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1871 Census.Civil parish:Kinson Town:Redhill County/Island:Dorset (In tents on the common with the Green and Hughes families also there)


Robert Green 46  Kinson  Dorset  

Rose Green 46  Kinson  Dorset  

Caroline Green 7  Kinson  Dorset  

Frances Green 4  Kinson  Dorset  

Harry Green 11  Kinson  Dorset  

John Green 1  Kinson  Dorset  

Martha Green 14  Kinson  Dorset  


Joseph Hughes 60  head

Richard Hughes 35 son


James WHITE  M  50  Wiltshire, Head  Occ: Pedlar

Selway WHITE M    43  Alton, Hampshire, WifeOcc: Pedlar

Elderion WHITE U  17  Romsey, Hampshire, Rel: Daur

George WHITE  U 14  Male   Romsey, Hampshire Son

Uddegir ? WHITE  12  Male   Winchester Rel: Son(Major)

Samuel WHITE 10   Male   Kinson, Dorset Rel: Son

Elizabeth WHITE  8  Female Ringwood, Hampshire Rel: Daur


1881 CensusExtract: 1881 British Census  Heatherland Village

Census Place: Kinson, Dorset, England

Source: FHL Film 1341505     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2094    Folio 102    

James White 60  head

Selvy White 55 wife

James White 35  son

Aldria White 20  dau

Edward White 25  son

George White 17  son

Magar White 15  son

Samuel White 12  son

Walter White 30  son

(Selby White nee Ayres in 1891 Census - Age 50, Single, Lodger living with Daughter Elder Taylor,Born Petersfield, Hants.  Occ Licensed Hawker.


1901*Civil parish:Branksome/ parish:Heatherlands St John Dorset

(Aka Heavenly Bottom a local Gypsy camp at that time)

In tents:-

Emily White 25  

Mayer White 38  

Rosie May White 1  

*all said gypsy hawkers*

Walter White 45 head b Hollsber, Hampshire

Eliza White 42  wife b Brockenhurst, Hampshire

Selby Ayres  70  mother  bPeterfield, Hampshire

Betsy Jane dau 16  b :Branksome

James White son 14  b Bournemouth, Hampshire

Walter White  20  son b Branksome, Dorset

Isaac White 22  son b Eling, Hampshire


Wm James 69 head b Battle, Kent gypsy traveller

Pusalla James 69  wife b *blank*gypsy traveller


William James head 45 gypsy hawker

Sarah James 37  wife

Fredorn James 2  dau

Henry James 8  son

Liberty James 12  son

Mark James 10  son

Mary Ann James 6  dau

Norah James 2 months dau

Quan James 4  dau(Queenie)

Sansom James 14  

Thomas James 16  


Wm Saunders 41 head b  Epsom, Surrey,

Mary Saunders 43 wife b  Southampton, Hampshire

Albert Saunders 13 son b  Bovey Tracey, Devon

Ellen Saunders 5  dau b Branksome, Dorset

Emily Saunders 16  dau b Bondleigh, Devon

Liberty Saunders 11 son b Torrington, Devon

Mabele Saunders 8  dau b Branksome, Dorset

May Saunders 3  dau b Branksome, Dorset


Sansom James 35  head b Romsey, Hampshire

Kate James 31 wife b Fordingbridge hants

Unchristenned daughter 2 months b  Branksome, Dorset

Fradom James 3  dau b Branksome, Dorset

Jemime James 7  dau b Branksome, Dorset

Liberty James 6  son b Branksome, Dorset

Sansom James 9  son Branksome, Dorset


George White 32 b New Forest, Hampshire

Louisa White 36  wife b New Forest, Hampshire

Arebella White 15 dau b Woodbury; Hill, Dorset

Betsy White 12 dau b Spurybourne, Hampshire

Daisy White 8 dau b Bryanstone, Dorset

Edward White 5 son b Branksome, Dorset

Eliza White 14  dau b Shaftesbury, Dorset

Herbert White 16 son b Branksome, Dorset

Matilda White 3  dau b New Forest, Hampshire

May White 1 dau b New Forest, Hampshire

Robert White 14 nephew trav/gypsy b


 1871 Census, RG10-2575-19-30.:Winterbourne Gloucestershire  

Clementina Davis    43     Not Stated     Head     Winterbourne

George Davis            4     Not Stated   Son       Winterbourne

John Davis                8     Not Stated   Son      Winterbourne  

Louisa Davis             9     Not Stated   Daughter    Winterbourne

Reubin Davis          12     Not Stated   Son         Winterbourne

Rosina Davis          10     Not Stated   Daughter       Winterbourne

Temperance Davis 11     Not Stated      Daughter       Winterbourne


This is Rosina from above also brothers John and Ruben also used the name Lock & Orchhard)

1891 Census, RG12-1608-22-18 Westbury, Wiltshire.:Name       Age Birthplace Relationship Occupation

Barnes, Rosina 29                 Head

Barnes, Rosina 10                 Daughter

Barnes, Tryphena 8                   Daughter

Barnes, Frances 6                 Daughter

Barnes, Obadiah 5                 Son

Barnes, Cinderella 4                   Daughter

Barnes, Alice 2                       Daughter

Barnes, Charles 11/12             Son

Davis, Reuben 31     Brother       Hawker

Davis, John 27       Brother       Hawker

Slob Lane Drove, Ditton March, Camped with Ellen Leveridge, Walter & Alice Edward, Reuben & Ellen Williams, Thomas & Emma Escaret."


Caravans, Lambton Street, Framwellgate, Durham, 1871

Walker Hoadley, 48, Bradbury, Dorset, licenced hawker (spelled Hodley)

Matilda Hoadley, wife, 48, Osbridge, Middlesex

Aqilla Hoadley, son, 16, Oswick, Warwickshire

Celia, daughter, 12, Wamford, Lincolnshire

Ellen Hoadley, daughter, 10, Wellingborough, Hampshire

Walker Hoadley, son, Stant Shatford, Buckinghamshire

William Hoadley, son, 3, Scotland

John Hoadley, 25, Milden, Essex (spelled Hoderly)

Maltilda Hoadley, 25, Holbury, Staffordshire


Hawkers tent, Camborne, Cornwall, 1861

Henry Gess, head, 25, Britwell, Sussex, licensed hawker

Charlotte, wife, 22, Blandford, Dorset

Joseph, son, 7, Croft, Cornwall

Charlotte, daughter 3 months, Penton, Devon

John Wells, servant, 16, Shaftesbury, Dorset



Caravans, St. Andrew, Plymouth, 1871

Henry Gess, head, 35, Lee, Kent, travelling brush sellers

Charlotte Gess, 32, wife, Weymouth, Dorset

Joseph Gess, son, 12, Plymouth

Elizabeth Gess, daughter, 8, Guernsey Channel Islands

Henry Gess, son, 6, Plymouth

Eliza Gess, daughter, 4, Plymouth

Patience Gess, daughter, 2, Plymouth

John Gess, son, 8 months, Plymouth



Henry GESS & Charlotte were in a caravan in  Stonehouse, Devon,    Charlotte's birthplace is given as Dorset Weymouth. And one daughter, Elizabeth 18, was born in Guernsey ?

1881*Civil parish:East Stonehouse :Devon

Phoenix Street "Phoenix Foundry" (In A Caravan)

Henry Gess 44  head/lic/hawker

Charlotte Gess 41  wife

Elizabeth Gess 18  dau

Henry Gess 15  son

Mary Gess 6  dau

Patience Gess 10  dau

Phoebe Gess 8  dau

Rebecca Gess 3  dau

Frederick Oldridge 21  lodger lic/hawker

Rosy Oldridge 17  lodger lic/hawker


1881Wandsworth County/Island:London Street address:24 Wardley Street

Henry Gess60 Occ:Retired Licensed Hawker

Rebecca Gess60

Patience Penfold11


1891*Caravans, 383-385 Battersea Park Road, Battersea, London, 1891

George Campbell, head, 21, Dalston, London, showman (1 caravan)

Phoebe Campbell, wife, 21, Brixham, Devon

Henry Gess, head, 57, Britchenley, Surrey, showman (2 caravans)

Charlotte Gess, wife, 55, Salisbury, Wiltshire, show-woman

Mary Gess, daughter, 16, Helston, Cornwell

Rebecca Gess, daughter, 14, Plymouth, Devon

Alfred Gess, son, 9, Helston, Cornwell

Elizabeth Grey, visitor, 28, Guernsey, show-woman

James Smith, head, 46, Wandsworth, Surrey, hawker (2 caravans)

Priscilla Smith, wife, 44, Leigh, Essex

Amy Smith, daughter, 12, Woodside, Surrey

Polly Smith, daughter, 14, Woodside, Surrey

Priscilla Smith, daughter, 3, Wimbledon, Surrey

Thomas Smith, son, 18, Woodside, Surrey







 MIXED CENSUS 1851/1861/1871/1891/1901

1851*HO107-1720-637-28 Bledlow, Buckinghamshire.


Timothy Buckland 43 Great Missenden, Buck's Head  Tinman

Penelope Buckland 39  Hendred, Berkshire, England Wife            

Jabez Buckland 17  Sutton, Berkshire, England Son  Hawker

Mary Buckland 16  High Wycombe, Buck's Daughter  

Freedom Buckland 14  High Wycombe, Buck's Daughter  

Liberty Buckland 9  Basildon, Berkshire, England Son  

Trifena Buckland 7  Saunderton, Buckinghamshire Daughter  

Sarah Buckland 5  Peppard, Oxfordshire Daughter  

Richard Buckland 2 Basildon, Berkshire, England Son  

Henry Buckland 3 Weeks  Basildon, Berkshire, England Son  

Travellers Carts, Bledlow Ridge, with Shadrack & Maria Scarrett."


 1871: Census, RG10-1392-64-17 Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire.

Timothy Buckland 63 Great Missenden, Buck's Head Tin Worker

Emma Buckland 24 West Wycombe, Buck's Wife



 1881: Census, RG11-1464-25-44 High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

Timothy Buckland 82 Prestwood, Buckinghamshire Head Tinker

Emma Buckland 36 Marlow, Buckinghamshire Wife

Elsie Buckland 9 Prestwood, Buckinghamshire Daughter  

Timothy Buckland 7 Prestwood, Buckinghamshire Son            

Ezznay Buckland 5 Prestwood, Buckinghamshire Daughter  

Fanny Buckland 2 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Daughter


1891: Census, RG12-1138-7-8 Chipping Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.


Timothy Buckland 94 Prestwood, Buckinghamshire Head

Emma Buckland 48 Lane End, Buckinghamshire Wife Chair caner

Elsie Buckland 20 Preswood, Buckinghamshire Daughter  Chair caner

Timothy Buckland 19 Preswood, Buckinghamshire Son     Apprentice Lena Buckland 16 Preswood, Buckinghamshire daughter   Chair caner

Fanny Buckland 13 Wycombe, Buckinghamshire daughter   Chair caner

Percy Terry 23 S America, Buenos Ayres Visitor     Theatrical Profession

Edith Terry 22 on Board Ship                   Visitor     Theatrical Profession

Frederick Terry 1 Birmingham               Visitor

7 Desborough Road, Wycombe."


(Jabez is son of above Timothy Buckland)

 1861: Census RG9-720-153-21 Newbury, Berkshire.

Jabes Buckland 27 Sutton, Berkshire, Head Tinman

Rebecka Buckland 25 Stock Cross, Berkshire Wife

Maryan Buckland 6 Reading, Berkshire Daughter

Fredor Buckland 2 Tadley, Hampshire Daughter (Freedom)

Thomas Buckland 9 Mths Tadley, Hampshire, Son

Old Newtown Road, Next to James & Lemontany Williams."

(Note Jabez's daughter Freedom married Sampson Williams son of James and Lemontany Williams)


1861: Census, RG9-720-153-21 Newbury, Berkshire.


James Williams 33 Waltham, Berkshire,   Head   Mat Maker

Lemontany Williams 30 Boxford, Berkshire,   Wife

Richard Williams 10 Henley, Berkshire,       Son

Susan Williams 8 Preston, Oxfordshire,   Daughter

Jemima Williams 7 Ledginton, Berkshire, England Daughter

Samson Williams 5 Newbury, Berkshire, England Son

Mary Williams 3 Inkpen, Berkshire,       Daughter

James Williams 3 Months Newbury, Berkshire,   Son

Old Newtown Rd, Next to Jabies & Rebecca Buckland."


1871: Census, RG10-1245-77-28 East Woodhay, Hampshire.

James Williams           42 Wokingham, Berkshire Head Hawker

Lemontaney Williams 40 Boxford, Berkshire, Wife

Richard Williams           20 Henley on Thames, Oxon Son

Susannah Williams   19 Watlington, Oxfordshire Daughter

Jemima Williams     17 Hungerford, Berkshire Daughter

Samson Williams       15 Newbury, Berkshire, Son

Mary Williams           13 Inkpen, Berkshire, Daughter

James Williams         11 Newbury, Berkshire, Son

Jane Williams             9 East Woodhay, HampshireDaughter

Esther Williams             7 Inkpen, Berkshire, Daughter

Ralph Williams           5 East Woodhay, Hampshire Son

Harry Williams               1 East Woodhay, Hampshire Son

Woodhay Common, Next to Goliath & Kezia Stanley, Morris & Athalia Hicks, Henry & Mary Ann Hicks."


1871: Census, RG10-1246-147-10 Tadley, Hampshire.

Jabez Buckland       ?? Sutton, Berkshire, Head Tinman & Tinker

Rebeca Buckland   36 Stockcross, Berkshire Wife

Mary Ann Buckland 15 Burghfield, Berkshire, Daughter

Freedom Buckland   12 Tadley, Hampshire, Daughter

Thomas Buckland   10 Tadley, Hampshire, Son

John Buckland         7 Tadley, Hampshire, Son

Eliza Buckland         6 Tadley, Hampshire, Daughter

Henry Buckland       5 Tadley, Hampshire, Son

Richard Buckland   2 months Tadley, Hampshire, Son



1881:Census Place: Tadley, Hampshire, England

Source: FHL Film 1341309   PRO Ref RG11  Piece 1266   Folio 144  Page 14

Jabez BUCKLAND  M   head 46   Male  Sutton, Berkshire, occ Tinman

 Rebecca BUCKLAND  wife   M   45    Female Stock Cross, Berkshire,

John BUCKLANDU    17    Male   Tadley, Hampshire, England

 Elizabeth BUCKLAND 15  dau  Female Tadley, Hampshire, England

Henry BUCKLAND 14 son   Male   Tadley, Hampshire,  

Richard BUCKLAND   10  son  Male   Tadley, Hampshire,  

Priscilla BUCKLAND   4 dau    Female Tadley, Hampshire,

 Britaina BUCKLAND 2   dau  Female Tadley, Hampshire,      


 1891: Census, RG12-967-114-10 Tadley, Hampshire.

Jabez Buckland  57 Sutton, Berkshire      Head    Tin Smith

Rebecca Buckland  55 Stockeron, Berkshire Wife    Licensed Hawker

Eliza Buckland  26 Tadley, Hampshire    Daughter   Helps Mother

Richard Buckland   20 Tadley, Hampshire    Son   Tin Smith

Buckland, Priscilla  14 Tadley, Hampshire    Daughter  

Brittiana Buckland  12 Tadley, Hampshire    Daughter  

Newtown, Next to Elijah & Mary Hicks."


 1901: Census, RG13-1368-42-28 Hambleden, Buckinghamshire.

Jabez Buckland  65  Sutton, Berkshire, England      Head   Tinman & Glazier

Alice Buckland  40  Northamptonshire, England      Wife  

Mary Hearn  62  High Wycombe, Buck's Wid  

Caravan on Moor Common."


1881 :British Census Census Place: Lambourn, Berkshire, England

Source: FHL Film 1341311     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 1276    Folio 101    

Samuel WILLIAMS  M  24  Male Newbury, Berkshire,  Head Occ: Hawker

Fredham WILLIAMSM  23 Wife Tadley, Hampshire,

Alice ROUELL?   U    14    Female Tadley, Hampshire,

Sophia WILLIAMS dau 2     Female Lambourne Woodlands

Semontancey WILLIAMS son  3 m   Male   Lambourne Woodlands

Bealustancey WILLIAMS son 3 m   Male   Lambourne Woodlands


 1891: Census, RG12-973-79-5 Lambourne, Berkshire.

Williams, Samson 34 Newbury   Head      Hawker

Williams, Freedom 33 Tadley, Hampshire   Wife

Williams, Sophia 12 Woodlands, St mary   Daughter

Williams, Louisa 10 Twin Woodlands, St maryDaughter

Williams, Beatrice 10 Twin Woodlands, St mary Daughter

Williams, Jaby  8 Tadley, Hampshire    Son

Williams, Mary J  6 Woodlands, St mary  Daughter

Williams, Annie M 3 Woodlands, St mary Daughter

Williams, Priscilla 1 Woodlands, St mary Daughter


 1901: Census, RG13-1126-76-5 Lambourne, Berkshire.

Sampson Williams 50  Newbury, Berkshire,   Head   Licensed Hawker

F Williams 40    Tadley, Hampshire,    Wife    Licensed Hawker

Beatrice Williams 20   Lambourn Woodlands, Berkshire, Dau/ House Keeper

Jabez Williams 18     Tadley, Hampshire,  Son Labourer on Farm

Jane Williams 16   Lambourn Woodlands, Berkshire, Daughter ress Maker

Maud Williams 3  Lambourn Woodlands, Berkshire,    Daughter

Priscilla Williams 11     Lambourn Woodlands, Berkshire,

 Daughter Thomas Williams 9   Lambourn Woodlands, Berkshire,   Son

Thomas Sturgess 18    Kintbury, Berkshire, Lodger  Labourer on Farm


1861: Census., RG9-723-76-29 Inkpen, Berkshire.

Amos Blackman 57 Boxford, Berkshire Head   Licensed Hawker

Jane Blackman 47 Buley, Dorset, Wife

Walter Blackman 19 Kintbury, Berkshire, Son     Mat Maker

Henry Blackman 16 Hungerford, Berkshire Son     Ag Lab

John Blackman 14 Stockerston, Berkshire Son     Ag Lab

Ann Blackman 12 Inkpen, Berkshire, Daughter   Scholar

Bella Blackman 7 Martimer, Berkshire Daughter   Scholar

Maurice Blackman 3 Inkpen, Berkshire Son     Scholar

Great Commonn."


 1871: Census, RG10-1253-101-28 Inkpen, Berkshire.

Amos Black 69 Boxford, Berkshire Head   Retired Hawker

Jane Black 67 Burley, Hampshire, England Wife     Hawker

Isabella Black 16 Mortimer, Berkshire Daughter   Hawker

Morris Black 12 Inkpen, Berkshire Son     Ag Lab

Britannia Black 7 Winchester, Hampshire Granddaughter Scholar


1881:Dwelling: Great Common

Census Place: Inkpen, Berkshire, England

Source: FHL Film 1341310    PRO Ref RG11   Piece 1273   Folio 69

Morris BLACK  22  Male   Inkpen, Berkshire Rel: Head   Occ: Ag Lab

Annie BLACK  22    Female Crookham, Berkshire  Rel: Wife

Rhoda BLACK  3     Female Inkpen, Berkshire  Rel: Daur."


1891 Census, RG12-971-55-14.

Great Common 30          

Maurice Black Head M 32 Hawker & Farm Labourer  Inkpen, Berkshire

Ann Black Wife M 32   Thatcham, Berkshire

Rhoda Black Dau   13   Inkpen, Berkshire."