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Lovell Family Wales

Lovell Family Wales

This Information on the Lovell family has been compiled and shared with me by the late Terence Lee ,for who I made a website for  (RomResearch) now defunct ,we regularly exchanged information over a number of years and his dedication to a lifetime of Romany Family History Research deserves much credit and respect and I hope he will be remembered for the excellent researcher he was,and the vast amount of Information on the well known Romany families he has researched and preserved for future generations to come ,he was  without doubt  "One of a Kind" .


LOVELL South Wales


HERRING baptisms (with various alternate spellings of the surname ignored for reasons of clarity)


Rose LOVELL, whose maiden surname is mentioned in the baptism of her daughter, Millia, in 1798 and also at her Spilsby Lincs settlement examination in 1808, married Edward HERRING , and they were ordered back to Birmingham (their place of legal settlement) which turned out to be the regular abode of her brother or half-brother William, commonly called ‘Slack’ LOVELL, who married Rose’s eldest daughter, Sarah (Celia).


Hall’s ‘The Heron Tree’ [JGLS(NS)7] gives several children of Edward and Rose but the ones with known baptisms are:

Selah [the above Sarah/Celia] bp9/4/1797 Doddington CAM, Egyptians

Millia [Amelia Hn.C34] bp9/9/1798 Saxlingham Nethergate NFK, of the people called gypsies, "the woman churched at the same time"

Elder Nell [Eldorai Hn.C31] bp20/4/1800 (b15/4/1800) Somerton SFK  

Urie [Urania/’Waddi’ Hn.C35] bp20/11/1803 Surfleet LIN, gypsies

Lewis bp26/1/1806 Heckington LIN

Eliza [Hn.C32] bp8/11/1807 Washingborough LIN

Sarah [Hn.C33] bp11/2/1810 Pinchbeck LIN, sojourners.


The following are all LOVELL:




Hall allocates the younger Sarah to Hn.C33 but there were two Sarahs living at the same. The younger Sarah’s first liaison was with Sylvester BOSWELL which produced only one child, the well known Bohemia Boswell. Her second was with Major LOVELL and produced as least three sons (see below). On ‘The Heron Tree’, however, Major is called ‘Jack’ LOVELL. The other relationship to Major BOSWELL is not under examination at present.


Daniel LOVELL and Major LOVELL, both born about 1750, had Wigan Lancs in common so they could have been brothers. Major and his wife Susannah produced the following known children:

Cornation bp2/5/1773 Wigan LAN, strangers

Trinity bp9/7/1775 North Bradley WIL, d/o an Egyptian [Ø] [this is a guess because no parents are given]

Susanna bp16/9/1781 Dudley St Thomas DUD.WOR, (noi)

Thomas bp3/10/1784 Kings Sutton NTS [Ø]

Francis bp25/9/1786 Sherington BKM, (Gipseys).


Daniel and his wife Mary produced:

Drusilla bp18/1/1767 Warrington St Elphin LANnowCHE, brazier

Servina bp21/8/1773 Little Houghton NTS [Ø] married Thomas SMITH. She is located in 1841LEI-0588/23//18/30 where she is listed as Silvia SMITH (65)

Lazarus bp29/3/1776 Leominster HRF, (noi).


Rose came next but does not appear to have been baptised until 1798 (see above)


Daniel and Virtue/Violetta (presumably his second wife) produced:

Zachariah bp18/7/1783 North Witham LIN, of the psh of Wigan Lancs

William bp10/7/1785 North Luffenham RUT, vagrants

Moses bp3/2/1788 Houghton Regis BDF, vagrant gipseys

Ambrose bp7/3/1790 Bithchfield LIN, (noi)

...Children of Ambrose/Sophia

...Coronation bp16/7/1822 Backford CHE, Gipsy or brazier sojourning in B.

Her death registration is Sqtr1880(60) Merthyr Tydfil and she seems to be called Mary LEVEL in 1871MON-5352/40/4

Spanish bp18/4/1794 Houghton Regis BDF, gipseys [married her cousin Thomas LOVELL]

and probably others.


William LOVELL (1785) part one (Sarah)


This is a transcript of two near neighbours in the census for 1851 Wollaston, WOR. All of the persons are given the spelling LIVEALL. All are called ‘Gipsey’. No birthplaces are provided and slight alterations have been made for clarity:


1851WOR-2035/473/23, Sch 89

William..... 50

Sarah .......40

Mochus..... 8

Arkless ....30

Susan .......27

John .........12

1851WOR-2035/474/24, Sch 95

Major .........40

Sarah ........35

Louis.......... 7

Merryfield ..10

Joseph ......12


The two above Sarahs are sisters, Celia HERRING being the eldest; she was in a long-term relationship with William. Arkless was the son of William from a previous liaison with Sophia but the relationship with Sophia still existed after William became attached to Sarah. In other words it was concurrent and the evidence will be presented below.


Major in the above census extract is the ‘Jack’ Lovell at Hn.C33 and his sons are Louis [Hn.D74] and Merryfield [Hn.D75]. All three are said to have been buried at Bradford Christchurch MAN.LAN but only two are found in the register:


LAN.MAN Bradford Christchurch br2/12/1875 (25) Lewis LOVELL of B.

LAN.MAN Bradford Christchurch br26/12/1875 (76) Major LOVEL of B.


The burial of Merryfield at the same place on 23/8/1880 (38) has been reported, and is probably true, but the information was not recorded in the burial register. Reported dates of death are: Lewis died 27 November 1875; Major died 23 December 1875 and Merryfield died 10 August 1880. The death registrations are:


Lewis LAVELL (25) Dqtr Blackburn

Major LOVEL Dqtr1875 (76) Prestwich

Merryfield LOVELL Sqtr1880 (37) Chorlton.



William LOVELL (1785) Part Two (JGLS)


In JGLS(NS)8:195, Thompson quotes from a pedigree compiled by a Mr Myers who produced a list of the children of ‘Slack’ [read as William] Lovell. It is important not to take these names for granted because William and Sarah had many other children that are not mentioned on Myers’ list. Some of these names may be aliases or mistakes. Some of them, at least, are verifiable and we have added the relevant evidence:


1) Major. In his marriage to Rosanna Twigg on 2/7/1854 at St Clears CRM, Major Lovell named his father as William. and gave his age as 27 which means the following is his baptism:


STF Shenstone bp11/1/1821 Major s/o William/Sarah LOVELL, tinker & pedlar of Birmingham

GLM Cardiff St Mary bp15/6/1846 Selina d/o Major/Rose Anna, cutler of Mary Ann Street


[Within the same paragraph Thompson says that Major had two sons called George and Arty but those two ‘sons’ were contemporaries of this particular Major so he was too young to be their father. It is just a mistake by Thompson. Arkless is shown in the above census extract and he was a half-brother of this particular Major.]


2) Ladin [means Aladdin] In 1871GLM-5396/69/20 Aladdin’s surname is GIBBS which was not his father’s alias but one first adopted by his uncle Tom (below). His wife is Ann, not Phoebe FORD (as on Myers’ list), but Aladdin did have a child by Phoebe COLIN. Aladdin’s age in 1871 (39) means that this is his baptism:


GLO Newent bp4/3/1832 Deladdus s/o William/Sarah LOVELL, Gypsies of Fair(?) Birmingham

...GLM Merthyr Tydfil bp7/12/1856 Lewis s/o Lladdin LOVEL/Phoebe COLIN, grinder of Quarry Road


3) William appears at1861GLM-4047/58/24 nd 1871GLM-5401/65/2 with his wife, Elizabeth, should be ‘Pen’ whose name appears in the baptism of their daughter Delerainina [Lorana in 1861]. Perhaps Elizabeth is a second wife. William’s birthplace is given as Birmingham

...Children of William/Penelope

...Gloriana bp11/10/1840 Oxenhall GLO, itinerant brazier of Dudley


4) Tom (Thomas) is ‘LOVELL’ in the 1861 census but ‘GIBBS’ in 1871, 1881 and 1891. The name GIBBS appears to have come from his first wife, Sarah GIBBS, and was permanently adopted by some of the South Welsh LOVELLs.


...Children of Thomas/Sarah LOVELL

...GLM Merthyr Dyfan bp1/4/1849 Windsor s/o Thomas/Sarah, Gipsy at the time confined at Holton in this parish

...GLM Newton Nottage bp28/12/1851 Lignairvitoe d/o Thomas/Sarah, tinker of Splotl(?)


5) Frederick is a problem name because Thompson’s remarks on page 196 of the article state that part of his family went to the USA which is exactly what seems to have happened to the suspiciously similar family of Hezekiah and Isaviah LOVELL who were neighbours of the above William in 1861GLM and almost certainly very close relatives. There is a need to compare these two families to see if the common names indicate a family connection.


6) Harriet (later)

7) Charlotte (later)

8) Trenit (later)


Other children of William/Sarah:


Speedwelly bc1827 [mDqtr1872 = Ozias BOSWELL]

Enoch bc1831 [dD1879(43) Ashton]

Britannia bp12/5/1833 East Keel LIN, a travelling brazier & cutler

Studdaverius bp14/3/1831 Tipton St Martin STF, cutler of Birmingham [dJ1870(35) Ashton]

Gerenia bp2/2/1840 Broom WOR, wandering tinker etc., of no fixed residence [dDqtr1840 Stourbridge]

Mochas bc1842


William LOVELL (1785) Part Three (Sophia)


The appearance of Arkless in the above census extract suggests that William LOVELL had an earlier relationship although the evidence is that his earlier wife produce a child after William met up with Sarah Herring, that is, Samson where the abode is Stourbridge, the same as for Spencer above