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Christchurch Times - Saturday, March 5th, 1927


The funeral took place on Monday of the late Mr. Noah Hughes, who was also known as " Sandy Cooper," and who passed away at 4. Pound Lane, Christchurch, on the preceding Thursday at the age of 75 years.

The deceased was widely known over the three counties of Hampshire, Dorset, and Wiltshire, which he travelled in a caravan for nearly seventy years, and he was known by the fraternity of caravan dwellers as the " Chief Traveller," the occupation of these people being that of licensed hawkers.

Word was quickly spread of his passing, and during the week-end scores of the fraternity visited Pound Lane to view the body and to pay their last respects to their departed " chief," who, we are informed, is succeeded by his brother, Mr. Sam Hughes, of Bristol.The deceased, who is stated to have been born on the Town Common, had 15 children nine of whom are living - and three of them presented him with 36 grand-children, one with 14 and two others with 11 each.There was a great number of mourners at the funeral, each of them carrying a wreath, many of which were of a most beautiful nature. The officiating clergyman was the Rev. A. B. Bennett, and the undertaking arrangements were in the hands of Miller Bros.( From John Russell)


I found this at Dorchester Record Office.


FILE [no title] - ref. PE/COC/OV 188/100 - date: 10 May 1792

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[from Scope and Content] Peter Stanley, razor grinder and tinker


Dorset County Chronicle and Somersetshire Gazette

> Thursday 15 06 1843:

> `Horse Stealing: At the Castle of Exeter on Monday **Wharnford Stanley.

> the King of the Gypsies

> in this district, was committed for trial of a charge of horse stealing.

>> From the deposition of the

> prosecutor James Gilbert, a licensed hawker, it appeared that the

> prisoner and two or three other

> gypsies came to him in Newton Poppleford fair on the 25th ult., and

> after enquiring the price of a

> horse which he had for sale, he mounted the animal and rode away;

> prosecutor waited two hours

> in expectation of his return but saw nothing of him until he was in

> custody; he was apprehended by

> John Hill, and [sic] inspector of police in Bridgwater, who having seen

> a person of his description

> advertised in the Hue and Cry, took him in charge, and, with the

> assistance of Morgan, the

> constable of Topsham, brought him to this city. The prisoner appearing

> very faint and on leaving

> the court was scarcely able to walk.'

> > Dorset County Chronicle and Somersetshire Gazette

> Thursday 22 06 1843, an article entitled `The Gypsies of England and  Hindostan' comparing> the two cultures.  

Memorial details for members of the Doe family.

B.DOE Son of Alfred and Angelina Doe ,husband of Edith Doe ,of the post office Marchwood,Southampton

he died 1st oct,1917 age 35,buried Bus House cemetary ,VOORMEZEELE ,IEPER.WEST-VIAANDEREN BELGIUM


William Doe son of Albert and Caroline Doe ,husband of Hilda Doe nee White of" Winsor" Woodlands" died 26/feb/1918 age 29(born Lymington)


FIREMAN AND TRIMMER :Place of  memorial Tower Hill Memorial London  


IGI Holnest Dorset *1794 Brittany baptised to James and Clevansy lee


 1816 James Ayres & wife Jane and five week old child removed from Midhurst Sussex to Elvetham.


Vagrency pass to convey Richard Stanley from St.Thomas parish in the county of new Sarum Wilts,to Kingsclere Hants.Richard Stanley says Kingsclkere is his legal place of settlement,,as he was informed by his late father Richard Stanley,being in new Sarum Wilts.he was forced to seek relief and was aprehended as a vagrant .24/2/1738.  


23/11/1818 :-EXAMINATION OF MARY STANLEY  and SAMUEL AYRES her son ,now resident at Froyle ,concerning her  14 illigitimate children children!


Elizabeth Ayres and child removed from the Woodmancott to Kingsclere Hants 1819,aprehended as a vagrant and committed to the house of correction for 7 days.Born at Kingsclere and has a son named ELIAS,(settlement and removal orders.)


Bastardy Examinations(breamore Parish)* Mother SEDONIA COLLINS father GEORGE HUGHES of Downton Wilts lab,female child born 21/9/1819 at WOODGREEN HANTS.  


1777 EVERSLEY HANTS* Removal order for JOHN BARNEY and his wife ELIZABETH ,removal from Wokingham back to Eversley.




Two reports from paper's about the Death of Isaac Hearn /Herron:- (This is Isaac Herron who was partner to Sinfai Gray)




A friend of George Borrow.

In the quiet of the night in February there passed away in his van at Sutton-On-Trent the last of the Gypsies

of Borrow's youth. Isaac Herne, the most renowned,and justly so,of all his race in this country.He and his party had made their winter camp just outside Nottingham,but the "poveriness?"of the place and the death of his niece Amelia ,started them on their wanderings again,and at the first premature approach of spring.

They passed through Newark on the Great North Road,but had not travelled many miles further when the aged "sherengro?" fell ill (it then describes the death and burning of the caravan) cont:-

Ever since the 1771, Recording of the burning of "Queen Diana Boswell's" clothes in Southwark,there has been a continual stream of testimony to the performance of this rite,especially in England


Nottingham Gaurdian march 2nd 1911.

Funeral Pyre at Sutton- on- Trent.


A strange story of the ways of the Gypsy comes from Sutton-On -Trent, near Newark.

A calvacade of the wandering tribe travelled through Newark on the North Road last week-end.

When they arrived at Sutton,eight miles north of the town,a halt was made because of the illness of their leader and their venerable chief .The chief was reputed to be 100 years of age, and his condition gave the tribe some concern.By permission of a local farmer the caravans were drawn up in a field near the village,and the camp was pitched.the medicine art of the Gypsies proved innafectional to stay the old chief's illness  so the local doctor was called in to attend him.he ministered to his strange patient assiduously,but nature insisted upon the payment of her debts,and to the grief of his tribe the chief passed away.

his valedictory messages and instructions to his people were received with awe,and carried out to the letter with a religious devotion. An oak coffin, large enough to contain the body and the choicest belongings of the deceased,was made by the local carpenter,and in due course the remains were taken to Leeds for internment there by the side of the deceased's relatives.

A strange custom was observed before the camp struck and the caravans move on.


In the presence of the mourning Gipsies,the moving domocile of the chief and all the relics and furnishings of his caravan were moved into the centre of the camp and fired.It is estimated that they were valued at from £50 to £75,but they were burnt to ashes in accordance with his wishes.


FILE - Examination of Ruth Lathy, singlewoman, rogue and vagabond - ref.  44M69/G3/804/1-2  - date: 1796, 1802 (Hampshire Record office)

 Concerning her settlement and her bastard son, whom she alleges is the child of James Smith late a chimney sweep, now a militiaman; 3 May 1796, with examination of Sarah Lathy, singlewoman, 4 May 1796; also with further examinations of Ruth Lacy (sic) 12 Oct 1796 and of Ruth Lakey (sic) now married to James Mells, tinker, 7 Jan 1802


 WELLS band of 'gypsy people' who were known to frequent the states of New Jersey and Delaware. Robert & Amelia Wells had many children including one Richard Wells, b. England, in 1854. Family arrived New York Harbour July 1856. Richard is thought to have died between 1876 and 1880 somewhere in the USA. He was briefly married to Martha William daughter of Tom Williams who came from Devon in England around 1851-53



The baptisms on 19 September 1790 of 'Joseph son of Manfield and Luctatia Leo reputed Gipsies perhaps Hindees'; and the ages of people baptised 1804-1807.


 Salisbury Journal an Article reads :

It appears from this confession that they had carried out their depredations with very little interruption for these last seven years which during this time they had stole 72 horses, 19 sheep, 52 flocks of Bees and 72 Asses...... Cloth to the amount of £200 at Shroton fair and acknowledge to have robbed 22 different shops beside their smaller thefts.

This was in connection with confession of 2 Gypsies LUKE STANLEY & JOHN PATRICK made before leaving Winchester Prison for execution in  July 1790


2 burials : Mary Stanley b 1797 died aged 60  in 1857  " Queen of the tribe " buried in St Andwew Church  Lanford  Wiltshire.


Written on headstone : born 1732

" In memory of Peter Stanley king of Gypsies who died  23rd Nov 1802 aged 70"  he was buried in St Mary's Church Puddletown Dorset .


 Hannah Ross Boswell Queen of the Gypsies died in Lincoln Union work house ,December 1849 aged 99 she entered the   workhouse in 1844.


1834 July Merrily Buckley aged 102 died at Gainsborough. She was a well known gypsy.


 Henry Boswell is buried in Ickleford Church St Katherines Hereford “King of The Gypsies” he boasted he lived through the reign of 3 George's and knew every road in the land.


From the "NEW HOLLAND MORNING POST", 18th October, 1791

A list of criminals who have come to our shores in recent months

  Our  readers will find hereunder a List of Persons  transported as  Criminals to New South Wales in the Ships as following, via:

Atlantic,  William  and  Ann,  Britannia,  Matilda,   Salamander, Albemarle, Mary Anne, Admiral Barrington, Active and Gorgon.

 Greet ,from info provided by the Public Library of NSW  and particularly its Archives Department" (now State Records (NSW)).

Lovel George Alias Gipsey George Middlesex 7yrs

Lovell William Dorset 7yrs

Smith Samuel Alias Thomas Hicks Dorset 7yrs