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 On this page are Photo's that have been sent to me and are "unknown" can you help Identify them if you can just email

 me the first twp pictures were given to my friend Ken, from the Author G.E.C.Webb who wrote the excellent book

about local Gypsies in Hampshire and Dorset called, "Gypsies The Secret People" and who when a young boy visited, and lived near the "Heavenly Bottom" Encampment which was near to his home at the time in Parkstone .

Ken was only a young boy when he was given the photo's but would love to know who the folks are one of the pictures is the same picture as opposite page 113 in the book, but ken has a better and extended view of the scene.Thanks ken for the Pics. Ken thinks these pic's could have been taken near the New Forest.


Many thanks I now know who these folks are much apreciated and thanks for the folks who posted to let me know.

Can you help Identify any one in the Pictures?

Flower sellers in Bournemouth

New info received from family member !! so as I suspected a earlier picture of the Bournemouth flower girls !!thanks for confirming the details of your folks Mark.


"This is a picture of my grandmother (3rd from the left). Her name is  

Caroline Hughes (nee White). She is possibly holding my father,  

Joseph Hughes.The picture was probably taken in the late '20s. My  

Mother says the others are (from l-r): Aunt Lena ?, Aunt Betsy Smith,  

Aunt Daisy Burton, and though she can't confirm who it is on the far  

right., she thinks it may be Aunt Daisy's daughter who died young  

giving birth.The later picture is as follows:-

This picture is from the late '40s or early '50s. From l-r: Aunt  

Daisy Burton, Aunt Betty White (my Mom's sister), Aunt Violet White,  

Granny, Aunt Sis Holt, and Aunt Betsy Smith.

See below almost the same picture but many years later how amazing!!!


Above picture sent in by Jamie can you help name the folks,jamie thinks


Below another pic from Ken from Kenstrailers site can you name them ?Thanks

4518046772.jpg 4518512171_615x442.jpg 4518750044.jpg HOP-PI~1

Picture with tent; Queenie sherred with sons Leonard Sherred,and William Sherred the older boy is Queenies brother Lesley Huges who has sadley passed away.A loving man who is sadley missed .Queenie went on to have two girls Suzanne and Jane and another son Micheal,Queenies mother was Harriet Sherred and her father was Richard Huges (sailsbury) Thanks to Suzanne for the information on her mother.