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Harcules bp2/2/1812 Eccleshall, traveller of E. [His wife was Susannah SMITH; links to the Black Patch community]
...Children of Harkless/Susannah
...John (bc1839)
...Caroline bp12/2/1843 (b12/2/1843) Haseley WKS, b in Lark Lane,travelling tinker of H
...Ann Selina bp22/4/1848 Broadway WOR, tinker of B. (married Francis CLAYTON)
It looks as if Arkless LOVELL had an earlier relationship with Ellen
from the following:
...Hercules bp30/3/1833 Sandbach CHE, cutler of S.
...Molineux bp10/6/1836 Stockton SHR, gypsies
[There is a different Molineux LOVELL br14/7/1831 (2m) at Birmingham St Martin]
Samson bp8/4/1827 Oldswinford WOR.DUD, brazier of Stourbridge

Thomas and Spanisha LOVELL

The above Thomas (1784), son of Major LOVELL, and his cousin Spanisha
(1794) [various spellings], daughter of Daniel LOVELL, were married 11/12/1816 Pebworth GLOnowWOR, both occasional dwellers otp [the witnesses are of interest but a distraction at present]. their

Richard bp29/6/1817 Bishampton WOR, vagrants of Swinland? WKS [married
Anna Maria]
...Children of Richard/Maria [GREEN]
...Delarify bp19/10/1845 Bosbury HRF, labourer of Satley Cross
...Sabrina pbp2/10/1848 Leigh WOR, tinman of Newport SHR at Brockamin at time of baptism
Dooriah bp11/2/1821 Guilsford MGY, potter, travelling Gipsey [the name links to London LOVELLs]
Siara bp13/4/1823 Ashby de la Zouch LEI, traveller, brazier & tinman [married Charles BOSS son of Joseph whom the JGLS consistently calls 'Anselo']
Spencer bp30/1/1825 Old Swinford WOR.DUD, brazier of Stourbridge [underlined because it shows a connection to William/Sophia]
Delias bp15/4/1827 Kinver STF, brazier of K. [This is Elias]
Aaron bp20/6/1836 Oddingley WOR, brazier of Kings Sutton [says OX but it is NTS, same as his father's baptism]

Spencer and Absali LOVELL

Spencer LOVELL married Absali [various spellings] who may have been a
LOVERIDGE - see the second baptism for Cinderella below:

Spencer bp19/3/1843 Bradley WOR [mother: 'Prudence'] basket maker of Cowbridge CRM 'the child was born in a lane, his parents being trampers pursuing their trade of basket making' Cinderella Lovell bp18/4/1847 Rockfield MON, basket maker of May Pole Cinderella Loveridge pbp24/5/1847 Kinver STF, travelling basket maker of Brierley
Ludolphus bp5/3/1849 Adbon SHR, makers & sellers of clothes pegs etc. [sic]
Olphus bp26/3/1851 Bransford WOR, Gipsey traveller
Thomas bp5/4/1853 Bransford WOR, Gipsey hawker
Violet bp4/10/1855 Bransford WOR, traveller
Theresa bp18/6/1857 Cradley WOR, Gipsey of Overend
Susanna bp17/6/1864 Cradley WOR, basket maker of Cradley
Minera bc1864 Wolverhampton
Mary bp13/10/1867 Hanbury WOR, basket maker [in 1871 it says she was 'blind from birth']

Another indication that Absali was a LOVERIDGE is their son Alfred's marriage in 1876 where he is called 'Alfred Lovell or Loveridge' (28) father: Spencer - basket maker, wife: Cente SMITH (24) her father: Frederick - basket maker m24/7/1876 Hanbury WOR. [Possibly Alfred is the same as Olphus above.]

Other branches:

Uzziah [male] bp13/10/1861 Pontnewynydd MON, basket maker of Commantddumnan
Lovel [sic] bp29/4/1868 GLM Llanfabon, Gipsy of Graig [The probable mistake in spelling may have led to the following a month later although the forename 'Lovel' does exist elsewhere]:
Leonard bp31/5/1868 GLM Llanfabon, Gipsy of Graig
Angelina bp27/3/1870 GLM Lisvane, travelling tinker of L.

Urania bp9/12/1832 Huntingdon HRF
Walter Riley bp28/1/1838 Kemeys Inferior MON, tinman of Caerlichtin Green
John bp1/1/1846 Carew PEM, basket maker living in Tent within the parish of C.

Cheseldine [given as female] bp12/4/1863 Pontnewynydd MON, basket maker of Gonindnshan

Thomas bp26/9/1847 (b16/9/1847) Llangynwyd GLM, basket maker and Gypsy of near Lluyndajous
De La Rifey bp19/2/1854 (b4/2/1854) Llangynwyd GLM, basket maker of Necin Cwm...din.

Carolina bp5/7/1829 St Brides Major GLM, tinker of Staffs.

Edward bp20/5/1845 Angle PEM, razor grinder of Wolverhampton Staffs.

Reboam [male] bp20/5/1838 Bewellty MON, Egyptian tinman

Elizabeth bp8/8/1869 Llanfabon GLM, basket maker of Guy seading.

Jerusalem bp7/10/1850 Knightwick WOR, tinker of Wolverhampton

Sophia bp6/2/1864 Newcastle under Lyme St Giles STF

De La Railee bp15/1/1871 (b6/1/1871) Llangynwyd GLM, basket maker of
Cae Mab Ivor.

Seth bp13/8/1838 Carew PEM, basket maker of Child's Wycombe GLO
Josiah bp18/2/1844 Lawrenny PEM, basket maker of L.

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