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NOTE **Sometimes on the Baptism's by the side is the abode or where the parents were from and then example

Binstead ,so the place directly after the Bap is not necessarily  the place of baptism where posssible I will put both.


Doe Thomas1769 19 Feb bap Francis & Ann travellers East Clandon, Surrey

Doe Joanna1787 14 Oct bap Francis and Elizabeth Pauper vagrants  SuttonSurrey

Doe Francis1818 30 Apr bap Francis and Amelia From Andover,

Doe Elizabeth1820 5 Mar bap William & Mary Traveller Weston Patrick HAM

Doe Alfred1836 18 Sep bap William & Naomi Travelling Man Crondall, Hampshire

Doe Susan1849 1 July bap Jane Doe & John Gritt Sweep Eversley, Hampshire

Doe Olive 1858 12 sept bap to William and Naomi  Binstead abode Lymington Hants Tin Ware Maker.

Doe Olive1864 4 Sep bap Alfred and *Anne Selina Doe basket maker Farnham, (*Ann Selina nee Heron or Jeff)

Doe Ocean1867 8 Sep bap*Golias and Mary ann Doe LabourerFarnham, SRY(*Golias also found under Elias /Lias)

Doe Caroline1871 17 Sep bap Nehmiah & Ruth Doe Binsted, HAM (spouse nee Jeff)

1st Sep/1872 Mary Ann Doe to John and Louisa traveller no fixed abode chair maker b 4/12/1871 West Worldham

Doe Edith1873 21 Sep bapGolias and Mary ann Hawker Farnham, SRY

Doe Henry1874 30 May bap John Doe & Mercy SmithTravellers Eversley, Hampshire

Doe Zambra1878 14 April bapCharles & *Sanfoy Gypsy Weston Patrick HAM (*This was Cinderella lee)

Doe Job1878 15 Sep bap John and Louisa basket maker Binsted, HAM

Doe William1879 4 Aug bap William & *LouisaGipsyYateley, Hampshire (*Louisa nee Smith)

Doe Elsie 1882 1 June bap William and LouisaFrom Bristol, PedlarBotleys & Lyne, Surrey

Doe General1884 28 June bap Charles and Cinderella DoePedlar Botley & Lyne, Surrey

Doe John1884 3 March bap Goliath & *Mary Ann Doe Gypsy Shepperton, Middlesex(*Mary Ann neeDraper)

Doe Bertie1886 19 Sep bap Amelia Doe Hop picking Binsted, HAM

Doe Andrew1887 2 Feb bap William & CinderellaDoe Gypsies Eversley, Hampshire

Doe Ellen1889 1 June bap William and Louisa Doe Pedlar Botleys & Lyne, Surrey

Doe Ethel1891 27 Sep bap Nehemiah & Ruth Hop picking, labourer Binsted, HAM

Doe Charley1892 20 Jan bap Charley & Cinderella (alias Sinfer)Vagrant Weston Patrick HAM

Doe Job1894 11 June bap Charles and Cinderella PedlarBotleys & Lyne, Surrey

Doe Rose Beatrice1895 28 July bapJohn & LouisaTravellerPyrford, Surrey

Doe Alice1896 6 Sep bap Henry & *Patience Gipsy Kingsley, HAM(*Patience nee Pateman)

Doe Jane1897 1 June bap Charles and CinderellaPedlar Botleys & Lyne, Surrey

Doe Elizabeth1897 13 Jun bapAlbert & CarolinePea picker Pyrford, Surrey

Doe Annie1898 18 Sep bap Alfred & *Nora DoeHop picking Binsted, HAM(* Ann Nora nee Driscoll)

Doe Willie1898 26 Jun bap William & EdithTraveller Pyrford, Surrey

 Doe Henry 1899 17 Dec bapCharles & SinfhyTraveller Yateley, Hampshire

Doe Annie 1899 6 Mar bap Job & CarolineTraveller Pyrford, Surrey

Doe Bertie 1900 30 Sep bap Albert & RebeccaLabourer Pyrford, Surrey

Doe Ocean 1901 22 may bap *Elias and RebeccaPedlar Botleys & Lyne, Surrey(*poss Golias)

Doe Rosie 1901 4 Aug bap William & EdithLabourer Pyrford, Surrey

Doe Elsie 1902 22 June bap Alfred & AnnieLabourer Pyrford, Surrey

Doe Walter 1902 23 Feb bap Albert & RebeccaLabourer Pyrford, Surrey

Doe Bertie 1903 11 Junbap Job & *Caroline Doe. Pyrford, Surrey(*Caroline nee doe dau of Nehemiah&Ruth)

Doe Walter 1903 28 Jun bap Walter & DoraPea picker Pyrford, Surrey

Doe Clara 1904 18 Sep bap Albert & CarolineLabourerBinsted, HAM

Doe Albert1904 3 Apr bap Alfred & Annie Labourer Pyrford, Surrey

Doe Agnes Louisa1905 10 SepbapHenry & PatienceA travellerBinsted, HAM

Doe George1905 10 Sep bap William & Edith Labourer Binsted, HAM

Doe Dorothy Dean1905 18 Jun bap Job & Caroline Labourer Pyrford, Surrey

Doe Violetta1905 28 May bap Walter & Dorothy Labourer

Doe Nelson 16 sept to Henry and Patience West Worldham (hop picker)b 21 july

Doe Charity 16 sept to Job and Jane West Worldham (Hope Picker)b 18 feb

Doe Britannia 16 sept 1906 to Francis and Alice Doe West Worldham b 28 january (Hop Picker)

Doe Cornelius1906 11 Sep bap Joseph & Selina A traveller Binsted, HAM

Doe Reuben1908 21 May bap Walter & DoraLabourer Pyrford, Surrey

Doe Oceana 1910 11 Sep to Job and Jane West Worldham (hop picker)b 1 january.

Doe Mary Britannia1910 15 May bap Nelson and Deborah Hawker Ash, Surrey

Doe Ameelina 1912 23 Jan bap Bert & Elizabeth Labourer Pyrford, Surrey

Doe William1912 23 Jan bap Walter & Dorothy Labourer Pyrford, Surrey

Doe John 1912 15 sep to Henry and Patience West Worldham (Hop Picker)

Doe Edwin 1912 15 sep to Doe Job and Jane West Worldham (hop picker)

Doe Job 1914 5 sep to Henry and Patience West Worldham (hop picker) b 22 August

Doe Emily Richender 1914 6 sept to Job and Jane West Worldham (hop picker) b 18 Feb

Doe Brittania 1917 1st  July to Henry and Patience (from Christchurch Hants)Travellers -Locks Heath

Doe Annie 1917 1st July to Nelson and Deborah(from Odiham)  Traveller --Locks Heath

Doe Brittania 17 sep 1922 to William and Alice-West Worldham (hop pickers)

Doe Henry 1924 8 june to Henry and Lena Doe Traveller's  Locks Heath

Doe Lavinia 1936 21 june to Jack and Phobe Doe  *A Gypsy van in Daisy Lane (Hawker )  Locks Heath

FRANCIS DOW Marriages: Spouse: ELIZABETH HEDGES Marriage: 08 NOV 1785 Wimbledon, Surrey, England


*IGI JOANNA DOE Female Birth: 11 OCT 1787 /14 OCT 1787 Sutton, Surrey:Father: FRANCIS DOE Mother: ELIZABETH


Caroline Christening: 02 JAN 1811 Chawton, HampshireParents: Father: Francis Doe Mother: Elizabeth Doe


ELIZABETH DOE Christening: 14 FEB 1808 Wimbledon, Surrey: Father: FRANCIS DOE Mother: ELIZABETH


LOUISA DOW Birth: 20 MAR 1806 Christening: 06 APR 1806 Stoke D'Abernon Surrey/ Father: FRANCIS DOW Mother: ELIZABETH


MOSES DOW Birth: 28 MAR 1804 Christening: 15 APR 1804 Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey: Father: FRANCIS DOW Mother: ELIZABETH


AMELIA DOE Birth: 11 JUN 1808 Christening: 26 JUN 1808 Stoke D'Abernon, Surrey: Father: FRANCIS DOE Mother: ELIZABETH

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DOE BAPTISMS:- (Just a selection from my records)

DOE BAPTISMS:- (Just a selection from my records)