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 The Buckland family were often mentioned by the 'Rais' in the early editions of the Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society

 as well as the Genealogy ,they were also mentioned when they got into trouble as this extract shows:-

 In an Issue of 1909 it was reported that Ocean -wife of Francis Buckland ,of Bullingdon Green,Cowley-had been summoned for assaulting Mary Buckland and that John Buckland-of the same address-had been summoned for  beating and assaulting George Simpson,the father of Ocean and Francis' two adopted children.(Please use scroll mouse at the bottom of the page to see all the content)


 To obtain any of the references or photos you would need to contact the Special collection dept of :-_University of Liverpool :-

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 (JGLS 1922)E.O.Winstedt:- For generations the family of Kunsaleti Smith had been travelling in the area around Ipsden in Oxfordshire ,where the name 'Gonzalletta' is entered in a register: 1837,Jan,10. Gonzaletta,daughter of  Henry and Anne Smith,Gypsies'. he noted that the names possibly spelled wrong by the rector or deliberately given wrong by the parents.


"UNITY second daughter of Henry Locke a Gypsy" was married at Chedworth Church to a Mr George Payne ,late of Terrington. henry was father of Mathew, and so little averse was he to house-dwellers that,though the marriagew took place in a 'Gypsy encampment,' he offered to give a dowry of '500 guineas with each of his two unmarried daughters,provided they married men of good character,and householders.

It may seem improbable that that the Locks,who now travel mainly in and on the borders of Wales,especially North Wales ,should be found so far South as Norwood; but within the memory of the older living members of the family Gloucestershire,still the habitat of Mairik lock's descendants,was the home of all the family; and it was not till the middle of the last century that Mathew and his descendants migrated, first to Shropshire,where some may still be found,and then to North Wales as a centre.

Source [ The Norwood gypsies and their vocabulary,Eric Otto Winstedt,JGLS,2nd Series,Vol.IX,pp.151-152] (This branch of the Locks were originally Boswell according to different sources)



 How wonderful it would be to be able to get copies of all the photo's that are in the 'Special Collections' held

 in JGLS  Archives at the Liverpool University ! here are a few references I noted from the Index in no particular

 order, as some are later dates while others are much earlier references,sometimes there was more than

 one picture and some have letters or notes with them -I have only took some notes not all :-


 (Too many Herron and Woods and Smith pics to name all but I have listed some)


 Susan Doe & Selina Smith -Horton Bucks 3/8/1924

 Children of Alfred Smith -Epsom Downs 25/5/1925

 Samson Herron -Epsom Downs 30/5/1927

 Wilhelmina Herron reading a palm Epsom Downs 30/5/1927

 Harold Lock,Loui Lock and (William Ferguson) and others Wales 9/9/1928

 Reuben Hern and wife Epsom Downs with Sian Lee palmist 31/5/1937

 Freda Lee the palmist Epsom Downs abt 1939

 Relly /Lilly Macfarlane daughter of Oliver Lee and her daughters Nellie and Lillie -Mitchum Surrey 13/8/1939

 Lias Shaw -Epsom 1934

 Smiths ,Cousines and Careys -Springtime Camp in Shenley Herts 21/3/1920

 Render Smith, wife Jemima and kids Walter and Lydia Saffron Green Lane Arkeley Herts -1910

 Shady Smith /Shady and son Shady / Shady Smith and Mrs Shady Smith-St Ives Hunts 1924

 Cetrus Boswell(alis Jack Lewis) son of Thomas boswell(aka Tommy lewis) &Consoletti Smith.Oxford-1935

 Black Joby Smith (son of Mark & and Louisa Smith) age 88 -Oxford-Sep-1935

 Pylis Cooper (nee Draper) wife of Leonard Cooper abt 1910***(Unless a different couple as I have her as a Lee)

 Druscilla,Everilda and Miscetta Smith St Ives Hunts 1928

 Harriet Smith St Ives Hunts 1928 (several of these)

 Omi and Aaron Smith Coldham Lane Cambs 1928

 Old Mrs Smith & Caroline Smith St Ives Hunts -1928

 Harriet(Joe Smiths daughter mother a Loveridge)Wittlesey Wash? &Cambridge 1928.

 Old Bob Mathews & wife and young Bob Mathews Kent Hop picking 1931

 Crimea Smith & knife she made Beford Beds 1924

 Saiery Ann Smith & May Smith making pegs  Surrey 1928(had also Blackwater Flats by the side of the note?)

 Peron Buckley's son  Joe and a Lee girl & family Eastwood Southend on sea 1928

 Noah Lock (alias Boswell) Harry Lock(alias Boswell) & their family with Daisy Lee-Wales June 1914.

 Charlotte Cooper -Epsom- (no date but could be 1925 )

 Patience Chapman nee Cooper  Epsom Downs May 1925

 Gypsy Camp of Coopers &their relations -Redbridge Hants-1953

 Fred Bowers Camp & his relations-Redbridge Hants-1953

 Adolphus Smiths Caravan 1931Lowerstoft Suffolk

 Adolphus Smith and fortune telling tent-Lowerstoft Suffolk 1931(several photos including kettle props and tent)

 Harriet Gray nee Williams age 110 East Anglia 1909

 Mrs Grey nee Smith hop picking Belvedere Kent-1931

 Liza Lee wife of Flashon Lee-St.Pauls  Cray Kent (Hopping)1931

 Penfolds-Emily ,Hilda and Bala (no date England)

 A Gypsy grave, John and RosabellaChilcott and  Repronia Lee (details of grave etc)

 Liberty Stevens ,Charlotte Loveridge,Ruben smith,Lena Buckland & Georgina,Clementina,Clara Loveridge and Singe buckland-Horton Bucks- July-1920

 Mrs Gregory & Mrs Cooper (nee Green) wife of Windsor Frogs,grandson and Infant?1928 Camberley Surrey

 Calvalcade of Herons passing through Brough -West Morland november-1911

 George ,Berti,Rodi (nee Wainwright) & Jim Herron and Wagon -West Morland november-1911

 Mathews family hopping in Kent-1931

 William Jones (cloggy bill) and his family Epsom-1908

 Loveridges-Clara,Georgina,Lena,Clementina Horton Bucks 1920

 Rosina and Rachel Page-Shenley Herts-16/5/1921

 Coopers and Balls from Hounslow-29/5/1921

 Delaila,Leah,Jim,Idadde,Izza and Harold Heron West Morland -1911

 Femi Coleman (nee Boswell) and daughter Caroline West Morland1/11/1911

 Oseri Boswell and his wife .Derbshire-1912

 Wiggi Lee and family and Peter Lee .West Morland -2/11/1911Brough Hill Fair.

 Sweetheart Heron (daughter of Rodi and Noah Heron)West Morland -1911

 Uriah Lovell -Near Camarvon Wales -June-1914

 Jane Monaghan?(nee Lovell)Near Camarvon Wales -June-1914

 Noah Lovell and his sister Jane Monaghan -1914

 Omi Rhodes nee Oadly -Barrett Herts July-1920

 Coopers and Collins-Bookham-Common-Surrey-1923

 Harry Cooper grandson of Borrows "Fighting Jack"-Bookham-Common-1923

 Honour Collins?or Cooper-Bookham-Common-1923

 Albert and Charlotte Smith-Bookham-Common-1923

 Charlotte wife of Jack Cooper and infant-April 1923 Bookham-Common(date must be wrong uness another Charlotte as she died 1878?)

 William Marney -Epsom-Downs-1923

 Dennards-Marneys-and Smiths-Epsom-Downs June-1923

 Rosina Dennad(wrote as spelt) Epsom 1923

 Cornelius Smith's wagon painted by Spyder Price-1957

 Charley Boswell -Epsom-1939

 Sam(butty)Smiths wagon painted by Tom Doran -1962

 English Gypsy-Jasper Petulengro's family -1878

 Sam Smith the "fighting Gypsy" 1910 -Woking Surrey

 Locks alias Boswells-Wales-1914

 Polly and Fezzy(Fisandia) daughters of Neily and Lucy Buckland-Oxford-1910

 Polly Cooper daughter of Tailaitha Cooper-Berkshire-1912

 Render Smith-1912-Arkley Herts.


 A few extracts from the Gypsy Lore Society Journals


5th October 1778 – Bridewell, Hertfordshire

William Bosville and Commerserilla Bosville were passed to their place of settlement –


29th August 1812, Bridewell, Herts

Wisey Mentar Boswell  and Christy Boswell committed for indecent and disorderly behaviour


9th November 1880:-Baptised - John, illegitimate son of William Curtis and Viraminta Smith “Travelling Gypsies”


30th August 1772:-? Born or Baptised  at Cardington, Beds - Sinurus, daughter of John and Margaret Smith, “Travelling Gypsies”


6th October, 1740:-Party of Boswells – Charles Snr and Jnr, Hannah, Letitia and ‘Bush’, taken from Hertford to Newgate gaol for transportation


3.2.1769:-Sibby Draper, daughter of Saunders and Beaty Draper – Gypsies


At Ivinghoe – Tinkerfield is recorded as Hearne, Horn, Earns and Erns. Ayres also recorded as Hare.  Both Ayres?Hare and Ern/Hearn were first called HAIR


Ivinghoe – Baptised 26.3.1792 – Riley, son of Tinkerfield and Flowery Hearne, Gypsy vagrants.

Prettymaid also had a child by Tinkerfield  (I will be adding more on Tinkerfield and the Hearn/Ayres)

The name Riley was common amongst the Smiths which suggests that Flowery too was a Smith and that Tinkerfield lived with    two sisters, either together or at a different time ,Shulah or “Old Shulah” may well have been Tinkerfield’s mother


Christened at Wing 20th December 1789 (born 14th December) Trinetta Earns, illegitimate daughter of Tinkerfield Earns and Mary Smith  (Vicar queried spelling of the name Hearn)


Amos and Sophia Cooper’s first son James was born on Wiltshire Downs and became tall and handsome with curly black hair.  In 1939 he joined the RAF. Amos and Sophia also had a daughter Mary


22nd January 1880 John Roberts, a famous Welsh Gypsy (father of John Louis Roberts of Pentre Voelas) said his grandmother was Molly Stanley – wife of Abram Woods second son William


 Frederick Cowles in the Journals of the Gypsy Lore Society writes that members of the COOPER family could perform miracles with an old jack-knife and a block of pear wood and found a ready market for their work. He also mentions that a friend of his bought a fine iron work specimen of a fire-dog and although he searched everywhere, he could never find a companion to make a pair.  Eventually one of the LEES copied it for him and it was so perfectly made that it was said that only an expert could tell the original from the copy.    



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   Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society :- Snippets