My thanks again to Tom for sending in these transcriptions.

Asterby 1890 Claude Arthur son of George and Mary Ann Rose Derby travellers
Barroby 1848 John son of John and Sinita East The parents was on tramp and the child was born in Toft lane
Barrow on Humber 1885 Ann dau of George and Harriet Dury Wandering Gypsies
Bicker 1857 Betsy dau of William and Abigail Newberry Gipsey
Billinghay 1896 Walter son of Richard Walter and Betsey Dickinson Hawker
Bimbrooke 1896 Hewry son of Hewry and Eliza Quincy Travelling show man
Brigg 1883 Tom son of Tomas and Mary Moore Hawkers
Caistor 1845 Elijah son of William and Sarah Bird Travlling knife grinder
Caistor 1846 Dinah dau of Thomas and Mary Herring Travelling tinkers
Caistor 1872 Alice dau of Richard and Sophia Winter Itenerant horse dealer
Caistor 1883 Charles son of Charles and Mary Ann Lusby Travellers
Doddington on Bain 1828 Repentance dau of James & Whisby Robertson Tinker
Eagle 1884 Dinah dau of John and Dinah Saunders Belgrave leister
Grasby 1866 Emily dau of Richard and Cinderella Winter Camped in chalk pit at Grasby Gypsey
Hamston 1843 Lois son of Alfred and Rebekah Herring Harmston chair bottomer
Hemingby 1834 George son of William and Isabella Booth Gypsey
Hibaldstow 1846 Nathanial son of Zacharias and Maria Boswell Gypsey
Horbling 1825 Moses son of Aaron and Matilda Boswell Travellers
Horncastle 1836 Genisina dau of Zacharia and Maria Boswell Tinker
Laughton 1842 Harriet dau of William and Elizabeth Willshire Nottingham gipsey
Lissington 1848 Byron son of Aaron and Delorania Young Gypsey
Little Carlton 1836 William son of John and Fanny Clayton Oxford gipsies
Little Carlton 1844 Christopher son of John and Francis Clayton Gipsies residing for a few days in the lane called Blind Lane
Little Steeping 1834 Fenick son of John and Mary Herring Travelling tinker seven years old.
Louth St. James 1848 Rhoda Ann dau of Zacharia and Santa Maria Boswell Tinker
Manton 1869 Harriet dau of Richard and Cindarelle Winters Encamped in Manton Gipsies
Northorpe 1850 Robert Angustus son of Isiah and Mary Boswell Gypsies
Phanton Nr. Wragby 1857 Walter William son of John and Caroline Young A gipsey father dead
Rand 1834 Maraniel dau of ???? Sidney Smith and Jane Booth gypsey
Rippingale 1845 William son of William and Ann Wilson Fiddler
Rippingale 1845 John William son of John and Sarah Wilson Tinker
Ruskington 1830 Isaac illi. Son of Martha Sheriffe Travelling woman
Scawby1821 Absalom son of George and Trinity Boyling Wandering gypsies
Scotter 1854 Mazanul child of Ochee and Maranul Boswell Gipsey
Skillington 1852 Martha dau of Robert and Caroline Holland Gipsey
Sth. Ferriby 1851 Eve dau of Ryley and Levaney Boswell Gypsey
Timberland 1838 James son of Thomas and Sophia Sherriff Gypsy
Winteringham 1837 Jezaniah dau of John and Thracy Herring Gypsey
Winteringham 1837 Penelly child of Rahtey and Susanna Bofs Gypsey
Wooton 1832 Agness dau of Ryley and Susanna Bos Gypsey
Wooton 1832 Namoni dau of Thomas and Lucy Bos a Gypsey

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