowed to land at Castle Garden.They were traveling on the White Star Steamship Germanic which arrived yesterday from Liverpool.


 I shan't go into the Genealogies as that would take too many pages ! and for another reason its so complicated !! It twists and        turns through nearly every Romany family there is ! I do have much more info on the family if anyone wants to contact me               privately I will do my best to help. Getting back to the Buckland family that went back and forth to the USA , there seems to be

 some confusion as to exactly how ofetn they did go back and forth! but from what can be gleaned from Passenger Lists and            family information ,plus of course the Census and Parish records. According to the 1881 Census Nelson was born in the USA.


1881* Census, RG11-2217-137-55 Tavistock, Devon.

Tenant Buckland 63 Bristol Somerset Head Hawker

Kesiah Buckland 61 Bath Somerset Wife Hawker

Edith Smith 2 Bristol Somerset Daughter Hawker

Wisdom Smith 33 Bristol Somerset Son in Law Hawker

Nelson Buckland 23 America  Son in Law Hawker

Betsey Buckland 38 Bristol Somerset Daughter Hawker

Henry Buckland 17 Truro Cornwall Son Hawker

Plato Buckland 15 Plymouth Devon Son Hawker

Moses Buckland 14 Dartmouth Devon Son Hawker

Esther Buckland 13 Kingsbridge Devon Daughter Hawker

Betsey Buckland 16 Truro Cornwall Daughter

Eliza Buckland 6 Plymouth Cornwall Granddaughter

Anne Buckland 18 Bodmin Cornwall Granddaughter

Sophy Smith1 Birmingham Granddaughter

Nelson Smith 3 Weeks Callington Cornwall Grandson

In Caravans Pethericks Ground Bannerock St."


1891* Census, RG12-1807-32-10 St Germans, Cornwall.

Thennant Buckland 41 Oxfordshire Trav/Hawker (Gipsy)

Kezia Buckland 36 DevonshireWife

Edif Buckland 28 Bristol   Daughter

Nelson Buckland 30 St Austel, Cornwall Son

Thomas Buckland 26 United States  Son Hawker

Henry Buckland 23 Bodmin, Cornwall Son

Betsy Buckland 21 Newquay, Cornwall Daughter

Esther Buckland 18 Dartmouth, Devon Daughter

Moses Buckland 16 Torquay, Devon Son Hawker

Treskelly Bridge in Caravans."


1901* Census, RG13-2189-87-34 St Stephens, Cornwall,.

Nalson Buckland 46 N. K. Head Horse Dealer

Bessie Buckland 50 N. K. Wife

Ayne Buckland 22 Holsworthy Devon Daughter

Jane Buckland   19 Plympton, Devon Daughter

Edith Buckland 17 Liskeard, Cornwall Daughter

Jamie Buckland 14 United States Son

Moses Buckland 12 United StatesSon

Willie Buckland 7 Yealmpton Devon Son

Caravan & Tent, Village Green."


1881* Census, RG11-2186-56-1 Yealmpton, Devon.caravan

Plato Buckland 40 head NK, Oxfordshire  Horse dealer

Betsy Buckland 38  NK, Devon Wife  

Genty Buckland 17  NK, Cornwall Daughter   Brush Hawker

Joshua Buckland 15  NK, Cornwall Son  Brush Hawker

Sophia Buckland 13  NK, Devon Daughter   Brush Hawker

Keziah Buckland 11  NK, Somerset Daughter  

Tryphena Buckland 9  NK, Warwickshire Daughter  

Caroline Buckland 7  NK, Cornwall Daughter  

Eliza Buckland 4  Devon   Daughter  

Selina Buckland 2 Mnths  Yealmpton, Devon Daughter  


                            Buckland : Marriages


James buckland  M Amelia Lee 1851 Exeter

Ann Buckland  M James Harris 1864 Taunton

Nelson Buckland M Betsey Smith 1874 Plymouth

Jenty Buckland M William Penfold 1887 Plymouth

Sophy Buckland M James Penfold 1887 Plymouth

Moses Buckland M Genty Stanley 1891 Tavistock

Henry Buckland M Harriet Penfold 1896 Plympton Devon

Eliza Buckland M Nelson James 1899 Liskeard

Alfred John Buckland M Emily Faith Smith 1901 Plymouth

Pheobe Buckland M Alfred Jago 1901 Tavistock

Thomas Buckland M Lilly Jeffery 1901 Tavistock

Arthur Buckland M Elizabeth Bebe 1903 Taunton

Jane Buckland M Fred Stone 1903 Taunton

Ann Buckland M William Cooper 1904 Kingsbridge

Carrie Buckland M Henry Cooper 1905 St Austell

Jim Buckland M Pheobe Stanley 1908 Totnes

Jenty Buckland M Fredrick Searle 1909 Kingsbridge

Mose Buckland M Jenny Stanley 1910 Kingsbridge

Leanor Buckland M Thomas westlake 1910 Liskeard


1851* Kilmerston Somerset

Thomas Buckland 54(JEFFS)(First wife a Buckland)

Sarah Buckland   (Also a previous union with a  Buckland)

Edith Jeffs 18 Niece

Misselle Buckland 17

Platen Buckland 13

Matthew Buckland 6  ( Jeffs )

(Thanks to T LEE for additional info )11/2/2009


1881*St George, Gloucestershire

Occupation:Furniture Warehouseman

Address: 19 Green Bank Rd

Mathew Jeffs Head 35 Oxford City, Oxfordshire,

May A Jeffs Wife 34 Ludlow, Shropshire,

Thomas J Jeffs Son 9 St Philips Bristol, Glo

Henry J Jeffs Son 7 Wells, Somerset,

William Jeffs Son 5 St Couthbert Wells

Elizabeth Jeffs Daughter1 St Georges, Gloucestershire,

Buckland 3 Buckland4 Buckland 2

Buckland Family