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Despite the JGLS (Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society) and the articles they printed by their members among which were of course some of the well known "Rai's" of the period one of which wrote a Interesting snippet of Information which would otherwise unless handed down by family lore would not have been known as to its validity I have in this instance no reason to doubt it unlike some Information and article's which are Inaccurate and contain errors (although not intentional just genuine errors or sometimes the information given by the Romany the Rai's spoke too was deliberately misleading?)


In this instance an article by Eric Otto Winstedt caught my eye as it involved a member of the "Windsor"Cooper family of which over the years has proved both interesting and at times very frustrating with so many close /cousin marriages and duplication's of names etc and more than one partner and often close kinship relationships.

As many will already know that Merrily Cooper who partnered Issac Joles, who from various articles and also looking at parish records and the family in them appears to be a non Romany in fact a stonemason from Wiltshire , this was covered years ago so no need to mention this again.


Winstedt who was speaking with Druscilla Joles  daughter of Richard Joles and Jane Wells and thus the gran-daughter of Isaac and Merrrily quite a long article i will just put the info pertaining to Isaac and the Cooper's.

He describes Druscilla as a charming old lady with distinctly Gypsy features, but so nearly blind she kept mistaking him for a Gypsy.


(This is a good example of doing research to check facts as she says she is 95! but then added she was born the year the Queen was crowned!.) he goes on to say if the year on her headstone is correct which is most likely then she was in fact overestimating by 10 years ( she died Oct 25th 1929 age 94).

With Druscilla lived the youngest of the family, Genti,  unmarried like all the sisters   ,unfortunately she was out when I visited the quarry in which their vans and huts were,and i did not see her .


Isaac himself was a Wiltshire stonemason, who took to travelling when he married Merily(sic) Cooper.

Smallpox seems to have played havoc with some of her near kindred , as Isaac, according to Druscilla hearing of it rode miles up the Country without resting on the way and brought back Lushi and Seth Cooper and their sisters,whose parents had died.

He then slept for a fortnight to recuperate! ( Think artistic licence or Druscilla exaggerated the story )

These children he brought up and , Lushi had three wife's at the same time each in a seperate tent (think  this is later when Lushi was old enough we knew of 2 ) (Lushi was Elisha Cooper was baptised in Evershot, Dorset on 3 April 1818, son of Henry and Eseabe Cooper)  More here ( http://americanromanichals.webeden.co.uk/#/cooper-family/4529898142)


Of the Joles gravestones Winstedt mentions at Yatton are AS Follows:-


In memory of Isaac Joules April 10th 1841 age 70

Sacred to the memory of Caroline daughter of Richard and Jane Joules died Aug 24th 1862 age 19.

Also of Cldarjar(sic) (Probably Eldoraia) sister of the above ,died May 23rd  1863  age 24.

In memory of Richard Joules diied March 1st 1867 age 56.

In loving memory of our dear mother Jane Joules who passed away on Dec 9th 1898 aged 92.

In memory of William Joles who died Feb 11th 1874 age 3.

In loving memory of my dear sister Druscilla Joules eldest daughter of R&J Joules died Oct 25th 1929 age 94 Years.

In loving memory of our dear father Henry Joules died March 11th 1929 age 96.


The article also mentions Druscillas's brother Josiah who she referred to as called "Jo" and had much to say about him but Winstedt says some was unfit to print ! . ""He married a Stanley , daughter of a Jim Stanley who drowned at Totnes when running away from someone he did not want to pay, If true , it is an odd coincidence that he should have been drowned at the very place Joshua Stanley ,King of the Gypsies of the West Country,was found dead in the water in 1856.

In his case death was due not to drowning, but by strangulation,though the murderer was never discovered.


Josiahs wife seems to have died quite young and the article mentions Druscilla saying that "uncle Jo got up to some bad things" and that after some dissagreement and his failings being loudly proclaimed through the village they were passing through by a gadje he had fallen out with , and though there seems never to have been any threat of prosecution,Jo  found himself boycotted, and migrated to America ,taking with him the whole of the Cooper tribe. (3rd Dec 1949 ) E.O.Winstedt.


Note's** Genty Joules death was registered 1941* Name:Genty Joles/Death Age:84::Weston-super-Mare


Western Daily Press

Aged Weston Gipsy Woman's Death

Saturday, 2nd November 1929

A gloom has been cast over the picturesque little gipsy encampment which nestles in an old disused quarry off the main Bridgwater road between Uphill and Bleadon, near Weston-super-Mare, by the death of Druscilla Joules, one of the few remaining members of the Joules family which has been associated with North Somerset for centuries.


Druscilla was said to have been over a hundred years of age, but actually she was ninety-eight. She came to the Bleadon settlement nearly sixty years ago, and so long back as the eighties of the last century she had the appearance of an old crone. In the days before the encampment was more or less 'modernised' she was frequently to be seen, sitting before the camp fire, smoking a short clay pipe.


The grandfather of Druscilla Joules was famous throughout the West country a hundred years ago, and it was believed, too, that he possessed the 'evil eye' and had the power of 'overlooking' people or casting a spell of bad luck or misfortune over them. But actually, old Isaac Joules was a genial, kindly hearted soul.



Joseph (Josiah) Joles died 22 may 1934 East Moine Rock Island Illinois -aged 88


Joseph married again in America to Adelia Joles Broadway ( b 1847 Exeter England ) (Assuming same Josiah)

Marriage 18th July Des Moines Iowa

Joseph Joles ( b 1844 Clapham England)

Groom parents Richard Joles & Janes Wells

Bride parents Jesse Jones(Joles) & Maria Boswell

Jones I think is Joles see below*

1880*Sangamon County, Springfield, Illinois USA


In the 1930 Census for Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois

Joseph is described as a Widow ?

(On his death record 1934 says Married>?)

Oc weaver of Basket's and Emigrated 1870 .

His death Name:Joseph Joles/Birth Date: 14 Apr 1846

Birth Place: England-Death Date: 22 May 1934

Death Place: East Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois, USA

Cemetery: State Hospital Cemetery












(Photo https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/132206808#view-photo=104512641)



Jesse Joles, age 75, b. England, Tinsmith /Parents b. England

Wife: Maria Joles, age 74, b. England, Parents b. England

Daughter: Martha Broadway, age 32, b. England

Daughter: Louisa Scamp, age 12, b. England, Parents b. England  

Daughter: Isabell Broadway, age 8, b. Virginia, Parents b. England

Daughter: Matilda Broadway, age 7, b. South Carolina

Daughter: Moulla? Broadway, age 5, b. Georgia

Son: Oliver Broadway, age 3, b. Georgia

Son: William Broadway, age 1, b. Illinois


UK, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960 Name Joseph Joles /GenderMale Horse dealer

Age 53/Birth Date abt 1846 ---Departure Date 21 Oct 1899

Port of Departure Southampton, England/Destination Port New York, USA/Ship Name St Louis  /Master F W Passow


Joseph Joles age 50 Basketmaker with a John Cooper age 11 appears on the ship  Campania **1898* Port of Departure:New York, New York, United States (Obviously a return visit)

Arrival date: Jul 1898 Port of Arrival:Liverpool


Liverpool to New York 9th August 1856 - Jacob A Westervelt

Henry Jones...(Joles).....42 b 1814 England

Mary A.............40 b 1816 England

Ephraim............18 b 1838 England

Louise ............16 b 1840 England

Seth...............14 b 1842 England

Sophia.............12 b 1844 England

Walter.............10 b 1846 England

Mary................8 b 1848 England

Elizabeth...........6 b 1850 England

Manttia.............4 b 1852 England


Henry Warton.......34 b 1822 England

Ester..............27 b 1829 England

Medila..............5 b 1851 England

Massella............4 b 1852 England

Olive...............3 b 1853 England






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