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              *( There are allso a few odd baps included from various sources other than at hopping time)*



 Cooper Finetta1797 16 Mar bap Elisha & Tryphena Littleton Middlesex ( Uncle of Matthias Cooper) (Elisha was also known as Elijah and Lusha Cooper)

 Cooper John1799 28 July bap Elisha & Tryphena Old Windsor Berks (Tryphena nee Lovell)

 Cooper Daniel1809 19 Aug bap Elisha & Tryphena Walthamstow, Essex

 Cooper Vashti1811 13 Oct bap Richard & RhodaTravelling gypsies Foxfield Wilts

 Cooper Richard1815 19 Feb bapCharles & Mary Chimney SweepHoly Trinity Guildford Surrey

 Cooper James1820 3 Dec bap James & Jane Chesterfield Street, Labourer Brighton SSX

 Cooper Jesse1823 27 Ap bap James & Harriet Gipsey St Mary Acton MDX

 Cooper  Faurnitty1823 6 April bap Samuel & Florina Ewell Surrey

 Cooper Vanzloe1825 24 April bap Samuel & Florina Brazier Ewell Surrey

 Cooper Trenit 1826 18 Jun bapTom (& Laini Aka Phoebe dau of Ferdinand and Marelli Smith) Horton Buckinghamshire(Tom son of Elijah or Lusha Cooper)

 Cooper Levi1827 18 March bap James & Harriet of Cheam wandering gypsy New Malden Surrey

 Cooper Henry1827 2 Sep bap Joseph & Sarah Travelling persons Froyle HAM

 Cooper Samuel1827 7 Oct bap James & SarahTraveller Bodiam Sussex

 Cooper Robert 1827 13 July bap Daniel & Mary Lewisham (St Mary's)

 Cooper Jane1828 10 Dec bap William and Lydia Wagonner Farnham Surrey

 Cooper Charlotte1828 6 Apr bap James & Jane Thomas Street Licenced hawker Brighton

 Cooper Nelson1829 15 March bap Samuel & Florinia  Eltham Kent

 Cooper Robert 1829 15 Nov bap James & Jane Thomas Street  hawker  Brighton SSX

 Cooper John 1830 7 Mar bap Matthew & Elizabeth Walton on the Hill Surrey)

 Cooper William1831 21 Aug bap Samuel & Florina Upper Norwood Surrey

 Cooper Ambrose1832 12 Aug bap James & Jane Thomas Street Licenced hawker Brighton SSX

 Cooper James1832 15 Jan bap Gerania  Vagrant Banstead Surrey

 Cooper Alfred1832 19 Dec bap George & Martha  

 Cooper Leonard1832 23 Dec bap Francis & Sabina wandering gypsy Surrey

 Cooper Mary 1832 9 Sep bap Matthew & Elizabeth Banstead Surrey(*possible it is Matty Cooper and Eliza)*

 Cooper William1833 26 Jun bap James & Harriet  Kingston upon Thames

 Cooper Francis1837 1 Jan bap Matthew & ElizaTravelling gypsy Cobham, Surrey

 Cooper Alfred1840 1 Oct bap John & Elizabeth Labourer living in Cranleigh Surrey

 Cooper John Holt1841 28 Mar bapThomas & Ann Sweep Godalming, Surrey

 Cooper Matthew 1841 7 Nov bap Matthew & Elizabeth Banstead, Surrey (this could be Matthias and Eliza?)*

 Cooper Leonard1843 10 Sep bap Joseph & SarahTramper Froyle, HAM

 Cooper Harry1843 14 Apr bapThomas & Ann Sweep Godalming, Surrey

 Cooper Matilda1844 15 Sep bap Jesse & Lavinia Newbury travelling brazier Binstead

 Cooper Eliza1844 18 Apr bap Matthew & Elizabeth Banstead Surrey (this I think also Matty Cooper)*

 Cooper Alfred1845 9 Apr bap Thomas & Ann Sweep Godalming Surrey

 Cooper Sarah1849 2 Sep bap Joseph & Sarah Sweep  Croydon SRY

 Cooper George1849 7 Oct bap Edward & Sarah  Hawkhurst Kent

 Cooper Fanny Lemontina1850 23 Jun bap William & Hannah From Lewisham in tent East  Molesey SRY


 Interesting Census for 1851 note the enumerators remarks he had written underneath the entry!!

1851 Census. HO107-1575-569-9 Lambeth, Surrey.

"Name                 Age Birthplace                     Relationship Occupation

Samuel Cooper 56 Eltham, Kent                    Head *

Flora Cooper 60   Beckenham Kent                 Wife          

Nelson Cooper 22 Norwood, Surrey              Son              

Mary Cooper 15   Lewisham, Kent              Daughter  

Daniel Cooper 4 Putney, Surrey                    Grandson

Mary Gosling 19      Camberwell, Surrey           Visitor            

James Emerson 15 Hampton, Middlesex  

Samuel Eve 14      Hampton, Middlesex                

Gipsey Hill                                                                                                              

* This is a Gipsey Family, Emerson & Eve may consider as their servants as they have to look after the donkeys.But I believe receive no pay for this service. The Visitor Mary Gosing I believe is one of the same Tribe."



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