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 London BMD 1813-1906



 **St Giles in the Fields, St Giles High Street, Holborn Borough Camden


 Louisa Lovell Baptism 22 Mar 1813 Thomas Lovell(Chair matter)& Union Lovell Holborn Camden  

 Sarah Lovell Baptism 20 May 1814 James Lovell(Tinker)& linety Lovell  

 Major Lovell Baptism 31 Jul 1815 Thomas Lovell&Susanna Lovell  

 Angelina Lovell Baptism 26 May 1816 Thomas Lovell(Knife grinder)& Catharine Lovell

Charles John Lovell Baptism 31 Aug 1818 Ruth Lovell vagabond/Gypsy

 Edward Lovell Baptism 22 Aug 1819 Uriah Lovell(Knife grinder)&Agnes Lovell

 Soloman Lovell Baptism 4 Apr 1819 Edward Lovell(Chair Bottomer)& Ann Lovell

 Agnes Lovell Baptism 8 Jan 1821 William Lovell Chair mender)&Susannah Lovell

 Edwin Lovell Baptism 25 Dec 1821 Thomas Lovell(Chair bottomer) & Catharine Lovell

Ann Lovel Baptism 22 Aug 1820 Alexander Lovel(Chair Maker) & Ann Lovel


Oliver Cooper Baptism 14 Aug 1887 Samuel Cooper,Patrence (Patience)Cooper St Cuthbert, Hampstead Camden.

Tryphena Cooper Baptism 3 Jan 1836 Sidney Cooper (tin-man &Brazier) Lucy Cooper St Dunstan and All Saints Tower Hamlets.

Samuel Cooper/Father George Cooper Raz/Grinder Mother Eve Lee Spinster Abode (A Traveller)St Leonard, Streatham Lambeth

Riley Cooper Baptism 16 Nov 1821 George Cooper,Eve Cooper St Mary, Reigate Parishes Not in A Borough  (Travellers)

Noah Palmer Baptism 1 Jan 1864 Charles Palmer, Georgina Palmer (Nee Lee)Horse Dealer.St Bartholomew, St Pancras Camden

Britharnia Cooper Baptism 13 Jan 1833 Nelson Cooper& Isabella Cooper St Mary, Putney Wandsworth (Travelling Tinker)

Genty Green Baptism 20 Dec 1840 Thos Green & Kezia Green St Peter, Frimley Parishes Not in A Borough (Travellers)

Gentillia Hoadly Baptism 7 Nov 1896 William Hoadly & Sarah Hoadly St Paul, Deptford Lewisham  

Gentillia Lee Baptism 5 Jan 1896 Alfred Lee & Delia Lee Christ Church, Battersea Wandsworth

Eli Boswell Baptism 2 Feb 1823 Thomas & Jane Boswell (Travelling Tinker)St Nicholas, Great Bookham Parishes Not in A Borough


St Luke West Norwood Lambeth Middlesex

Clifton Lee..July 2nd 1854 -Parents Thomas & Unity Lee – Brazier & Cutler

Mazelly Cooper July 2nd 1854 -Parents Robert & Silva Cooper - Labour

Nelson Cooper July 2nd 1854 -Parents William & Hannah Cooper -Hawker



26 Jun 1831 :Tryphina Cooper to John Cooper & Tryphena cooper,Rotherhithe St Mary Southwark

1855 Baptisms : St Mary Newington Southwark Middlesex

28th January Peter – Henry & Penelope Lee – Hawker


1856 Baptisms : St Mary Newington Southwark Middlesex

24th February John – John & Elizabeth Ikson – Hawker

24th February William Manuel - Fredrick & Elizabeth Archer -Hawker

2nd March Alexander – James & Mary Ann Box – Hawker

2nd March Sarah – Henry & Penelope Lee – Hawker


1858 Baptisms

7th November John – Henry & Penelope Lee – Hawker

7th November Hannah & Mary & Ann & Richard William & Mary Baker – Brush Hawker


1863 Baptisms

26th April Rebecca – Henry & Penelope Lee – Hawker

3rd May Elizabeth Charlotte – John & Sarah Ann Bailey – Basket maker


1863 12th April St Lukes Kensington/Chelsea * double Baptism*

Lydia Isabella Palmer b Sept 10th 1856

Masella Palmer b 13th Sept 1858

Noah & Britannia Cooper/ Palmer -horsedealer – 10 Hans place


1864 10th Jan All St Pancras Camden

Charles Palmer Noah & Britannia Palmer -horsedealer – 5 Claredon Yard Rochester Mews


1865 Baptisms

12th February William – Henry & Penelope Lee – Hawker

12th February Alfred Walter – Alfred & Sarah Merryfield -Traveller


1820 Baptisms : All Saints Carshalton Sutton Surrey

16th April Randall- James & Harriet Cooper -Razor Grinder


1823 Baptisms :St Mary Acton Ealing

20th April Sidney – Sidney & Jane Hughes -Gypsies

27th April Catherine – Belcher & Lydia Lee -Gypsies

27th April Jesse - James & Harriet Cooper – Gypsies

13th July ? William & Barbara Lee -Gypsies


Louisa Lovell :22 Mar 1813 Thomas Lovell, & Union Lovell (Chairmaker ) Holborn St Giles in the Fields Camden

Sarah Lovell :20 May 1814 James Lovell,Linety Lovell (Tinker)Holborn St Giles in the Fields Camden

Major Lovell: 31 Jul 1815 Thomas Lovell, Susanna Lovell (Knife grinder) Holborn St Giles in the Fields Camden

Angelina Lovell : 26 May 1816 Thomas Lovell,Catharine Lovell (Knifegrinder) Holborn St Giles in the Fields Camden

Edward Lovell :22 Aug 1819 Uriah Lovell,Agnes Lovell (Knife grinder) Holborn St Giles in the Fields Camden

Soloman Lovell :4 Apr 1819 Edward Lovell, Ann Lovell (Chairbottomer)Holborn St Giles in the Fields Camden

Edwin Lovell :25 Dec 1821 Thomas Lovell,Catharine Lovell (Chairbottomer)Holborn St Giles in the Fields Camden

John Lovell :31 Dec 1813 Uriah Lovell,Agnes Lovell Bloomsbury St George Camden

Uriah Lovell :6 Aug 1815 Uriah Lovell, Agnes Lovell St Pancras Camden

 London BMD 1813-1906