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Doe/Jeff/Cooper Families  click to enlarge Image

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Bill scott &loui doe

Doe/Jeff/Cooper Families  click to enlarge Image

Bill Scott & Louie Doe on left & right Joby & Biddy Doe & Family Alton Hop time

John Francis Doe


Please bear with me as I have only just started my web site and am still in the process of adding new material every day I have a large amount of data on the Doe/Jeff/Cooper/Barnes/Barney and Keets family as they are local Romany families and form part of my line of reseach and so it will take a while to get it all up on the site please keep looking as I do add info daily.

 The above pictures kindly given me by Steve doe and Eileen Smith and Annie Cooper( used with their permission)

 It would seem the first time  the Doe family were recorded in the Census for Dorset was 1881, where they were camped in tents with Walter Jeff and  family (who were in Dorset earlier as shown below) however, the Doe family were in Dorset long before 1881 and interestingly using the same alias as used by the Jeff family as " Ananias Doe was born 26 May 1850 at Gipsy Camp, Gallows Hill Bere Regis, Dorset" the same place as the Jeff family were camped in the 1871 Census,of course they could have been here before, but annoyingly in earlier Census when the enumerator wasen't obliged to put the details of Gypsies or Travellers so there is at the bottom of the page a tantalizing entry like "30 Gypsies camped along the roadside"or "6 men 6 women 23 children" in open air "Gypsies" so maybe they were among them?. Remember transcribed as THEY spelt it.

1861 Census., RG9-1339-24-11 Canford, Dorset.(This was a good find by John Russell)

 Ananias Burden 43 Downton, Wiltshire, head   Umbrella Maker (strange as Mathew was a Bland and Naomi a Jeff?)

 Naomi Burden 40 Ashelton, Wiltshire Wife (why were they using the Burden name ?could it be mistaken for Burton?)

 Phebe Burden 16 Chosley, Berkshire Daughter

 Walter Burden 14 Pelley, Hampshire Son  Umbrella Maker

 Ruth Burden 12 Morton, Berkshire Daughter

 Silas Burden 9 Woolsbridge, Dorset Son

 Ancelina Burden 7 St Giles, Dorset Daughter

 Ananias Burden 2 Redlynch, Wiltshire Son


 1871 Census, RG10-1997-62-26 Bere Regis, Dorset.

 Walter Juif 26 Not Stated Head   Bee Pot Maker

 Eliza Juif   22 Not Stated Wife   Bee Pot Maker

 Oliver Juif 9 months Son

 At Gallows Hill under Tents, an encampment, Camped with George & Eliza Green."

 1881 CENSUS.Tents Redhill Common   Place Kinson, Dorset  Public Records Office Reference RG11  Piece / Folio   2094 / 48   Job DOE  Head  M 27 Wiltshire Cane & Chair Mender  

  Dorcas DOE  Wife 26 Woods, Hampshire    


 Walter JEF  Head  M 34 Lymington Basket Maker    (Walter was in Canford Dorset in 1861 under the name of Burden or?Burton)

 Eliza JEF  Wife  M 32  South Upton        

 Louisa JEF  Daur 11 Cowes, Isle of Wight    

 Walter JEF  Son  9 Southampton        

 Jane JEF  Daur  6  Alton, Hampshire        

 Job JEF  Son 4 Netley, Hampshire    

 John JEF Son 1 Netley, Hampshire  

1901 Census, RG13-1038-89-14 Holdenhurst, Hampshire.(Then in Hants but now in Dorset)

Henry Doe  36  Beech Hill, Berkshire  Head  Licensed Hawker

Patience Doe  23   Ringstead, Berkshire  Wife

Alice Doe  4  Turgest Daughter  

Patience Doe 3  Bramley, Surrey Daughter

Henry Doe  11Mths  Sunningdale Surrey  Son  

In a Tent on Holdenhurst Common, Camped with John & Louisa Sherwood, Henry Barney, George & Rose Cooper, Job & Jane Doe, William & Edith Doe."

1901 Census, RG13-1038-89-14 Holdenhurst, Hampshire.

John Sherwood 40 Wooton, Hampshire Head Licensed Hawker(This was actually John Barnes who wed Louisa Willett)

Louisa Sherwood 41 Portsmouth Wife

Horace Sherwood 23 Petersfield, Hampshire Son     Licensed Hawker

Annie Sherwood 19 Wimborne Pitts, Dorset Daughter   Licensed Hawker

Mary Sherwood 14 Holdenhurst, Hampshire Daughter   Licensed Hawker

John Sherwood 11 Pokesdown, Hampshire Son

Walter Sherwood 10 Longham, Dorset Son

Daisy Sherwood 9 Wallisdown, Dorset Daughter

Paul Sherwood 8 Park Gate, Surrey Son

Rose Sherwood 4 Midhurst, Sussex Daughter

Amy Sherwood 1 Holdenhurst Hampshire Daughter

Milly Sherwood 2 Mths Holdenhurst, Hampshire Daughter

1901 Census, RG13-1038-89-14 Holdenhurst, Hampshire.

Job Doe   25   Hampton Court, Middlesex   Head   Licensed Hawker (son of John Doe and Mercy Lee)

Jane Doe  24  Copythorne Hampshire  Wife   Flower Seller (nee Jeff)

Mercy Doe  6   Bransgore, Hampshire daughter

John H Doe 3 Longham, Dorset   Son

Amelia Doe  2  Kingsley, Hampshire   Daughter  


Settlement examination of Henry Doe 27/2/1843,resident of the New Forest Union workhouse Eling and chargable to the parish of Lyndhurst in that union.

Age 23 in 1841 he married Elizabeth Gritt by whom he has 2 children james age 2 and henry age 2 months.(Lyndhurst Overseers accounts)*

Lyndhurst 1843 :Francis Doe of Hordle Labourer ,touching the settlement of Henry Doe,father of the said Henry Doe who is legitimate and was born at Farnham, a settled inhabitant of Hordle 4 years ago he brought 4 acres of land at Hordle from Mr Prowder,solicitor of Cranborne for £163. And occupied it for 3 years and paid poor rate for 3 years, and built a house and lived there for three years,and that Henry Doe was living with him and was single under 21. Last Michaemas he sold the land and bought a house and land at Hordle and has lived there the last 8 years.


  1843 :-Henry Doe ,Elizabeth his wife and children james 2,henry 8 months removed from Lyndhurst to Hordle