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Dorset Census and Stray Baptisms:-


As it would be almost impossible  to include all my Census Data on this site I will only be putting a few of my South Country finds and the odd interesting entry and in a abreviated form but if you would like look up from my records just email me with your enquiry.

1841 Census, HO107-295-1-29-10 Holy Trinity, Shaftsbury, Dorset,. Little Down."

 John  Wells 44                                        

Malone Wells 34(Mahala)

Diana Wells 13

Jasper Wells 11

Phoebe Wells 10

Charity Wells 7

Walter Wells 5   Dorset

Patience Wells 1   Dorset

1841 Census Winterborn Kinston Dorset

Name     Rel         age    Born in County

Peter  STANDLY  45  Tinker  Yes

Susana  STANDLY   45  Yes

Charles  STANDLY  15   Yes

Charlotte  STANDLY  15 Yes

Selina  STANDLY   14   Yes

Susanna  STANDLY 11 Yes

Emma  STANDLY  8   Yes

Robert  STANDLY  4  Yes

Caroline  STANDLY 1  Yes                                                                                 St. Andrews Church Kinson Dorset

                                                                                                                                many local Travellers were baptised here as l

1841 Census, HO107-287-4-7-7 Canford Magna, Dorset.                       as its sister church St.Mark's Talbot Village

 *                                                                                                                              Below is the Angel Memorial to a well known

Robert Sherwood   25 Dorset      Lab                                                           local Romany Brittannia Keet nee James.

Maria Sherwood   20 Dorset

Annimary Sherwood  7 months Dorset

Henry Sherwood   20 Dorset   Lab

West Howe, Kinson.


1841 Pimperne Dorset :HO107/277

Robert   DAY 43   Travelling pedlar/ b/in/cYes

 Mary   DAY 46   Yes  


Dorset County Gaol, Dorchester 1841(just ones noted Gypsy or Traveller)

Mary GREEN  45 F Higler Yes (all Prisoners)

Martha BOLT 25 F Hawker

Caroline JAMES 15 F Laceworker

Elizabeth HARVEY 25 F Hawker

William ORCHARD 15 M Basketmaker

Thomas MILLS 13 M Gypsy

Joseph MILLS 30 M Gypsy


1851 Census., RG8-1854-68-7 Farnham, Dorset.

 Surname Forename  Age   Born    Occupation

 Barney   Amberline 10   1841     Pupil (gypsy)

 Barney   Britannia   11   1840     Pupil (gypsy)

 Barney   Dangerfill   7   1844     Pupil (gypsy)

 Barney   Henry     8   1843     Pupil (gypsy)

 Barney  Rhoda    11   1840     Pupil (gypsy).


1851 Census. Holy Trinity Shaftsbury Dorset.(Maudlin Lane)

John Wells 50 Pentridge, Dorset  Head Razor Grinder

Nileha Wells 42 Milbrook, Hants, Wife  Pedlar of Brushes

Dinah Wells 22 Lavant, Sussex, Daughter

Charity Wells 19 Ashmore, Dorset, Daughter

Walter Wells 14 Shaftesbury, Dorset, Son

Patience Wells 10 Shaftesbury, Dorset, Daughter

Elizabeth Wells 7 Shaftesbury, Dorset, Daughter

John Wells   5 Shaftesbury, Dorset, Son

Ephriam Wells 3 Shaftesbury, Dorset, Son

Alfred Wells 2 Shaftesbury, Dorset, Son

John Wells 1 Shaftesbury, Dorset, Grandson


1851 Census., HO107-1855-14-21 Canford, Dorset.

James Sherwood 73 Kinson, Dorset, Head Pauper

Henry Sherwood 33 Gt Canford, Dorset, Son       Ag Lab

Knighton Heath,  (Next to Joseph Sherwood.")


1851 Census., HO107-1855-14-21 Canford, Dorset.Knighton  

Joseph Sherwood 60 Kinson, Dorset  Head   AgLab

John Sherwood 35 Kinson, Dorset, Nephew  Ag Lab


1851 Census.HO107-1855-62-13 Kinson,Dorset.(West Howe)

Robert Sherwood 39 Canford, Dorset, Head Lab

M Sherwood 33 Gussage All Saints, Dorset Wife    

A M Sherwood 10 Gussage All Saints, Dorset Daughter  

C Sherwood 9 Kinson, Dorset, Daughter   Scholar

E Sherwood 6 Kinson, Dorset, Daughter   Scholar

A Sherwood 4 Kinson, Dorset, Son     At Home

E Sherwood 1 Kinson, Dorset, Daughter   At Home

H Sherwood 1 Mnth Kinson, Dorset, Daughter


1861 CENSUS RG9 1339(Parish of Kinson)

(really annoying not named!!)

Roadside UNNAMED GYPSY 54 M  

Roadside UNNAMED GYPSY  45 M  

Roadside UNNAMED GYPSY  58  M  

Roadside UNNAMED GYPSY 45 M  

Roadside UNNAMED GYPSY  20 M  

Roadside   UNNAMED GYPSY  38 M  

Roadside;   UNNAMED GYPSY  11 M  

Roadside   UNNAMED GYPSY   25  M  

Roadside   UNNAMED GYPSY   55 F  


1841 Census Pimperne :had note in the schedule 11 gypsies*


1861*Bishop's Caundle

 Priscilla BURTON Head 16 Leather Glover (Gipsies) bWimborne

 Matilda BURTON Sister 14 Leather Glover (Gipsies)b Blandford

Thomas BURTON Brother10 Ag Lab bGoathill?

 Walter BURTON Brother 8 Somerset Frome


Baptisms/Burials& Marriages Dorset*

1799 /July /1st /Leigh Amariah daughter of  BURDEN June 5th A gypsies child . YETMINSTER



Tent in Dark Lane Rebecca COOPER head mar 60 dealer in clothes pins & baskets b Hants

 Susan COOPER granddaur 15 dealer in clothes pins & baskets b Presbury

 Sarah COOPER granddaur 14 dealer in clothes pins & baskets b Devon Gypsies


BAPS*Okeford  Fitzpaine.

1816 15th May John son of James and Susannah Butler Wokingham Berkshire

1816 23rd June Henry Burton son of Henry and Mary Barton Gypsies

FOLKE DORSET*1874 15.2. Athalich HAYTER Charles and Alice Folke Gypsies


1832; 21-Oct; Unity;  Benjamin & Mary WELLS Abbotsbury  gipsy


STOKE ABBOT***1794 April 1 John WORTEN  A gipsy child .


SHILLINGSTONE BURIALS* 1913 Eli FRANKLAN Gipsy Child. 04/07/1913 age 3 months old


LODERS BURIALS*Robert BOSWALL buried 31-Mar 1806 A gipsy


Broadwey*1901 Census:-

Thomas JAMES head M 47 Hawker (Gipsy) Shirley, Hants

 Martha JAMES wife M 50 (Gipsy) bTolpuddle

 Andrew JAMES son  20 Builder's Labourer bGussage

 Laura JAMES dau 17 Gillingham

 Leonard JAMES son 14 Carter on Farm b Blandford

 Elsie JAMES dau 6b Broadwey


Dennis JAMES head W 78 Peddler (Gipsy) born Weston Hants


1777 *WOOL*8 Jun Sabrah daughter of Robert & Jenny Pressly

1777*WOOL *3 Mar Mary daughter of Henry & Exalent Barnet who were travellers

1788*WOOL*24 Feb Susannah daughter of John & Argentine James

1840*WOOL*13 Sep John son of John & Sophia Proudley of Christchurch Hants.  Itinerant Hawkers


Chickerell*BAPTISMS *William son of Thomas & Mary Ann JAMES Gipsey 3 May 1857


23/1/1851/ Delarife Brewer John & Mary BROADWAY Abode " Nowhere! gipsey/ private bap .



03/ Mar/1799* Gilderroy son of John & Faney WORTON



14/6/1865/  Priscilla BURTON; 21; spinster  Holwell :-John BURTON; Horse Dealer.

Witnesses; Robert ANTELL & Matilda BURTON







4516833794_176x261.jpg kinson church 4516751579.jpg 4516751579.jpg

1861 Census. Kinson, Dorset."West Howe."

Robert Sherwood   47 Dorset Kinson       Head     Lab

Maria Sherwood    43 Gussage all Saints Wife

Ann Mary Sherwood 20 Gussage all Saints dau

Alfred Sherwood  14 Dorsetshire, Kinson   Son

Elizabeth Sherwood 11 Dorsetshire, Kinson  

Charlotte Sherwood 9 Dorsetshire, Kinson  

Joseph Sherwood     7 Dorsetshire, Kinson   Son

George F. Sherwood 5 Dorsetshire, Kinson   Son

Robert Sherwood     3 Dorsetshire, Kinson   Son

Ambrose E. Sherwood 2 Mo Dorset Kinson Grandson

Charles Trent  22 Dorsetshire, Winfrith Lodger   Farm Lab


 1871 Census, RG10-1986-77-38 Kinson, Dorset.

Robert Sherwood  56 Canford, Dorset Head Dealer

Maria Sherwood  53 Gussage, Dorset Wife

Alfred Sherwood 24 Kinson, Dorset, Son  Ag Lab

Joseph Sherwood  17 Kinson, Dorset Son  Ag Lab

George Framptn Sherwood 15 Kinson, Dorset Son Ag Lab

Robert Sherwood  13 Kinson, Dorset Son   Ag Lab

Ambrose Edwin Sherwood 10 Kinson, DorsetGr/son Newtown."

1881 Census,Newtown." Kinson, Dorset.

Robert Sherwood 67 Canford, Dorset,Dealer

Maria Sherwood 62 Gussage All St, Dorset Wife

Alfred Sherwood 35 Kinson, Dorset Son Labourer


1891 Census Old Wareham Road. Kinson, Dorset.

Sherwood, Joseph hd  38 Kinson, Dorset Costermonger

Sherwood, Uraniah 36 Sturminster Newton Wife          

Sherwood, Henry 15 Kinson, Dorset Son  Costermonger

Sherwood, Elizabeth 14 Kinson, Dorset Daughter   Scholar

Sherwood, Mary 12 Kinson, Dorset Daughter   Scholar

Sherwood, Annie 9 Kinson, Dorset Daughter   Scholar

Sherwood, Joe 8 Kinson, Dorset Son Scholar

Sherwood, John 7 Kinson, Dorset Son  Scholar

Sherwood, Minnie   4 Kinson, Dorset Daughter

Sherwood, George  2 Kinson, Dorset Son


1901 Census, RG13-1978-5-1 Branksome, Dorset.

Joseph Sherwood 47 Kinson, Dorset Head Tranter

Uraniah Sherwood 46 Sturminster Newton Dorset Wife

Joseph Sherwood 18 Kinson, Dorset Son Tranter's Carter

John Sherwood 16 Kinson, Dorset Son  Tranter's Carter

Priscilla Sherwood 14 Kinson, Dorset Daughter

Nelly Sherwood 9 Kinson, Dorset Daughter

Willie Sherwood 7 Kinson Dorset Son

Frances Sherwood 4 Branksome Dorset Daughter

Ringwood Road, Next to Henry & Annie Sherwood, Walter & Emma Sherwood."




Dorset Census and Stray Baptisms:-