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Herbert Haines

Herbert Haines Author of "Mannings' Amusements" a detailed book about the fairground family.

Herbert Haines

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Dated January 1973 'On the roadside in front of a cafe in Sussex, taken while H.H. was travelling with David Manning who was on his way to look at an old autodrome ride to buy for spare parts.'


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10 February 1973 'Little Clacton, Essex. Burton type showman's caravan


4 August 1974 'Hollycombe, Hants. Showman's wagon


11 August 1984 Knowl Hill near Henley-on-Thames.


11 August 1984 Knowl Hill

This is a 1932 Morris with Tube Shooter Wagon at 1/16 Scale (one sixteenth of the original size) made by Herbert Haines.


One of Herberts Haines' interests is building models of full sized wagons and fairground rides which he has been doing for over 45 years. All the models can be taken apart and and packed into their own trailers. In the background of this photo (behind the yellow vehicle) is a model of a 1921 Phillips built wagon once owned by Tommy Manning of Clacton. It is believed that the original owner of the full sized version of this was Billy Butlin.



12 June 1988 Amwell, Herts.

Mannings amusements: Chronicle of a Hertfordshire family by Herbert J Haines .

Publisher: Herbert J. Haines (1989)

Language English

ISBN-10: 0951542206

ISBN-13: 978-0951542200


This is a 1/16th Scale Autodrome Centre & Car Trucks with Scammell Tractor. There are about 450 parts to the Autodrome model.