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Buckland's Page 4


 1851* parish: Wargrave  All hawkers  Adress London road (thats where Queen Victoria spoke to the Cooper Family) County/Island: Berkshire


Cynphia Buckland 53 b Stron, Oxfordshire

Celina Buckland 4 b Wolvercote, Oxfordshire

Edina Buckland 21 b Claydon, Warwickshire

General Buckland10 b Longworth, Berkshire

William Howard 40 hd b Wantage, Berkshire* Hazard not Howard checked image and also have Hazard from other records.


Ann Williams 8  b Chippenham, Wiltshire

Emma Williams 20  b Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire

Job Williams 14  b Whatley, Oxfordshire

John Williams 25  son b Greys, Oxfordshire

Mary Williams 22  b Lambourn, Berkshire

Sarah Williams 12  b Taxbury, Gloucestershire

Sophia Williams 45  hd b Wantage, Berkshire

Sophia Williams 18  dau b Bagley Wood, Berkshire

William Williams 21  b Binfield, Berkshire


1861*ParishHarlington County: Middlesex

Aaron Buckland 30

Amadine Buckland 5

Danenaus Buckland 5 days

Metinia Buckland 23

Spencer Buckland 9

Thomas Buckland 2


1871*Census, RG10-2165-65-30 Silverton, Devon.

Richard Stanley  40  Dunterton, Gloucestershire Hawker

Ellen Stanley  35  Neerlaine, Oxfordshire Wife  

Megglie Stanley  14  Taunton, Somerset, Daughter  

Unity Stanley  10  America, New York   Daughter  

William Stanley  9  Taunton, Somerset,  Son  

Lee Annie Stanley  5  Taunton, Somerset,  Daughter  

Betsey Stanley  3  Knightsbridge, Devon Daughter  

Road Side, Caravans, Camped with James & Mary Stanley.


1881*Census, RG11-2179-66-7 Halwell, Devon.

Richard Stanley  53  Gloucestershire,   Travelling Gipsey

Ellen Stanley wife 46 Northamptonshire,

Thomas Stanley  24 son Taunton, Somerset, Trav Gipsey

John Buckland  22  America  Son in Law  Trav/Gipsey

Richard Stanley  11  Prawle, Devon Nephew Trav/ Gipsey

Unity Stanley  21  America    Daughter   Trav/ Gipsey

Phebe Buckland  20 Somerset DauTrav/Gipsey

Halwell Village, Caravans."

1901 Census*  Winchcombe  County/Island: Gloucestershire  

Parrs Farm Field :Caravans.

Henry Ayers 53 b Oxford  steam roundabout proprietor.

Priscilla Ayers 43 b Birmingham

Bertie Ayers 7son b Bishampton, Worcestershire

Florrie Ayers 12 dau  b Yarnton, Oxfordshire

Henry Ayers 19 son b Peterborough Engine driver(roundabout)

Rhoda Ayers dau 16 b Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire

Plato Buckland 22 nephew b Birmingham asst in roundabout.

Elijah Sanders 32 boarder b Witney Oxford




JOSEPH BUCKLAND Christening: 10 JUL 1796  Eynsham, Oxford, England



  Nancy Buckland   Female  

 Birth:  About 1789   Horley, Oxford, England

Marriages:   Spouse:  Japheth Smith  


 Harriet Buckland  

 Birth:  About 1792   Horley, Oxford, England

  Marriages:   Spouse:  Wisdom Smith



 Christening:  12 MAR 1786   Aston Rowant, Oxford, England (SAME PLACE AS EDWARD & DIANAS KIDS BAP?)




Marriages:   Spouse:  JOHN STANLEY  

  Marriage:  02 MAR 1807   Saint Giles,  Oxford, England



   Christening:  19 APR 1801  Oakley, Buckingham, England

Parents:   Father:  HENRY BUCKLAND    Mother:  MARY    


1890 3 Mar *Marriage

Buckland Elderia Spouse Henry Black

Spinster aged 21 of Boldre. Father John Smith a strolling player.St John the Baptist Boldre Hants



Buckland Penelope1/1/1882/Thomas & BritanniaTinman of Hook Common Newnham Nately Scures Hampshire

Buckland Nelson1887 29 Jan/Thomas and BritanniaDealer of NewnhamNewnham Hampshire

BucklandTrifenia1890 16 Feb/Thomas and Brittania Dealer of NewnhamNewnham Hampshire


Buckland Zene1892/ 31/ July /Thomas and BritanniaTinman of Hook Common Newnham Nately Scures Hampshire

Buckland Thomas1895/16/ Jan/Thomas and BrittanniaTinman of Hook Common Newnham. B 03 /12 /1894/ Nately Scures Hants

Buckland Britannia1897 3 Jan/Thomas and Britannia Dealer of Newnham. Born 01/ 12 /1896 Newnham Hants

Buckland James1899 /1/ Jan/Thomas and BritanniaTinman of Newnham Hants

Buckland George Roberts1900/ 2/ Feb/Thomas and Britannia Dealer of Newnham Hants

Buckland Irene1904/28/ Feb/Thomas and Britannia


Mivella Buckland-christening:24 February 1833 BLOXHAM,OXFORD

father:George Buckland mother:Sarah


Teana Buckland

christening:22 November 1835 Buckingham,


father:George Buckland mother: Sarah Buckland

Buckland's Page 4