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Grais & Juk's (Horse's & Dog's)


                                                                            The Lurcher


"The versatility of the lurcher is unsurpassed being both a hunter and companion. Possessing the gentlest of nature the lurcher is also a hardy dog able to gallop across country without sustaining injury. Happy at the foot of his master or the tail of a hare.

The lurcher is a silent hunting dog used for hunting and running down game. Usually a cross between a greyhound (sometimes a whippet or saluki) and other breeds. The lurcher is not a breed of dog but a type, produced by customising the greyhound to the specific needs of the lurcher owner.


Those involved with the lurcher are often called lurcherman and the sport they pursue lurcher work or lurchering. The type of lurcher used by individual lurchermen varies according to terrain and the quarry species they hunt.

For instance a lurcherman who hunts rabbits on land where there is plenty of cover might very well opt for a bedlington whippet lurcher, while the lurcherman hunting the same land for fox could very well use a bedlington greyhound or a lurcher.

Lurchermen who choose to hunt rabbits during the daytime often enlist the help of a ferret to chase rabbits from their subterranean refuge once their lurcher has marked, while those who run their dogs at night to rabbit, hare and fox use a powerful lamp. This practice is known as lamping.


Possessing the gentlest of nature, the lurcher is at home in both town or country.

Lurchers are also used to chase hares; a sport known as hare coursing. Many types of lurcher are used for hare coursing but amongst the most popular are the saluki greyhound, deerhound greyhound, three-quarter cross and lurcher to lurcher.

Yet another type of lurcher is the all-rounder. Almost any type of lurcher can be used such as the bedlington greyhound, collie greyhound and the whippet greyhound. The all-round lurcher is expected to hunt, jump, kill and carry game back to hand, in the same way as a spaniel or labrador would. " More details from The Official Lurcher & Staghound Web Site

by Gary Hosker .


Of course the most well known for their dog and Horse skill's are the Romanies, who still breed their animals just as their forfather's did many years ago some thing's never change!! Its still in the blood now ,as it was hundreds of years ago.































The Gypsy Vanner is a breed of horse with its origin among the Irish Travellers, or Gypsies, of the British Isles. In the United Kingdom, it is usual to refer to them as "traditional coloured cobs", or "piebald/skewbald cobs". These horses are also called a Gypsy Cob (USA ), Irish Tinker Horse, (in Germany and Netherlands), Irish Cob, Piebald (in Ireland), or Gypsy Vanner (USA). Bred for strength and docility. The typical horse measures 14.0 - 15. hands.


A proper "Vanner" is a heavy carriage or cart horse heavy enough to pull relatively large loads. The idea of the Gypsy Vanner/Cob being "bred for centuries" is not completely accurate. For as long as Gypsies have been around, they have bred whatever type of horse that best suits their needs. The availability of horses may have contributed to this, as well as breeding different horses to achieve desired results. Thus, the planned breeding of "Vanners" is a relatively new concept.


Because the term "Tinker" is considered a slur by travellers, the term "Tinker Horse" is not generally used by English-speakers to describe the horse.


There is no set color standard for Vanners, although the most common are piebald and skewbald, two variations of pinto coloring. The typical "Gypsy Vanner" or "Drummer" horses are known for their abundance of hair and "feather" (long hair starting at the cannon bone and flowing down over the hooves).


Their build is powerful and compact, with a short neck and back. The chest is broad, the hips are heavy, and the withers are round. They must have what is called a "sweet head", which refers to the balance of the head to the rest of the body. Vanners must also have excellent endurance, and be able to go long distances without tiring.


They are also well known for a gentle, kind temperament suitable for a horse pulling a caravan and frequently around small children. They are sometimes referred to as "golden retrievers with hooves". Because of this, they make good riding and show horses.



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                                       TONKA                                                                                                                               JAZZ

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