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The Buckland family seem to have gone back & forth to America .


Passenger list 1820-1957 Liverpool England Queenstown Ireland.

Arrival date: 9th August 1886

Destination : Leeds USA Ship : Germanic Port of Arrival : New York                                                                          


Thos Buckland born 1826 American aged 60 (M) ( Tennett)

Kegar Buckland born 1832 American aged 54 (F) ( Keziah)

Betsy Buckland born 1865 American aged 21 (F) (Betsey)

Henry Buckland born 1865 American aged 21 (M)

Hester Buckland born 1867 American aged 19 (F)

Plato Buckland born 1869 American aged 17 (M)

Moses Buckland born 1875 American aged 11 (M)

Nelson Buckland born 1855 England aged 31 (M)

Betsey Buckland born 1855 England aged 31 (F)

Eliza Buckland born 1875 England aged 11 (F)

J Buckland born 1883 England aged 3 (M)

Jeft Buckland born 1885 England 10/1/2 mths (M)

T Buckland born 1881 England aged 5 (M)

I am thinking that Nelson's children listed here are actually all daughters not sons after Eliza there was Anne ( called Tianne would explain the T) then came Jane ( would explain the J) then came Leanor ( in some Census called Edith very similar to Jeft,

(She was known to family as Leanor (personal notes from from Sandy)

I know that they had a daughter Leanor born ABT 1884 Liskeard,I am certain this is also Jeft, I think person who took names couldn't decide how to spell it.

As in later Census the first male child is Jamie born 1887 in USA, then Moses 1889 USA, which fits when they are in America, then last child William George, who  died young in 1907 and was born in UK

Thos & Kegar are Nelson parents ( Tenant) Tennett & Keziah Buckland


Also traveling with them were :

Tenant daughter :Edith Buckland and her family

Wisdom Smith born 1849 aged 37 England (M)

Edith Smith born 1855 aged 31 England (F) ( Buckland)

Sofia Smith born 1880 aged 6 England (F)

Nelson Smith born 1883 aged 3 England (M)

Nathan Smith born 1885 aged 10mths (M)


Also a family of Stanley but hard to read their names:

Stanley aged 50 Labour ( could be William)

Margeret Stanley aged 50 Wife

Megieley aged 21 (F) Spinster

Ragley aged 19 ( F) Spinster

Richard aged 17

John aged 10

Sophia aged 10

Henry aged 10



Departure date : 28th June1904 Ship : SS Carpathia

Port of Arrival : New York


Nelson Buckland aged 65 born 1839 EnglishLast Residence : PlymouthOccupation : Horse dealer

Final Destination : ( going to see his Wife in New York, & Sister ? Mrs Betsey Wells Farm near Dayton Ohio)

States had been in 1896 to USA*

Plato Buckland aged 11 mths born 1903 English (he is son of Moses & Jennie)

Last Residence : Plymouth Final Destination : Dayton Ohio ( ticket paid for by father)

Thos Buckland aged 40 born 1864 American ( had deformity of eyes impaired vision )Occ : Horse dealer

Final Destination : (Sister Mrs Betsey Wells Dayton Ohio)

Fabre Buckland aged 40 born 1864 American ( wife of Thos)

Carry Buckland aged 22 born 1882 American (single) (F)

Phyllis Buckland aged 17 born 1887 American (single)(F)

Francis Buckland aged 14 born 1890 American (single) (M)

Thomas Buckland aged 11 born 1893 American (single) (M)

George Buckland aged 7 born 1897 American (single) (M)

Annie Buckland aged Enfant born 1903/4 (F)

Henry Buckland aged 38 born 1866 English Horse dealer (brother of Nelson) (sister Mrs Betsey Wells)

Harriet Buckland aged 39 born 1865 English (Henry Wife)

Betsey Buckland aged 4 Born 1900 English

Esther Buckland aged Infant 1903/4 English

Moses Buckland aged 32 born 1872 English (brother of Nelson) Horse dealer(sister Mrs Betsey Wells)

Jenny Buckland aged 30 born 1874 English (wife of Moses)

Mark Buckland aged 8 born 1896 English

Nelson Buckland aged 7 born 1897 English

Henry Buckand aged 6 born 1898 English

Nelson Buckland aged *45 born 1859 English Horse dealer (going to see his daughter Mrs Betsey Wells also Dr wrote Senility on state of health)  

Mary Buckland aged *43 born 1861 wife English ( Dr states Senility on Health)

( I have tried to read image and it is 95 and 93 which would make sense of the Doctor's remarks ie Senility?

  Returning to family in USA

1910 Census New York Perinton Monroe East Rochester Township

Tinnet Buckland born 1832 Head 78  married for 49yrs/1861 marriage in England Father

Kissar Buckland born 1839 Wife 71 England Mother

Henry Buckland born 1863 Son 47  married for15 yrs/1895 England

Harriet Buckland born 1869 Wife 41 England

Bessie Buckland born 1897 Daughter 13 England

Esther Buckland born 1901 Daughter 9 England

Plato Buckland born 1905 Son 5 New York

Plato Buckland born 1870 Son 40   married for 22yrs/1888 England

Priscilla Buckland born 1865 Wife 45 England

Sadie Buckland born 1891 Daughter 19 England

Anna Buckland born 1892 Daughter 18 England

Mark B Buckland born 1895 son 15 England

Tennet Buckland born 1896 Son 14 England

Kissar Buckland born 1898 Daughter 12 England

Garney Buckland born 1901 Daughter 9 England

Jennie Buckland born 1901 Daughter 8 England

Josh Buckland born 1905 son 5 New York

Moses Buckland born 1873 Son  37  married for 18yrs/1892 England

Jennie Buckland born 1874 wife 36 England

Mark Buckland born 1893 son 17 England

Nelson Buckland born 1894 son 16 England

Henry Buckland born 1896 son 14 England

Thomas Buckland born 1898 son 12 England

Plato Buckland born 1903 son 7 England

Pricecella Buckland born 1907 Daughter 3 New York

William Buckland born 1909 son 1 New York

Also with them were family :


Lillie Large  Born 1889 Wife 21 6yrs/ 1904 England

William Large born 1882 Head 28 England

Dorothy Large born 1907 Daughter 3 New York

Barbara Large born 1909 Daughter 1 New York

More information : From Sandy.

All the Senior Buckland men were Horse dealers.

Tennet & Keziah Buckland say they came across in 1861 also state they have 4 sons now the one I think that is missing is our

own Great-Grandfather Nelson Buckland who married Betsey Smith as he returned to England with his own family and died 2 years earlier in 1908 in Kingsbridge Devonshire. Mark & Nelson Buckland sons of Moses were both labouring where they lived.

Kissar (Keziah) Buckland was down as Fortune Teller. All said they could read & write ,The Large family had no occupation or connection to Buckland's that I know of. I have been told that Tennet & Keziah Buckland are buried in New Jersey there is a cemetery just across the Hudson river from New York that was mostly used for Romany  burials called Grove Church Cemetry.


The other thing is there are several daughters missing as of yet no idea where they are could be still in UK and married

Marriages :For People on this Census :-

Henry Buckland – Harriet Penfold 1896 Plympton St Mary Devonshire

Moses Buckland – Genty Stanley 1891 Tavistock Cornwall


  Info from USA Records from Sandy

Valentine Stanley ( M) born 1855 England in1920 USA Census with spouse Caroline in Bristol Massachusetts

There is a Valentine in 1861 Census Bath & Wells Kilton Somerset

Thomas Stanley born 1801 aged 50 Gloucestershire Bristol Horsedealer

Sarah Stanley born 1791 aged 70 Trowbridge Wiltshire

William Stanley born 1829 aged 32 Blacktawton Devon

Pheobe Stanley born 1827 aged 34 Chewton Mendip Somerset

Valentine Stanley born 1852 aged 9 New York Baltimore USA

Samuel Stanley born 1854 aged 7 Healing USA

Sarah Stanley born 1856 aged 5 Ohio USA

Thomas Stanley born 1860 aged 1 Pitsburg USA

Levi Stanley born 1849 England wife Maryresidence in Bristol Massachusetts in 1900 & 1920

Caroline Stanley 4th August 1884 died March 1970 Massachusetts aged 86

Caroline Stanley 2nd September 1880 died January 1964 Massachusetts aged 84

George Stanley 30th October 1971 died August1962 Massachusetts aged 91

Harold Stanley 24th September 1899 died February 1977 Massachusetts aged 88

Leonard Stanley 14th January 1901 died June 1994 Massachusetts aged 93

Burt Stanley 1st March 1887 died November 1974 Massachusetts aged 87

Rose Stanley 3rd September 1888 died May 1984 Massachusetts aged 96

Kate Stanley 2nd February 1882 died June1963 Kentucky aged 84

Harry Stanley 1st December 1879 died May 1966 California aged 87

David Stanley 6th October 1873 died April 1967 Massachusetts aged 94

Florence Stanley 15th June 1894 died March 1981 Massachusetts aged 87

Doris Stanley 3rd February 1898 died October 1969 Maine aged 71

Vincent Stanley 17th December 1876 died January 1976 Massachusetts aged 100

Howard Stanley 2nd January 1904 died January 1963 Massachusetts aged 59

Hilda Stanley 23 March 1899 died 17th August 1994 California aged 95

Charles Stanley 17th June 1895 died August 1979 California aged 84

Ellen Stanley 4th February 1880 died January 1963 Massachusetts aged 83

Herbert Stanley 12th August 1892 died March 1986 Massachusetts aged 94

Ellen Stanley 18th March 1897 died 12th January1992 Massachusetts aged 95

Edith Stanley 19th July 1884 died May 1968 Massachusetts aged 85

Frederick Stanley 9th September 1883 died January 1963 Oregon aged 80

Margaret Stanley 21st february 1891 died June 1972 Massachusetts aged 80

Carrie Stanley 20th November 1886 died October 1973 New Jersey aged 87

Margaret Stanley 28th August 1884 died October 1980 New Jersey aged 96

Albert Stanley 2nd December 1888 died December 1984 New Jersey aged 96






 The SS  Carpathia

Liverpool to New York 25th June in 1888 (Arrival date)

Plato Buckland horsedealer aged 45 born 1843

Betsey Buckland aged 43 born 1845

Joshae Buckland aged 24 born 1864 (M)

Salina Buckland aged 24 born 1864 (F)

Raisa Buckland aged 19 born 1869 (F)

Juphinie Buckland aged 11 born 1877 (F)

Carolina Buckland aged 9 born 1879

Eliza Buckland aged 7 born 1881

Karralina Buckland aged 5 born 1883 (F)

Tom Buckland aged 3 born 1885

Betsey Buckland aged 8 1/2 mths born 1887

All English born

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