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1891 Hartlebury Common

I think this is Sophia age 18 with other traveller's

Name Age(said mothers name Sophia for kids? checked Image and Sarah was a Loveridge not Haskins and Sophia boarder with them just show'show you have to double check! also the Loveridge childrens were down as Haskins!!

Eliza Hasken12 b Leigh Sinton, Worcestershire

Emma Hasken6 bDudley, Worcestershire

Harriet Hasken7 b Stourbridge, Worcestershire

Henry Hasken15 b Shelsley, Worcestershire

Matilda Hasken13 b Chaddesley, Worcestershire

Richard Hasken1 b Hartlebury, Worcestershire

Sophia Hasken 40 hd b Malvern, Worcs (widow)

Thomas Hasken18 b Astley, Worcestershire (so i think he wed Sarah below??

*next to them********

Sarah Loveridge 45 hd wife )then for hubby had ??could'nt see!!) b Oxford, Oxfordshire

John Loveridge son18 tinman wire worker b glos

Ellen Loveridge dau 14 b Hereford,

Sarah Loveridge dau 11 b Mitchell Dean, Glos

Sophia Smith18 boarder b Leigh, Worcestershire

My Friend Tony's Family, who are the Coleman and Hodgkin/Hodgkis/Hoskiss and any variation in between!! which is one reason they are proving hard to find in Census or other records!.Tony's grandad was Tom Coleman who married  Sarah Ann Smith who was known as Sally. Now Tom Coleman's dad was Thomas Hodgkins ?which is where the mystery lie's ? as although we  know Gypsies used many aliases, normally we find it to be either the Mother or grannys maiden name but on this ocasion it does not appear to be the case .Tony's grt grandfather was also a Thomas Hodgkins who he thought married a Coleman ?but as far as I can tell from Census it looks like she was also a Smith as in the 1891 Census Hartlebury Common are the following families:-


Hartlebury Common/Stourport/The Hodgkins          Coleman/Smith & Watton Families

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1891 Hartlebury Common Continued

Betsy Smith 14

Cornelius Smith 50

John Smith 6

Lavinia Smith 8

Rosannah Smith 50

Sampson Smith 11

Silett Smith 9

Wisdom Smith 5

* Annie Smith 3

Eddie Smith 16 son tin man wire worker

Harriet Smith 9

Matilda Smith 4

Moses Smith 42 hd

Tehenney Smith 50 wife


Cornelius Vergall 4/12 (this surname is Virgo)

James Vergall 20

Matilda Vergall 22


William Smith 20 hd

Phoebe Vergall 17


Henry Davis 60





Hartlebury Common/Stourport/The Hodgkins          Coleman/Smith & Watton Families