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 1851 Census., HO107-1878-12-17 Plymouth St Andrew, Devon.

Moses Small 50 Dorset Head Tinker

Cinderella Small 50 Dorset  Wife

Jonas Small 22 Dorset Son  Basket Maker

Moses Small 13 Somerset   Son

Uriah Small 11 Exminster Son

Gully Small 9 Devon Son

Henry Small 7     Devon  Son

Angelina Small 5 Devon Daughter

Kinity Small 3 Devon   Daughter

Louisa Small 1 Mnth Devon  Daughter

84 Stonehouse Lane."


1881 Census, RG11-2165-46-28 Wolborough, Devon.

Moses Small 44 Taunton, Devon, Head Horse Dealer

Caroline Small 44 Honiton, Devon, Wife     Brush Dealer

Sophia Small 24 Newton Abbot, Devon Daughter

Margaret Small 17 Plymouth, Devon, Daughter

Louisa Small 16 Plymouth, Devon, Daughter

Market St Caravan No 1, Next to Henry & Cinderella Small."


1891 Census, RG12-1682-9-12 St Thomas, Devon.

Small, Moses    56  Taunton, Somerset  Head  Horse Dealer

Small, Caroline  55  Wellington, Somerset  Wife

Small, Eliza   18  Newton Abbot, Devon  Daughter   Assists in Business

Small, Naylor 16  Torpoint, Cornwall  Son   Assists in Business

Small, Moses 15   Newton Abbot, Devon  Son  Assists in Business

Small, Belcher  12  Newton Abbot, Devon  Son  Scholar

Small, John   9 St Thomas, Devon  Son  Scholar."


 1901 Census, RG13-2038-7-6 St Thomas, Devon.

Moses Small 65 Taunton, Somerset, Head   Horse Dealer

Naylor Small 29 Darpont, Cornwall, Son Horse dealer

John Small 20 St Thomas Exeter, Devon Son     Horse Dealer

Eliza Silmon 15 St Thomas Exeter, Devon Granddaughter

Princess St North, Exeter."


 1871 Census, RG10-2316-66-2 Redruth, Cornwall.

Robert Small 21 Looe, Cornwall,   Head    Chair Mender

Alice Small 21 Penryn, Cornwall,  Wife hawker   (nee Mitchell)

Robert H Small 18 Mths Guernsey, Channel Islands Son  Hawker

Odessa Small 15 Milbrook, Cornwall,    Niece    Hawker

Foundry Row, Next to Samuel & Charlotte Boswell."


1881 Census, RG11-2340-43-16 St Erth, Cornwall.

Robert Small 30 Looe, Cornwall, Head Hawker

Alice Small 34 Penryn, Cornwall, Wife     Hawker

Robert Small 12 Guernsey, Channel Islands Son

Maria Small 9 St Columb, Cornwall, Daughter

Joseph Small 6 Redruth, Cornwall, Son

Ernest Small 4 Redruth, Cornwall, Son

George Marriott 31 London,  Middlesex Servant   Hawker's Servant

Tredrea Rd, Next to William & Caroline Smith."


1891 Census, RG12-1846-84-24 Redruth, Cornwall.

Small, Robert   46 Looe cornwall  Head Cutler & Grinder

Small, Alice   44 Penryn, Cornwall Wife

Small, Maria   19 St Columb, Cornwall Daughter

Small, Joseph  17 Redruth, Cornwall Son  Tin Miner

Small, Erwin   14 Redruth, Cornwall Son  Tin Miner

Small, Beatrice Emily 10 Redruth, Cornwall Daughter   Scholar

Small, Florence Mabel 7 Redruth, Cornwall Daughter   Scholar

Small, Samuel   5 Redruth, Cornwall Son     Scholar

Small, Arthur     10/12 Redruth, Cornwall Son

24 East End."


 1901 Census, RG13-2239-103-3 Redruth, Cornwall.

Robert Small 57 Loose, Cornwall Head Tin Plate Worker & Cutler

Alice Small 52 Penryn, Cornwall Wife

Erwin Small 23 Redruth, Cornwall Son   General Workman

Beatrice Small 19 Redruth, Cornwall Daughter

Mabel Small 17 Redruth, Cornwall Daughter   Dress Maker

Samuel Small 14 Redruth, Cornwall Son     Fathers Help

Arthur Small 11 Redruth, Cornwall   son

Higher Fone Street."


1881 CENSUS*Wrexham Sub-registration district: Ruabon WALES.

Moses Hurn  30Tin man b Betley, Yorkshire

Melenia Hurn 23b Bala, Merionethshire (nee Lee)

 Rechal Hurn  8 weeks b Caernarvonshire, Wales

 Sarah Ann Hurn 1 bDerbyshire, England


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Maryanas Lee27 hd b Shrewsbury Salop

Delia Lee27 wife b Oswestry, Shropshire

Amelia Lee5 bShrewsbury, Shropshire

Caleb Lee6 bShrewsbury, Shropshire

Feinise Lee1 bhrewsbury, Shropshire

John Lee8 bShrewsbury, Shropshire

Martha Jane Lee12 bShrewsbury, Shropshire

Morgan Lee2 bShrewsbury, Shropshire

Rosanna Lee13 bRathneshire, Shropshire


1901 CENSUS:-Swansea  County/Island: Glamorgan  

Country: Wales  (Transcribed as spelt!)

Mary Hearn 41(widow) b Ross, Herefordshire Lic/hawker

Anomaga Hearn 7 bCardiff, Glamorgan

Christi Hearn 9 bCardiff, Glamorgan

George Hearn10 b Cardiff, Glamorgan

John Hearn18 b Cardiff, Glamorgan

Jonas Hearn 3 b Cardiff, Glamorgan

Rachael Hearn 17 b Dolgelley Nth Wales, Merionethshire

Sophia Hearn 9 b Cardiff, Glamorgan


Angelina Ley 1 b Swansea, Glamorgan

Jerelina Ley 3 b Swansea, Glamorgan

Lender Ley 8 b Swansea, Glamorgan

Mary A Ley 40 b Arron ?, Shropshire

Nelson Ley 8 b Swansea, Glamorgan

Perrid Ley 52 B Budley, Worcestershire hd Basket /maker


William Price 21 b Brecon, Wales,basket/maker

Ann Price 22 b Swansea, Wales

Walter son age 3 b Swansea, Wales

Annie dau 14 months.b Swansea, Wales


1881 Interesting entry:-

 Civil parish: Cardiff St John County/Island: Glamorgan  

Country: Wales  

 Street address: "H M Prison"

John Herne Age: 36  

Estimated birth year: abt 1845  Gender: Male  

Where born: Gypsy Born in Tent, Lincoln Occupation: Basketmaker


1871 CENSUS (all razor grnders etc)Gypsys tents on the common.

Llanpumsaint County/Island: Glamorgan Country: Wales

Josiah Price42  b Broseley, Shropshire

Ashala Price30 b Dewsbury, Shropshire

Ella Price14

Jesse Price 3

Maklck Price10 Dau B Laubordy, Carmarthenshire

Rossana Price12 b Ponkydryum, Flintshire, Wales

Ruth Price6 months dau b Shrewsbury, Shropshire,

Susana Price 8 b St Clears, Carmarthenshire, Wales

Hope Price 40 Brother/in/law

Matilda Price28 sister/in/law

Hope Price 6 nephew


1871 Census, RG10-2591-39-15 Wotton under Edge, Gloucestershire.

Ellen Musto 57 Chedworth, Gloucestershire Head           Hawker

Jane Musto 32 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales Daughter   Hawker

William Musto 20 Wordlam, Hampshire Son           Hawker

Reuben Musto 18 Hunwick, Gloucestershire Son  Tinman & Brazier

Sarah Musto 15 Daglinworth, Gloucestershire Daughter

Georgiana Musto 11 Cranham, Gloucestershire Granddaughter

Elizabeth Musto 9 Kingston, Surrey, England Granddaughter

Susannah Musto 7 Ham, Surrey, England Granddaughter

Jemima Musto 4 Sutton, Hampshire, England Granddaughter

John Musto 2 Winterbourne, Gloucestershire Grandson

Sophia Musto 1 Week Wotton Under Edge, Glouc's Granddaughter

Robert Stephens 35 Froil, Hampshire Nephew       Hawker





1871 Census, RG10-1921-62-23.Trowbridge Wiltshire

Ambrose Smith   40  b  Abertra, Berkshire    Head    

Anna Maria Smith  17 b  Trowbridge, Wiltshire, Daughter  

Eliza Smith  35  b Shepton Mallet, Somerset    Wife  

George Reuben Smith  14 b  Trowbridge, Wiltshire  

Leonard Smith 5  b Trowbridge, Wiltshire    Son      

Nelson Smith  7 b   Trowbridge, Wiltshire,   Son              

Nipton Smith  1 month  b   Trowbridge, Wiltshire   Son              

Walter Smith   3  b   Shroton Dorset    Son    


1881 British Census Dwelling: 3 Brandon Cottages

Census Place: Fisherton Anger, Wiltshire

Source: FHL Film 1341499   PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2068    Folio 58    

Eliza SMITH  M  47 Female Shepton Mallett Head Occ: Hawkers Wife

George SMITH M    22    Male   Trowbridge Wiltshire: Son Hawker

Brittania SMITH  M  20   Female Whitchurch Hampshire  Daur In Law

Nelson SMITH U  19  Male   Trowbridge Wiltshire: Son Hawker

Leonard SMITH17  Male   Trowbridge Wiltshire SonHawker

Sidney SMITH  10   Male   Trowbridge Wiltshire Son


 1871 Census, RG10-1230-93-20 Long Sutton, Hampshire .

 Paul Ayres 49 Kingsclere, Hampshire Head   Hawker

Matilda Ayres 47 Guilford, Surrey   Wife   Hawker          

Edward Ayres 24 Hadlow, Kent Son   Hawker

Goliath Ayres 21 Farnham, Surrey  Son  Hawker

Henry Ayres 20 Long Sutton, Hampshire son   Hawker

Georgina Ayres 16 Ropley, Hampshire  Daughter

William Ayres 13 Alton, Hampshire  Son

Emma Ayres 8 Farnham, Surrey  Daughter

Horaice Ayres 6 Ash, Surrey   Son

Long Sutton Parish, Camped with Henry & Hannah Ayres."


2. 1891 Census, RG12-570-18-32 Farnham, Surrey .

Ayers, Paul 70 N.K.    Head     Hawker

Ayers, Matilda 73 Crawley, Sussex  Wife

Ayers, Henry 9 N.K, Devonshire  Son

Gipsies Caravan, Shortheath Roa  


1891 Census, RG12-1615-59-20 Amesbury, Wiltshire.

Smith, Nelson 28 Trowbridge, Wiltshire Head   Hawker

Smith, Isabella 23 N.K.     Wife

Smith, Emily 2 Easterton, Wiltshire, Daughter

Smith, Robert 9 Months Frome, Somerset, Son

South Mill Green (Hawkers Van) Camped with William & Martha Rose, Frederick & Ellen Lee."


1891 CENSUS St German Town:Tideford

:Cornwall (in caravan)

Windom Smith 36 Travelling hawker(Wisdom)

Edith Smith 35

Nathan Smith 6

Nelson Smith 10

Sophia Smith 11

Windom Smith 2(Wisdom)


1901:Ince in Makerfield land:Lancashire In Caravans on Amberwood Common

Thomas Winters 43 hawker of carpets b Huddersfield, Yorkshire

Matilda Winters 26  wife b Halifax, Yorkshire

Maud J Winters 1 dau b Ince, Lancashire

Elias Winters 3 son b Bradford, Yorkshire


Ann J Johnson 60 hd b Manchester, Ireland

Leno Johnson 40  dau b Manchester, Ireland

John H Sutton 30  son/in/law b Wigan, Ireland

 Annie Sutton 23 wife b Manchester, Ireland


Edward Bentley 29  hd scissors/grinder /b Boslyme, Staffordshire

Georgina Bentley 23 bFlint, Wales  hawker of lace& pegs

Rhoda Bentley 5  dau b Ince, Lancashire


Maria Dale 34  hd bLeigh, Lancashire

William Dale 45  wife b Ireland earthenware/dealer


1871 Census, RG10-1260-7-8 Stanford Berkshire.

Alfred Smith  26   Haddington, Oxfordshire, Head   Publican

Elin Smith   23    Ridlington, Oxfordshire,  Wife    Publicans Wife


Thomas Lewis* 32   East Hagbourne, Berkshire, Lodger  Hawker

Counsellette Lewis  28    Didcot, Berkshire,  Lodger  hawker

Adelaide Lewis  8     Chalton, Berkshire,  Lodger

Trifamor Lewis  6     Stanford, Berkshire,   Lodger

Miranda Lewis  2     Didcot, Berkshire  Lodger."

**(son of Lewis Boswell and CONSTANCE"konki" SMITH)

* Constance aka Kunsaleti dau of Mark and Louisa Smith)

1881 British Census Dwelling: Gipseys In Adden Lane In A Tent

Census Place: Didcot, Berkshire, England

Source: FHL Film 1341314  PRO Ref RG11 Piece 1292  Folio 91

Thomas LEWIS M  46 Hagbourne, Berkshire Head Gipsey(alias Boswell)

Connstans LEWIS M 44  Hagbourne, Berkshire Wife(nee Smith)

Adley LEWIS  U 16  Female Hagbourne, Berkshire Dau

Triss LEWIS13  Female Hagbourne, Berkshire Dau

Ann LEWIS 12 Female Hagbourne, Berkshire Dau

Fanny LEWIS 7  Female Hagbourne, Berkshire Dau

Thomas LEWIS 10 Male Hagbourne, Berkshire Son

Charlott LEWIS 3  Female Hagbourne, Berkshire Dau


1891 Census, RG12-982-18-30 Wantage, Berkshire.

Lewis, Thomas 63 East Hagbourne, Berkshire  Head

Lewis, Councelletta 52 East Hagbourne, Berkshire  Wife

Lewis, Miallerny 22 East Hagbourne, Berkshire  Daughter

Lewis, John 17 East hanney, Berkshire  Son(SITERUS BOSWELL(John(jack) /LEWIS/ ( what was he called in 81?see above)

Lewis, Famicette 15  East Hagbourne, Berkshire  Daughter

Lewis, Louis 12 East Hagbourne, Berkshire Son.


1901 Census, RG13-1136-106-12 West Lockinge, Berkshire .

Thomas Lewis  65 E Hagbourne Berks  Head Hawker

Connceletta Lewis 65 Didcot Berks  Wife Hawker

Hadley Lewis  35 Wantage Berks  Son Hawker

Alice Lewis 33  E Hanney   Dau Hawker

Tryfeania Lewis 30 Didcot Berks  DauHawker

Faynotte Lewis  20  Didcot Berks  Dau Hawker  

Henry Lewis  19 Wantage Berks  Son Hawker

John Lewis 26 Wantage Berks  Son  Hawker

Vertsenia Lewis  26 Crowman Berks Dau in law  Hawker

Tryfeania Lewis  4 Letcombe Berks  Dau in Law."


1871 Census, RG10-798-106-16 Epsom, Surrey.

Golden Hope 45 Croydon, Surrey,Head   Travelling Hawker

Ellen Hope 24 Epsom, Surrey, Wife

Golden Hope 20 Epsom, Middlesex Son  Scholar

Robert Hope 17 Lincoln, Lincolnshire Son

Jas Hope 13 Lincoln, Lincolnshire Son

Learni  Hope 12 Lincoln, Lincolnshire Daughter

Walley Hope 9 Lincoln, Lincolnshire Son

Pikes Hill, Living in a House Cart.


 1871 Census, RG10-1285-22-81 Wokingham, Berkshire.

Jonathan Smith   56   Dunman, Hampshire Hd Travelling Tinker & Grinder

Martha Smith 42  Colnbrook, Buckinghamshire     Wife   Travelling Pedlar

Carnation Smith   12   Hale, Surrey,   Daughter     Travelling Pedlar

Tehanna Smith    11  Therfield, Hampshire   Daughter   Tramp

Brittania Smith   9  Greywell, Hampshire   Daughter    Tramp

Arthur Smith    8  Greywell, Hampshire   Son    Travelling Pedlar

Tiberana Smith  3   Bramley, Hampshire    Daughter   Tramp

Joseph Smith   6 Mths Odiham, Hampshire   Son                

Jesse Smith   54  Harwell, Berkshire Brother  Trav/Tinker & Chair Bottomer

Tramps not sleeping in any house."


1901 Census, RG13-2320-54-16 Wedmore, Somerset.

Reuben Mustoe 50 Wooton Under Edge, Glouc's Head Licensed Hawker

Annie Mustoe 30 Yately, Hampshire Wife       Licensed Hawker

Staughton Lane (In Tents), Camped with Robert & Sarah Evans."