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Kent/Surrey/Sussex & Other's

 Well now its hard to know where to start and stop !!

 Allthough my main lines are the Dorset/Wilts/Hampshire/Somerset/Devon and Berkshire Romanies its not that simple as nearly every County had Romanies who married into other romany families from all over England and thats not including Scotland Ireland and Wales!But space and time would not permit every place or person!But I hope here to include many well known names from Kent,Essex,Surrey and Sussex and many more from the "Home Counties" so if I seem to go astray somewhat its because sometimes they are in different Counties at the time of Census or baptism's as was the normal pattern for travelling folki.

Also Herefordshre/Hertfordshire/Buckinghamshire/Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire well I think you get the picture!! 


Kent is of course the" Garden of England" and as such many Romany families who worked on the fruit farms and in the Hopping fields also settled there and made it their home. Beany,Brazill,Bibby,Eastwood,Scamp,Ransley,Lee, Cooper,Mathews,Barton and many more are to be found in the parish records and census.It would be impossible to have any order as such (well maybe but not in my method!!) so it will be random and based on the information and genealogical data I have collected over the years,where I happen to know more I will extend on that particular family as allways if you see a family member and want to add ore info or see a mistake please let me know and I will correct it ,for starters I have not included all the birth places but will as time permits put the places of birth , Kushti Bokt.

From all over the Country and beyond! if you can add or want to send a story or picture just email me!

1861 Census Brenchley Kent.

Absalom Beney 41 occ Lic/hawker

Jane Beney 39 b

Absalom Beney 16

Fanny Beney 12

Gentila Beney 14

Henry Beney 1

Job Absalom Beney 8

John Beney10

Manuel Beney 4



Absolem Beeney 52

Janetta Beeney 51

Esther Beeney 8

Henry Beeney 11

Iole Beeney 16 I THINK JOB?

Manabel Beeney 14



Absolom Beeney 62 HORSE DEALER

Esther Beeney16 dau

Jane Beeney61 wife

Emily Smith5 g dau


Samuel Beeney hd 27 gen dealer

Eliza wife age 24

William son 6

Maria dau 1


1891 Census Tonbridge Kent

Absolom Beaney71

Jane Beaney69



Absalom Beeney 80 b ORE SUSSEX Widow.

Ellen Smith16 G DAU Housekeeper  b Sussex

Esther Smith20 G DAU  Hawker b Tonbridge Kent

*also there

John Beaney hd widower age 48 b Sussex East Grinstead Hawker

Fanny  dau 20  b Sussex

Jannette dau 13 b fishbroom?Kent

Gentle dau10  b dtto



Job Beeny 34 Lic/Hawker b n/k (son of Absalom above)

Phoebe Beeny 32 wife b Kent  (nee Ripley)

Harry Beeny 8 b Eastbourne Kent

James Beeny 6 b Kent

John Beeny 2 b Tonbridge Wells Kent

Moses Beeny 1/12 b Chatham Kent

Also there


James Ripley  hd 39 Lic/Hawker b Cranbrook Kent

Margaret wife age 37 b Sussex

Pheobe 17

James 14

George 12

Naomi 9

Caroline 7

Margaret 2


Tralon Collis abt 1851 Not KnownHead Hoo Kent Lic/Hawker

Ruth Collis abt 1876 Not KnownWife Hoo Kent

Fairley F Collis abt 1888 Not KnownSister Hoo Kent


1901 Census Chatham Kent "Gypsy encampment"  Including Wilsons/Harris/Eastwood/Arnold/Macklin /Lee.

Job Beaney 49

Phebe Beaney 47

Amy Beaney 8

George Beaney 6

Harry Beaney 19

James Beaney 16

John Beaney 14

Moses Beaney12

Tom Beaney 8 months

William Beaney10


 1871 Census, RG10-1054-56-33 Buxted, Sussex.

Benjamin Brazil 41 Leigh, Kent Head   Hawkers

Elener Brazil 43 Hellingly, SussexWife

Eleanor Brazil 9 Uckfield, Sussex Daughter

David Brazil 7 Chiddingley, Sussex Son

John Brazil 5 Ticehurst, Sussex Son

Martha Brazil 2 Ore, SussexDaughter

Samuel Brazil 2 months Buxted, Sussex, Son

Tents & Carts, Baggers Bush, Dudleswell, Camped with William & Sarah Ann Brazil, John & Louisa Smith, James & Grace Clark, Orisha & Louisa Winson."


 1891 Census, RG12-776-121-11 Hurstmonceaux, Sussex .

"Name       Age Birthplace       Relationship

Elias Harris 29 N. K. Sussex     Head   Flower Gatherer

Martha Braziel 24 Hastings, Sussex   lives with  him Flower Gatherer

John Braziel 5 Heathfield, Sussex Son

Anne Braziel 3 Ore, Sussex         Daughter

Under Canvas at Trollilos, with Robert & Elizabeth Smith."


1871 census Tonbridge Kent (IN Caravan camped

with Absalom and Priscilla Beaney)

William Beeney38

Maria Beeney38

Apsley Beeney5

Darhey Beeney3

George Beeney14

Henry Beeney7

James Beeney1

Louisa Beeney12

Samuel Beeney17


1881 CENSUS Northiam Sussex

William Beaney50 hd dealer

Maria Beaney 48 wife

Absolom Beaney 15 son dealer

Dorcas Beaney 13

James Beaney 11

John Beaney 5

Priscilla Beaney 9

John Ripley g son 11months

John Ripley24  widower visitor.

Maria Ripley2 g son

Eliza Baker14 servant



Absalam Beeny38 hd fish hawker

Absalom Beeny son 10 months

Edmund Beeny3 son

Fannetty Beeny17 dau

Lettitia Beeny 46 wife(nee Ripley)

Matthew Beeny10 son

Walter Beeny6 son



1851 CENSUS WROTHAM KENT Lodging with a Mathews couple.

George Eastwood 35

Anna Matthews 49

Joseph Matthews 42


1861 Census Leigh Kent   next to William 70 and jane brazill 70 mat maker caravans.

George Eastwood 42 Mat Maker

Phebee Eastwood 40

Benjamin Eastwood 17 son

Elizabeth Eastwood 3 g dau

Elizabeth Eastwood 21 niece

Emma Eastwood 6 Mo g dau

Frances Eastwood 21 dau

Jane Eastwood 13 dau

Mary Eastwood11

Mercy Eastwood 6 Mo g dau

Pheebe Eastwood 10 dau

Philly Eastwood 3 dau

Richard Eastwood 7 son

William Eastwood 20 son


William Brazill 70 mat maker

Jane Brazill wife 70

James Brazill son 33 unwed

Mathew Brazill son 27 unwed

Sarah Brazill g dau 12


John Brazill 47 tin-man  b Wadhurst Sussex

Priscilla Brazill wife 43 b Brighton Sussex

Mathew Brazill son 13

William son 8 Kent

James 5 son Sussex

Ann dau 3 Surrey


71 CENSUS IN CARAVANS  East Barming Kent Wilton  Barming heath lots of travellers there.

Amey Eastwood 8

Emma Eastwood 10

George Eastwood53 Pedlar B Burwash Sussex

Jane Eastwood 22

John Eastwood 4

Phillis Eastwood 14

Phoebe Eastwood 52

Richard Eastwood 17 Pedlar


ESTHER EASTWOOD wife 34 b Dartford Kent



Benjamin Eastwood 27 Pedlar b Maidston Kent(George and Phoebe's son)

Priscilla Wife   b 32 Bucks


Extract: 1881 British Census Folkestone, Kent

Source: FHL Film 1341239     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 1008    Folio 56    


Gildaroy SCAMP  M   65  Birchington, Kent,  Rel: Head   Occ: Cutler

Catherine SCAMP  M    64 Ashford, Kent   Rel: Wife nee(Kitty Barton)

Gildsroy SCAMP    M    20   Chilham, Kent,  Rel: Son  Occ: Cutler

Clara SCAMP  M    24   Ramsgate, Kent,  Rel: Wife."


 1891 Census, RG12-748-138-53 Folkestone, Kent.

Name                   Age    Birthplace            Relationship      Occupation

Scamp, Gilderoy     81  Birchington, Kent      Head              Grinder

Scamp, Catherine  80  Willesborough, Kent     Wife."

*below son of the above)in later Census.

1901 Census, RG13-846-142-19 Folkestone, Kent .

Name                  Age    Birthplace      Relationship     Occupation

Gilderoy Scamp    43    Chilham, Kent   Head         Cutler

Clara Scamp         45    Sandwich, Kent      Wife

Gilderoy Scamp    20     Folkestone, Kent    Son       General Dealer

George Scamp    18      Folkestone, Kent   Son         Carter (Railway)

Ernest Scamp      16     Folkestone, Kent     Son     Gardener (not domestic)

Sidney Scamp     12      Folkestone, Kent      Son

Ada Scamp          10       Folkestone, Kent    Daughter

Solomon Scamp   8      Folkestone, Kent     Son."



Benjamin Mitchel 6 b Owelsbury Hants

Caroline Mitchel 9 b Sussex

Elizabeth Mitchel 3 b Alton

Jemima Mitchel 32 b Feltham Middlesex wife.

Jemima Mitchel 1 b Goldaming Surrey

Joseph Mitchel 39 b Hants sweep

Joseph Mitchel 10 b Droxford Hants

William Mitchel  7 b Sussex


1901 CENSUS GUILDFORD WOKING SURREY also there Solomon and Jemima Hearn!! Jemima dau of  of Joseph and Jemima Mitchell.

and Edwin 29 and Sarah 27 JOHNSON AND POLLY SCOTT boarder 16


Joseph Mitchell69 B Alton Hants Marine Store Dealer.

Jemina Mitchell56 B ripley(nee hearn)

Caroline Hussey15 B chichester

Eli Mitchell18 B ripley.

Rose Mitchell20 B Ripley Surrey



John Picot 52

Mary Picot 36

Charles Picot 3

George Picot 14

Hannah Pico t1

John Picot 6

Julia Picot 3

Mary Picot 10


Mary Pickett 48

Charles Pickett 13

Philip Pickett 8          (Can anyone say if Pockett & Picket the same?)

Annie Pickett 11

Julia Pickett 13


1901 Census Chatham Kent

John Pickett 39

Amy Pickett 37 (Nee Eastwood dau of George & Phoebe)

Amy Pickett 2

Annie Pickett 10 months

Charles Pickett 6

George Pickett 9

John Pickett 5

Mary Pickett 14

Mary Pickett 69 MOTHER

Rose Pickett 9  NIECE


1891 Census East Malling KENT name spelt Pockett.

John Pockett 27 Bricklayers labourer

Amy Pockett 25 Hawker

Polly Pockett  4  (what a great name!!)



John Pickett 39

Amy Pickett 37 (Nee Eastwood)

Amy Pickett 2

Annie Pickett 10 months

Charles Pickett 6

George Pickett 9

John Pickett 5

Mary Pickett 14

Mary Pickett 69

Rose Pickett 9


1861 Census., RG9-562-75-3 Hastings, Sussex.

John Parker 53 Buxted, Sussex Head   Cordwainer

Philadelphia Parker 49 Mayfield, Sussex Wife

Alfred Parker 15 Ore, Sussex Son  Green Grocers Servant

Adelaide Parker 11 Mayfield, Sussex Daughter

Harriett Parker 8 Mayfield, Sussex Daughter

93 All Saints Street, and premises behind."


1861 Census., RG9-574-75-10 Rotherfield, Sussex.

 Thomas Keate   42 Guestling, Sussex, Head         Hawker

Rebeccal Hills Keate 40 Sailsbury                   Wife

Thomas Keate    13 Lewes, Sussex, England Son

David Keate         10 Reigate, Surrey, England Son

Abraham Keate   7 Chailey, Sussex, England Son

Phebe Keate       5 Kingston, Surrey, England Daughter

Soloman Keate     3 Rotherfield, Sussex, England Son

Mathew Keate     6 Mths Rotherfield, Sussex Son



1871 Census, RG10-1174-77-18 Boldre, Hampshire.

"Name                 Age Birthplace                

Thomas Keet 56 Guestling, Sussex Head

Rebekah Keet 48 Salisbury Plain Wife     Hawker on Foot

Thomas Keet 28 , Sussex Son  Collecter of Ferns and herbs   Mary Ann Keet 26 Alton, Hampshire Son's Wife Hawker on Foot

Pheby Keet 16 Kingston, Surrey Daughte Hawker on Foot

Solomon Keet 13 Rotherfield, Sussex Son     Hawker on Foot

Matthew Keet 10 West Horsley, Sussex Son

William Keet 7 West Horsley, Sussex Son

In Caravans, * Travelling Collecter of Ferns, Herbs, ect, and occupies, with family, two caravans."