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Can you Help Name Folk page 2

If you recognise anyone in the photo's below  or if they are from your family please email me thankyou.

Save0001 Save0002 Save0004 Birch(Nov07)005can you namethem from cathay Birch(Nov07)005from cathay help name her

Any help in naming the other folk on the page.


!!Thanks to Jaqueline Down we now know that the two ladies pictured on the left are Fiance Birch 1896-1917

and Harriet Birch 1901-1921 Thanks Jackie much apreciated.


Pictured below LEFT as far as my mother knows is Frank Bull brother of my Mary Jane Bull born 1909 in  gallery 3.But i cant seem to find a birth reg for him.He was at war,which one we have no idea so if anyone knows anything we would be grateful.They were in Gosport in the 1900,s His Dad is George (Mason)Bull 1866 New forest Hants Wilts, His mother is Julia (Kempster)Bull. His grandad is Stephen Bull and grandmother is Eve(mason)Bull;. We are looking for his birth cert please help us anyone. Tracey Bull




Does anyone know who the two young ladies are below ?

All i know is they were with the Bull Family back in the early 1900's Gosport Hants. I really need to put a name to these happy faces. Also underneath this pic on the right is Jane Knight (nee Bull) Can you name the boy stood by her ? Please let me know if you can help Tracy

JaneKnightneeBullwithdadabout6weeksold LeviBoswell

 A lady has sent in this picture who she thinks has Levi Boswell on it can you help Identify them ?

Can you Help Name Folk page 2


 Can you help name the folk in this Photo sent in ?  Its 1950ish and was taken at Thorney Hill Christchurch Hants.I would like to know if anyone can recognise the 4 men at the back the front row is (left to right)Bill Peters.David Hughes (probably)then my dad Bill Wheeler and Alfonso Cooper and Jonny Sherred . Thanks.