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Devon & Somerset Family Connections

 The West Country Families obviously have many connections to the Dorset and Hampshire Romanies as well as Wiltshire and Berkshire, all bordering one another these families were travelling back and forth and married into each other's families many times .A good example being the Penfold /Orchard/Davis/Hughes/Saunders and many more ,so I will try and give a brief outline and various snippets to illustrate this.


 During the course of my research I have come across many lines that have have criss crossed from one family to anoyther many times and in the course of this also various names they used for example in the 1871 Census for Chipstable Somerset Robert Hughes along with his wife Sarah Davis were using the surname Jones (another Romany family also connected) the following 1881 and 1891  they are using the Hughes surname again it is the same family as the childrens names and ages all match up,see below :-


Some of the main families who seem to have centered in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall but also Dorset and all the bordering

Conties are, Burton/Isaacs/Penfolds/Small/Orchards/Hughes/ Davis to name a few, and as they married into one another many times it can be very confusing when trying to pin point what "Noah" or Leonard belongs to who! The Hughes and Penfolds were also in Dorset and Hampshire as well and seemed to travell all the South west Counties but I have also found them in London at times no doubt visiting relatives in the big Gypserie's at Wandsworth or Battersea . Like some of the Small family who settled in Devon and yet were at some point in the Channel Islands!so you really do have to search all Counties and even Countries for your folki!!


1871 Census RG10-2359-42-17 Chipstable Somerset.

Name       Age Birthplace               Relationship

Robert Jones 52 Honiton, Devon, Head Travelling Gipsies

Sarah Jones 48 Gloucestershire, Wife

Charles Jones 25 Chard, Somerset, Son

Robert Jones 20 Curry Rival, Somerset Son

Joey Jones 16 Honiton, Devon, Son

Tilly Jones 12 Devon, Daughter

Fiance Jones 10 Devon, daughter

Vashty Jones 7 Bishops Lydeard, Somerset Daughter

John Jones 6 Wellington, Somerset Son

Lenard Jones 3 Honiton, Devon, Son

Sarah Jones 1 Williton, Somerset, Daughter

Caroline Radman 28 Somerset, Daughter

Henry Radman 5 Langford, Somerset, Grandson

in Tents, Old Way."


 1881 British CensusDwelling: Hawkwell Cross 2 (Caravan)

Census Place: Dulverton, Somerset

Source: FHL Film 1341567    PRO Ref RG11 Piece 2358 Folio 63    

Robert  HUGHS   M   60   Honiton, Devon, Occ: Licensed Hawker                                          



                                                                                                                                              The Jones family Dorset (Courtesy Philpot Museum Lyme Regis

Sarah HUGHS M    58  Rel: Wife  Occ: Licensed Hawkers Wife

Robert HUGHS  U  son  28  Langport, Somerset  Occ: Basket Maker

Joseph HUGHS son  U  26  Honiton, Devon  Occ: Basket Maker

Tilla  HUGHS  dau  U  22     Taunton, Somerset,  

Fiance HUGHS dau U  20   Honiton, Devon

Bashte HUGHS dau  U 18  Taunton, Somerset

John  HUGHS son U      16  Wellington, Somerset Occ: Basket Maker

Lenard HUGHS 14 son   Honiton, Devon  

Sarah HUGHS dau 11   Wellington, Somerset    

Robert PEARCE  M  52 Taunton, Somerset  Lodger Occ Decorator

Henry C. OATEN 39 Taunton, Somerset Rel Lodger Occ Decorator


1891 Census, RG12-1677-20-11

Name                     Age   Birthplace                 Relationship    Civil parish/County

Hughes Robert       69    Honiton, Devon           Head              Aylesbeare Devon

Hughes Sarah        63    Gloucestershire          Wife                Aylesbeare Devon  

Hughes Joseph      36     Gloucestershire         Son                 Aylesbeare Devon  

Hughes Leonard    24     Offwell, Devon           Son                 Aylesbeare Devon

Hughes Sarah        21    Wellington, Somerset   Daughter       Aylesbeare Devon.

 As yet I have been unable to locate the above family in the earlier Census ? has anyone ?if so maybe you can help me further :-

The Jones family who  married into the Hughes family were obviously already connected and seems why Robert above was using the surname in 1871.

 Robert Jones b 1851 was the son of Robert jones and possibly Diana Bull I found a marriage for them in 1847 Newbury Berks,however Robert also had another later Bull wife who was with him in the 1901 Census:- Update**i now think this is another Robert and not the same one as was with Keziah Bull!!  the Robert Jones aka Hughes was married to Sarah Davis so help anyone??

1901 Census, RG13-1119-6-3 Baughurst Hampshire.

Robert Jones 83 Bucklebury, Berkshire Head Hawker

Keziah Jones 61 Salisbury, Wiltshire Wife Hawker

Stoney Heath  Kingsclere."

Son of Robert above married Priscilla Hughes in 1872 Binstead Hampshire see Census below:-


 1881 Census, RG11-2093-62-35 Wimborne Minster.

Robert Jones 35        Not Known Head Gipsy  Hawker

Priscilla Jones34       Not Known Wife Gipsy  Hawker

Susan Jones 8          Not Known Daughter Gipsy

Rhoda Jones 6          Not Known Daughter Gipsy

Charles Jones3         Not Known Son Gipsy

Diana Jones 1          Not Known Daughter

William Jones16        Not Known Servant      Hawker

Tent, Barnsley Drove


 1891 Census, RG12-951-113-5 Wield, Hampshire.

Jones, Robert 38 Bucklebury   Head Dealer

Jones, Priscilla 39 Cranbourne    Wife

Jones, Susan 17 Binstead, Hampshire Daughter

Jones, Rhoda 15 Stoke                    Daughter

Jones, Charles 13 Cranbourne     Son                          

Jones, Diana 9 Wield, Hampshire         Daughter    

Jones, Priscilla 5 Wield, Hampshir        Daughter    

Jones, Robert 2 Wield, Hampshire       Son


1901 Census, RG13-1099-120-5 Wield, Hampshire.

Robert Jones 47 Baughurst, Hampshire Head  Genl Dealer

Priscilla Jones 49 Blandford, Dorset         Wife         Hawker

Susan Jones 27 Binsted, Hampshire   Daughter   Hawker

Rhoda Jones 25 Chichester, Sussex    Daughter    

Priscilla Jones 15 Chertsey, Surrey Daughter            

Robert Jones 13 Wield, Hampshire Son            

Henry Jones 6 Wield, Hampshire Son        

Edward Hughes 25 Sherborne, Dorset nephew     Deaf & Dumb."


 1851 Census., HO107-1878-12-17 Plymouth St Andrew.

Name           Age Birthplace Relationship Occupation

Moses Small 50 Dorset,         Head Tinker

Cinderella Small 50 Dorset,  Wife (Nee Cooper)

Jonas Small 22 Dorset,     Son  Basket Maker

Moses Small 13 Somerset, Son

Uriah Small 11 Exminster       Son

Gully Small 9 Devon,    Son

Henry Small 7 Devon,  Son

Angelina Small 5 Devon, Daughter

Kinity Small 3 Devon,       Daughter

Louisa Small 1 Mnth Devon, Daughter

84 Stonehouse Lane


 1881 Census, RG11-2165-46-28 Wolborough, Devon.

(They also had a Henry b 1857)married Cinderella)

 (not shown is Joshua b 1863 wed Patience Orchard)

Moses Small 44 Taunton Head Horse Dealer        

Caroline Small 44 Honiton, Devon Wife  Brush Dealer

Sophia Small 24 dau Newton Abbot (Married George Silmon)

Margaret (Marcella) Small 17 Plymouth Dau (mar William Voisey)

Louisa Small 16 Plymouth, Devon, Dau(mar William Hutchins)

Market St Caravan No 1, Next to Henry & Cinderella Small."


 1891 Census, RG12-1682-9-12 St Thomas, Devon.

Small, Moses  56 Taunton, Somerset   Head   Horse Dealer

Small, Caroline  55  Wellington, Somerset    Wife

Small, Eliza   8  Newton Abbot Dau (wed/ Henry Stanley)

Small, Naylor  16 Torpoint, Cornwall  Son  

Small, Moses  15  Newton Abbot, Devon  Son

Small, Belcher12  Newton Abbot Son (Mar/ Patience Orchard)

Small, John    9  St Thomas, Devon   Son

1901 Census, RG13-2038-7-6 St Thomas, Devon.

Name           Age Birthplace   Relationship Ocupation

Moses Small 65 Taunton, Somerset, Head  Horse Dealer

Naylor Small 29 Darpont, Cornwall Son  Horse Dealer

John Small 20 St Thomas Exeter Devon Son  Horse Dealer

Eliza Silmon 15 St Thomas Exeter Devon Granddaughter

Princess St North, Exeter.

 RG11-2358-112-14 Huish Champflower Dulverton Somerset

Edward aged 40 born 1841 Pitminster

Sophia aged 34 born 1844 NK

Affiana aged 14 born 1867 NK

Sarah aged 12 born 1869 NK

Peter aged 11 born 1870 NK

Henry aged 10 born 1871 NK

Samuel aged 4 born 1877 NK


1871 census RG10-2167-70-11 Langford green In Vans

With Edwin Orchard is family also Orchards

Thomas Orchard 39 Hawker of brushes & baskets b Salisbury Wilts

Charlotte  33 Wife born Devizes wilts

Ann S         8 Culmstock Devon

John           5  Pitminster somerset

Defiance   3 Dalwood Devon

Edwin        1mth Wellington somerset

(This is Edward Orchard who married Christiana Woodley Hunt)

Edward Orchard born 1795 Baydon Wiltshire  1881 Census RG11-2363-9--11In Culmstock Hillmoor Wellington Devon

Widow aged 86 Basket maker ( on his own)Edward Orchard 1796-1888 died aged 92 Wellington Somerset


1861 CENSUS*RG9/Vans, Gillingham, Wiltshire

James Isaacs 38 Licensed Hawker All born Dorset Marnel?

Trinity 36 Licensed Hawker

Henery 16 Licensed Hawker

Jane 14 Licensed Hawker

Allace 12

Delia 10

John 8

Mary 6

Betsey 4

Lewesa 3

Victoria 1

Anna 4mo

Henery Isaacs brother 36 Licensed Hawker

Harriet 30

James 3?

Caraline 4

Ellen 2


Could "Marnel" be Marnhull, Dorset? In 1851 theres an Edward Isaacs, age 29 Matmaker b. Dorset Marnhull, a prisoner in North Street County Prison, Lewes, Sussex. Brother of James and Henery maybe? HO107/1643 Folio 482 Page 61


1871* Penselwood Somerset

Agusta Isaacs 2 b Penselwood, Somerset

Annie Isaacs 10 b Purse Caundle, Dorset

Delilah Isaacs 21 lic/hawker b Everton, Dorset

Elizabeth Isaacs 18 b Mere, Wiltshire

James Isaacs 48 Horse dealer b Broad Hinton, Wiltshire

John Isaacs 16 b Sturminster, Dorset

Louisa Isaacs13 b Bere Regis, Dorset

Mary Ann Isaacs15 b Penselwood, Somerset

Morris Isaacs 7 b Penselwood, Somerset

Sampson Isaacs 5 b Penselwood, Somerset

Thomas Isaacs 9 b Bourton, Dorset

Tranet Isaacs 47 b Thatcham, Berkshire

Victoria Isaacs 11 b Bourton, Dorset


1881 CENSUS*Penselwood Somerset

James Harding 77 Harwell, Berks F/ IN LAW Pedler (widow)

Arabella Isaacs 20 pedler

Augusta Isaacs 12 pedler

Delilah Isaacs 30 pedler

James Isaacs 59 b Broad Hinton, WiltshireHorse Dealer

Janet Isaacs 57 Horse Dealer Wife

Mary Ann Isaacs 25 pedler

Morris Isaacs17 Horse Dealer

Samson Isaacs15 Horse Dealer

Thomas Isaacs19Horse Dealer


1891 CENSUS.Stoke Trister : Somerset


Frederick Askett17 Lodger b Gillingham, Dorset

Annie M Hicks8 gran/daughter b Newbury, Berkshire

Augusta Isaac 22 b Leigh Common Somerset

James Isaac69 b Broad Hinton, Wiltshire

Janet Isaac67 b Thatchem Berks

Samson Isaac25

Devon & Somerset Family Connections