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1861 censusRG9/1601 Folio 40 Page 30

John Penford Head 52 Travelling Hawker b Warminster

Harriett Penford Wife 49 Berkshire Kingclere

Thomas Penford Son 20 b. Dorset Poole

Christopher Penford Son 18 b. Somerset Taunton

Elizabeth Penford 16 Daughter b. Dorset Gladford (sic)

Alfred Penford 13 son b. Somerset Chalton

Henry Penford 10 son b. Somerset Bridgewater

Edward Penford 8 son b. Cornwall Dobbwalls



'Caravan' on Collacombe Downs

PENFOLD Harriet, Widow, 58, Lic/ Hawker, b Wiltshire Warminster

Do Elizabeth, Daur, Unm, 24, Lic Hawker, b Dorset Stourminster

Do Alfred, Son, Unm, 22, Lic Hawker, b Somerset Marston

Do Henry, Son, Unm, 20, Lic Hawker, b Somerset Bridgewater

Do Edward, Son, Unm, 18, Lic Hawker, b Cornwall Dubwalls

Do William, Grandson, 8, b Devon Plymouth

GUESS Charlotte, Granddaughter, 11, b Devon Paignton

HUGHES Ocean, Visitor, Unm, 20, Lic Hawker, b Devon Honiton

(daughter of Robert Hughes  and Sarah Davis)she later

wed Henry Penfold)

JAMES Joseph, Nephew, 18, Lic Hawker, b Somerset Taunton


1851 Census., RG8-1860-93 Corscombe Dorset.

 James, Thomas   61    1790     Gypsy     Not known     Not Known

 James, Harriet    64     1787      Not known      Not Known     Not Known


 1861 Census., RG9-1350-132-35 Chickerell, Dorset.

Thomas James 72 Norrington, Hampshire Head Tinman

Harriett James 77 Newbury, Buckinghamshire Wife

Rebecca James  31 Busbridge, Wiltshire Daughter

John James 11 Iwon, Devon, Grandson

Mary James  2 Poole, Dorset Granddaughter

Putton Lane."


1861 Census, RG9-1350-127-23 Chickerell, Dorset.

John James 43 Southampton, HampshireHead Horse Dealer

Elizabeth James 45 Long Burton, Dorset Wife

John James 24 Southampton, Hampshire Son  Servant

Charlotte James 20 Southampton, Hampshire Daughter  

Pricilla James 19 Ceren, Dorset,Daughter   Hawker

Thomas James 14 Southampton, Hampshire Son          

Robert James 12 Ilminster, Somerset, Son          

Elizabeth James 11 Portisham, Dorset, Daughter  

James James 8 Upwey, Dorset, Son Scholar

Noah James 5 Upwey, Dorset, Son  Scholar

West Bay Cottage."


 1871 Census, RG10-2004-37-19 Chickerell, Dorset.

John James 52 Stute, Hampshire       Head Farmer

Elizabeth James 55 Long Burton, Dorset Wife   Farmers Wife

Robert James 20 Withclagtin, Sumerset Son Farmers Son

James James 17 Upway, Dorset Son  Farmers Son

Noah James 15 Upway, Dorset Son   farmers Son

Thomas James 82 Cilton Candever Hampshire Father  Tin Smith Worker

Hannah Diment 15 Carseabne, Dorset Servant   Servant Dom

Mina Villa."


1881 British CensusDwelling: In CaravanCensus Place: Farnborough, Hampshire, England

Source: FHL Film 1341306     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 1251    Folio 73    Page 63

 Noah JAMES   M head   25    Weymouth, Dorset,  Head  Occ: Travelling Merct(son of John and Elizabeth)

Selina JAMES  M    25 wife   Deeping, Lincoln,  (nee Camfield)dau of Edward Camfield and Sarah Hoadley)

Elisabth. JAMES  U   2  dau  Weymouth, Dorset,      


 1891 Census, RG12-780-103-18 Lamberhurst, Sussex.

James, Noah  37 Upway, Dorset Head  Hawker

James, Selina  37 N.K.    Wife   Hawker

James, Elizabeth  15 N.K.   Daughter  

James, Selina  13 Chickerell, Dorset, Daughter  

James, Annie  9 N.K.   Daughter  

James, Noah  6 Aldershot, Kent Son  

The Down, Caravan, Camped with Samuel & Eliza Beaney, George & Priscilla Beaney, Frances & Alice Lee."


 1901 Census, RG13-1995-83-12 Weymouth, Dorset.

Noah James  44  Chickerell Dorset Head   Horse Dealer

Selina James  44  Salisbury Wiltshire Wife  

Elizabeth James  21  Chickerell Dorset Daughter  

Selina James  17  Chickerell Dorset Daughter  

Anne James  16  Chickerell Dorset Daughter  

Noah James  15  Chickerell Dorset Son  

Edward James  14  Chickerell Dorset Son  

John James  12  Weymouth, Dorset Son  

Albert James  10  Portsmouth Hampshire Son  

James James  8  Portsmouth Hampshire Son  

4 West End Villas."



Abraham Conely 55

James Conely 17

Mary Conely 53

Mary Conely 13

William Conely 7



 Abraham Conelly 75 occ TIN/PATE WORKER

James Conelly 27

James Conelly 2

Mary Conelly 62

Mary Conelly 22

Mary Ann Conelly 21

William Conelly16



James Conelley34

Mary A. Conelley32

Abraham Conelley4

Benjamin Conelley10

George Conelley1

James Conelley14

William Conelley7

Elizebeth Talbot21 Visitor lic/hawker born Ilminster Somerset.



James Coneley 51

Mary Coneley 43

Abraham Coneley 14 (married Clara Smith) dau of Joseph and Rose)

Ben Coneley 20

Emily Coneley 1

George Coneley 10

Horace Coneley 6

James L Coneley 22

Mary Coneley 9

William Coneley 17

Harriet Smith17 NIECE


1891 Census, RG12-2506-122-21 Orton on the Hill Leicestershire.

Holland Moses   75  Ratcliffe, Leicester    Head  Tinker

Holland Ambretta  69 Pitchley, Northamptonshire  Wife.


1901 Census Orton on the Hill, Leicestershire.

Moses Holland  80   Leics Barwell  Tinman & Brazier

Amberetta Holland  79   Norths Pytchley


1861: Census., RG9-1273-163-17 Lydiard Millicent, Wiltshire.

Richard Duckett  58  Tackle, Oxfordshire, England Head   Tinman

Caroline Duckett  59  Heale, Oxfordshire, England Wife  

Mary Ann Loveridge 9  Burford, Oxfordshire  Granddaughter  

Gun Hill, Tents, Camped with Richard & Caroline Duckett & Charles & Valentine Duckett."


1871: Census, RG10-2621-53-12 Barton St Mary, Gloucestershire.

Richard Duckett  36  Fairstone, Gloucestershire Head   Gipsy Traveller

Jane Duckett  30  Broadway, Worcestershire Wife     Gipsy Traveller

Charles Duckett  15  Oxfordshire, England Son      Gipsy Traveller

Henry Duckett  11  Oxfordshire, England Son    Gipsy Traveller

Cornelius Duckett  6  Stroud Water, Gloucestershire Son  

Elizabeth Duckett  3  Bristol, Gloucestershire Daughter  

Richard Duckett  70  Welby, Oxfordshire, England Father   Gipsy Traveller

Freedom Smith  20  Abingdon, Berkshire  Adopted Child Gipsy Traveller

Barton Street, Dwelling in Tents, Camped with Cornelius &  Amelia Loveridge, Charles & Eliza Davis."



Dwelling: In Tent

Census Place: Liddiard Millicent, Wiltshire, England

Source: FHL Film 1341488     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2022    Folio 15    

Richard DUCKETT: W 80  Male Rel: Head Occ Traveling Tinman.


1891RG12/542/28Banstead SRY

PATEMAN Silverina Dau S F 20 Travelling Gypsy b Andover Ham

PATEMAN Shipton Son S M 1Travelling Gypsy b Andover Ham

PATEMAN Mary WifeM F 37Travelling Gypsy b Andover Ham

PATEMAN Joseph Head M M 40Travelling Gypsy b Basingstoke HAM

PATEMAN AdaDau SF19Travelling Gypsy b Andover Ham  


4517122403_366x247.jpg 4516751579.jpg 4516751579.jpg

Caravan, Moushold St, Norwich Nfk 1891

Walter Gaskin 45 Hawker Essex

Alice Gaskin 42 Hawker Essex

Salina Gaskin 16 Hawker Essex

Walter Gaskin 14 Essex

Monty Gaskin 12 Essex

Mark Gaskin 8 Essex

Eliza Gaskin 6 Essex

Alfred Gaskin 3 Essex

Matilda Gaskin 3months Essex



Leonard Smith 49 Hawker Cambridge

Eliza Smith 45 Hawker Cambridge

Shadrach Smith 16 Hawker Cambridge



Leonard Smith 17 Cambridge

Genty Smith 16 Cambridge


1881*3 Tuttle St Wrexham Regis, Denbigh, Wales

Thomas DYMOND M 25  M Exeter, Devon, Head Hawker

Catherine DYMOND M 23  F Winchester, Hampshire,  Wife Hawker

Francis DYMOND   4  M Poole, Dorset,  Son

Thomas DYMOND   9 m M Gloucester, Son