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Help Name Folki 3

Dear Site Owner, I have been trying to find out information about my Great Grandparents Alexander and Phoebe Smith but so far have had no luck. I would be very grateful if you would put my attached picture on your website along with my request for help.  The photo shows Phoebe, far left, and the young boy seated far right with his arm around the dog is my grandfather Herbert Smith b 1886. Alexander died in 1896 and I think this photo was taken shortly after. The 1881 census says Alexander was born in Kent about 1841 and Phoebe born in Reading about 1847. They were based in Reading and Phoebe settled in a cottage there after Alexander died. I would dearly love to know who Alexander's parents were and also Phoebe's, or in fact any information about them at all. Hoping you or your readers can help, kind regards Sue. (Picture  underneath the top pic)


   """CAN YOU HELP WITH ANY INFORMATION """ Pictured below top is Alice Stockwell nee Turner sent in by her grt Grandaughter Tina can you help name the children?

Help Name Folki 3

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Alice Stockwell nee Turner Seated


Can anyone help name these three ladies?

oliver turner

Pictured on the  right  is Oliver Turner, He is the father of Edward Turner, if any one has any information or is a descendant please get in touch as another descendant would love any info you maybe able to add to his family tree Thank you.Just email [email protected]