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In Memory of Joyce Crutcher


In memory of a dear friend who sadly passed away August 2017

Joyce was born 1945 to Isaac Crutcher and Edith Maisie Jeff although in fact by birth ,

Joyce's father was by birth a Light !.

But the family have used the surname Crutcher.

Isaac Crutcher (Joyce's dad) was born 1905 Alton, Hampshire to Henry Crutcher and Matilda Barney,

who in turn was the son of  Isaac Light  and his partner Annabella Crutcher .

Isaac's parents were James Light and Matilda see below Baptism.

Parish Register, Romsey, Entry No 476, 31 Mar 1839.

"Child's Christian Name:   Isaac Son of

Parents Names: James & Matilda

Parents Surname:  Lyte

Abode:  Traveller :: Trade or Profession: Hawker


This is just a brief outline as Joyce published her own history about her family called "Families Entwined"

She was always talking about her parents and brothers and sisters to her family was everything ,and she

loved nothing more than to find a new lead or ancestor in her family history research.

I just wanted to have a page for Joyce to remain "online" where we spent so many hours often into the early

chatting or exchanging family history snippits,and more often putting the world to rights! Always Upfront and

honest and from the old school where people called a spade a spade which was so refreshing in todays world

of PC madnesss she was indeed one of a kind.

In Memory of Joyce Crutcher

joy book joyces mums wedding

28 January 1939 - Joyce'sparents  wedding day from the left - Lydia Louisa Jeff nee Barney and husband Sam Jeff - father Isaac Crutcher and Mum Macey nee Jeff - brother Walter Henry Jeff and sister Rosina - the little bridesmaids were Sheila Fulford and June Jeff (C) J.Crutcher family)

Pictured below Joyce's parents a young Isaac and Macey (Edith Macey)

joyc dad joyc mum joyce and siblings

Pictured above Joyce centre with her siblings and  As Joyce told me ""8 out of 9 of us - my oldest sister was at work "