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Lovell Family 2


As the Enumerators didn't have to record Gypsies in the 1841, there is no real way of knowing the numbers of Gypsies in Wales prior to 1851, apart of course from baptismal entries found in Parish records and other records etc.


1851 has the family of Major Lovell son of old Slack Lovell, b Gloucestershire ?However I found his baptism as follows :-

MAJOR LOVEL  Christening:11 JAN 1821  Shenstone, Stafford,  Parents: Father:  WILLIAM LOVEL (Slack ?)  Mother: SARAH  


1851*Town: Carmarthen County: Carmarthenshire : Wales

Major Lavell 30 B Glos Cutler

Hanna Lavell 27 b Birmingham Staffordshire

William Lavell 2 b Carmarthen Carmarthenshire

John Lavell 2 Mo b Carmarthen Carmarthenshire


There were several Lovells born Somerset and Gloucestershire ,however none appeared to be Gypsies so was Major the first to go into Wales? The total figure for all variations of the Lovell spellings was only 100 in 1851 and a 150 in 1861.


The 1861Census for Wales finds Slack's other son Thomas :-

1861*Bray, Carmarthenshire

Thomas Lovel  40 hd Widow b Bromyard, Herefordshire/Grinder

 Charlot Lovel  18 daughetr b Newport, Monmouthshire

 Winsor Lovel  10 son b Bray, Carmarthenshire

 Lignumwhity Lovel  9 daughter b Newton, Glamorgan


There is a Arclus age 14( could be Majors son Arty? staying with a Smith family)


1861*Aberystruth, Monmouthshire

Benjamin Smith 30 hd Basket maker b Gloucestershire

Anne Smith 27 wife b St Brides, Glamorgan

Elizabeth Smith 12 dau b Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

William Smith 10 son b Llanelly, Breconshire

Joseph Smith 8 son b Dudley, Staffordshire

Edward Smith 4 son b Newbridge Glamorgan

Elvira Smith 2 dau b Roath Glamorgan

Hariett Lovell 55 lodger b Leicestershire England

Arclus Lovell 14 lodger b Dudley Staffs

John Lovell 10 lodger b Dudley Staffs


1851*Llantrithyd, Glamorgan

Daniel Lovel abt 1801  Hollin Glamorgan Head Tin/Man/basket/maker

 Louisa Lovel  abt 1811  Hollin, Glamorgan,  Wife  

 Isreal Lovel abt 1831  Hollin, Glamorgan, Son  

 Urrenia Lovel  abt 1833  Hollin Glamorgan daughter

 Powell Lovel  abt 1834  Hollin Glamorgan Son  

 Raily Lovel  abt 1836  Hollin Glamorgan Son    

 Peoda Lovel  abt 1839  Hollin Glamorgan Son    

 Alfred Lovel  abt 1841  Hollin Glamorgan Son    

 John Lovel  abt 1846  Hollin Glamorgan Son  


1861* Northfield, Worcestershire  

Spencer Lovll  abt 1831  Stourbridge Head    

 Abbeslia Lovll  abt 1836  Northhorngton Wife  

 Sinderla Lovll  abt 1849  Monmouth Daughter    

 Alfred Lovll  abt 1851  Worcestershire Son  

 Boiler Lovll  abt 1857  Rowley Regis Daughter    

 Froser Lovll  abt 1859  Halesowen Daughter  


1861*Gelligaer, Glamorgan

Elen Davies  abt 1796  Adestone, Staffordshire Wife  

 William Davies  abt 1831  Odgesty, Shropshire Head  

 Anne Davies b 1840  Kidermonster Worcs/Eng/ Daughter    

 Cleraney Davies b 1842  Pendomer, Glamorgan Daughter  

 Caroline Davies abt 1845 Pendomer Glamorgan Daughter  

Eaban Lovelabt 1854 St Woollos Monmouthshire Boarder  

Henry Stokes abt 1842Yatesbury Wiltshire Boarder  


John Stokes hd 48 wid/ Basket maker b Occan, Wiltshire

 John Stokes  abt 1847  Occan, Wiltshire, England Son  

 James Stokes 1849  Evercreech, Somerset Son  

 William Stokes b 1852  Lantarnam, Monmouthshire Son  

 Lenmenty Stokes abt 1855  Ledbrook, Glous Daughter  


 William Davies abt 1831 Odgesty, Shropshire Hd  Tin/Man

Elen Davies abt 1796  Adestone, Staffordshire Wife  

 Anne Davies abt 1840  Kiderminster, Worcs Daughter  

 Cleraney Davies abt 1842  PendomerGlamorganDau  

 Caroline Davies abt 1845  PendomerGlamorgan Daughter  


1861*Aberystruth, Monmouthshire  

Benjamin Smith abt 1831  Glost  Head / Basket Maker

 Edward Smith  abt 1857  Newbridge Glam, Wales Son  

 Elizabeth Smith  abt 1849  Abergavenny Monmouthshire  

 Elvira Smith  abt 1859  Roath, Glam Wales Daughter    

 Joseph Smith  abt 1853  Dudley Staffordshire Eng Son    

 William Smith  abt 1851  Llanelly Breconshire Wales Son  

 Hariett Lovell  abt 1806  Leicestershire England Lodger  

Arclus Lovell   1847  Dudley Worcestershire Eng Lodger    

  John Lovell  1851  Dudley Worcestershire Eng Lodger  


1861*Llanwonno, Glamorgan  (Tents and Caravans)

William Riley abt 1791  Ireland Head  Llanwonno, Glam

Peana Riley abt 1831  Ireland Wife  Llanwonno, Glam  

Caraline Riley  abt 1845  Llanwonno Glam, Wales Dau  

Elafeer Riley  1854  Eglwysiland Glam Wales Daughter  

Samson Riley  abt 1843  Merthyr Glamorgan Wales Son  

 Selina Riley 1849  Pontypool Mon Wales Daughter  

 Shandras Riley 1851 Abedare Glam  Dau  

John Riley 4 son


 Delfas Lovell abt 1854 Pontypool  Son  

 Elizabeth Lyvel abt 1815 United States Wife    

  Lewis Lyvel  abt 1841  Gloucestershire Son

Lorana Lyvel  abt 1842  Gloucestershire Daughter  

 Mary Lyvel  abt 1857  Neath Glamorgan Daughter  

 Sarah Lyvel  abt 1851 Llanwonno Glamorgan Daughter  

 William Lyvel  abt 1812  Burminhan, N K Head  


Esecia Lyvel (Lovell) abt 1831 Staffordshire Head    

 Heden Lyvel  abt 1851  Swansea Glamorgan Daughter  

 Henry Lyvel  abt 1860  Neath, Glamorgan, Wales Son  

 Jane Lyvel abt 1855 Penfro Pembrokeshire Daughter    

 John Lyvel  abt 1847  Neath, Glamorgan, Wales Son    

 Llewellyn Lyvel  abt 1852  Llanfabon, Glamorgan Son    

  Sefia Lyvel  abt 1832  Ireland Wife    

 Sellirina Lyvel abt 1846 Blackwood Monmouthshire Dau  


James Potton abt 1798  Sheplin, Sussex Head    

 Jane Potton abt 1799  Sheplin, Sussex Wife    

 Sarah Potton abt 1843  Sheplin Sussex Daughter  


1861*Town: Hirwain  County/Glamorgan  

Thomas Boswell 70  head b Lonany, Berkshire grinder

Amberess Boswell 64  wife b Warwickshir

Francis Boswell 30  son b Linkonshire basket/maker

Unoithy Boswell 24  dau b Worcestershire

Jeremiah Boswell 22  son b Shropshire basket/maker

Spizeyna Boswell 20 dau b Shropshire

Elizah Boswell 16  son b Glamorgan basket/maker

Heraind Boswell 15  son b Glamorgan

E Fsevix Boswell 13  b Monmouthshire g/son

Lewis Lovill 21  b boarder b boarde

Debranina Lovill 15  boarder  b Monmouthshire, Wales

Albert Loveill 7 brother  b Flintshire, Wales

Charity Lock 5 boarder  bCarmarthenshire, Wales


 1871*Trevethin, Monmouthshire

 William Lovell b 1845  Trevethin, Monmouthshire,  Head  

Sulyhana Lovell b 1844  Trevethin, Monmouthshire,  Wife  

 Henry Lovell abt 1861  Trevethin, Monmouthshire Son  

Ann Lovell  abt 1864  Trevethin, MonmouthshireDaughter    

 John Lovell  abt 1866  Trevethin, Monmouthshire Son  




Lovell Family 2

1871*Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan

William Lovell  abt 1815  Exeter Devon GRINDER/CUTLER

Elizabeth Lovell b 1811 Pontypool Monmouthshire,  Wife  

Lewis Lovell b 1841  Gloucestershire Son Basket/maker

 Sarah Lovell b1843  Newent, Gloucestershire  Wife  

 Adolph Lovell b 1856  Darlaston, Staffordshire, Son  

 Dona Lovell  abt 1862  Brecon, Breconshire Daughter  

 Sarack Lovell abt 1863  Tredegar Monmouthshire Son  

 Tranity Lovell  abt 1865  Talabont, Breconshire Son  


1871*Llanedarn, Glamorgan(Gypsies Tents)

Penis Lovel  abt 1836  Pontypool, Monmouthshire, Wales Head  Basket/maker (I checked On image and yes it said Penis?) but spelt wrong .and is pronounced Pen-us

Gentily Lovel  abt 1831 Christchurch Monm/,  Wife  

Aaron Boswell b1847 Aberdare Glam Nephew bsk/ maker

 Elizabeth Smith b1826  St Bride'sGlamorgan Visitor    

 William Smith abt 1852 Hanelly, Breconshire Visitor    

 Edwin Smith abt 1857 Newbridge Glamorgan Visitor  

 Elvira Smith  abt 1860  Lanedarn Glamorgan Visitor  

 Jerino Smith  abt 1861  Whitchurch, Glamorgan Visitor  

 Brittinia Smith abt 1870  Aberdare Glamorgan Niece  


 1871*Newport, Monmouthshire

Myre Lovell abt 1842 Staffordshire, EnglandHead

Ellen Lovellabt 1843 Derbyshire, EnglandWife

Sibuna Lovell abt 1863 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Daughter

Rachel Lovell abt 1868 Dudley Staffordshire, Daughter


1871*Parish: Llanfabon  Town: Garth : Glamorgan  

(In Tents)

Heizecia Level 50 hd b Staffordshire

Hezafia Level 50 wife b Yorkshire, England

Delia Ross Level 25 son b Berkshire, England

Edevgel Level 20 b Swansea, Glamorgan

Elizabeth Level 2 b Mountain Ash, Glamorgan

Henry Level 9 b Neath, Glamorgan

John Level 22 b Maesteg, Glamorgan

Llewellyn Level 17 b Llanfabon, Glamorgan

Salvator Level 6 dau b Mountain Ash, Glamorgan,

Skisey Level 15 dau b Pembrokeshire, Wales


Henry Stokes hd 36 Basket maker b Wiltshire

Carolina Stokes 25 b Glamorgan

Ann Stokes 11 dau b

Percilla Stokes 4 dau b

Sophia Stokes 13 dau months.b


William Davis hd 61 widow b Denbyshire Basket maker

An Davis dau /unmarried/b Worcs


1871*Parish: Mynyddyslwyn  Town: Clawrplwyf  

In Tent

Mary Level 46  hd b Flintshire Selling pegs and baskets

Athur Level 3  son b Crumlin, Monmouthshire

Henry Level 17  son b Staffordshire Eng/Basket maker

John Level 16  son b Flintshire basket Maker

Lavania Level 14  dau b Pontypool, Monmouthshire

Limitman Level 6  dau b Crumlin, Monmouthshire

Llewellyn Level 26  son b Staffordshire/Basket Maker



Frederick Lovell abt 1819 Dudley Staffs Head  

Arthur Lovell abt 1851 Abergavenny Monmouth Son  

Joshua Lovell abt 1863 Crumlin Monmouth Son  

 Elizabeth Lovell abt 1865 Crumlin Monmouth Dau

 Llewellyn Lovell  abt 1869 Crumlin Monmouth Son  


1881*Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan

Alfred Lovel abt 1860 Staffordshire Hd/Grinder

Grace Lovel abt 1859 Dorset Wife  

Elizabeth Lovel Glamorgan Dau/10 weeks  


1881* Gypsy Tent

William Lovell abt 1821 Devon Hd/Grinder

Maria Lovell abt 1822 Pentyhl, Monmouth Wife    

Sharnderer Lovell abt 1856 Glam Son basket/maker  

Dora Lovell  abt 1863 Breconshire Daughter  


1881*Llansantffraid Glan Conway, Denbighshire

John Hughes 74  hd b Holywell, Flintshire

Charme Hughes 61 wife b Newry Ireland

Noah Lovell 20 b St Asaph Flintshire

Mary Lovell 20  b Woolverhampton, England

Jilly Rose Lovell 2 g/daubLlansantffraid Denbighshire


1881*Trevethin, Monmouthshire

Frank Lovell 1828 Newport MonmouthHead basket/maker

Elizabeth Lovell  1829 Gloucestershire Wife

John Lovell  1868 Cwmnantddu MonmouthSon basket maker

Mary J. Lovell 1871Cwmnantddu Monmouth/Daughter

Pheonice Lovell  1875 United States/Son

Cornelius Lovell 1878Greenland P Pool MonmouthSon

Edengull Lovell  1851Swansea lodger


1881*Merthyr Tydfil Glamorgan

William Lovel  abt 1851 Glamorgan Hd Grinder

Caroline Lovel abt 1853 Glamorgan Wife   Hawker

Howel Lovel  abt 1879 Breconshire Son    

Alfred Lovel abt 1880 Monmouth Son  

Matilda Evans 1801Glamorgan  Lodger

Holly Gibbst 1870Glamorgan Visitor


1881*Llanbeblig Caernarvonshire

Dolfus Lovel abt 1858 Rhyl, Flintshire Hd Grinder

Ellen Lovel abt 1861 Gwalchmai Angleseys Wife    

Dolphus Lovel Llanbeblig Caernarvonshire Son  


1881*Denio Caernarvonshire (In Lodging house)

Uriah Lovell 31b Pembrokeshire grinder & cutler

Sophia Lovell 40 b Bangor Caernarvonshire



1933 Egdon Heath Unknown