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Full List of Passengers on the 1856/7 SS kangaroo  to USA


H Stanley                 30 England  born 1827

Mrs Stanley             20 England  born 1837

Matilda Stanley       36 England born  1821

Jas Cooper             27 England born 1830

Mrs Cooper            29 England born 1828

John Cooper            3 England born 1854

William Cooper        1 England   born 1856

Margaret Stanley     50 England born 1806 ( mother of James Stanley)

Betty Stanley           10 England  born 1846

Unity Stanley           20 England born 1836

James Stanley         21 England born 1835

Cornelius Cooper    27 England born 1830

Fanny  ?Cooper      28 England  born 1829

Isabella Cooper       61 England born 1796

Margaret Stanley     27 England born 1830

Pershlia ? Stanley     1 England born 1856

Tenant Buckland      26 England born 1831     Died in 1924 USA aged 93

Keziah Buckland       25 England born 1832     Died in 1913  USA aged 81

Nelson Buckland         1 England born 1856    Died in 1908 UK aged 51

Sophia Small            50 England born 1807

Plato ? ditto              7 England born 1850

Eliza   ditto            13 England born 1844

Joshua    ditto        10 England born 1847

Cornelius Hicks         29  England born 1828

Mary Hicks      31 England born 1826 ( sister of Benjamin Skinner Stanley)

Morris Hicks                  6 England born 1851

William Hicks                 3 England born 1854

Lennia ? Hicks              1 England born 1856

Hugh Hicks                    36 England born 1821

Trinity  ? Hicks              36  England born 1821

Rosa Hicks                      8 England born 1849

John Hicks                       6 England born 1851

Thos Hicks                      4 England born 1853

Joshua Hicks                   3 England born 1854

Peggy Hicks                    2 England born 1855

Britannia Hicks                1 England born 1856

Thos Stanley                 49 England born 1808

Betsey Stanley              45 England born 1812

Joshua Stanley             11 England born 1847

Richard Stanley              8 England born 1849

Thos Stanley                  9  England born 1848

Phebe Stanley                7  England born 1850

Henry Stanley                 4 England born 1853

Phylis Stanley                 1 England born 1856

Plato Buckland         18 England born 1839  ( Brother to Tenant Buckland )

Matthew Stanley              37 England born 1820

Martha Stanley                36 England born 1821

Martha Stanley                  8 England born 1849

John Stanley                     6 England born 1851

Thomas Stanley                4 England born 1853

Valentine Stanley              3 England born 1854

Jas Stanley                       1 England born 1856

Sophia Stanley                50 England born 1807

John Stanley                   17 England born 1840

Eliza Stanley                    38 England born 1819

Lantelia Stanley               14 England born 1843

Mary Stanley                      1 England born 1856

Eliza Stanley                       1 England born 1856


All the names in bold type I know about, I would like to know who the others are and what relationship to others on this list,  can anyone connect to any of these persons


Abit more information about above persons : Levi Stanley , who's father was Owen Stanley & mother Harriet Wordon, her parents were Fanny Stanley & John Wharton

 Married Matilda Joles, her father was Ephraim Joles all from England


 They came form Reading Berkshire area  to USA in 1856 with families.

 The extended families of Levi  Stanley can be found in  New York,IIIinois,Mississippi, Tennessee,, Arkansas, Ohio.

Levi Stanley & Brother Benjamin Skinner Stanley came over to USA in 1854 went back in 1856 to get their parents returned to USA

Benjamin Skinner Stanley married Mary Hicks

Elizabeth Skinner Stanley  (Sister of above)married Cornelius Hicks

 The Hicks family settled in Masshusetts USA

If anyone can help me to connect this huge family would be appreciated the main thing is I don't know if they all stayed in USA or returned to England.


My own family above the BUCKLAND some did stay, some came back to England .I know Tenant & Keziah  Buckland and several of their children  went over came back again  many times.

Last time they went to USA was in 1904 on the  SS Carpathia they then stayed there and died in USA buried in Grove Church Cemetery New Jersey.

I have found relations in USA to confirm this and  USA Census records that show the family  were in 1910 & 1930 in USA

Tenett & Keziah Buckland first child was Trypena born 1852 St Blazey Cornwall, she must have died as no mention of her on this passenger list.

 They then had a daughter Edith Buckland born 1853 , she married Wisdom Smith in Bromsgrove 1872, she died in 1891 27th July aged 38 buried in Honiton Devon, puzzled she isn't mentioned on list either.

Nelson Buckland who is listed was my Great grandfather he married Betsey Smith 1874 Plymouth , her father was James Smith .

 Nelson went again with Tenant & Keziah to USA in 1886 on the SS Teutonic , ( another passenger list I must try to get a full one ) then returned about 1890 , the reason I say that date is because my grandfather Jim & his brother Moses were both born in USA 1887 & 1889

When he returned his family settled in Kingsbridge Devon and  he died in 1908.




A lovely Lady Sandra Buckland has sent the information regarding the Buckland family, and passenger list's and would like any help in connecting any family members, and any more information you folks out there may have .Hopefully Sandy can piece all the missing pieces together .Sandy has also sent in some lovely family pictures thanks Sandy your a star!!(All photos copyright of the owner)



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       Bucklands/USA by Sandy Buckland

       Bucklands/USA by Sandy Buckland

       Bucklands/USA by Sandy Buckland